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Customer Reviews

3.9 out of 5 stars117
3.9 out of 5 stars
Platform: Nintendo Wii|Edition: Normal|Change
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on 4 January 2010
I can't understand the negative reviews given to this game.

A few basics:

1- The Wii is not about amazing graphics. If you want highly detailed graphics, you have the wrong console- buy a PS3.
2- Wii games are about an interactive experience, not slouching on the sofa pushing buttons. Again, if this isn't what you are looking for- get another console.
3- If you want a simple "bash it around" tennis game, stick to Tennis on Wii Sports.
4- Real Tennis isn't easy. Why do you think the game should be?

However, this game is NOT too difficult, as some have suggested. I have played this game for an hour or so every day for the last 10 days. Last night I won the French Open in Easy mode- and I haven't picked up a real tennis racket in over 15 years!

I am playing without the Motion Plus and only using the Wiimote, not the Nunchuck. I have had NO problems with the player moving places I don't want him to, or not recognising a forehand from a backhand.

As to those who say that their shots are going in the same place every time- one word: PRACTICE! In real tennis, if the ball is coming to you across the court and you want to play a forehand return across court, you hit the ball early- if you choose to hit a forehand up the line, you play the ball later. This game is EXACTLY the same. (The game even tells you on screen: "Timing is Aiming!").

Add in the fact that, once you are comfortable with hitting basic ("flat") forehands and backhands, you can then add in slices, top spins, drop shots, lobs etc on either forehand or backhand, then you have plenty of variety to keep you going. To those who say it's boring just playing long rallies from the baseline- have you thought about getting your character to the net more often and developing a serve & volley game? Or playing doubles instead?

No-one should expect to pick up a realistic tennis simulation and think they can beat the world's best straight away. To my mind this game hits the right balance between not being too difficult but still providing you with a challenge (you WILL hit the ball out sometimes- you're only human!). In Grand Slam mode, once you win a couple of exhibition games you can start customising your character with more gear; and unlocking abilities for your player (so far I only have Maria Sharapova's backhand and Ana Ivanovic's speed around the court, but I seem to have done OK with those!)

In summary; read the instructions, use your common sense, and have a little patience at the beginning- and you'll love this accurate and entertaining game. It's great fun, and that's really what the Wii is all about. I am LOVING playing on this game and cannot recommend it highly enough!
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on 7 July 2009
It seems like a lot of people are really giving this game some stick, and with my experiences of the game, it really seems wholly unjustified. It is an absolutely awesome game, and an enormous amount of fun to play. A lot of people's gripes seem to be with the control system, and the also the fact that the game is 'too hard'. But this is the whole point. The game is all about bringing as much of the realism of tennis to a console as possible, and in that it absolutely succeeds on every level. If you want to play a forgiving, basic, game of biff-bat with your 10 year old kids, then stick to wii tennis. If however, you want a challenging, realistic, involving and hugely exciting tennis game, there is simply NO competition for EA's latest offering.

You have to LEARN how to play this game. you can't just plug in your remote, swing it and expect to hit winners. The premise is simple, with Wii Motion Control, swing flat for a normal shot, high to low for slice, low to high for topspin, and direct your shot across the court by swinging the remote in short, medium and longer arcs. You can also use dropshots and lobs with added button presses, and adjust the speed of your shots with faster or slower swings. And the game and control system is about precision and realism. I would argue in fact that it is much less arcade, and much more simulation, and that being the case you have to time your shots. You can't mash buttons and swing randomly and then wonder why your ball went out. Just like the real thing, you have to line up your shot, and hit it at the right height to determine the right return etc. The game is not random. you need to PLAY tennis. Slice or top spin? Lob or passing shot? Do I rush the net, or hang back? Shall I whack this one hard, or try a drop shot? And this is what makes the game truly fantastic entertainment for tennis fans. It's quite simply the most realistic and fun tennis game I've ever played. All the gripes about the control system are totally unjustified. I'm not saying it's EASY, but it's certainly not WRONG, or flawed - it just requires practice.

I got trounced the first three times I played it, 6-0, 6-0... In fact it took me about another two matches to win a single service game. But it's all about learning the intricacies of the controls, which eventually become totally intuitive. Last night I managed to break some serves, and eventually won my first exhibition match. I never experienced any glitches in gameplay. Any issues I had with balls going in odd directions, was purely down to my approach to the shot, or the fact that I was surprised by a fast return and hit a reflex shot. Which, let's face it, is pretty much like the real game.

MotionPlus is awesome. Your backswing determines whether you hit it forehand or backhand, and with either stroke, the follow thru with the racket allows you to place any shot of any type in any spot of the court. This makes for some amazin rallies, and a truly immersive sporting experience. Add on to the calorie counter, additional calories as you jump around the room having just returned a demon serve with a rocket topspin forehand that your opponent can't reach, even with a dive. CAn't wait to see how motionplus is used in the future. Definitely recommend it for this game, it is much better with it.

So all in all, if you want a simple tennis game for the kids, or a more arcade experience, this will not be for you. It's also not going to be for you if you want a simple and unforgiving plug and play game where you can swing wildly and still win a grand slam. If however if you want a truly immersive, realistic and challenging tennis game, and are prepared to spend some time building your game for greatness, then you will absolutely love it!
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on 1 August 2009
I reviewed this back when it came out and loved playing it, enjoying the extra depth beyond Wii Sports tennis that it provided. At the time, i explained that i had not even used the MotionPlus but now i have...
Oh dear, what was a fun experience with just the Wii remote becomes very frustrating with the MotionPlus! The idea is to give you more control and more variety with your shots and i found half this statement to be true.

Positives: You DO get more variety in your shots and the character animations seemed more varied. Topspins really can whip across court without being 'out' as they seem to be when playing without MotionPlus. You can hit tighter angles than with the regular Wii remote.

Negatives: A lot of the control you had before goes out the window. Waiting to receive serve, i held the remote/MotionPlus to the right and the figure onscreen held the racket out to the backhand!?!?! (no, i have not got the right/left handed settings mixed up!) The figures animation frequently becomes jerky and unrealistic compared to how it looked before. I would move to hit a shot backhand and it would not swing at all or would hit it at a very strange angle, almost contorting the figure in order to hit it forehand instead!?!? With the regular remote, the longer you wait to hit the ball dictates the angle of your shot but not with the MotionPlus! Hit it early and you might play a straight shot in front of you and waiting longer might produce exactly the same shot!

In short, i enjoyed the game far more WITHOUT the MotionPlus and would advise buyers to just get the regular game. I know its the first release with MotionPlus and there will be teething problems but game developers for the Wii need to do a bit more careful with future releases to take advantage of this hardware without frustrating gamers.
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on 9 July 2009
Despite the very mixed reviews that I have seen for this game, I find it thoroughlly enjoyable. I must admit that I have not tried it with MotionPlus yet, but the control with the WiiMote is pretty straightforward. It's all about timing, and very easy to get used too.

I'm not a great tennis player myself, but I understand the game and the tactics needed to win a point. This game accurately reflects the movement of opposition players and it's easy to play shots that will give you the upper hand on opponents serves.

Having said that, the computer AI is intelligent, and will give you a good challenge. You will be punished for poor placement! There have been many times when I have been left thinking 'Why did I play that shot?!?'. This aids development because you can immediately identify what shots not to play in the future, and how to time them better.

The one issue I have is the lack of a serious single player career. It's great that we have all four grand slams in one game, but there should be other championships included as well to keep it interesting.

However, this game offers a good multiplayer solution to keep you entertained for hours. I can see myself wasting plenty of this time on this game with mates!

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with this game having read such negative reviews. OK, it's not the perfect game, but it's very fun and engaging. I would definitely recommend it.
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on 11 August 2009
I have just read the 1 star reviews and it has inspired me to review this item correctly. My other Wii games are fun in short bursts but this game is non stop quality fun. I have had it 2 months and I love it.

I have not yet tried the MP but simply with the Wii controller you have lots of control. The shots are realistic and you can play like you would in real life.

This is the natural progression from Tennis on Wii Sports and it is a great game - ignore the rediculous reviews and ENJOY!!
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on 12 September 2010
I would never have even bought the Wii console if it hadn't been for the Occupational Therapy I had in the hospital. This was mainly with the balance board and Wii fit, but once I had the console I discovered the sports CD that conmes with it. The tennis game on that was fun while it lasted, but it soon became too predictable.

When I found out about EA Grand Slam, I purchased it cheap on eBay and haven't looked back. It is true, to start with you will need to adjust your expectations. The most noticable and annoying feature is probably that you cannot actually hit the ball at the moment you would in real tennis. You've got to hit it sooner, as there is a delay between your movements and what happens on screen. But once you get used to it you'll not be annoyed about it any more.

There are some great touches that will put a smile on your face (initially at least, until they become predictable), such as the emotional responses of the players when winning or losing points. They will throw their rackets on the floor, shake their head, point at the other player, punch the air, jump etc. With the grand slam menu option, you will also get a 'live' commentary and audience applause and other audience responses.

You can build your own character or use a pre-set one, from one of the many tennis stars from past and present, all skillfully animated with some of their peculiar movements and (mis)behaviour on court. You can gain specific skill by winning against those pros who were noted for those skills and you can collect and unlock a range of sport gear to help you look smart and play better.

Not all movements are replicated well on screen. You cannot really lob or drop-shot without using the A or B buttons for example, and you need to use the 'cross' button at the top end of the remote to direct your serve, as well as to move your character to the net and back again (if you don't use the nunchuck).

I use the motion-plus remote which does seem to add a bit of sensitivity, allowing more effective slicing and spin, but after each game I need to disconnect and reconnect the remote. If I don't do this, the responsiveness is intermittent, which means useless for playing. Also, I have not been able to play with the nunchuck, it messes up the whole game and freezes the response. Not sure what is wrong. These might be to do with my console rather than the game though, as others do not seem to have these problems.

You can also play online, if you have your console connected to your wireless network. This is absolutely amazing, there are some real pro players out there, who manage to serve really fast (I have no idea how they do this) and who will return almost every ball, crossing the court in seconds and returning at angles that make you cry. So there is a lot to learn yet! You start with 500 points and when you choose to play against ranked players, you will gain points for every match won, but lose points when you lose. The points are dependent on the difference in rank between you and your opponent. I lost all my points pretty quickly, cause there are many excellent ranked players, so be warned! It does not matter, you can still play against ranked players, even though you have no more points to lose.

Be careful that you do not get yourself an injury as it is easy to get really caught up in the game and use much more power on your swings than is required. The next day you'll wake up with a sore shoulder and arm and you seriously run the risk of RSI or repetitive strain injury, or even tennis elbow, if you do not take proper rests and go easy on the movements.

Great game overall though, impressive animation for the price tag, many hours of fun guaranteed!
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on 3 August 2010
This is more than just your average gaming experience although it is definitely fun and is entertaining for most of the family. Wii Grand Slam Tennis gets the most from the out-of-the-chair gaming that we have got to admire from the Wii and it offers much more than all other games I've played and mostly hated. Armchair gaming geeks need not apply!


Compared to Wii Sports tennis and the awful Wii Racket Sports, it is far superior in many ways; excellent and realistic game-play, incredibly smooth and detailed graphics (even compared to other platforms) and so much to keep you interested. You can select from 4 different Open tournament venues and from each of those, 3 different courts. The Characters, although cartoon like, mimic the traits of the real players; John Mcenroe loses his teddy and launches his racket and Selena Williams grunts after smashing the ball at you. There is even a fitness mode that can count your calories and the game is difficult enough to get you sweating profusely. The Wii motion plus works similar to the Sports resort table tennis in that it is pretty accurate but only once you have grasped the 'funnies' of this game (see cons para). You can play doubles, practice alone, create your own characters with bespoke 'bling' and play challenging party games. The live commentary and crowds add to the authentic experience immersing you into a competition atmosphere that keeps you interested.


It is also quite difficult to master initially and is not intuitive, so this wouldn't be the ideal party game for young kids. When playing the computer, you will find yourself being thrashed initially without hope of winning a single game, let alone a set or match. If you are playing friends or family then it will obviously be equal competition but also difficult to improve quickly. Set the difficulty mode to 'Easy' if you're struggling as the default setting is 'Medium'. As previous critics have said, also make sure you watch the official youtube instructional video delivered by one of the EA Producers on how to improve your game-play. It offers very good advice; especially resetting the wiimote to the central position before each shot. That becomes the basis of every shot you make and once you do this you will start to improve. This game is also quite addictive and I think I might have lost my wife and mates.........hey ho!

An excellent game which is physically challenging, fun and probably as realistic as it gets for motion games consoles. If you enjoy real tennis you should get it and EA Sports Grand Slam Tennis is very cheap on amazon at the moment. Simply awesome!
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on 6 August 2009
I read all the reviews of this game before buyng it and I have to say that a lot of the negative views seem to come from those who haven't given the game a chance. Yes it is tricky at the start but the controls really are intuative and if you just swing at the ball you soon get the hang of it. Start on easy and you will win games and develop strategies that work.
The other thing I really like about this game is that my 7 year old is able to comete with me on a level playing field. The controls are simple enough - only two buttons to press for lob and drop shots - and the rest is just timing and practice. Apart from MarioKart it is the only game we have come across that doesn't lead to one sided games against each other.

So in conclusion, if you buy it for two people to play, or you want a game with a long life then get this - it's great
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on 14 January 2011
I got this for Xmas. The gameplay is brilliant. Don't expect to pick the wiimote up and start winning matches straight away. Even on easy level. You'll lose. You'll get angry. You'll want to keep playing until you win....if you've got anything about you that is.

People giving this a negative review saying it's too hard, the controls are poor, it's not mirroring my moves are deluding themselves and other prospective purchasers of this game. It's a learning curve, like anything worthwhile.

After losing a dozen games I started to pick up on easy level and after 30 or so matches had won my first tournament. I started playing on medium level yesterday and won just 1 out of 3. The CPU Player's get better, you have to be more precise as the wiimotionplus starts to kick in more.

I've played online a few times and got battered. The results will come as I build up my player special abilities as I play more grand slams. You'll feel the pressure of break points. Everything you experience watching real tennis in a tense semi-final at Wimbledon you'll experience playing friends or strangers from across the globe online. My opponents figured out I'm coming to the net, he's just lobbed me and I've lost the point. Do I stay baseline from now on or race into the net every now and again to mix it up? It's a battle of skill AND wits

This is the best game I've played since Sensible Soccer on the Amiga. There's no higher accolade than that kids. If you can't play a game without crying unless you win first time then avoid it. If you love a challenge, have the patience to hone your skills v the wii and then play for real against pals or onliners then jump all over it. It's brilliant
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on 23 August 2010
What can I say I played each Grand Slam 7 times and for the first 27 games I was knocked out in the first round - on the 28th game I advanced to the Quarter Final. I was so frustrated that on absolute winners my MII Kept doing something odd and I continued to loose points. And then on three stars with two bronze abilities it came together. On the eighth round of Slams I started off by winning the Aussie Open against Nadal and all the other matches that I played at tournament tennis ie 9 out of 9.
Wow now the French Open, surely I can't do better. I did, I beat Stefan Edberg in the Final winning 9 out of 9 games. And then at Wimbledon I beat Nadal in the Quarter Final, Edberg in the Semi-Final and Pete Sampras in the Final. Once again 9 out of 9, so only the US Open to go. Could I go the Final hurdle? I was now on four and a half gold stars and had about six learned abilities.

There was no need to worry I beat Roger Federer 3-0 in the final. That is all four grand slams in one season.

Having accomplished that I feel I can talk about the lack of control that people keep referring to. Beware- you will lose points and get frustrated at losing easy winners constantly and on vital games go 40-0 down or 2 games down. The important thing is to play through this and keep your nerve. It is the games way of evenning up the score and therefore is the reason I give this game 4 STARS. Whilst I think the controls, the graphics and the action are brilliant I can't help being a little peeved when I lose points when I have lined up everything perfectly. If this can be improved in someway the game would be perfect - guess the ability level will have to get harder though to accommodate this or once you get a feel for the game you will start to win easily.

Hope this helps
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