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4.6 out of 5 stars31
4.6 out of 5 stars
Platform: Xbox 360|Edition: Normal|Change
Price:£14.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on 31 May 2009

I have long wanted to join the enviable group of the "Guitar Hero" and this is my first experience of the game, so in respect to offering a perspective on how good it is compared to the others (rock band etc) i cant help but what i can say is that this is more addictive than crack and more fun than playing the proper guitar which i do! i am a huge huge huge metallica fan and in buying this game it probably does have a limited market... even though they have sold over 100 million albums! But for anyone who likes a change of pace there are around 25 songs by other groups which really help break it up!

As a game it is very simple to set up (around 5-10 minutes) and then you are ready to rock... i would suggest starting on easy which is still a fair challenge to novices like me! i had a quick go on expert (i say quick, it was around 7 seconds before i was booed off) and it is very very tough but something to aspire to, which leads on to the subject of replay value... there is tons and i strongly suspect over the coming months courtesy of XBOX Live there will be other bits to download.... bonza!

Like i said i love Metallica and the reason i am so addicted to this game is almost honouring there songs by playing the game as well as possible... seriously though i guarentee you will never feel as satisfied as when you get your first 100% for a song... granted mine was very simple song but it still counts!

In closing i highly recommend that at the very least you rent this game to make your mind up, it is brilliant, the graphics are stunning and the sound quality on the songs is superb... notably For Whom the Bell Tolls had a baseline that was ripping my chest apart!

Buy it now... well worth the price!
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on 26 April 2009
Another fantastic Guitar Hero title and you don't need to be a Metallica super-fan to appreciate it.

I picked up a copy of the game shortly after release from the US (it's region-free, if anyone's interested, so you don't need to have a US Xbox 360 to play it) and I would recommend doing the same, if you can wait until the UK release date at the end of May.

The band have completed a lot of motion capture for the game, so if you've ever seen Metallica live or viewed any of their concert DVDs, you'll appreciate the details. Also, many of the venues recreate classic gigs. All of this extra detail helps add to the authenticity of the experience.
Song Selection
With 28 Metallica tracks and 21 tracks from other bands, all hand-picked by Metallica themselves, you get a good diversity of material. The non-Metallica tracks were surprisingly enjoyable, a far better selection than those in Guitar Hero: Aerosmith which felt a little like 'padding' in many cases in that game. The Metallica tracks selection is chosen from across their career, with the main concentration coming from Master of Puppets/Black Album era. The sound is the band is represented well from ballads like Nothing Else Matters and The Unforgiven right through to the blast beat mayhem of Fight Fire With Fire and Dyers Eve. Also, if have the Death Magnetic album DLC, all of that also plays in GH:M. Also wanted to add that the sound quality of the tracks is magnificent, with the songs bursting out of the speakers. Time a set of Metallica remastered CDs please, Lars.

The guitar charts are a lot of fun, but be warned, Expert is really challenging - far more so than either Rock Band 2 or Guitar Hero: World Tour. Bass is also, hella-fun this time around with some incredible bass lines to enjoy (Orion, anyone?)

Again, superb fun and very enjoyable. You really need to have a GH:WT drum kit to get the full experience but it is playable with the Rock Band kit, but be warned the reduction from 5 to 4 lanes results in some odd note charts and isn't as satisfying to play. Also, if you want some additional challenge, a new Expert+ skill level has been implemented that charts every bass pedal hit. It's not available on every song and you'll need to invest in a second bass pedal if you want to try this mode - be warned it's harder than you might think but awesome fun to try.

Still the weakest part of the Guitar Hero engine. The vocal tracking seems weird in many places and, compared to Rock Band, it seems a lot harder to keep a combo going on Expert. The fine selection of tracks more than makes up for these minor grumbles.

Overall, as a Metallica fan, I highly recommend this to all other fans of the band out there. If your not a big Metallica lover, but love the Guitar Hero experience, then make sure you pick this up.

It's the best Guitar Hero game to date, without a doubt.
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on 31 May 2009
I have to admit i was slightly worried when i found out about this title. As a massive Metallica fan I didnt want this game to go down the same way GH Aerosmith and GH world tour did with me. Fortunately I was not disappointed. This is quite possibly the best game in the guitar hero series. The track list is amazing and has everything any Metallica fan could ask for. You also don't need to play the game for long to unlock all of the songs which is a definate bonus. The graphics are definately the best out of any GH or Rockband title. Although I am still more of a Rockband fan I will definately keep coming back to GH Metallica again and again.
To sum up GH Metallica is an amazing game which will keep any keen player going for a long time, definately worth having!
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on 7 June 2009
Having bought the limited edition (featuring a t-shirt and zombie / 80s outfits for Metallica to wear, plus other assorted goods) a few days ago, I felt the compulsion to write a review... having spent most of these last few days playing it almost non-stop - even choosing it over the need for sleep at times.

The attention to detail is fantastic, capturing so much minor details of the band's performance it will even acknowledge when James Hetfield (singer) will get something in his eye and wipes it out. And as for the setlist, mostly flawless - with only questionable choices being personal preferences (out of the obligatory "guess we should acknowledge this album" St Anger era, wouldnt the titular track be a better song than Frantic?, and a personal preference of Unforgiven II over say, Whenever I May Roam / Memory Remains).
the graphics are a HUGE leap forward from World Tour, whilst retaining its cartoon feel perfectly.
Then we move on to the difficulty.As always, the difficulty curve itself is sometimes questionable for certain songs, but is never a real buzz-kill.
Expert on Thing That Should Not Be on guitar is something of a challenge (but when drinking can be endless fun if you hire a friend to stand behind you and operate the orange button)
and the replay value is endlessly entertaining.

My only niggle comes in the form of, to date, there is no version that is released in a full band back (a la World Tour) whicih whilst for the most of the world doesnt pose a problem, for myself and roommate who have never purchased a GH ame before now and only borrowed them, getting a hold of the drums for Expert+ mode has been something of a problem. That said, despite this, the game is truly a classic and will be played endlessly upon purchase!
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on 16 June 2009
I was a latecomer to Guitar games but since getting GH3 and loving it, ive bought and played nearly ever similar game released. THIS in my opinion is the most enjoyable of the lot!!
I AM a fan of Metallica, though i wouldnt consider myself to be a blindly loyal one but i must say that i got a HUGE amount of enjoyment from playing tracks i've liked for years. Sad but true, master of puppets, orion, Sanitarium and many others made me grin more than i can remember any other guitar game doing!
The only problem i have with this game is the actual number of tracks on the disc and the number of tracks by Metallica. When Rock Band 2 and GH:WT have 80+ tracks on disc on release, 40+ doesnt really seem good value. Though i suppose as many of the Metallica tracks are over 8 minutes long the total playing time may not be too bad.
I am pleased how the career mode works in a similar way to Rock Band2 eg numerous gigs with a selection of the songs in each one and im currently sat at work, waiting to finish early before the Mrs gets home, so i can turn the volume up and carry on playing!
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on 1 July 2010
I caught the guitar hero bug a few months ago and it lasted a whole two weeks. At first guitar hero metallica and other guitar hero games are fun but they get boring quickly. At some point you will sit there thinking, why am i doing this? why dont i just play the cd or by a real guitar. Its not worth all the money.
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on 5 April 2010
Guitar Hero Metallica!. To be honest i have very high expectations for rhythm games and this just blew me away. I had bought every single guitar hero and i was impressed by world tour which many people say is boring and was a let down due to the setlist but i downloaded the demo of metallica fearing the worst but after seek and destroy on expert drums i had to have this game. I searched the internet but wasnt prepaired to pay £25+ just incase of the other songs in the game as i wasnt a very big metallica fan. I played the career on expert drums and completed it within 3days. Some songs like "The Shortest Straw" are very chalenging songs which makes it more fun. I thought the difficulty curve is spot on as you get more feel from the game as the difficulty rises. As i said i wasn't a very big metallica fan but after months and months of endless playing i have most of their songs on my ipod. Best gh so far
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on 22 November 2010
Even if this edition is a little bit under the Warriors of Rock edition, it will bring an absolute entertainment for fans of Metallica. Already during the intro of the game, the atmosphere is here: you're impatient to see what's next, and when the first song starts to play, you know that you just found what you were looking for. Awesome music from Metallica, and just enough notes to occupy all your fingers.

The career mode is not as featured as the one of WoR, but it should still bring enough things to make you enjoy the game: character and guitar customization, hidden content, goodies that you can buy with the (fake) money you get in the game, and even some "real life" videos of your favorite rock band.

If you are fan of GH and Metallica, I would really advice you to try it out!
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on 20 June 2009
Overall the game was excellent. The new gui is much better then in GH:WT and the increased difficulty on songs was good. All instruments were fun to play, although I find the drums are the most exciting part to play.
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on 30 November 2011
This is by far the best GH game on the market, im a huge Metallica fan and this game sums up what a great band they are, there is some great motion capturing in the game and all the tracks play brilliantly on every instrument, this is really a more challenging game compared to others in the GH series with songs like Fight Fire With Fire and War Ensemble it is the best game for honing you skills on any instrument, also the death magnetic DLC it terrific, the only downside to that is the stringing together of the motion capturing which makes Lars's character drumming out of sync with the actual song, but overall i love this game and have never got bored of it!
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