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3.0 out of 5 stars27
3.0 out of 5 stars
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on 29 November 2009
I love the scale of free roam in this game, sometimes it can take a while to drive to somewhere, but i like it nevertheless.
Lots of different places to explore :)
Good range of vehicles too! "The Educator" (which is basically an american school bus on monster truck wheels) is my "get out of any situation" car :P

The online service could be better, you would have to organise where to meet up with someone before-hand, i think there should be a feature where you can see everyone on the map, such as in Test Drive Unlimited (google it).

Overall a good game though, i recommend buying it if you love offroading + free roaming.
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on 10 February 2013
Haha, I have this game. Quite looking forward to it the few days before I purchased. And, you know, it's great. It's no feat of technical achievement by any stretch, but it's a fun game with a nice open world to explore. People shouldn't bash it too hard. :)
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on 1 March 2014
This game is 100% Amazing. I got it with as a free game for my new Gaming/Home PC. Despite not a very good tutorial it becomes very good once you get into the game.

The aim of the game is to race and collect stars to unlock areas of the map that unlock new vehicles. It is very challenging on Legend difficulty (The hardest) as very easy on Rookie difficulty (The easiest) there is also a expert mode.

The map is huge so you can travel almost everywhere. It took 30 minutes to get to one camp to the other.

The types of weather were a let down but the sounds do cover that up a lot. Also as this is a 5 year old game the online mode is pretty much useless as nobody plays on it on PC (as of GFWL's terrible servers)

You can configure your settings on any wheel as I set my wheel up and it works 100% great.

The menus are kind of complicated as there are a lot of menus in one pause area. On default you move to each menu by pressing T (To go left) or Y (To go right)

This game could run on any computer as with a Windows Index of 3.0 but 5.0 is the recommended

Overall it is such a great game to play and I would recommend it to anyone.

Well done Codemasters!
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on 15 August 2009
I'll briefly say that this game is 1st class, but play it with a 360 controller, don't try with a wheel as it won't work.
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on 13 September 2015
Honestly, I saw Nerd Cube's video on it and I thought it looked cool. Then I heard it was a Game for Windows Live, so it got a little less cool but still pretty cool. So I bought it for £3 or something and it was s*** on s***. It works with all Windows above XP, but the stock look is disgusting no anti aliasing, no resolution or aspect ratio options, heck you can't even get to the graphics menu. Basically, I launched it up and saw how disgusting it was, I had saw it looked awesome so wanted to change, however there is no way to get to a graphical menu.
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on 4 June 2013
so i was searching for PC games and came across this game for £2.50 or something so i bought it and decided to try it out. it is an amazing game and isnt very demanding so you dont need some high end gaming PC to play it! the delivery was super fast and it was very easy to install ! i do suggest you use a game controller or steering wheel because it can be difficult using the keyboard to drive. very good game and im very glad i bought it!
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on 20 September 2013
I played a demo of this and liked the idea of a vast open world. But its all locked when you start the game. You unlock areas by winning races. The wold has to much glow for me and hurts my eyes after playing for a few hours. I also found it too easy and come 1st place in most races. Its great for a quick race to pass time but not something I would play a lot.
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on 22 December 2014
For anybody interested in buying Fuel, I would say go for it! It's great value for money for what you get! The open world map is enormous, the many different cars are really great, races and challenges are fun! The only downside I can possibly think to the game is the menus. There a bit strange an funny but you'll get use to them! Happy playing :)
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on 3 July 2009
OK, I've finished the game and the whole thing is pretty much a load of lies. The game was sold as a chance to race in some of the wildest weather on the planet. About 98% of the races are in normal weather, Dry, Wet, Snowy in places and that's pretty much the lot. There is 2 Tornado races and they were fun, the first had the Tornado ripping the place apart in front of you and throwing debris in your face, the second, well I guess the twister went the other direction as you just don't see it. 2 Dust Storm races, 1 was just low visibility the whole way, the other alternated as you blew through massive rolling waves of dust, that was cool. On the whole as far as racing in bad weather is concerned there's nothing new here.
It's also sold in a world where fuel is dwindling and soon to be a thing of the past, REALLY? I managed to buy every car in the game and still finished it with over 1 Million units of fuel I simply had no use for! Your cars don't use fuel in the races or in free roam either - what's the point of that? With all those oil drums lying around the landscape, fuel usage should have been incorporated. If you destroy the machine you're driving it just respawns, you should have had to buy another, there's just too much fuel otherwise.
Even Legendary difficulty is too easy, The career races should have been the most difficult ones to complete, never mind win, but more often than not the Challenges were the harder ones to do.
When you add in the lack of athmospheric sound, the badly looped engine note in many (but not all) of the vehicles you can see what a shoddy job was done to get this out the door. The world map is lovely and there is serious potential here, but not in this release.
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on 3 July 2009
Got the game a few days ago, and, despite it saying "configured to use almost any PC controller" in the readme (and elsewhere), it does not appear to support any form of Wheel. [HOW can this be the case for any DRIVING game!?] - did raise a call re this with CodeMasters - but still no response 3 days later!

Anyway, playing the game with a XBox 360 controller ...

As it says on the tin, the play area is massive - impressively so; amazing to look at and appears to be randomly generated, so you don't see the same patterns repeating. Sadly, they seem to have felt compelled to use ALL this area, I've played just four zones I am already bored of driving for 10 (real!) minutes just to unlock a livery (I'll probably never use). The terain etc is nice but your vehicles just don't seem to interact with it (ie "floating" on, rather than "driving" on, it!)

There is a nice selection of race types, but the AI is questionable: I don't like the Xbox 360 controller I'm forced to use, but I'm still winning almost every race and challenge easilly, only the hardest setting causing any real challenge.

The "sat nav" AI (in races, or in free roam) is Awfully Incompetent ... often sending you along a road, then suggesting you go straight up a rock face, or across a lake. Also, if you choose a target location from the map, and set the sat nav to it, it is often 100's of meters from what you were aiming at!

If you crash and respawn your POV is suddenly set looking at your face (ie the camera direction means the direction you were going is now "behind" you) - so you often accelerate away into the same tree you just crashed into! Also, you can occasionally respawn into impossible places (eg onto a rock face, which you then slide off) resulting in no choice but to restart the race - frustrating if you are 10 mins into a race (and 3 mins ahead!).

The idea of "Fuel" (barrels) scattered around the place is excelent, but there is so much to be found that I already have loads, and not a lot to spend it on - this seems to devalue an otherwise excellent concept.

The game runs well (but I have a good system), but you have to endure lots of loading screens, and need lots of clicks to start every race.

In summary - if you want a RACING game, forget it - you can't use a wheel, the AI is simply not challenging enough and the Sat Nav (which you simply must use in such a big area) very unreliable. However, if you want a big area to free roam all over then it is well worth a try!
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