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4.1 out of 5 stars10
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 26 February 2014
I thoroughly enjoyed WWE in 2008, there where some very good moments and every PPV was a treasure to watch as a fan. The very last PPV of 2008 was no different as it offered the same level of entertainment and action that all the other PPV s had this year. Every match on this PPV was very solid and the wrestlers pulled of very well.
This PPV is definitely one of the best from one of the best years in WWE!!!

1 Vladimir Kozlov vs. Matt Hardy
Although the ECW title wasn't on the line the match itself turned out to be not that bad,There were some very good moves and counters used and enough times was given for both wrestlers to show there skills which was especially good for a break out star like Kozlov. 7/10

2. No.1 Contenders Match to the Intercontinental Championship, Rey Mysterio vs. C.M. Punk
GREAT MATCH, so many good moments from both guys who performed to there absolute best in this match, which kept the fans very happy and on the edge of their seats throughout. Hard fought with a very satisfying winner. 9/10

3. Belfast Brawl, Finlay vs. Mark Henry 7/10
Both superstars know the ring really, with lots of smash mouth style wrestling and plenty of weapons used. Some bits of the match did drag slightly but nothing major. In the end it was very good.

4. Batista vs. Randy Orton 8/10
Very good match, could not believe it had been so long since they were last in a match. It was very solid with Batista offering a lot of power based moves and Orton had some great moments. The only thing I didn't like was the interference by Cody Rhodes and Manu thought that the match would have been a lot better without them, but everyone knows the only way Orton can win matches is if someone gets him or his opponent DQ'd or counted out, but have no fear the match ending is not what you expect.

5. 8 Diva Tag Team Match
An OK divas match, really nothing special 5/10

6. World Heavyweight Championship Match, John Cena(c) vs. Chris Jericho, 7.5/10
Good Match, not quite as exciting as there Survivor Series Match but still entertaining enough.The right amount of time was given, I think no one wanted this match to last very long.

7. Triple Threat Match for WWE Championship, Edge(c) vs. Triple H vs. Jeff Hardy, 10/10!!!!!!
Great Main event from start to finish, all three superstars performed brilliantly especially Jeff Hardy who had been held back for months. Excellent high risk moves by all three with a great finish. Match of the night and maybe even match of the year!

Overall rating:9/10
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on 7 January 2010
What a ppv this was, the last ppv of 2008 and it featured huge matches including john cena vs chris jericho, batista vs orton, cm punk vs rey mysterio and the huge triple threat main event!

World Heavyweight Championship Match
John Cena vs. Chris Jericho- I loved this action, it was close to reaching a 9, but just like orton vs batista the midsection dragged it down, but it was better because the restholds were shorter and when the fought, it was SUPERB. Chris jericho is one of those guys that brings the best out of anyone, and him and cena pulled a classic wwe championship match, much better than the survivor series match. Big moves include a bulldog from the apron onto the steel steps , FU, walls of jericho, code breaker and the stfu, whcih instantly made jericho tap. Great stuff here-8.5/10

Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship
Edge vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Triple H-Similar to last years armageddon in which we had a huge wrestlemania like triple threat main event, and this was much better than last years! What a back and forth match, full of big moves, counters, brawling, high risk from jeff as usual, and one hell of a table spot! last 5 mins just like all matches on this ppv were amazing stuff, it really pulled up the rating. And yes, shockingly jeff hardy won the match, realizing a dream that none of us thought was really possible after he lost to triple h ppv after ppv. What a memorable moment from an unforgettable match. Oh and look out for 2 suprise run ins! -9/10

Batista vs. Randy Orton- Solid bout in a match billed six years in the making. Had alot of hype and expectations and doe it didnt deliever, it was a gd match none the less. It just had too many restholds from randy orton midway (typical randy orton!)it had a hot last 5 mins wid many big moves and the beginning was very good aswel, i jus felt the midsection dragged the rating down. Still the physcology was solid, the bout was physical and i fink the right man won-8/10

Matt Hardy vs. Vladimir Kozlov- Not the right choice as an opener, too slow and one sided to be. But still solid action even doe it was filled with mid match restholds like most matches on the ppv. It was rather stupid making this none title as it gave away the winner. Great commentating may i add-7/10

Belfast Brawl
Finlay vs. Mark Henry-Not bad stuff here, solid infact, and is arguably one of only two mark henry matches that were solid and didnt put u to sleep (the other in my opinion being his casket match with the undertaker) it was more of a spotfest with some comical moments with hornswoggle, a match in which a kendo stick , steel steps and trash cans were used. Finlay is a great editon to the ecw roster, able to pull out a gd match from henry. I fairly enjoyed this more than most-7/10

Intercontinental Title Tournament Final Match
Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk-WHAT A MATCH. WHAT A MATCH. This match is only behind ric flair vs shawn michaels at wm24 for the best match of 2008. I for one anticapated this match very much, and it more than delieved! infact it was sooo close to getting the full 5stars it was that good. I believe this classic is highly underrated. Perfect pace, wondeful uniquee counters, submissions moves used to build suspense and amazing high risk moves such as rey mysterio splashing cm punk on the outside! superb stuff, its matches like this that we dont see too often in wwe, its similar to rvd vs jerry lynn, great stuff one of my personal favourites-9.5/10

Great ppv, in a very good year for the wwe. It was filled with big matches, great matches, and an unforgettable moment. get this dvd NOW
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on 26 July 2009
I only bought this PPV because i wanted to see the triple threat main event for the WWE championship belt Edge vs Triple H vs Jeff Hardy. Which was a really good match and i think it was a really good PPV CM Punk vs Ray Mysterio was one of my favorite matches of the night also CM Punk accidentally broke Mysterio's nose with the GTS

If you want the PPV where you can see Jeff Hardy's short title reign then you should get it, the match alone is worth the money.
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on 20 January 2011
WWE ARMAGEDDON 2008 proved to be one of the great pay-per-views to finish the year of 2008. The moment of them all was to witness Jeff Hardy becoming the WWE champion, for the very first time in his WWE career.


Okish opener to the pay-per-view, but wouldn't go to say that the match was to be remembered. It weren't a boring match, just wouldn't say that the match was memorable.


Both Punk and Mysterio have great talent and they did show it in this match. Pretty much back and forth action from both superstars, with some high flying moves to add.


Pretty decent to see a Belfast Brawl for the second time in the year 2008, with the very first debut of the Belfast Brawl match at WrestleMania XXIV. Loved the choice of weapons that were used in the match, including trash cans and kendoo sticks.


A very good match between two former team mates aka Orton & Batista. Back and forth action involved both superstars sharing a little domination here and there, with the correct winner of Dave Batista.


Was great to see some of the lovely divas that have performed in a WWE ring aka Mickie James & Maria. The match itself was OK with a surprise at the end, which was the surprise of The Great Khali kiss cam.


Whenever these two fight in the ring, you know that the match is going to be good. I totally enjoyed this match with the match being rather unpredicatable. Both Jericho & Cena had their moments of domination, with Cena making Jericho tap out to the STFU.


Match of the night in my opinion as we see a NEW WWE CHAMPION crowned by the name of JEFF HARDY. The match itself was brilliant and rather unpredictable, but loved see JEFF HARDY living the moment as the NEW WWE CHAMPION, leaving the arena with a huge smile.

Overall WWE Armageddon 2008 is one of those pay-per-views that can be enjoyed at any time, saying that this was the last Armageddon pay-per-view, as now replaced by TLC. I reckon that if you are a JEFF HARDY fan, then get this DVD as you will enjoy seeing the moment of JEFF HARDY living the dream, that he has been waiting for.
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on 24 March 2014
That is all you need to know about this excellent PPV :) Very good way to top off 2008 .
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on 18 March 2009
When i look back at 2008 i recall a somewhat vintage year for the WWE,there was the odd lame event,night of champions being one and maybe one night stand but aside from that we as fans were blessed like lambs of Heaven,we really were,the year ended with armageddon and while not a classic was a reminder of why the year was so engrossing at times.
The event opened with a number one contender match for the intercontiental championship match,the two men vying for such a honour were rey mysterio and cm punk,this match was very good,very fast paced,quite technical and in the end brutal as hell,i say this because someone gets their nose broken and you can hear it if you really want too,not pretty but a good match from two men who have similar gung ho styles and equal levels of brilliance.
Next up was a blefast brawl featuring finlay going up against mark henry,the best thing about this match was the commentary by matthew striker,maybe thats a bit harsh but i wasnt thrilled with this match,both men went through the motions never really raising the pulses,not good.
Matt hardy fought vladimir kozlov next,this match was a non title match,it was acceptable,2008 was a year when vladimir would win a slammy and he would remain undefeated but he hasnt done alot to win over the wrestling purists,his ogre like in ring style may be effective but it seldom looks pretty,here he nulified the threat of hardy and made this a simple enough encounter but not the match of the year by any means.
Randy orton and batista waited years for their match which was next,the tensions were high and the crowd wanted to see a great match which they got,both men complimented each other well and shared good chemistry,the match was even and demands repeat viewings,good stuff.
A triple threat match for the WWE championship was contested next as the champ edge went up against two familiar foes in jeff hardy and triple h,this match had it all,passion,focus,class and desire,thats all you can ever ask for as fans and it is here in abundance,i really enjoyed this match.
The main event was next,john cena,the world champ going up against the man he beat for the title just a month earlier,chris jericho,now i wont lie to anyone,this match was similar to their previous encounter but that doesnt make it bad,it was in fact a very good match and a good way to close out the year,worth buying on some fronts for sure.
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on 29 August 2014
As expected
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on 14 February 2016
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on 19 October 2011
Why does Jericho always have to lose to Cena? I mean, Cena's first PPV(Vengeance 2002) was against Jericho and he pulled an upset, in their 2005 series Jericho losed to Cena three times in a row, then Cena made his big return in 2008, they made Batista lose to Jericho on Raw a few weeks before Survivor Series 2008 just so that Jericho could lose the title to Cena at Survivor Series 2008, and now this PPV, he made Jericho tap the second he locked in the STFU? WTF?! WWE really makes Jericho look bad, SHAME ON YOU, WWE!
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on 8 July 2014
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