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4.5 out of 5 stars26
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 21 December 2010
Firstly let me tell you that I own a T7 Tactical Lenser torch which has miraculous brightness at 200 Lumens so I know a powerful torch when I see one. I wanted a handy little torch for small jobs where even a long pen torch or small handheld would do the job and so I decided to have a go with the Lenser K3.

The rating of this torch is 15 lumens which doesn't sound like a lot when compared with the T7 but I would say that it's output is far in excess of 15! I have to say that the wide-spread mode (front pulled back for wide beam focus) is a little disappointing as it hasn't got much more of a spread than the spot-mode. The only real difference is that the light fades out softly to the edge of focus rather than having a crisp end as is the case with the spot-mode.

As others mentioned the spot-mode has a visible blue edge which is oddly quite pleasing to look at.

Spread-mode disappointment aside, I would love to test the performance with a light meter as this little (really, it is tiny!) beauty outperforms an old standard bulb maglite which takes 4 D-cell batteries. Sure it doesn't have the distance of beam of the Maglite but no one is going to go hill walking at night with a 6.8cm torch or try to signal a passing helicopter when stuck on top of a snowy mountain.

That being said, the T7 and higher spec of torches (220 and 1070 lumens of those models higher up the list than the T7) are intended for serious use with 700 to over 1500ft ranges so the 113ft range of the K3 is still quite remarkable.

I used to think that Maglite torches where some of the best in both built quality and performance but I now believe that Lenser are the best and regardless of what model you buy, be it big or small, you will always have a solid product with great performance and durability.

One other thing worth noting is that the 'Test-it' pack versions of the Lenser torches are supplied with two sets of batteries as one is installed ready for use with the 'test-it' lever arm (which lights the torch to show it off for display purposes and the other as a replacement set. If you consider that the torch is unlikely to have been lit for display purposes at all when shipped from stockists such as Amazon you may as well consider the installed set as good as new less any drain that has occurred naturally since the torch was packaged. In my case I have yet to used the replacement set of batteries as the installed set work perfectly.

Great product, great manufacturer, great value... what else can I say?
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on 3 July 2012
Battery life seems good. It's very small, the picture here makes it seem bigger than it is, but it's slightly longer than the size of the average thumb. The telescopic function of the lens (it moves up and down to adjust focus) seems to do nothing, however. On my other LED LENSER, the T7, the telescopic function is awesome, you can easily flick between floodlight and spotlight modes. But on this torch it doesn't seem to do anything at all.

It comes with a keyring hoop to go with your car keys, etc.

The black coating is just paint so it's not the colour of the body itself; after being in my pocket for a few months the paint has started to fleck off exposing a silvery underside.
This isn't a problem at all because it's a tool and I expect some wear and tear.

Aside from the paint fading, the durability is excellent. I've knocked the thing all over the place and treated it harshly but it's performing as good as day 1. Sudden impacts haven't damaged the optics yet and I admit I've dropped it a few times accidentally.

Brightness is great, and range not so amazing, but given the size of this torch it is more than sufficient. Do not count on this item if you get lost in the woods at night when your car breaks down. For that, I'd recommend a larger model. However as something you can throw in your pocket in a pinch, this is good.

*UPDATE* I have taken a star off because (I should have mentioned this earlier as this happened only a few weeks after I bought it) the little metal keyring hoop on the end of the torch is really flimsy and it just bent apart.
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on 26 July 2010
Having bought this a month or so ago, I've been quite suprised at it's performance. I've previously had the LED Lenser 7830 on my keyring for walking to the house from the car at night/ trying to find the keyhole in the door etc, and in comparison, the K3 trumps it.

The auto focus is very effective, simply pull the larger end on the torch away from the rest of the body to pull the light beam into focus. The focus area tends to be very good - held facing a wall from approx 1m, the area of cover is approx 40cm across in a perfect circle of even light. Only flaw with this at short distances is the light can be over-intense, but then simply slide together for wide spread light cover.

Item is very well built (Aluminium) while still being very light. Fits on keys very easily (approx same size as new Vauxhall/Ford key fob in length or 5cm approx)

Has been used daily for approx 3 months with no noticable dimming of light from the original batteries supplied (4 x L1154 Cell Batteries). Replacements from Vinnic are really cheap also (sold on Amazon)

Put simply, this really will light up a whole detached house from the pavement, so no more worries about finding the lock anymore! Delivery from suppliers very good. Perfect keyring torch!
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on 25 October 2010
This torch is incredibly bright for its size. I compared it to a key ring Maglite and there was no comparison. You could not see the Maglite due to daylight but you could see a bright, perfect circle from the K3 set to spotlight. The torch is well mad and easy to use and is small enough to fit on my key ring.
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on 22 November 2011
Well made, easy to operate and light, this small torch punches well above its weight. The powerful and adjustable beam illuminates even the darkest corners. Not cheap but does its job very well - highly recommended.
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LED Lenser Kay ring torch

This is a small but very bright torch for its size. The case is aluminium and well made and finished. I cannot tell you how many times this torch has been useful to me. It's great for finding locks on the car in dark cap parks, ideal for dog walking and walking in general. The beam is very bright and is as good as some full sized cheaper torches. The batteries last along time and are cheap and easy to replace.
All the family have one now and they all find it very useful. An excellent buy.
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on 3 November 2011
Wow, this is the ultimate key ring torch. Button press on and off at end of torch, pull push for beam focus, really bright, solid build, small batteries, is still on the first set and I always find myself using it. Much better than my last maglight, LED so no bulbs to replace much more reliable. Think I might be getting the P7 too.
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on 20 November 2014
Arrived today so this is provisional comment.

Well packaged, spare batteries, instruction leaflet with exploded diagram. Test before you open works - I wish earlier purchases provided this. I expect you could buy spare parts. This is not a throwaway item.

Beautifully made, Proper on/off switch, beam adjustment, both of which work properly. "Aurora" on beam as noted in earlier reviews, I can live with this.

This is the fourth keyring torch I have ordered from Amazon. One was undelivered, the other two were throwaway products, one throwaway before you use it.

One point for Amazon, these items are bought because they are small. So why not take some trouble to provide the size of the item? Many of the descriptions have no sizes. Many have dimensions which are the size of the package. Pull your finger out Mr Bezos.

So a great little torch. But a keyring torch? I am not so sure, I can believe the earlier reviewer who said that the lanyard aperture broke, it is tiny and looks very fragile. The remainder of the attachment is otiose. Keeping the torch, but it will be loose in my pocket.
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on 10 February 2015
The size makes it brilliant for keeping on your keyring, for those times when you need to walk to the car in the dark, etc. I've even had occasion to rely on it as a last resort when I forgot my proper Petzl head torch and was walking in pitch blackness on a very stony slope in the Lake District! The zoomable beam works well, and the setting which gives you a sharp-edged circle is particularly good for lighting the path ahead of you. Also good for picking out things in the trees / down an alleyway. The batteries last pretty well, I have to say. The best brightness level when they are fresh does disappear quite quickly, but then I find it is many months until I have to replace them.

So why 3 stars? Build quality of the switch / electronics. I've had this torch for about 3 years and while I know that things won't last forever - especially something that's knocking about on your keyring - I did notice issues with the electrical contact within about 18 months. When I turn it on now, it's basically pot luck whether it will stay on. It flashes randomly. If I knock it against my hand it may start to behave, but it's not guaranteed. So that's why I am looking for a new torch right now - and won't be buying the same model.
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on 5 January 2014
Small but beautifully .....formed a very handy, very bright.
torch for when you need a light to hand.NOW!
Must order another.
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