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4.8 out of 5 stars145
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 3 March 2001
This cd represents everything people associate with Green Day. The witticism of the lyrics and power of the guitar lines makes for really compulsive listening. The smart rhyming lyrics of Basket Case as well as Tre Cools masterful drum fill intro followed by a sound that you just have to mosh to make it the most popular (and almost certainly the best) song on the album. Whilst When I come Around with its slow, melodic guitar line and bass line make it one of the most catchy tracks Green Day have written. The pure genius of Welcome to Paradise's bassy feel combined with incredible drumming and witty lyrics have to be heard to be believed. These are the best three tracks on the album. However, whilst Dookie carries Green Day's greatest ever tracks it does not come up to the consistency and light-hearted feel of Nimrod. It is more separated and detached. I have still given it five stars however, and I would say if you have never heard Green Day before, buy this album before any other - you won't be disappointed.
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on 12 June 2000
After Kerplunk i didn't think it could get any better - it did. This album contains some of the best songs i have ever heard. Welcome to Paradise and Basket case are two of the best, with Burnout and Having a Blast not far behind. i have found with so many albums there are always songs which you can tell were made to fill space - in this there are none. All songs are well written and in not one place do you feel bored. Brilliant - if you don't have it BUY IT!
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on 10 August 2000
I have to agree with the other reviewers - This album is a must buy. I first heard Nimrod (Buy that too!) which I thought was excellent but then my friend lent me Dookie and I was blown away. From a musical point of view, you can tell that Green Day have taken time in making each song sound exactly how they want it. Every song has its own special thing about it. I have found that if you are feeling down then you can just put 'Welcome to Paradise' on and you will start to tap along to it. I would recomend this to anyone who likes Punk rock. Dookie is a stimulant of the music world. The songs I think are the best are Chump, Welcome to Paradise, Emenius Sleepus and Having a Blast. Buy it now.
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on 22 October 2008
It's the first time I've revisited this album for a while. I don't really think of myself as a Green Day fan anymore, but this was the first record of theirs that I heard. I then bought them all up to, and including Warning (which I thought was terrible). I won't be buying American Idiot.

So I just thought I'd peruse the reviews while listening to it; there's a lot of talk of punk, but I don't see anyone mentioning The Clash anywhere... or any of Green Day's predecessors. That really shows the generation that Green Day appealed to. I'm pretty sure I was 16 or 17 when this came out, and it became standard listening for myself and all my friends. I started my first band, and we would cover Basket Case and Welcome to Paradise. So it was pretty important.

Listening to Dookie now is a fairly refreshing experience. It brings those 6th form days right back to me, but it doesn't leave me feeling like I can't enjoy it anymore. It's still a breathless, relentless and pulsating album. I don't think there's a real weak track on it. Sure, it's pretty much the same idea from start to finish, but that's what punk is like, by and large. And this album has lots of endearing subtle moments. Billie Joe makes tunes by slightly slurring his words so that you often don't know what he's singing, but do know that you like the sound of it. Mike's bass jumps and bounces all over the place, giving your brain a little bit of variation to focus on, and Tre's drumming is insistent and inventive. Then you've got some well considered backing vocals at critical times - see "She" for the best example - and some amusing stories.

Essentially you've got all the elements that make up a Green Day album, but here they are more honed than on earlier records, and less tainted by commerciality than later ones.

So where does it fit? For me, the best Green Day album is Nimrod. That one has more variety, and some awesome tunes. Dookie is probably second best, Insomniac third (that one is pretty much identical to Dookie, but without the hits), after that I can't really choose between the 1039 and Kerplunk... I just know that Warning is the worst.

So, Dookie: it's good.
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on 22 October 2012
Love the music on this CD, and it works fine on my CD player at home. Yet when i put it into mine (and my dads for that matter) it doesn't play and it cant be burnt. We've tried it on ITunes, WMP ect yet none of them work. Is this the same for everyone or shall i return it?
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on 15 August 2009
Like a lot of people, I bought this album after buying American Idiot. American Idiot is one of Green Day's most popular albums and songs. BUT, this is much better. You can tell by the lyrics that these are boys and not men. They are still kids. And that is great because it has a great sense of humour without going to far, impressive drumming, fast punky riffs and very clever lyrics. This is a must buy. Green Day's best.

One of the albums that I listen to the most. It up there with Guns n' Roses' 'Appetite for Destruction' and Nirvanna's 'Nevermind'. One of the best rock albums ever.
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on 7 November 2010
Dookie ranks as one of very few in my collection that I can put on any time I'm feeling low and it will instantly make me feel better. This is at least the 2nd best album GD have ever produced, an extremely fun and pleasing way to while away your time. They have refined their sound and product from the days of '39' and 'Kerplunk', but have not yet caved into the incessant commercialism of American Idiot and 21st Century Meltdown. This is the album on which they perfected their career-long formula: catchy 2-3 minute accessible and radio-friendly (!) pop-punk songs. And it hasn't half served them well.

However I'd disagree with some of Mike's (the bassist) recent comments that "releasing American Idiot was probably the most "punk" thing we could've done".... They haven't been punk for ages. The most punk thing they could've done was done a gig outside the White House and seeing if they got thrown in the slammer! Railing against authority in general isn't a feature exclusive to punk, either - just look at rock, rap, metal, etc.

And yet, you'll feel an instant urge to mosh to Basket Case, an even stronger urge to lie back, smoke some of that green and chill out with When I Come Around, and leap around your room like a demented pogoist to Longview. There's also a hidden track at the end informing the listener of the delights of self manipulation... so in an ironic way, this album has probably done more for me than the crap sex education at school!

In conclusion, this is a masterpiece. Something this addictive should probably be banned!
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on 29 August 2005
'Dookie' is bloody brilliant! It's a modern classic! Green Day's major label debut/3rd studio album is the start of their huge success. Green Day stopped writing albums about love/girls and are in punk rock territory with songs about: masturbation (LongView), suicide ('Having a blast'), bisexuality ('Coming Clean'), being mental ('Basket Case') and more that I can' think of.
They have a few song about girls, love problems, etc: 'Chump', 'She', 'When I come Around'.., but they are still great! Very decent tracks! 'Dookie' is definitely one of Green Day's best albums ever! It features many radio-play favorites and hit singles. 'Dookie' has sold more than 15 million copies world-wide. There is a huge chance that you already own it and love it! If you want a decent Green Day album, get 'Dookie'! It's been awsome since 1994! It's much better than the dissapointing American Idiot!
Dookie has always been better than the follow-up 'Insomniac', but not quite as awesome as 'Nimrod'! 'Dookie' is also better than 'Kerplunk', but not quite as good (in my opinion) as '1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours'! 'Dookie' is better than 'Warning' though! 'Dookie' is my 3rd favorite Green Day album and I know all of you love it! It features the classic that is: 'Basket Case', Green Day's best song of all time! 'Dookie' got Number 2 in the American Album Charts! That's a brilliant position for a major label debut! The singles also did well! 3 of them got number 1 in the Modern Rock Charts:
Longview: Number 1/Modern Rock Charts
Basket Case: Number 1 (5 weeks)/Modern Rock Charts
When I Come Around: Number 1 (7 weeks)/Modern Rock Charts
Welcome To Paradise may have not got number 1 in the Modern Rock Charts but it was still a hit single!
Dookie is where Green Day's success all started! Thanks to Dookie, they are the biggest band on the planet! Dookie, the incredible major label debut by Green Day! Featuring the hit singles: 'Longview', 'Basket Case', 'Welcome To Paradise' and 'When I Come Around'.
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VINE VOICEon 6 January 2004
Dooikie is the kind of album that you can listen to again and again without getting bored, simply because each and every song in it is just perfect!
It is the third album of the band, and was published back in 1994, after "1,039 smoothed out slappy hours" (1990) and "Kerplunk" (1991).
It contains 14 songs, which are the following: 1) Burnout, 2) Having a blast 3) Chump, 4) Longview, 5) Welcome to Paradise, 6) Pulling teeth, 7)Basket case (the song that made them famous), 8) She, 9) Sassafras roots, 10) When I come around, 11) Emenius sleepus, 13) In the end, and 14) F.O.D. The song that stands out is (without second thought) Basket case, a song that made the band from California famous all over the world, and helped them to evaluate and produce very nice and cool recordings!
Inside, you will find a booklet, with the lyrics of all 14 songs, plus some very interesting illustrations the band members (Billie Joe, Tre and Mike) have made, and eight photos from the recording proccess.
If you haven't got this cd, you must buy it now! It is a must for your collection, especially if you are a Green day fan, or you like punk rock music in general.
Deserves five stars, no hesitation!
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on 21 September 2011
As influential as a pop/punk-rock album could be. At the time of its release it literally clogged the airwaves and burgeoning media networks with its simplistic slabs of coherent, heavy metal-influenced rebellion. All (well most) of the kids loved it and all (well, most) of the parents didn't get it. It was catchy, it was a little rough around the edges but more importantly it was marketed. This may have heralded a new wave of punk/pop-rock upstarts to do their best at imitating Green Day, but it was a false revolt. This record made millions and still does. The reason, though, is that it is a damn fine album.

'Burnout' is an excellent opener. Strangely it doesn't sound like the call to arms on their later releases and is quite a laid back effort. 'Having a Blast' is even better, an understated slice of near-perfection. 'Chump, 'Longview' and 'Welcome to Pardise' all need no critique as they have become as much part of this album as the front cover. All good - some great.

The rest continues this trend. There are no bad tracks on here but the best of the rest include:

'Basket Case' (of course), 'She', the perennially chunky 'When I Come Around' and the excellent 'Coming Clean'. and also the veritable canon-fire climax to FOD.

A deserved classic. However my personal favourite was their follow-up, the dirty yet far purer Insomniac.
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