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4.4 out of 5 stars84
4.4 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation 3|Change
Price:£9.49+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on 8 July 2014
loved it
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on 24 July 2013
Having just finished Dead Island i bought this one for £8.Thanks to Amazon that it was just £8.
Not for me controls were difficult and just thought it was not for me.
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on 19 November 2013
Yes it's good, but these games are also a bit odd. Enjoyed it, and would recommend it, but not in the top 20 PS3 games, so don't expect too much and you will enjoy it.
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on 23 June 2016
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on 10 February 2010
Having been a gamer for 20 years of my life and experienced in many of the big franchise's, i just dont GET IT with bioshock 2 or the first one either. This game for me has had no impact or WOW factor what so ever. Game starts and about 3 hours in im just not enjoying it. I wanted to love this game despite not liking the first i thought i would give this a good chance, but for me too many aspects stop this being a great game.

The Graphics are nothig special at all, Example fallout 3 and chronicles of Riddick both look miles better better textures, lighting and effects, i found Boishock 2 to look quite grainy and thats playing through a 1080p 32" LG screen 80,000 to 1 contrast and a 200 mhz refresh.

Gameplay/gunplay combat wise, i have found the control system to have a very clunky feel to it, i am mostly commenting on the aiming here, it just dont feel responsive and sharp enough, with gun reticules being big wide circles reminisent of halo, movement and gun play feels just like halo infact. Because of this i found it hard to quickly target multiple enemies especially whilst they are darting about(and before anyone moans about my capabilities on fps have completed killzone 2 among others on the hardest difficulties).

Objectives in game are things ive seen recycled many many times over, plasmid powers are nothing new and have also been recycled many times over in various titles, fire, electric, telekenisis etc. not very inspiring stuff. Ob

Storywise i dont feel a connection to my character or the world around me, i simply do not care, the opening scene where u shoot yourself didnt even make me bat an eyelid (take note of MW4 here where you are in the shoes of the president being executed now that was a dramatic moment), the controls just dont feel tight ennough graphics are lacking and i dont feel emotionaly involved with the story , in fact i feel quite detatched from the game world.

All in all i found this game to be very average, i intend to complete it to the end and see if it rescues itself,m personly id save your pennies for Heavy Rain later this month as that should be something special.

I cant comment on multiplayer and this is only my personal review of the single player side of things.

Once again, as has been proven in the past, with the limitations on HD dvds that the xbox360 has , the PS3 community suffers because these games are coded on xbox360 then ported over to ps3 meaning games dont take on the full capabilities of the ps3 hardware. Although this makes sence otherwise if games were coded on ps3 ad blueray is bigger it may not even be able to fit on a HD dvd. But it dont stop it bugging the hell outta me.
this last comment wasnt a fanboi slam on the xbox360, its just a fact, I own both)

Peace out
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on 2 December 2012
Brilliant we have played The first one To I like to see the graphics and big daddy's lol the family have enjoyed thIs game
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on 21 January 2016
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on 3 November 2010
it was a really good game it's just not my type of game but other than that, A*
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on 9 February 2010
After an absolute AGE waiting for it to install I finally got playing. It didn't have the 'high impact' start that the original Bioshock has but straight away you are in the atmosphere of Rapture. Armed (to start) with your trusty drill you pick up a plasmid very early on (the electric one) and get to use this near the start of the game. There have been a few flashbacks already but I'm a little confused with who I am and what I'm doing there.

I wont ruin the storyline with what you find out at the start but I'm going to invest some time in the game and hopefully it will make sense.

Going from CODMW:2 to this has meant I've got to get used to the controls again. They are very different and I've gone in to attack a number of splicers and changed weapons in error. I have met already a couple of the splicers and also had my first fight with a Big Sister. She nearly killed me then buggered off!

There is the usual pick-ups of Alcohol/smokes/crisps/chocolate for you to enjoy. Each alters the amount of health or eve so use with care. I've found my old friend the vending machines and tried my first 'Hack'. It appears much easier than before which is a little disapointing but it does happen 'in game' now so you can get attacked while doing it. The remote hack dart allows you to take over security camera from a safe distance - They will then send out security bots to attack 'enemy' splicers who get into their field of vision.

Weapons wise I've only got 2 plasmids so far - Electric and telekinesis. I've also got 2 weapons, the drill & a bolt gun, although just before turning it off last night I did pick up some Trap bolts which helped to dispatch those pesky Splicers.

To sum it up, its been a bit like meeting an old friend after a couple of years. It looks similar but there are differences. The music and atmosphere is all still the same. It is very dark and the art deco styling looks amazing. You also get to go out into the sea and view Rapture from the outside, something that was missing from the first game.

How the single player will develop - I'm not sure. But I am certainly looking forward to finding out. Once it is completed I'll still have the multiplayer game to contend with!
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on 11 February 2010
Firstly i DID NOT PLAY the first game and still haven't so this was totally new to me.

I read that the story doesn't really follow on so i thought i'd go straight into it and i love it !

This game is fantastic, i'm a good few hours into it and my character is pretty strong, and i'm well used to how things work now.

I won't give anymore away, but just buy this and you will be happy.
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