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4.3 out of 5 stars92
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 9 January 2011
This game is near flawless, Rediculous graphics, Incredibly smooth gameplay, and interesing story and characters, You can play this game however you like, from part running and gunning to all out stealth, When i first saw my friend playing this i thought he was in a cutscene, it just looks so good, the boss fights are varied and suitably epic, gameplay is phenominal and maps are very varied, you just want to replay this time and again, an essential ps3 experience, literally cannot recommend this enough.
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on 6 January 2012
This game came out in 2008, ive completed it recently once again after not playing it for over 2 years.

It still astounds me. It's simply amazing, its ahead of its class now and its 4 years old. When i compare it to the most recent COD, then it makes it seem like im comparing Man City to Yeovil Town (No offence at all to Yeovil).

The game is beautiful from the get go, it has no bugs, its difficult and challenging, extreme stealth is required to get past the toughest difficulty level without been seen and after all your trials getting through a section, you can sit back and watch a fairly long cutscene, which if you immerse yourself in the metal gear world and play stealthy you will enjoy.

I seriously can't understand any review under 4 stars for this game. And the 4 stars are only acceptable to me because i can understand that people will be put off by the length of the cutscenes, but you can skip them anyway.

I can remember when i got this in 2008 and i found it really tough, didnt really get the hang of it until the fourth act but it really does astound me still replaying Act 4. Its by far and a way one of the greatest gaming experiences ever and in my opinion the best boss battle of the game comes in Act 4. Its a work of art.

On the cutscenes, if they were joined together with movies of the gameplay you control yourself, it would be an incredible movie. This part i like about the game, the storytelling is out of this world, and ive not seen anything else like it, and we're 3 and a half years on. Metal Gear lives on.

Id advise checking vids or wikis before getting it. Its not a shoot em up. It can be but you wont enjoy it as much if you shoot everybody and at the end of the game shooting really does make it harder for you

Cant wait for the upcoming HD revamps and then Rising. Kudos to you Kojima, top dog with this game, it really is sensational. If you havent got this game, and you like a challenge, get it.
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on 17 November 2012
I want to start off by saying that i have never given any product, game or anything any review. This is my first one and the only reason Iam doing so is to tell everyone how big this game is even after 4 years of release. I had my playstation1 back in 1997/98 and since you get a demo CD with it i had this in demo. I was straight away so impressed by the amount of detail and it reminded me of something like Jhonny Quest which was brilliant cartoon for me in their era.
I played it back then and finished it like 100 of times and still never felt bored by monotony of the events happening. How you call someone on a codec to pull information how you get clues and you just play it by ear.
I love how all the events are linked together, its just brilliant.
I think this game will be too boring for people who just want to play a straight forward game like call of duty, you follow your sergeant, move when he tells you to move and if he dies your mission expires too. In this game you are your own boss you take decisions, you donot follow anyone, you find your own way and on the top of that the best thing I love about this game is nothing would come in a plate for you, you would have to struggle and think and interlink events.

i am genuinely running out of words to praise this game but i just wanna mention this one last thing here:-

This game has honestly filled my thirst for good games once again, i cuold never find one like it. I sold my fifa 13, cod modern warfare and nfs the run. these are ok'ish games. But MGS4 s a star, its the future, it has just given me so much satisfaction that I am not even playing my ps3 from the last 3 days. I dont know what to get next.
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on 17 August 2011
If you played the Metal Gear series you will obviously want to play this one.

If you never played it wait a bit, Konami is gonna release soon a pack with the previous games for ps3 in hd, first play the others, then get to this masterpiece.

It's story is so complicated and with so many references to previous games you'll just get confused and will not enjoy it if you haven't finished them (even so, it's still recommended to consult the Metal Gear Wiki to solve some doubts)

Very good game, really cinematic, great story, great characters, deep plot, different ways to play, from all out action to sneaking (it's possible to finish it without killing anyone)

Features a great online mode that can be considered better than FPSs, besides shooting around you can use sneaking attacks, deploy playboy magazines, hide on dumpsters, catapult to roofs, put the enemies to sleep or knock them out...
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on 4 November 2010
This game has an overwhelming nostalgia feel about (for the fans). Personally I love MGS. I love its very wierd but different story line. I love the fact that its supose to be 'stealth' yet snake is pretty much useless as it. This game has had masses of time spent on it. Kojima always keeps the MGS series fresh. Where be it you are controlling Raiden or you are healing yourself in MGS 3. MGS 4 changes how you play the game yet again. Lots of familiar faces and plenty of replay value. This game is for true fans! Personally it is by far the best and an essential for any Playstation owner and their collection.
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on 14 January 2010
This game is a masterpiece.

When I bought this game it was for a PS3 console I wasn't all that interested in. At the time the choices of games were really slim or just plain dull, so I never really got round to playing this game until now... and I must admit I am truly kicking myself for not doing it sooner.

The game takes places in the semi future, you play old snake, trying to get liquid ocelot (or liquid snake). The story takes soo many twists and turns it will have you (assuming you've played the previous games) glued to the tv screen. It features characters from every Metal gear game I can think of. Hal has returned and so has Raiden! It's a definite treat to see.

Graphically this game is the bomb. At first I wasn't that impressed with it due to Gears of war (which looks stunning in it's own right). The graphical detail on snakes face, body suit, the weapons and heck even body movement have detail worth staring at!

Controls, now this is the only part that annoyed me but I was use to MGS 2 and 3 controls so the change felt abit strange and frustrating. But let me assure you after a chapter or two it will feel smooth.

The audio is also another fantastic aspect in this game. The voice overs are well done. The actors sound like they're enjoying reprising their roles and put alot of feeling into it. The enviroment has some fantastic noises going on from bomb shells, to snow blizzard to even rats!!!

I don't know what it is but to see closure of the Metal Gear series, with Snakes last mission feels good. No infact it feels GREAT! After playing my first Metal Gear game on my NES I'm proud to have played and completed Guns of The Patroits after soooo many years.
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on 6 December 2009
Best series to ever be made. I instantly fell in love with MGS when I first played it on the original Playstation, then moving onto MGS2 for the PS2. I'm just sorry I sold my Playstation before MGS 3 came out. What was I thinking selling it? I couldn't stay away from the playstation and bought myself the PS3 and got the game at the same time and have never regretted it.Best game series I've ever had the pleasure of playing.

The cut-scenes are very long but I am usually so engrossed in it so it doesn't bother me. The game is more like a cross between a game and an animated film, the game-play goes on forever, every time I think I'm nearing the end of the game there's another act. The characters have so much development It'd put some TV shows to shame.

I just hope we haven't seen the last of Solid Snake. He's one of the best characters that's ever been in a computer game.

This game makes you think, you have to be smart. But it does have a small glitch, when Snake gets attached to a wall, sometimes he sticks to it like glue when you try to move him away, but it's very rare to have a game that isn't without at least one glitch. But overall it's a quite simply breathtakingly outstanding game. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.
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on 13 November 2012
I am on my third playthrough and I am still finding new things or new routes to take, Great fun if your a fan of Metal Gear Solid but it goes easy on those new to the sneak mechanic. With new added features like the side roll, Octocameo, new and old weapons and even a visit that brings back memories from the first game.No matter whether your an old fan or a new player this is a great game and I'm going to keep playing this till my PS3 breaks.
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on 5 January 2012
I've played MGS1 and 2, and this is incredible equals but also incredible good. There is some quite a big of 5-15 minutes scenes, but truly worth it.
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on 14 July 2010
Just simply brilliant, Gameplay, Storyline, Schematics, graphics, physics - Its truly some thing to admire. Konami once again prove to be on top of there game. And best of all, the gameplay is far better than MGS3.

I've played MGS1 right from MGS3, and been hooked on them ever since. Waited so long for ps3 to drop down in price, and now I can finally play one of the greatest games of all-time. How can you give this game a 1 star, its not even justified to give it a 4 star rating.

Just like all the other MGSes, it will have you hooked and really involved in the storyline. The storyline is very clever, imaginative, philosophical and extremely gripping.

There is pretty much EVERYTHING in this game, fully customisable weapons, stealth gadgets like 'OctoCamo' and many more unique gadgets.

Getting hold of this game hasn't been easy; even after 2 years of the release date this game is still being sold at a rapid rate. I shopped every where for it - sold out, sold out, sold out. Surely that tells you some thing.
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