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on 4 August 2010
The first single "Cambodia" is here in all it's glory as the pouted one sings "Well he was Thailand based,she was an airforce wife"what an amazing line about war torn lost love,from The Wilde composing co,they should have got an Ivor Novello, just marvell at the breathtaking profoundness of the whole song,not one to be found in the Syco Cowell stable,they probably can't spell Cambodia,it doesn't begin with a £ sign! Then you have the second single just a pure piece of 80's pop magic in the fantasticness which is "View From A Bridge"as Kim retells the tale of"A cheap love magazine & not taking all the frolics of her man with someone else" well why ever shoul you Kim,go on kick him in to touch,you sure were a feisty girl back in 1982!
The highlights of this album are "Just A Feeling" which has Kim singing with such gutsy emotion,which should have found it's way on to some blockbuster,but her marketing was always dire!&still is."Select" is one mighty classy album which has it's seal of excellence with the tale of a tragic character "Wendy Sadd" this is the pure diamond in a bag full of sapphires,this has been played over & over,on every piece of eqipment from it's release in 1982 & I still get lost in the magic & charm of this album,I simply love it & I hope it finds it's way into the next life with me ,as it is like a very special friend who has been through thick & thin with me.If you don't buy it,it is only your loss & nobody elses. Go on click the proceed to......& lie back & let Ms Wilde take you to somewhere very special in the wildest of ways!
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on 3 December 2010
I remember playing this so many times back in the day that in the end the pops and crackles were almost as loud as the music itself. It was always one of my prized possessions though and to this day I still have the back catalogue of all of Kim's 80's albums on vinyl in perfect condition.

'Select' is, without a doubt, one of Kim's finest moments, and from the first opening synth chords of 'Ego' you just know you're in for a treat. 'View from a Bridge' has stood the test of time and is still unrelentless, perfect pop. In my opinion, there is not one bad song on here, but for me the best tracks by far are 'Take Me Tonight' (breathtakingly beautiful) and 'Words Fell Down'. I recall seeing Kim at the Dominion Theatre in 1982 (my first ever live gig) and 'Words Fell Down' was one of the highlights of the night. I was absolutely convinced it would be released as a single but it never was. In fact, as with many of her albums, only 2 singles were ever lifted from this which were 'View From A Bridge' and 'Cambodia'. Seems such a shame when there were so many potential hits to choose from.

Really great to now own all of her 80's work on CD with bonus tracks. I really hope the rest of her back catalogue gets the same treatment (the next of which should be 'Close' which for many is considered her shining moment) and for all of us Kim Wilde fans what could be better than a DVD release of all of her music videos?? Fingers, toes and everything else crossed on that one!
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on 19 May 2009
Bearing in mind that the CD versions of Kim's first three albums were changing hands on Ebay for silly money, all of us Kim Wilde fans from around the world should give Cherry Pop Records a huge round of applause!!!!

Like the reissue of her first album, and the recent reissue of her third "Catch As Catch Can", Cherry Pop have done a blinding job with the remastering and the addition of bonus tracks. If any artist was due a catalogue was Kim Wilde.

Fingers crossed the rest of her catalogue will get the same treatment.........and better still, a COMPLETE promo video collection on DVD!!!!!
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on 20 September 2012
Kim Wilde was a fresh face in pop in the early 1980s and a listen to her work is still mesmerizing.
A mind blowing combo of new wave, 80s pop and dance, it has been compared to Blondie, but Kim always had her own special style.
This is her second studio album and a treasured collectors item.

All great including the energetic Ego, the bouncy Words Fell Down" and fast paced Action City, to the hectic "View From a Bridge" and the high energy "Chaos at the Airport, the seductive , the slightly older fashioned rock of "Can You Come Over" and the sad Wendy Said, this is actually still refreshing after 27 years. I love it.
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on 23 September 2011
At last a decent copy of Select on CD! and with bonus tracks

I love Select and it brings back alot of memories for me.

Very pleased that this has Bitter is Better included. Another highlight is the B side to Child Come Away - Just Another Guy.

Again as with the other Cherry Pop reissues, the colour quality on the cover is pretty rubbish again!
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This a good bit of Kim's earlier work. It is brash and original, and Kim's vocals are young and full of angst.
Quite why this album costs so much on eBay is anyone's guess. I've had a copy since it first came out. Mine's just worn out. The MP3 download of this album is an excellent alternative to the silly-money secondhand copies doing the rounds.
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on 7 November 2013
Always loved Kim Wilde's music and this was my favorite album by her. 31 years on and it still sounds great. No top ten UK single on this album as Cambodia just missed out but there should of been. 80's music, as good as it gets.
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on 28 August 2013
Here is a superb album, of some of the best of KW, she was and still is the pop queen of the 1980's.
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on 9 September 2010
Even I am really bored of having to put the spotlight where it needs to be pointed: how many times this reissues hits the distorion levels! Yes I am glad Cherry Pop are reissuing all these albums, but the quality stinks! Apart from the early fades, why do they insist on raising the levels so that the sound is distorted? Take a listen at "Chaos At The Airport" for example, around 2:30 especially and you will hear how every high level is distorted!
Who's the idiot who is responsible for "remastering" (there's an insult for actual engineers) for this BOOTLEG-QUALITY release???? Buyers, beware. Nice getting the album on cd at last, but the quality is what it is.
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on 15 April 2013
After the UK Queen of Pop&Rock stormed onto the scene in early 1981 with her generally guitar-driven, she and her clever brother cranked things up even further and went immediately in another direction. The synth-age now underway, so this unique, stylish and suprising collection reflected that completely, and easily gave all competition a run for their money and then some. The student-rock ethos of her maiden-set reflected mainly on the singles and some of the album tracks are eclipsed for an amazing set of mini-movies doubling up as songs, complete with plot arcs, characters often falling by the wayside and a depressing yet exciting denoument of sorts, whether the tunes trailed away into the murk of despair or smashed out on a high. Choruses became more developed, as did verses, swathes of amazing synthesiser rushes set eerie scenes, and you're left gasping at what's actually happening to the characters inside them! Make no mistake, this is an album with a death-count, and this, complete with the eerie/angry/forlorn singing style by Kim, not only suited the album completely (all today's 'soul' wailing 'divas' take note), but proved beyond all doubt she was no pop barbie, anyone shallow enough to dub her so.

Though it often seems men are embarrassed to like women singers, I don't see how they can, especially as you could term this "boy music" and no sell-out sweet lovesong Kim of the 1988 and 90s mainstream set, but the coolest girl with the hippest music for most of the 80s. "Select" boasts two of the gutsiest openers of any album, the angry, straight-talking 'Ego'-complete with ear-splitting synth-whirring at fade,(if only she'd said @hole in the chorus, it would so suit) and the virtual rape-song 'Words Fell Down' with an eerie middle space-age musical passage bringing to mind Doctor Who and eclipsing Blondie's usage of it in 'Call Me'. Then there's the electrifying assault of 'Action City' of a world gone mad, as topical now regarding riots as in the times of Thatcher's deployments of extreme policing and the breakdown of society in the 80s, also predating 'Surburbia' from the Pet Shop Boys by three years, which said the same thing. Up next is the dramatic, yet delicate 'View From A Bridge', a more well-known tune, every bit as beautiful as remembered. A suicide song no less, something few noticed at the time! The paranoia of despair and loneliness seem at the heart of the chiming 'Just A Feeling' and poignant 'Take Me Tonight, and both take unique new chances with song presentation. The mighty 'Choas At The Airport' has more guitar in evidence, but narratively in keeping with the album, and as topical today as 'Action City'. Rocky upbeat and playful 'Can You Come Over' isn't on the other hand, a bouncy swinger complete with drumming, but it adds a necessary blast of fun to an all-round edgy, chilling and dark record, before the despondency settles again for 'Wendy Sadd'-one of the most emotionally wrenching punch in the guts I've ever heard on record, I had tears when I first heard it, and the police brutality theme is astounding. Rounding the original album off is the classic 'Cambodia', itself bravely inserting wordless male ohhing in place of a chorus and a lengthier instrumental finale completes the song.

RAK were already screwing Kim's career up already, as the single list for this album is alarmingly short, considering how more promising the songs than the first lot, especially as there's always the pressure the trounce your original, and Kim did so with ample ease. It also belies the fact the 80s was heavily a singles market-only for some it seems! Some have complained that "Select" is far removed from the debut and yes-of course it is and thank God! In just a year, no 'Kids' style perkiness, as the high drama of horror movies, contemplation of sadness, paranoia and isolation are at the forefront, those this was hinted at with the last three brill tunes on the debut, and while its evident Kim does sing these songs with a necessary clinical detachment from the bleakness on hand, listen closer and you'll hear the regretful rage on 'View', coiled panic on 'Chaos' and the throbbing hurt on the choruses of 'Wendy Sadd'.

Of the first Cherry Red Kim releases, this is quantifies as best value, as in addition to the original ten, there are four extra tracks, the eerie 'Watching For Shapes' with lovely acoustic guitar, excellent child-cult hit 'Child Come Away', scornful 'Just Another Guy' and the exceedingly rare single 'Bitter Is Better'. There's the usual liner notes, not always a delightful or even apt read, though notes on the album songs are interesting enough, but it must be said that Cherry Red have not transferred the sounds perfectly at all. There is distortion current on as many of the tunes as all the other Kim releases, and worse, just like the other two RAK albums, almost every single is shorn of several seconds than when it was first put on record, something the reissues from the MCA albums don't seem to suffer from as much.

So album=***** and reissue by cherrypop=**** not great, but it's still necessary own these albums if they don't have them. And certainly get "Catch As Catch Can" if you don't already have as it is the most beautiful, experimental, underrated and undervalued work by any artist I know, not least by the silly woman herself. A high-concept album and never bettered by anyone. With "Select", "Catch" and first MCA album "Teases & Dares" Kim created her never bettered three-album career pinnacle. Unreachable ever again, deservedly so, but no matter as long as the standard of 'Close, if not 'Another Step' is ongoingly maintained, which she does seem to be doing, though to know this we must clearly look beyond the spiteful, ageist and crud-happy UK musical mainstream.
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