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4.4 out of 5 stars57
4.4 out of 5 stars
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Primeval is a fantastic science fiction series that has been perfect Saturday evening family viewing for three series. The premise - that there are holes in time through which prehistoric creatures can enter our modern day world, and that there are people who track and repatriate these creatures to their natural time, whilst covering it up from the public - is a simple one, but they manage to do so much with the story. Things never remain constant in Primeval - there is a great overall story arc, and it's not long before creatures from the future start appearing too. The cast is fantastic - there's some great acting, and that's crucial - because no matter how good the computer generated creatures are - and they are REALLY good - you need a believable performance from the cast in order to be able to suspend your disbelief and enjoy it - and that's exactly what you get.

This well made box set of all three series / 23 episodes of Primeval has a raised-relief front and looks really good on the DVD shelf. There are a fair few special features too. All episodes have English subtitles. Sadly, this really is the complete series, as - almost unbelievably if you didn't know that they're making severe cutbacks - ITV have now axed the show.

In recent television history, only two British science fiction shows have been of high enough quality to beat the North Americans at their own game, and those are Doctor Who and Primeval. It's so sad that ITV - a limp organisation with no ambition - have chosen not to even bother trying to replicate the international success of shows such as Stargate SG-1 (not an American series incidentally - it's produced by Canada, so why can't we do the same for the Americans with Primeval?). Despite favourable reviews from American TV critics, if it's not a gameshow format ITV are not interested in pushing it. Why the British audience should pay the price for their indifference is beyond me - if this show was taken up by a major US network it would undoubtedly be a hit. I can only hope Sky, Channel 5 or some other channel picks it up. Please, don't let Primeval become extinct!
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on 4 February 2011
This is what TV needed a brilliant and exciting show that involves my favourite thing in the world - dinosaurs.

After anomolies, tears in the fabric of time, begin to appear a team of scientist begin to encounter creatures and dinosaurs from the past. These creatures run riot in the modern world and it is the job these scientist to predict and contain the anomolies before anyone is injured or killed. Gigantosaurus on an airfield, veloceraptors in a shooping centre, future predators, mammoths on the A1 and mosasaurs in lakes are just a few of the situatuions which the team face. Douglass henshall, Hannah spearrit, Andrew Lee pots and Lucy Brown do a fine job as the shows protagonists and the creators of walking with dinosaurs do equally well writing and producing this ever more popular show.

The fourth series is here and just as good as ever and plans for a movie version of the show prove how popular it has become over the years. Excitin, action packed, original and unique i can highly recommend this to everybody.
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on 19 September 2011
I caught this show by chance when I was browsing through Netflix, and I'm glad I did. Netflix only had the first three seasons available so I had to search for seasons four and five. Anyway, I really enjoyed Primeval since I'm a big fan of movies and television shows that have to do with sci-fi and horror. The idea for the show is, as you Brits like to say, "brilliant". However, some characters weakened the show a bit.

For example, Abbey's mood swings were getting old really fast. I wouldn't have minded if she got trapped in an anomaly for good. But in all fairness, I do have to give her credit for defending the creatures. It shows she has a solid moral center. Then there's Connor who's slow to respond and a perpetual screw up but he does pull through when it counts. For the record, this guy is "whipped".

Without a doubt, Primeval could've gone ten seasons. Why it was cancelled, I don't know, but I guess it has something to do with a comedy. It seems like ridiculous comedy shows are more interesting to the masses than something cerebral or dark. So, I'm assuming Primeval got bumped.
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on 21 April 2012
Primeval is a great family series. The premise is intriguing, rips in time that allow creatures from other eras - mostly the past, but also some fascinating future creatures - to come into our time.

I will say for me, the first season is the best character wise. The core team of Professor Nick Cutter, Stephen Hart, Abby Maitland and Connor Temple, are supported by Special Forces Captain Tom Ryan, civil servant Claudia Brown and James Lester, who is a 'problem solver' for the Government. In later seasons, the characters change up a bit - and although there are no characters I dislike (bad guys excepted of course!) it's never quite the same.

And the plots aren't always going to hold up to logic, or strenuous questions, but over all, it's an exciting, interesting series and well worth the watch for anyone who's a fan of sci-fi, or was ever a fan of dinosaurs - and really, who amongst us didn't grow up wishing they could see a real life t-rex!
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on 15 November 2011
So far, so good. The special effects are great, with various creatures making their way from the past to the present via space-time anomalies. The characters are fairly consistent, but Cutter, the hero, insists on sticking his nose into places where vicious predators may be lurking without any firepower or thought of defense. The Ark team are being opposed by a shadowy group that is beginning to come out of the shadows by the end of series two. I hope that, unlike the X files, they will have a plausible explanation for what the villains are trying to do. And really, guys, the Ark team's insistence on coverup of the anomalies "to avoid widespread panic" has been wearing thin since about episode two of the first season, especially since it's been going on for seven years.
Still, very entertaining and without the heavy-handed social engineering seen on Torchwood and even (from time to time) on Dr. Who.
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on 31 December 2010
This is one of the best DVD's I have seen in a very long time. The programme based around anomolies apperaing from history and the future with monsters in them is spectacular. The acting standard of the programme is very high and every person involved acts their charecter perfetly. Ben Miller also acts a brilliant role in this hit programme. This is one programme I will watch over and over again and never get bored of it and I 100% reccomend you to buy it aswell
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on 28 June 2011
I adore all thats time travel and sci fi from all the star treks, firefly, torchwood, sliders, star wars.... so thought i should love this.

This is a brilliant idea but they could have done a lot more with it intelligent wise to make it very exciting without the annoyance of stupid actions. WIthin an episode or two found it annoying that people who are supposed to be in charge of finding these dangerous creatures and sorting them out re variety of ways to get rid of them would do such stupid things that even a child would know not to do. im not talking about silly mistakes which make us human but the following examples:

1. they seperate to search for dangerous creatures they aim to capture/kill but:
2. dont carry mobile phones to keep in touch with each other - everyone has one in their pockets nowadays so why dont professors/computer experts with an unlimited monetary resource?!
3. dont have guns or stun guns - they keep forgetting them!!
4. leave a blind girl stood up (dont even make sure shes sat safely) in a room full of glass patio doors with a pool of blood for her to fall in nearby, to attract the creatures more!!! obvious what happens from the outset - everyone knows animals can be attracted to the smell of blood - basic info they should know.
5. one of them says they have an epidemic of creatures then immediately leave a colleague who is stunned, alone.
6. dont even try to/ignore escaping when watch creatures attack each other so get killed - bit like the red security guards of star trek

Yes I expected the people to be sensible - it is entertaining but yes wish i had been warned about the annoyance of the stupidity and i would have saved myself some money!!

Despite all the above I have to say I still adore the series and have season 4 and 5 as well.
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on 8 November 2009
I've bought this DVD BOX SET as a treat for myself for Christmas! I watched every episode when in was on TV and really loved it! I can't get enough of diosaurs and other monsters, and also Douglas Henshall! It's all good fun entertainment, edge of your seat viewing! Now I can watch it whenever I please! Can really recommend to anyone who loves monsters and excitement!
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on 16 August 2012
I bought this 3 season edition after Amazon confirmed that English subtitles for Hard of Hearing is exist. Thanks for Amazon for great service, I'm impressed.
Box is pretty, with 3D pictures on face side, very nice for touch. First and second season on two disks each. Third season on three disks. Picture quality is good.
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on 10 February 2010
I only saw a couple of episodes of this show when it was on TV and I liked the premise. I saw Series 1, episodes 1 and 2 then Series 3, episodes 1 and 2 but none of the others due to work commitments and I am delighted that I have now managed to watch the entire series so far. Even more delighted that there are TWO new series due to hit TV in the next couple of years.

As mentioned by another reviewer the effects are superb but it is the acting of the stars of the show that really makes it all work. Great plot lines for each episode and then the Helen Cutter story arc make this a fascinating show which could be compared to The X Files for the same reasons, stand alone episodes and story arc ones too.

Connor and Abby are great characters and well played by Andrew Lee-Potts and Hannah "S Club 7" Spearritt. It is, however, quite sad, that by mid season 3 they are pretty much the only original cast members left. Douglas Henshall was great as Nick Cutter and it was a shock to see him die after the real shock of the season 1 climax which sees Claudia Brown wiped from existence. The sudden sequence of cast being killed off or being wiped out is probably the saddest and most regrettable part of the show. First Claudia's character, then Steven, then Nick and then (worst of all for me as she was so sexy and delightful) Jenny (both Jenny and Claudia played with style by Lucy Brown, who I hope to see more of in other dramas in future). Okay there were additions to the cast in the characters of Captain Becker, Sarah Paige and Danny Quinn, all of whom really kept the show going despite the loss of so many original cast members, but did so many of the originals have to go? Also the question I considered was that with Nick dying what should have happened. After all the whole of the second series and up to the point he is shot by Helen took place in an alternative future but isn't there still the future where the team exist without him and Claudia Brown still lives? Aren't the rest of the season 1 team in the Forest Of Dean unaware that Nick and Helen came back into an alternative future?

All three seasons were great viewing and the future Earth where the predators came from was brilliantly realised. (Shades of the time zone Captain Archer travelled to from the Enterprise in Enterprise but brilliant nonetheless).

As season 3 ended we have Quinn in one time zone, Connor and Abby in another and Becker and Sarah (who has a plan!) waiting at the present day side of the future Earth anomaly. Season 4 was just so needed to wrap up this story line and it is great that funding has been assured to create that and to take the stories further with Season 5. I kind of hope that Nick Cutter and Claudia Brown/Jenny Lewis are able to return but I believe that it is unlikely. A great shame but I still look forward to the coming series. In the mean time, I recommend this show to anyone who has an interest in dinosaurs and time travel.

I wonder how Dr Who - Invasion Of The Dinosaurs would have looked had the effects of this show been available back when it was made in the early 70's!!
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