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3.0 out of 5 stars189
3.0 out of 5 stars
Platform: PC|Edition: Standard|Change
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on 5 March 2010
Ubisoft seems to now been crippling all their new games with a draconian DRM solution that means you need an always on internet connection and an Ubisoft account to play the game, even for singleplayer. If I want to play the game on a long journey I can't, if I want to play the game in a hotel on a business trip I can't, if I want to play it whilst staying at my parents who don't have the internet I can't. Even worse if your internet connection blips for any reason the game freezes which is AMAZINGLY and INDESCRIBABLY annoying until it can reach the Ubisoft server again!!! It TOTALLY ruins the gaming experience. Lastly you do no get the entire game on your disk, another reason to have a constant internet connection is that the game needs to download little sections of code for you to be able to complete the game. So what happens when they eventually turn their server off?! They say they'll patch the game...I don't believe them.

Game 8/10, DRM solution -1,000,000/10 giving a final score of -999,992. A good game totally ruined by the worst copy protection system I've ever witnessed as a PC gamer!
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on 8 March 2010
Ubisoft what you done? I've waited months for this to come out on PC and you've gone and ruined this release by adding ridiculous DRM onto the disc.

Now I have bought several titles with Securerom over the last year or so (the last 2 being Crysis Warhead & GTA4) and I really thought that the situation couldnt get any more petty. In general you have to install the game, enter the password, check it online and only then after doing that you get to play the title.

However Ubisoft in their infinite wisdom have decided that to play this game in SINGLE PLAYER as well as doing all of the above you have to be constantly connected to the internet. Thus if your connection crashes or the servers go down the game freezes and you cant save any progress that you may have made.

I mean come on! We the PC gamers wait for this title to be released 3 or 4 months after the console version only to have to put up with this rubbish. All this does is just make people like me who actually spend their money supporting the PC gaming industry feel like second class citizens.

Sometimes I wonder why so many people illegally download PC games. However when I see stuff like this I know exactly why........
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on 16 March 2010
I shall attempt to make this as comprehensive as possible.

The gameplay is (by nature) very similar to AC1, but changed enough that I did not lose interest as I did with the original. They have split up the missions more and tried to vary them so they do not constantly repeat.

I enjoyed the new economic model placed into the game and the puzzles where you have to find the Assasins' tombs and the Glyphs. They are not required to complete the story line, but offer a nice break and chance to practice the movements and jumps just learnt.

I found the controls to be slightly glitchy, even when using an Xbox 360 controller for windows. The character would not always jump in the direction you were facing and would go off at a usually lethal tangent.

I also found that they seem to have added some humour and a fairly interesting story line into the game too. Quite well in most cases, although the Mario quote was unnecessary (you'll know it when you hear it)

I found the graphics to be first rate. I saw reports of graphics glitches, but was unable to see anything so bad that it ruined the game.

The game picks up more or less from where AC1 leaves off and sets the scene nicely for a third. a third which unfortunately I am unlikely to buy.

Now, the reason for the one star. You have probably already guessed - the DRM.

I received this game just over a week ago. For over half that time I have been unable to log on as the game is insiting that there is no internet connection and yet if I ALT+TAB away from the game I am able to browse the internet.

I have also received an error saying that the username and password were incorrect, and yet was able to log into the UBISOFT website with the same username and password.

I have found that there is NO notifiaction on UBISOFTS part when the servers are busy or down and a reply from their automated fault logging system took over a day and a half.

Essentially on a Friday evening, and from Saturday and Sunday afternoon onwards if you are not already connected then forget it. If you are already connected then expect intermittant drops in connectivity.

This in an incredibly enjoyable game which is ruined by some poorly though out and supported DRM. I already have two e-mails from UBISOFT apologising for the server drops and promising some form of compensation. A patch to remove the DRM would be nice.

I understand that the company needs to be seen to try to apply some security but there are far more sensible methods available.

I do not pirate games. I refuse to. I do not see why I should be punished for being a loyal customer. Whilst UBISOFT use this DRM I will not be buying anything more from them.


Just yesterday I received an e-mail from Ubisoft giving me the activation code for new areas of the game. This was the compensation they promised. These versions have only come withthe special editions of the game before now.

Unfortunately they are somewhat useless to me as I bought the Black Edition and already had them from day 1 but at least they are trying.


Ubisoft have made some changes to the DRM system that they have applied. You still need to be connected to the internet to start the game, but if the internet drops out partway through it no longer throws you out of the game. It does inform you that it will save your progress locally and synch the saves the next time you are connected, but only when you are closing down the game.

I have found notification of downtime on the UPlay website

UPlay (the DRM) also appears to be more stable since it patched itself. It has not failed to find my internet connection once since that time.

I have also found that the day and time no longer have a bearing on your ability to connect.

If the DRM were like this in the first instance then I would probably have rated the game at 3-4 stars overall.

I should mention that I only found this out about a month ago when I installed the game for the first time since reviewing it.

I am now looking forward to Assassins Creed: Brotherhood and Assassins Creed 3.
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on 5 March 2010
The game itself might be good. I don't know; I couldn't tell. I can't play.

I have a pretty poor internet connection, and this game requires a good one to work. Continuously; if your line sometimes fails, even for a few seconds, you're kicked out.

Worse, eventually Ubisoft will no longer bother to keep their servers up. Either because they're bankrupt, or because they've released Assassin's Creed 2012 and want you to buy that instead. At this point, you will no longer be able to play, ever.

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on 6 March 2010
I want to play this game without being connected to the internet... Simply put, I can't.
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on 13 June 2010
My nephew asked for this game for his birthday, so I bought it from Amazon. On first try he was asked to register the game, which he did. He then discovered that the computer in his room did not have a strong enough wi-fi internet connection to allow him to play it. Not even a few seconds of game play - just nothing. He then went to try it on a different computer with a better internet connection, to find that having registered it on the previous one, it was now tied to that computer and that one alone. He now has a game that cannot be played on his own PC, any other PC and cannot be returned either.
I am no computer expert so did not follow any of the "DRM" discussions and complaints. All I know is that he is left with a game that is no use at all to him. I just wish I had read more of the reviews before buying this game. What a total con that you pay for a game, but are then unable to play it. Very disappointed!
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on 9 October 2011
It seems that these days the PC is the poor relation when it comes to gaming platforms. You can tell from how you operate the character that the designers were only thinking about people with a x-box / ps3 controller. Fortunately I have a ZBoard Fang gaming keyboard which helps a lot. I suspect if I just had a mouse and standard qwerty keyboard then this game (or some parts of it) would be impossible to complete. So come on Ubisoft et al, give some more thought to the PC owner. Better still, what about producing a version for Linux (although I wont be holding by breath for that one)?

Otherwise the game basically carries on where the original left off. There are more weapons to choose from and the locations are superb, Florence and Venice in particular.

The characters are based on historical figures and I found myself wondering at which point history stopped and fiction took over. Also anyone who has seen the film Hannibal will remember the name "Pazzi". The Pazzi's feature prominently in Assassin's Creed II and yes, one of them does end up being hung from a building in Florence, but no they weren't disemboweled first.
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on 7 March 2010
Basically the game is awesome, one of the best games I have played, but I have to rate it 2 stars. For the last 2 days it's been playing fine and now all of a sudden it won't get my damn save games it just seems to get stuck on accessing my network connection. I have a good stable 20 meg connection but ubisoft seems to be having problems with their servers. This game relies on them being reliable and that sucks because they aren't.

Day 3 and now their servers go down....this is what we get for being paying customers whilst pirated copies are uneffected. I you want this game please don't buy it...

Also because this is a ported game the DRM is planted on top of the game so when the game loads it checks for the internet. Normally this isnt a problem if ubi's servers have a response time of 0.1ms but they don't they have a response time of 10 seconds or longer which means if you desync during chasing a target its highly unlikely your gonna catch that target anytime soon since each time the game loads and starts the target running your gonna get 10 seconds of white screen with an exclamation mark on it by which time you have desynced again. There is one mission in SQ13 (DLC) that is impossible if you lose sync whilst chasing a target to complete, I had to start from an earlier position by exiting the memory altogether.

All in all the DRM sucks, it is badly programmed, badly thoght out and the servers suck.
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on 8 March 2010
Sadly this game could be the best in the world, but alas the servers aren't working so I will never know. Avoid buying this game on PC as currently the servers don't work, who know when they will. Of course Ubisoft have no info on their website, most helpful, and they arent answering phone calls or emails, what they are saying is how great the game is and buy buy buy it, don't don't don't.

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on 7 March 2010
I should begin by stating that I have played and greatly enjoyed the first few missions of this game - on a friend's Xbox 360. The game has all the best elements of teh first Assassin's Creed, has pollished off some of it's rougher edges and looks simply stunning. The game play reminds me of a mixture of AC1 and the better elements of the Thief series. It's a great experience (so far) and the story is genuinely compelling.

However, having played it on the Xbox and wanted to continue playing it, I have made the decission not to purchase it for the PC. Why? Ubisoft's latest and "greatest" DRM scheme is for me a step too far. I'm willing to live with Steam, I've put up with Securom when used as a simple disk check, but I draw the line at having to have a permanent internet connection. This is completely unacceptable. It should also be noted (and publicised more widely) that Ubisoft's DRM scheme was hacked and circumvented WITHIN 24 HOURS of it going on-line. The result? You and I, paying customers, are treated like criminals, while the thieves and pirates get to enjoy what is a genuinely engaging gaming experience with no restrictions whatsoever.

I will no longer purchase any Ubisoft game that features such ridiculously restrictive DRM. EPIC FAIL. I genuinely fear for the future of the PC as a gaming platform.
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