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4.3 out of 5 stars279
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 14 December 2009
Let me start by saying that I was and still am a huge fan of Michael McIntyre. He is a gifted comedian with inspirational talent. Based on Live and Laughing, early reviews of this DVD and his TV shows, I asked for this DVD for my birthday. Quite frankly, while some of the main feature is funny, this isn't the Michael McIntyre of old. Yes, the observational humour is there but part of his charm was that he didn't need swearing to make everyone laugh. Sadly, he seems to think that isn't the case anymore. And the problem is that the inclusion of swear words seems to be scripted - it isn't the natural Michael McIntyre. And if you don't agree, watch the bonus feature of the best bits from his Comedy Roadshow. Vintage McIntyre humour, eye wateringly funny and about the strongest expletive is "bloody hell".
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on 15 November 2009
Michael McIntyre is a comedy genius! I pre-ordered this dvd a few days ago and it arrived today! I've just spent the last 2 hours watching it and I have never watched seen anything sooooooooo hilarious and he's funny for the whole 2 hours!! How he comes up with all this I don't know, he amazes me, but he is so talented and after watching this dvd, I have such a bad stitch from that side-splitting laughter!
I seriously recommend everyone buy this dvd. You will never watch anyone who is as funny as this guy and you will be left crying with laughter by the end of it. Michael McIntyre is truly amazing when it comes to being comedic and I can't wait for him to do another tour!!! Absolutely hilarious...a must-see!
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on 1 December 2009
Crumbs, Michael McIntyre is divisive. People appear to either worship or despise him... I like him a bunch, and thought this DVD was disappointing.

Part of his appeal, for me, at least, was that he is genuinely laugh out loud funny, without the incessant cursing, swearing and eviscerating of folk. All good on the latter front, but in this he swears like a trooper and it was a little off-putting. I maintain a well-placed swear word can add a lot to language, but swearing to make up for the lack of actual content will never raise the standard of the routine, even if it raises more laughs from the live audience.

Equally, the material isn't as good. Quite apart from anything else, he recited much of it on Jonathan Ross amongst other things. It's common practise for comedians to do this, but if he's going to, surely he ought to wait until the DVD has been released and watched so paying customers have the benefit of watching it fresh. Having looked forward to this (in fact having *pre-ordered* it in June) for so long, seeing what now amounts to regurgitated material left me feeling disappointed and underwhelmed.

And then to the actual content: it's just not as good as the stuff in Live & Laughing. Maybe it's that we've become accustomed to his style, or maybe he's now too polished and rehearsed... or maybe it really is that it's simply not as clever or funny. He's still a joy to watch, and there are several moments when I laughed so hard I saw a couple of stars - but they were surrounded by minute after minute after minute of being a little confused and dismayed.

So without any polemics, worshipful or vitriolic, it's definitely worth a watch, but please don't expect it to reach the heights of the first. And if you've seen his DVD-hawking tv appearances, bear in mind you will have seen many of the best parts already.

ETA: Watch the latest Live at the Apollo episode and you've seen almost the entire routine.
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on 3 October 2009
I went to see this show last night at Wembley and let's just say Michael has truly delivered. When people are constantly drying their eyes from tears of laughter, this shows how great the performance is. You won't be disappointed and this DVD is almost certainly going to outsell the previous Live & Laughing. It's an absolute must have for everybody. He is a comedy genius that relates to all people of all ages. I can't say anymore than just buy it, it's fabulous! I love him!
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on 7 January 2010
It would have been a lot funnier if I hadn't seen all the best jokes on Live at the Apollo and various other tv shows before I got the DVD. I know he had to promote the product, but it spoilt it for me.
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I am amazed at Michael's McIntyre's ability to entertain the huge audience in front of him, faces staring at him, stretching for miles, further than the eye can see. What confidence he must contain to be able to carry off such a massive gig. We enjoyed this Christmas gift dvd during an evening when there wasn't anything we wanted to watch on tv and laughed a lot, especially at the Shoe Shop story, but like others we had heard a lot of the material before - I envy anyone who hasn't heard it yet as, on the first hearing anyway, it can reduce to you to tears of laughter. Listening to the well known stories again produces a cosy fondness but not that side splitting guffaw of the first realisation that he has cleverly captured the comedy in an everyday action that it takes a special eye to see.

His family life feeds him his lines; it must be a challenge to be his wife although he is basically kind and warm in his use of them all. I hope he finds the time and peace to come up with equally funny new anecdotes and doesn't turn into a caricature of himself, all shouty and over wrought. He has a rare talent for humour without lewdness and so it was a bit depressing to hear some of the dirtier stories, please don't go down that route, MM, there's no need - you are great at what you started out doing.
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on 25 September 2009
Oh my word, this man is full of many words but has left me completely speechless!
He is a truely talented figment of a man that has this amazing ability to convey everyday life into sensational comedy value! My face was aching from the laughter by the time I came out of the arena. You really can't explain to people how funny he is as when trying to crack the same jokes, lets be honest, its just not the same is it?! He really was the best comdeian I have ever been to see. He didnt swear to much so didnt loose the joke, he was witty, intellient, improvised excellently with the audience [even the drunk guy who stodd up half way through talking about accents]. He was an absolute joy to watch and I will definitely be seeing him again next year. Cheers Michael and the man drawer!
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on 10 January 2010
Michael McIntyre is a talented comedian - one watching of this excellent live gig in Wembley confirms it. With this performance, he makes you laugh right from the word go and does not let up until the lights go down.

However, seeing as this performance was early in his tour, there are obviously a few jokes he makes that do not get many laughs - he cut these small jokes out of the later shows he did on tour.

For example, the performance I attended was his final show of the entire UK tour in Glasgow's SECC. It was as highly polished a show as you could get, with barely no joke going without a laugh. So - some jokes on the DVD were not in the live gig I saw because they simply weren't funny enough. This is one thing I picked up on. I would have preferred if they had filmed his last performance on tour because it was superb; there were no unfunny jokes and his improvisation skills were simply second to none.

But, having said all this, it is a fantastic purchase and I highly recommend it. I thoroughly enjoyed reliving his performance and, barring the excellent Kevin Bridges, this man is my favourite comedian.
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on 17 January 2010
I really like Michael McIntyre. His Live and Laughing DVD was a real gem on the comedy circuit and I was really excited when I opened this DVD on christmas morning.

The show itself is quite funny. Pointing out how camp he is, his bizarre family life and road rage were all great jokes.

However there is some general disappointment to this DVD. To be honest, the whole formula is a bit recycled and I can see why people have started to grow tired of his brand of comedy. Don't get me wrong, I find swearing and sexual innuendos funny when it fits into a comedian's brand of comedy but McIntyre really overused it in 'Hello Wembley' as opposed to 'Live and Laughing' which to me doesn't suit his style and in all honesty brought the overall tone of the show down. Finally, it just wasn't as funny as Live and Laughing, which was a truly refreshing piece of stand-up.

Overall, I suppose it was worth the excitement of Christmas Day but to say he is a Comedy Genius would be wrong. He's just a little bit more observant than the rest of us.

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on 10 January 2010
If you enjoyed Live at the Appollo, you will enjoy this one - he is as hillarious as ever. What I love about Michael is that he can be so funny without being crude. He makes amazing life observations that most of us can relate to. I find myself using many of Michael's observations as I go about normal life. I made a recent trip to the loft when packing back all the Christmas boxes. Now if you saw the Appollo one, you will know that I should have left this to my husband as this should be 'his' territory. I ended up putting my foot through the loft floor straight through to my daughter's bedroom! My daughter said 'it was probably one of daddy's 'loft whores' who pushed you through the floor! Hillarious!!!! I should have listened. I also cleared out all the kitchen cupboards and drawers after Christmas and chuckled when I saw the state of the 'man drawer' - everything Michael said would be in there, was in there! So, you continue to laugh months after watching him!
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