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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 31 May 2012
would be a great little speaker since it is LOUD and extremely portable, everyone was surprised how this huge volume can come from this tiny thing!!! loved it till i put it down on the table!
but bass only comes up when you open it up and it vibrates, otherwise sound is flat. so i open it, turn the volume up and waiting for something amazing (as per reviews suggested) but instead of giving me an enjoyable performance it keeps on jumping up due to small weight and powerful vibration. all i can hear is the annoying noise on the fridge, on the counter, on the drawers, on all hard surfaces so i end up not being able to enjoy my music!!! just keeps on jumping like a little nutter :) but i am still enthusiactic and happy for it how hard it is trying to satisfy me so i manage the solve the issue with placing it on a pack on chewing gum and i thought ok, this would do the job. till this morning, when i switched it off after couple of days, it made a very loud constant noise even when i unplugged it from my laptop. it was probably its breath because after switching it off to make the noise disappear i could never make it come back to life (after about a 5 days of use)! sending it back to seller asking for refund. shame that the jumping issue is present, i would love it otherwise!
also, mine was NOT holding up for more than 5-6 hours with one charge, however, previous reviews suggested 12!!!
still given two stars because if you are lucky and yours does not break down plus you do not want to use it on full power you might find it brilliant! ;)
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 10 March 2013
I purchased one of these just over a year ago and at the time I was reasonably impressed with the quality of the item I now have a speaker that is falling apart.
The outer insulation on the lead has parted and the conductors are visible through the second layer of insulation.
When the time comes (sooner rather than later) I will be looking elsewhere for a replacement.
This item has only had light use, I now do not even attempt to wind back the lead into the grove that is there for that purpose.
I only give two stars because it worked well to begin with but the design and construction are very poor.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 28 September 2014
The speaker itself is good, it's light and has decent volume. The reason for only awarding it three stars is that after about a year, during it which it was probably used 30 times, the plastic cable that sits under the speaker and pops out to connect it to your phone started to break at either end. So where the plastic sheath on the cable joins the plug and where it joins the speaker split revealing the wiring inside, which soon broke. I'm not aware of it getting any rough handling so I won't be replacing like for like.
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on 21 June 2011
I have a horrible feeling that a lot of people buying this little gimmick are buying it in the place of real speakers. The sound from this thing isn't like real speakers; More like a pocket radio. Furthermore, the thing started to fall apart very quickly. The cables are flimsy and the moving rubber part inside soon breaks. Now my speaker sound crackly and even quieter than before. Linking several together doesn't give you surround or even stereo sound. It gives you several very-close-together speakers playing the same sound.

The one thing I did like was how easy this thing is to charge. It will last a reasonable while after being plugged into the USB. This makes it more portable than some rival products.

Ultimately, if you want to share music with your friends on the move, get a headphone splitter (they're about 50p - £1) or get something less likely to disintegrate within 3 weeks. Don't bother with something like this.
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on 12 June 2012
I purchased this product looking for an alternative to playing music from my phone. When I checked the reviews and saw the price of the product I ordered one of these right away.

The product comes with a cute little carry case, a mini-USB to USB and 3.5mm plugged wire so you can plug it into more X Mini II's. The 3.5mm plug can be inserted into any device and with a flick of the on switch you get feedback. You are happily greeted by a little blue light and the song you wanted to hear. Very pretty. I think the idea that you have lots of integration is a plus about this product.

At first I was impressed with the sound while it was quiet so I turned it too full and the results were poor. After opening the spring bass it sounded almost 100% better. One bad point is that the vibrations created from this device are enough to make you wet yourself (it can also distort the noise if played loudly). With the fancy, futuristic little device I impressed all my friends at college and tempted a few to almost get one...

Then it happened. One morning I woke up, with my little speaker fully charged, plugged it into my phone, switched the little switch and BOOM! No sound... what? I checked over everything, the sound on my phone was on, unmuted, the gadget had its volume wheel scrolled to full, the song was playing, it was plugged in. Everything was working except the device itself.

One week and the little guy had died on me.

In conclusion the speaker was very impressive for its size and cost, it's battery life was pretty good too (can't remember how long). This would have easily got 4 or 5 stars but the fact it didn't work only after a week shows it has no durability at all. Other than this, very pretty, get one.

Just be careful with it.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 24 February 2013
Nice and small. Decent sound. However after only a couple of days use, the small plastic tabs (which hold the speaker shut for travel/storage purposes) snapped off when I tried to close it. As the product was only taken out of the packet after a period of being stored away, the warranty period has expired. On a further note, x-mini (the manufacturer) do not accept warranty returns on their product sold via Amazon. It must be returned to Amazon or the re-seller directly. Disappointed.
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on 10 January 2014
Such a shame. This is a poorly built product.

When I first got it I was pleased with it. The sound is not amazing, but an improvement on the iPAD speaker. I used it to watch a couple of movies and the speech was good, made it clearer. I did not use on full volume.

Good idea making it USB chargeable so you can change cables with other products etc, good for travellers.

However, like many other reviewers on here, after only a week of use I noticed that the sound was starting to distort. After a couple more days the sound was very distorted. Clearly the build product is either so fragile that it gets damaged easily under what it was supposedly designed to do, travel or just the materials are such as poor quality that they quickly deteriorate.

Please do read other reviews prior to purchase. You will notice many are from people that initially left a positive review as they reviewed it when they first got it. Many report these devices fail after a period of time.

Returned to Amazon today, compliments to them. Their return service is excellent.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 2 July 2013
I had high hopes of this little speaker. Certainly the size was fantastic, just what I needed. However the volume was incredibly quiet even on max, yet it still managed to distort both the tv show I ran through it, as well as mp3 music.

I dont know if I got a duff one as it seems a popular little gadget, but it is going back and I will continue the hunt for my requirements!
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 10 June 2013
Right from the beginning I had to turn the volume switch to maximum in order to be able to hear a talk from my MP3 player. This speaker seems to lose further power as the charge goes down. So currently I am using the speaker at full volume and the MP3 player at nearly full volume and I still don't have quite the volume I want (and it is not as if I want to listen to loud music).
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on 12 May 2014
As everyone says, this is a great little speaker - no question .... BUT ...

... it is totally ruined by it accessories:

You are given an inbuilt audio cable that is just 9cm (3.5 inches) long! Yes, I'll repeat that - just 9cm long! You have to place it right by your laptop and woe betide you if you want to use a mouse next to your laptop or open the CD drawer!!!!

Also, there is no charger supplied!!! You either have to buy one separately or use the other cable supplied. This other cable is a combination of USB and audio cable so you can power/change the speaker from your laptop. This stretches 18cm (7 inches) whish is still not long enough to sit under my mouse pad meaning I have two wires stretching across it!!!

Finally, the one page instructions are tiny with minute print (buy a magnifying glass!) and simple drawing that aren't very helpful.

A great product ruined by thoughtless accessories that make it almost unusable. What a shame! :-( Not recommended. :-(
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