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4.5 out of 5 stars101
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 13 June 2010
I had some difficulties finding the fifth season for a good price, but this offer was definitely the best one I could get. I don't regret buying it, but I have to admit that I prefer the other seasons much more.
Although this is a must for every fan, be aware that this season isn't as thrilling as the ones before. Hence the reason I only find it OK. But it is also interesting to see how the characters evolved in the fifth season.
Just buy it and make yourself an opinion :)
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Good, but not as good as series 1-3, which had lots of sub-plots and complexity to the characters.

Apart from the usual "airbrushing" of the actresses on the DVD & Box covers, (always annoying), some of the storylines did really spoil it for me.

The plot for Susan with her new "boyfriend" Jackson gets irritating, and goes on too long, as does Dave's (Edie's new husband), when it comes to putting into place his evil plan for revenge. Although, I actually felt quite sorry for him in the finale, where he ultimately made the right choice, (and, sadly, ended up as & where he did... I don't want to give too much away, so I'll say no more on this).

You also come to realise how nasty Bree can be! Poor Orson!

One thing to note, is that the sleeve for the bonus DVD (disc 7) and the box for the set itself, both say there will be two episodes with audio commentary on disc 7, and although they can be viewed on the sequential discs (1 & 4, respectively), they are NOT on the Bonus Disc - the Bonus Features end at the Deleted Scenes point; (or they do on MY set, anyway, so this may not apply to very recent issues). There are three episodes in total with audio commentary, one of which has two different commentaries.

Also, there is NO audio commentary option for the Deleted Scenes, so it's difficult to understand why they were deleted, (and therefore, detracts from the point of featuring them at all). Fans who own the other seasons on DVD will know the Deleted Scenes section always has an audio option by someone key in the show's production, (usually creator Marc Cherry), but this time, it's been avoided for some reason.

Otherwise, creative in some areas, and darkly funny in others.
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on 24 February 2010
Season 5 sat on my shelf for nearly 2 months after I bought it while I watched some other DVDs, but then...once I started, I watched the whole season in 4 or 5 days! This alone shows that I still find it very entertaining. It's funny and lively, and always keeps its multiple storylines moving along quite well.

There are many aspects to admire about DH, but for me the outstanding ones are the quality of the characterisation and the subtlety of the writing. The actors are mostly excellent and create great characters (one of my favourites is Karen McCluskey, who has deservedly grown into a main character from a very minor role). They all have some wonderful lines at times, often with multiple meanings and great comedy.

It's true that there were fewer plot twists than before, and this is a shame. Some of the characters are also running through the motions of what they have done before. In particular, Susan was sadly under-used, with this season being just an extended tease about her relationship with Mike again, without really developing any other sides of her character.

The five-year gap was clearly a fairly minor plot device whose purpose was mainly to age the children of Wisteria Lane, and I think this was good because it allowed some development (particularly the Scavo twins and Juanita Solis). However, the ladies certainly didn't look five years older, and didn't seem to be in the stories (Lynette claims to be 43 in this series whereas I always thought she was already in her 40s). The claim that Gabby had lost her looks also didn't really hold water (thankfully!).

On the other hand, anybody looking for realism has missed the point. DH is a fantasy world and not meant to be taken seriously. It's entertainment, and that's something that it still does very well.
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This is just one of those shows that's different shades of great. It can be funny, sad, tense and sentimental, but it's never dull or depressing.

The girls are all as much fun as ever, although I always see Catherine as the odd one out, never really a main player. Bree's just wonderful, as always, and her interaction with Susan's ex and unscupulous lawyer is very entertaining with the promise of more to come.

The creepy storyline comes from a new too-good-to-be-true husband, but despite his obvious nastiness, I couldn't help but feel for him. Under different circumstances, he'd be a great guy.

Anyway, it's a show that's always a real pleasure to watch, and I'm only sorry it's going to be a least a year until the next dvd gets to the magic £18 mark.
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on 28 December 2009
I can never get enough of those women at Wisteria Lane. There's always romance, intrigue, mistery, all perfect ingredients for a good series. On the 5th Season, there are still lots of twists and great one-liners. I usually catch my husband laughing out loud while I am the one watching!!! If you are a fan of the series, you will enjoy all the surprises, although some of them are quite bitter... Don't worry, I won't spoil your pleasure of going OHHH!!!
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on 2 December 2009
For all thinking about buying the box set of series 5, i have a few things to say.....
2.It makes you laugh
3.It might not be as good as the last few but its still exciting
4.It gives more excitment seeing how the cast have changed through 5 years!
And much more (if i was to type all the reasons why this series is awsome and why you should buy it i'll be here all day!) !
Hope you had as much fun as i did watching this .....


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on 24 March 2014
There is one major problem with this series. The dialogue is abysmal.

The writing for the previous four seasons of DH was the finest, the funniest that I have ever seen, but this time round the characters are stumbling around uttering the sort of rubbish usually reserved for C-List TV sitcoms. It must be so embarrassing but at least they got paid. Instead of scintillating lines and killer jokes, we get dull, lifeless, cliched scenes that any viewer has seen a million times in other US shows.

This is no good, and Amazon have a cheek asking such a high price for each episode.
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on 9 November 2012
At the fourth season's end, the story fast forwarded five years into the future, and we now see life on Wisteria Lane starting from 2013, one year after the show's last season was on TV. Much has changed for our housewives. Susan has left Mike and raises her son MJ, Bree is a professional caterer with Catherine ever since Orson went to jail and Danielle took back her son, Lynette's children are teenagers, and Gaby's a mommy. As for Edie, well, she is back and for the better for of all the Wisteria Lane characters, she is truthful about who she is, what she wants in life, and she doesn't hesitate in saying it out loud. Not only that, she is married to a new husband whose intentions are not that honest.

Of what hasn't changed, Fairview still has a Season Mystery in which our Housewives are involved, while their own lives get out of control as we see them solving their problems with unethical solutions. However, I think that Marc Cherry, instead of preparing his plotlines with the same care as in the first four seasons, started to lack direction and fresh ideas in his storylines. Indeed, at the first season, Desperate Housewives intrigued me because it was a clever satire/tragicomedy on Suburbia under the covers of a Soap Opera. Which was how the show could be sold according to Cherry. But after the incredible success of the first season, which never happened again during the show's course and went downhill, I felt Marc Cherry wanted to recapture this success by reusing the same plotlines that made the first season a success.

For instance, Lynette learns that one of her sons has sex with the mother of his friend, a mother whose husband beats her. When he is unmasked, her son warns Lynette that if she tells that man the truth, he will leave Lynette's house. And this is where I found the show less interesting because to me, and to other people who agreed with me, this plotline, along with others in the final seasons, were too similar to storylines used in the first four seasons. And I was glad to see that in the Bonus Feature "What more do I need - A Very Good Read", which discusses the writing process for the episode in which Lynette's son is unmasked, a writer warns everyone that the storyline is too similar to what Bree lived through when Danielle warned her mother that she would leave home if Bree tried to stop Danielle's relationship with her History Teacher.

Secondly, several contradictions appeared in the show. First in Mary Alice's narration, and then into the dialogues. For Mary Alice's narration, she says that, after Lynette's son is arrested for a crime he didn't commit, the breakfast the Scavos did was the last they ever took together as a family. But guess what? A few episodes later, they were all back and happily eating together again. What happened in that sudden change of storyline? Was Cherry afraid of upsetting some of his viewers, which the "What more do I need - A Very Good Read" revealed as some of the writers showed concern of not upsetting fans with their storylines? And for the dialogues, I was astonished to see Lynette say at the twenty-sixth minute of the episode 17 (The Story of Lucy and Jessie) that she is forty-three while Tom say he is two years younger, which means forty-one, the same age Tom was in the first season when he said to Lynette that if he didn't get a high position in his office he would be nothing. Did Tom and Lynette drink at a secret fountain of youth or what?

Back to the warning Marc Cherry got from a writer in the bonus feature, Cherry agreed with the storyline's similarity and gave a subtle difference to what Lynette does in comparison to Bree. However, it was while watching this making-of, along with the uninspiring bonus features "I Know Things Now: Desperate Housewives celebrates 100" and "So Very Teri", that I felt the show became complacent. Which even Nicolette Sheridan said in interviews after her controversial departure from the show, both behind-the-scenes and in the show. And speaking of Edie Britt, her death bothered me because apart from Mary Alice's mystery, Gabrielle Solis and Bree, she was the other reason why I loved watching Desperate Housewives. She was funny, she had guts, she was a unfair loner who deserved better respect, and one of the few that did and said what the other housewifes wanted, but never admitted to themselves and their families. And as Edie dies in the middle of the fifth season, I cannot help finding her accident, and the special episode dedicated to her, sour-tasted as Marc Cherry got rid of one of his show's most popular character. One I definitely preferred over Susan's relentless romances and annoying clumsiness.

Of the season's highlights, my only favorite episode was the 100th, dedicated to Eli Scruggs, a handyman whose actions influenced all the housewives on Wisteria Lane. Even though this episode was made up at the last minute, as Cherry said in the commentaries, it was nice to see a small tribute to the consequences of a secondary character's actions.

As such, I give the show four stars mostly because of the season's excellent mystery, and for Edie Britt, who has always been to me one of the main housewives on the show.

PS: Did any of you noticed how Nicolette Sheridan's face was blurred in the making-of "What More do I need - A Very Good Read"? Did her conflicts with Marc Cherry and ABC resulted in this censorship or did something else happened? Very weird to see that blurred face on the screen.
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on 7 November 2009
After having been a bit disappointed with Season 4 (too fast moving, not enough time to laugh!), I really like this season. After the initial shock of having moved forward five years, I find the plot really well done. Also some episodes (won't give too many details ... don't like to know too much beforehand personally) are completely different from anything we have seen in previous seasons. I'm back to being a fan ... and waiting for Season 6!!!
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on 1 September 2010
With the decision to move 5 years on the producers of Desperate Housewives were taking a huge leap of faith. Whether you'd seen DH before or this was the first series you had watched, you'd be hard pushed not to admit that it was brilliant. It took a while to get used to seeing the young children as teenagers, but without spoiling anything, a new character comes along and turns the series into a gripping drama in which you struggle to find the stop button on the remote control. Play all is a must on each DVD as you go from Bree's new business, to Edie's return, Susan's life as a single parent... again, and Lynette's attempt to keep her marriage together. Marc Cherry and gang have done a brilliant job at moving it on five years without entirely changing the individual personalities of each housewife. If you enjoyed the first 4, this one will not disappoint.
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