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3.2 out of 5 stars133
3.2 out of 5 stars
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on 5 September 2007
If you are looking for the next Mercury Prize winning album then keep on scouting, I doubt this album will be winning any prestigious awards any time soon. However it may yet win a place in your car stereo or mp3 player.
With it's insistant pop piano and rythmic drumming, the songs on display here make for great summer bounce along listening. Although not quite reaching the heights of single 'Its not about you', the majority of tracks contain enough glorious harmonies and irritatingly catchy choruses to entertain the ears and keep the foot tapping. If like me you are a bit of a sucker for hand claps, a shaking tamborine and dustings of oohs and lalas, then this might be right up your alley.
There isn't a huge variety on display here, with the same formula being worked throughout. Chances are though that if you like either of the singles then you won't mind this too much.
It's the kind of record that is ideal for summer listening whilst driving, having a bbq or out for a run. Nowadays people are getting hung up on introspective songwriting and dismissing artists like Scouting for Girls as throw away pop. Well, I for one enjoy a well structured song that begs me to sing along to or turn the volume up just that little bit! So if you aren't precious about music and want to put some fun back into your record collection then give this a spin.
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on 26 May 2008
I can understand to an extent why some reviewers have taken a negative view of this record. It's not terribly original - the hooks and arrangements have seen service on countless other songs. Neither are the words all that stretching - you sense that they were knocked off on the bus on the way to the studio.
On the other hand, this is probably the best collection of pure pop this year. What it may lack in depth, it makes up for in sheer exuberance. It's a bit of a throwback to the Undertones, Joe Jackson or any number of those old New Wave groups - different sound but similar energy and measured naivety. Ignore the gloom-mongers - treat yourself to a bit of a grin.
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on 29 December 2007
If music is supposed to be fun then this album hits the spot. My daughter got it for Christmas and I just had a listen now and had to hear it all the way through. I take serious issue with some of the negative reviews here which I feel are missing the point of this music completely. If you are unable to rise above your dislike for this "genre" you should just not comment on it. I can understand people who prefer to listen to music on an intellectual level giving this a less than excellent review but this is supposed to be fun not modern jazz or Mozart so quit the music snobbery! I hope I myself can stear clear of "genreist" comments and stick to the important thing; does this album get you going? Yes.
I am a piano player in a band myself and find this piano driven good time music absolutely infectious and catchy. Other than this according to "genreists" (of which there are too many!) I should not be qualified to comment as I am a boogie woogie and blues fan and an old fogie too! I have always believed that music should have no barriers to age and if its good you want to join in and dance or tap your foot whatever your status musically.
I found the songs on this album catchy witty and well written with excellent rythmic and melodic structure. It is pathetic to expect something totally original in order to give a good review, perhaps it should be for a 5 star but I am giving it 5 because I enjoyed it too much to quibble about orginality. I have also had the benefit of seeing this band live albeit on my daughter's video and I was not suprised at how well these songs went down with the young audience, having had a similar effect on me. These beguiling and deceptively witty songs are definately a breath of fresh air and I for one am happy that the charismatic and talented Roy Stride has penned these songs because today he made my world a better place!
Apologies for upsetting the top negative reviewers! Of course this is just my opinion and when I say "I take serious issue" with the negative reviews I mean "I completely disagree with them". I think I may have gone too far with accusations of "genreism" and may have too readily assumed that negative reviews have been motivated by musical or intellectual snobbery but again that's just an opinion and one I am willing to modify with that caveat. I have to say there is a lot of stuff about now that I think is total rubbish but I only tend to comment on things that I like and I am not going to complain too much about lyrics, arrangements, melody, dynamics or tempo if I like something whereas if I hate something I will pick up on all those things and no doubt cite them as reasons for my dislike. I will leave you with a reflection on talent. Surely there is a talent involved if you can write infectious songs that an undoubtedly large number of people like? It this not just a different talent from being gifted at music? If there were no talent involved everybody who writes a song would be top of the pops, if it were only properly good music that made it, the charts would only be full of seriously intellectual works of great technical merit. In response to the critic who said "music doesn't have to be for fun", I never said it had to be in fact I can't think of an album that's less fun than "The Wall" by Pink Floyd or Mozart's Requiem but they remain amongst my favourites. I was just proposing that if music were supposed to be for fun then "in my opinion" this factor has rescued Scouting for Girls from overt intellectual or musical criticism and why I gave their album 5 stars. It's no good of course if you don't think its fun and if that factor alone has not managed to bypass your critical faculties!
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on 3 June 2013
Bought as all my Scouting for Girls CDs had disappeared - probably borrowed and never returned, that happens with great music, so replaces and so happy I did. Amazing songs, great to lift your mood - even the ones about breaking up have a jaunty tune. Hugely talented band that I never tire of hearing. Give it a try, sure you will love it.
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VINE VOICEon 13 November 2007
Basic melodies and overly happy happy fun here. Not gonna set the world of music alight or be lining up for awards as the other reviewers say.

This isn't a bad album, but each track just sounds like the one before. There's no tempo change, (or little to mention) and no real stand out tracks with the exception of the excellent single "She's So Lovely".

I would save your pennies for The Hoosiers or something, but I don't think you will be greatly disappointed with this one - I just don't think you'll be playing it to death. You'd be finished by about the third or fourth play (at most)and that won't take long, there's ten very short tracks here.

I can't exactly pick out any other tracks to spotlight, but in general a fun album, with fun being the operative word, even if there is a hint of a dire subject in the lyrics, they seem to remain upbeat. I just wonder if they can only play three chords and one tempo is all.

Not the best album of the year, just pretty average and one you've heard a zillion times this year, still it's worth a listen for curiosity sake. I think this is a band who will grow or die quickly, they need something a bit more special next time around.

Entertaining jolly good fun, but not a joy that will last any lengthy period of time. I am trying to be more positive as I go but the more I write there's one more downside to consider, sorry lads. It's not knock-out stuff, but it will take you a few rounds. There is that more positive? 8 -)
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on 23 September 2007
This album wont get the most sales, it wont win at the NME awards, the Vodafone live music awards, the MTV European music awards, or the Mercury music prize, but if there was an award for happiest album of the year, this would win hands down.

It kick's off well with Keep On Walking, follwed by hit single She's So Lovely. Possibly the only bad thing about it is that it peaks too early, with track 3 and breakthrough single It's Not About You. The remainder of the album is similar to the opening 3 tracks, with highlights being Heartbeats, Elvis Isn't Dead and closing track "James Bond"
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on 22 January 2015
The sort of flash in the pan band who are popular for a while, then in ten year's time nobody knows who they were.
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on 18 April 2010
It's interesting reading some of the other reviews for this 2007 album, especially as I discovered SFG via their latest album Everybody Wants to Be on TV rather than through their debut. The new album is infinitely more diverse, and the London-born band have definitely matured, whilst still adhering to their mandate of bright and breezy British pop with a caustic edge.
There's nothing really caustic about this album however, and it's hard to see why the band became so feted; there's something homogenous and safe about this collection of songs, and whilst great for the car stereo or as background music there's nothing vital or urgent about this CD at all. I still like it and it's very inoffensive; opener 'Keep on Walking' is arguably the best track on the album, whilst 'I Wish I was James Bond' is entertaining and lead single 'It's Not About You' shows the potential that will be realised later on. So a good album of intelligent pop songs but nothing spectacular or particularly memorable.
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on 6 September 2013
I love this CD! Perfect for 13-19 girls looking for some great tunes.
I give this CD 5 stars !!!
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on 1 May 2011
Scouting for Girls CD love it play it loads - have also got some of their other CDs all good tracks .
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