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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 27 May 2000
You can ask yourself many times, why did something happen? Why now? Well, Eva Cassidy is no longer with us but in so many ways she will be with us forever. There is a genuine warmth and ambience to the tracks on this cd. Perhaps it's because many were recorded in an intimate way. I defy anyone to single out one outstanding track. My favourite alters each time I put on the cd. "Kathy's Song" and "I wandered by the Brookside" are delicate, fragrant songs sung with a charming restraint. You can scarcely believe that the same person then belts out, "Ain't no Sunshine". If you value music, please buy this record.
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on 17 February 2001
I first heard Eva Cassidy singing Over The Rainbow (not on this album) on Top Of The Pops 2 in late 2000. Later I heard another track (Wonderful World) played on Radio 2. I was hooked. When I read the review synopsis on Amazon which basically states that she could not get a record deal because all the record company execs wanted to pidgion-hole her talent into a single category I was dumbfounded. Surely with talent like this you would create a new category if you must. Come on all you record companies, how many other great talents are we to possibly miss because you don't know upon which rack in the record shop to put an artist. It is such a tragic waste that there is such a small quantity of Eva's sound left for us to hear. I once heard it said that "If you ain't got the blues, then you ain't got a soul". Well Eva could do Blues, but she could equally do Country (Penny to my name), Gospel (Way beyond the blue), and the most sensual version of Time after Time that I think I have heard. The BBC Radio 2 website is currently running a poll of voices of the Century to be played over Easter. Eva got my vote at number one. I also currently have the Live at Blues Alley album which shows the breadth of one of the greatest vocal talents of all time (In my humble opinion) and is a must have addition to any record collection. Finally I would ask that if any more recordings exist that they be assembled into more albums and released into the world. It's such a tragic shame we cannot record more from beyond the grave.
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VINE VOICEon 8 February 2003
I've just received an email from my friend Varna in Denver Colorado asking why I rave about Eva. Well it so happens I was listening to 'Time after Time' on my PC and replied that it's simple EVA has the Sweetest Voice I've ever heard, she arranges songs and plays a guitar like no one else. Just writing this review and reading other Amazon comments send shivers down my spine.
This CD is a superb collection of songs starting with the Paul Simon classic Kathy's song that Art and him sang so well she takes to another level. Bill Wither's Ain't no Sunshine with piano accompaniement and just on at the moment Joni Mitchell's Woodstock sung with so much passion and grace.
There is such a lovely mix from a touch of folk, blue in 'Way beyond the blue' a brilliant Vocal rendition. How she pulled off such quality, control etc is beyond most of us?
This CD is a great and lasting testiment to her a brilliant artist because that's simply what she was.
If it hadn't been for Paul Walters of the Terry Wogan BBC Radio 2 breakfast show it may have taken a bit longer for her talent to be recongnised here in England, but as soon as you hear the first notes from her guitar and voice you will realise why he had such faith and conviction.
This is certainly one of her best CD's if not the best just go out and buy it you won't be disappointed & if you want an excellent book on her life with pictures of her art you wno't go wrong with 'EVA Cassidy SONGBIRD, Her Story by those who knew her' ISBN 0-75284-779-1'.
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on 28 May 2000
A marvellous album Eva had a wonderful way of expressing songs. It is difficult to imagine that you could improve on some standards but she managed it. "Aint no sunshine" is a prime example as is the title track "time after time"."At last" is given her unique treatment as is "woodstock", although I must admit I prefer Matthews Southern Comfort's original version,but her I'm nitpicking. She has a bluesy, gutsy voice with a clarity that cannot be surpassed. Its so sad that this will probably be the last album to be released, but it wont be the last time we hear her If you buy this album and you like it try her previous album Songbird
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on 22 May 2000
When I first heard Eva Cassidy on Radio 2's 'Whispering Bob' show, it was like hearing an angel. Her voice blew me away. Every album she graces still sends shivers through my soul. This album, with its more moody and bluesy style of 'Ain't no sunshine', it's faster pace of 'The Letter' and the incredible version of 'Time After Time' that I'm sure, would even bring tears to Cyndi Lauper, has to be Eva's best album.
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on 10 June 2001
I get the feeling that these songs were compiled from a few years of recordings. As such it doesn't have the cohesive style you find on Eva by Heart or Songbird, yet the pleasure of her vocal performances is present throughout. The real action occurs in the middle of the CD when you have simple yet touching country girl vocal on Penny To My Name, followed by the exquisite folk phrasing on I Wondered by a Brookside, and onward through to Anniversary Song where her heart-rending vocal performance leaves me lost for words. Every bit as vital as Songbird and totally remarkable that the CD is a compilation of studio archive recordings.
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on 10 January 2001
I had this CD bought for me! I was astounded! Her versionof Kathys Song and Time after Time are phenomenal! From listening to this one album you get the impression that you could give Eva Cassidy anything and she would sing it perfectly!! But the most impressive thing about this album is the way she reworks classic songs and makes them her own!Not to mention her own material which can only be described as out of this world!
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VINE VOICEon 16 November 2004
This album has to be listened to to be believed. It is simply amazing with more of my favourite songs all on one album. This album was released in 2000 even though Eva died in 1996 of cancer. Unfortunately, the album only reached number 25 in the charts unlike Songbird, Imagine and the most recent American Tune which all reached number 1.
For those that have never heard of Eva, she was an American whose style could never be categorised which proved to be the biggest downfall in her career as no one would sign her unless she was in a specific genre. I would say the style of this album is a little more folk and bluesy than some of her other albums and the tempo is a lot slower in e.g. Anniversary Song than you may find in other songs such as 'How Can I Keep from Singing?' on Eva by Heart/Wonderful World or 'Cheek to Cheek' found on Live at Blues Alley.
Eva manages to put her heart and soul into every song that she sings and each song will fit whatever mood you are in, whether it be love, sadness, or pure happiness. There is clarity not seen by today's modern artists and Eva's talent is hard to be described or discovered.
Fans all over the world have trouble putting into words the feeling and emotion they get from listening to her music and voice. Although some songs may not be perfect, it does not discourage from the emotion felt in her voice. 'Kathy's Song' and 'I wandered by the Brookside' are heart touching songs brilliantly covered and it's hard to believe that this voice also sang timeless classics such as 'Ain't no sunshine' and 'Way beyond the Blue'. You will be singing along, Clapping, Crying or tapping a foot in no time!
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VINE VOICEon 14 February 2003
You'll listen to this many times over and hear something new each time.
Starting with a great rendition of Paul Simon's Kathy's song, Eva drifts effortlessly into Bill Wither's Ain't no Sunshine. She will take you on a journey several decades ago and bring a fresh interpretation to these famous songs.
There is so much feeling in all the tracks that you know she really understood and studies what the original authors of the songs wanted to convey.
As a Join Mitchelle fan I enjoyed the way Eva appraoched Woodstock and then in contrast finishes with a traditional gospel version of Way beyond the Blue combining extremely well with the choir. I think you might just join in clapping, humming and singing along. One to thoroughly enjoy.
I'll leave you to explore the remaining tracks some you may know and others perhaps not but enjoy them all I'm sure you will.
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VINE VOICEon 18 March 2004
It's positively horrifying to grasp that Eva Cassidy died in her thirties, a victim of melanoma (skin cancer.) This talented singer had several careers; in between gigs, mostly near her hometown of Annapolis, Maryland, she worked as a landscaper and a mural artist. Some of her mural work can be seen in the Annapolis area and of course one speculates about the constant sun exposure in landscaping leading to her untimely death. She never wanted to become a huge recording or concert star, and it was almost always by word of mouth that people found out she was performing.
Once you hear her sing, it's an unforgettable event. The effect Eva has on me is to totally stop me in my tracks so I can listen intently to every single note and lyric. What's even more extraordinary is how she takes an overplayed, well-known pop piece such as "Time after Time", made hugely popular by Cyndi Lauper, and creates this song completely anew. I have no idea how Eva could do this, but it's true of everything she sung.
I got this album for the title cut alone, but every song on here is gold and honey. If I play the album too much because I end up getting so depressed that she's gone from us--but I enjoy every moment just the same.
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