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on 6 December 2009
I bought these a replacement for some Sony MDREx35 In-ears that I lost (link below). I really loved them, and was upset when i lost them. Not thinking I would be able to buy some more, i had a look on amazon. I listen to a lot of drum and bass/dubstep so bass is important. These headphones promise big bass, and they deliver, PROVIDING YOU ARE STOOD still!!! Due to the odd long bits stuck to the side, they move around in your ear when walking. This results in the 'phones letting air in, and so , all bass is lost. If I'm honest save your money and get the ones below...
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on 8 February 2010
I'm a producer/musician & in the past 6 years, I've had at least 12 - 15 pairs of Sony Earphones & none of them have lasted more than 5 months...
In our desperation to get away from the dreaded Ipod headphones, we stumble upon the equally disappointing Sony alternatives!

These headphones were not bad in terms of sound quality & can actually deliver sonically.
The real problem is the design & reliability. Search GOOGLE for any reviews of these headphones & you will quickly find many unhappy customers who have used them for a short period of time before one ear piece stopped working.
I had mine for only 2 days before one ear piece died!

These headphones do NOT stay in your ears for more than 5 mins without slipping loose (No matter how clean your ears are!!).
Each earpiece is just too heavy & so gravity will naturally take it's course (especially when walking). The different sized, rubber earbuds that come with the headphones make little difference.
Don't even think about exercising/running with these things, as they will ruin your workout with constant slipping!
The bass response/emphasis is awesome, but it means nothing when teamed with a very poor design.

& be careful of fake reviews written by Sony employees to boost sales.

Peace & Luv.......
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on 2 August 2011
Ok first off, the main points;

- I used these day in day out for 2 years SOLID.
- I love music with bass (house, electro etc) and I use high bit rates. Excellent quality.
- I jammed these in my pockets care free multiple times a day. No case or anything.
- Extremely easy to untangle thick wires (which im sure add to durability)
- 90deg angled jack (adds to durability and comfort)
- So good I'm reviewing them 2 YEARS after purchase

Two years of constant abuse I gave these things, never ONCE did they falter until yesterday when the right one had a loose connection at the jack. I have immediately ordered an upgraded pair of the same MDR series (with extended 3yr warranty)

Do yourself a favour, get these but KEEP your receipt. I missed my year warranty but not really complaining - I spent £[] for ~800days of constant use. Im only 22 yet I've murdered too many headphones to count.

Quite simply the most comfortable, most durable, om nom nom bass reproducing noise reducing headphones I have ever had. Period.
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on 12 February 2010
Got these headphones as a replacement for pair I received with my sony ericsson phone (which were very good).

- Very good bass if thats your thing
- Decent build quality
- Well priced
- Clip-on attachment included, essential for sound-isolating earphones to stop them slipping out.

- Bit flashy for my liking, with the silver finishing, would like something a bit more discrete
- Not the best design, the huge side of the earphone piece just seems unbalanced in your ear making it a common occurance for you to have to fiddle about with them when your out and about

Overall good sound quality for the price but for me the comfort and ergonomics are not good enough - less would really be more in this case!
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on 9 January 2010
At first I thought these were well made and not some cheap knockoff on the mega Sony production line. However Sony put too much emphasis on style and pretty looks. The sound was pretty good however I felt they overdid it with the base. The solid design they gave it meant they were quite heavy, this meant they kept falling out of my ears, it didn't help that the cable was quite thick as well, what were they thinking, that they wouldn't add to the weight and pull them out? The angle of the buds was well thought out however the stiff bit of plastic that it was attached to meant that they jabbed the outside of my ear canal causing pain after a while. If you have small ear canals then avoid these, classical music is not suited for these headphones either, if you like a lot of music with base such as hiphop and have larger ears then these may suit.
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on 14 September 2009
Had these for a week and they were great - wonderful sound, deep base and they blocked out any external sound....but after 1 week of use the left ear bud lost all sound. Will try another model rather than get these again - better luck next time i hope
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on 19 June 2010
These 'phones are really good. The bass is powerful- deep but well controlled. The mids and highs are not compromised and they perform very well providing good acoustic reproduction. I found the silicon buds very comfortable- have had no problems with headphones falling out. The sound quality, and especially the bass, requires a perfect seal with the ear canal. Once you get a snug fit, the sound really resonates. The drivers are also very sensitive/efficient and can give a loud sound. The volume can be turned high without much distortion. That said, the silicon buds give good isolation and can block out external noises (you can still hear some surrounding noise, but when music is turned on, there is no background noise).

I have used these for a couple of weeks now on various different genres of music from R&B to rock to classical and it performs really well on all. Since these are bass headphones, they are especially suited to R&B type can really fell heavy bass-lines. Since the mids and tops are also good, they are also excellent for rock or electronic music where the mixture of highs and low are reproduced really well- I would recommend these even if you don't like bass heavy music, since even on these other tracks it is amazing how many of the low notes you can miss. My previous headphones failed to produce a decent bass- with these I can hear a rich bass even on tracks from eg Coldplay, or classical music etc.

These headphones are built really well, with a quality finish. They look really good. While the picture makes the 'phones look quite big, they are really not that huge. While they will get you noticed, they still sit comfortably in the ear. Also, the picture makes it appear as if they have a matt finish- this is not the case...the phones are as shiny as a mirror (I would have preferred a dull finish). The flat cable is nice. It reduces tangling, but don't expect miracles. I can't comment on durability, but they do look reasonable sturdy. In time, the Sony logo on the sides will probably disappear and could have been printed better. Also, the 3.5mm socket connection to the wire- this is quite supple and can probably take quite a bit of flexing, but I expect this is where they will eventually break. Finally, it is disappointing that they don't come with a carry case- would definitely improve their lifespan.

In summary, these are really good headphones that provide a great sound with a powerful bass. The 'phones are well made and sturdy. They are a good all rounder for someone who wants the full audio experience and a must have for people who like bass-heavy music. Excellent for the price.
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on 11 October 2010
To start off, Let me say that i listen to a lot of music all the time and have had a good share of headphones over the past year and i have much experience with headphones etc.

The sound quality of these headphones are good but not good enough for big music listeners. ive recently bought new headphones (Sennheiser CX 400 ii) and they're better but not dramatically better.

The frequency response looks good but is unnoticeable because the bass drowns those hard to hear and acoustic noises out.

The bass is good but feels somewhat fake/forced on. There is sometimes bass in parts where there shouldn't be or the bass is higher than it should be which in most cases, can be a good thing. My new headphones have better bass and sounds authentic.

These are undoubtably great headphones and excellent value but some of the specs such us frequency responce is out the window where theres sometimes too much bass.

Durability! (Nearly forgot), Had mine for 3-4 months and the color/casing was fading away. Last week they broke, the left headphone stopped working. The ear buds can be a nightmare if your not careful, I went through all the replacement buds and extra ones which i bought during the time i had these headphones due to them being so easy to come off and lose.
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on 13 April 2011
I am pretty fussy about sound and spent quite a while deciding which headphones to get. These are by far the best sound i have heard from such a tiny speaker. Very clear and the bass feels like having a pretty good subwoofer. Amazing for the price (amazing regardless of price, the price was just a nice bonus). Extremely comfortable as well. Highly recommend!
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on 12 September 2009
These are a great set of headphones, although I've only had them a matter of hours they have really impressed me. I listen to heavy rock and metal mainly and these headphones deliver an amazing sound that works perfectly for my music. I sit now listenin to Metallica and the quality is fantastic. Although I can not yet comment on durability I can advise you that if your looking for a powerful bass tone and an all round great sound I highly recomend these headphones.

I've spent a long time goin through various headphones looking for ones with that bass oomph that so many lack. I was on the prowl again after my SkullCandy Lowriders broke. Although the lowriders did a decent enough job I thought I'd give somethin else ago. I spotted these phones in HMV whilst checking a few out, the words EXTRA BASS printed in the package didn't impress me as even the cheapest of headphones give this promise only for you to be disapointed. But after checking out the credentials I thought I'd take the plunge and try them out. Well I'm glad I did, the extra bass promised is more than justified and the phones just wipe the floor with my old SkullCandys.

These are definately a top class set of phones.

Just a quick word here on durability. I've now had the headphones for two years and I can confirm that they stand up to the test of time. I see no wear whatsoever on them and no sound depreciation. It seems that along with that fantastic sound which my original review promised these headphones can also guarantee great durability. I really recomend that you try these out.
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