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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
Platform: Xbox 360|Change
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on 30 July 2009
Ahh, the COD comparisons.

Four years ago this would have suffered from Halo comparisons. That killed the original Area 51, another game undeserving of such criticism. So let's get those out of the way straight away . . . It's a first person, story driven shooter. It has (one level) of war based action. There the comparisons end. So let's hear no more of "it's not as good as COD". Because COD isn't as good as Half Life 2, and neither is this.

What it is, however, is one of the most beautifully striking games on the 360. No game since Bioshock has created a sense of "place" as well as this. This is a living world, utterly believable and a character in it's own right. Not quite open world, but expansive enough to cleverly disguise it's linearity.

This sense of place extends to some fantastic voice acting with the two main protagonists, plus an excellent supporting cast. Characters you actually care about, but not in the way COD attempts to make you "care". This is slow burn, building tension gradually and letting you empathise with their decisions. This to me is more next gen than shiny vistas and 100's of people on screen at once. And the storyline never strays from being personal, in the best traditions of the Western, so irrespective of which character you control it manages to stay an affecting experience.

Control is tight, and the meat of the game, while doing nothing new, never outreaches itself. I can't ever say I felt "if only they'd done this" whilst playing it, and that's testament to the confidence of the developers. The one-on-one shoot outs that happen through the games are brilliantly tense, but never attempt to dumb the game down - there's a trick to doing these well, but it's up to you to find it. I applaud the developers for that.

Of course there's a few issues. It's screaming out for co-op, and I would rather have had that over the purely functional multi-player. The story is fairly short, but it's so well told that's only a value for money issue. I'd suggest renting if this would bother you.

Purely niggles though. This deserves to be sitting with Bioshock and Half Life 2 as the 360's FPS shining lights. But, as with those two, it'll get buried under Halo and COD. Me ? I'll keep an eye on Techland - they have the potential to deliver something truly great with their next game.
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on 25 July 2009
Every single time a game comes out people complain.

They say its too long and repetitive, or its too short.

What do you people want?!?!

This game has a lengthy campaign which is fun and enjoyable to play through, the gameplay is great with little if no glitches, plus a fancy cover system. The guns feel good and work well. The graphics are super, BEST WATER EFFECTS I HAVE EVER SEEN.

Want a nice FPS to keep you in this summer??
Get this game.
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on 7 July 2009
ok i rented this game because i was bored and thought 'stuff it ill get this!' and i was actually suprised! this game is a really fun, quality title and its by far a lot better than the usuall run of the mill pap i was expecting.firstly the graphics are ace, with some great little touches like bloom lighting and dust being blown up from the floor,it all adds to the convincing feel of being in the west.(and mexico and other locations!) also there's quite a bit of destruction, like certain doors, boxes crates and also windows and frames so you can jump through into buildings.

there are some other nice little touches too.
the ability too rotate the right analogue stick too lasoo onto buildings and things
horse back riding whilst shooting!
holding the right trigger and flicking the right stick down with your left palm to simulate firing an old six shooter!

its these things and other interesting ideas that really draw you into the game. the weapons are outstanding, and although you start off with rusty old pistols, double barrel shotguns and lever action rifles, you can upgrade to prime ones and even gold ones! the reload animations are superb but there is something thats even better when it comes to the guns.

its the active cover system. whenever you go close up to say, a crate or the corner of a building, or even a window ledge, the characters arms will go over, around or any other way past the obstruction, giving you the ability too 'peek' aroung and shoot.after killing hundreds of enemies i have not found one single bug with this, it works perfectly. one time i went to close to another NPC, and my character aimed the rifle over his shoulder! ace.

i havent really played much of the multiplayer but dont take this the wrong way ive been enjoying the single player! i did play a few matches of the legends game mode, where one team was robbing banks, safes and then horses too escape the town, whilst the other was guarding it all, it was great fun and no lag!!!!there are quite a few other game modes too that look ace and i cant wait to get my teeth stuck into them.

so there you have it, a quality title with a hint of originality and great graphics! if ya want to know more about online leave a comment and ill update the review as soon as ive played some online!

oh ans PS, there are some great achievments for this game, like blowing up ten chickens with dynamite! or bashing 5 enemies heads in with a chair! ha ha great stuff
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VINE VOICEon 30 December 2009
Call Of Juarez Bound In Blood is the sequel to the orignal game which was released in 2006. The game is a prequel as the events which occur in the game happen before the events of the first game. There are two characters to play Thomas and Ray McCall neither character is all that different in playing style and doing a level as one character over the other does not result in a different outcome to the story.

This is one area where COJ excels though the story, which is great throughout. It focuses on the two brothers and their relationships with each other throughout their adventures. Having said that though the main campaign is short. Timewise you are probably looking at around the 8 hour mark which I guess is acceptable nowadays. The problem is COJ dosen't have a great online infastructure to back it up. To be fair this isn't Techland's fault the match types are varied so you get your standard deathmatch etc but you also get a match type called Wild West Legends which involves you performing different objectives from robbing a bank to blowing up stockpiles of ammunition.

Not many people are online which makes finding a good game difficult, but the strength still lies in the campaign of the game.


Graphics 8 Screen tearing is prevalent throughout unfortunately but the environments generally look good.
Sound 9 Great voice acting which adds to the story
Gameplay 8 Solid but not too challenging
Lifespan 7 The campaign can be done in a couple of days hunting down every last secret will only be for the completionist

Call Of Jaurez Bound In Blood is a worthy sequel but dosen't offer anything radically different. With that said if you like the Western style theme or enjoyed the first game and can accept the lack of great online play then COJ comes recommended. 8/10. Thanks for reading.
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on 4 August 2009
It's great fun, but basically a simple shooter - and if that's what you like, you'll really enjoy it. The story line is okay and some of the graphics are stunning. The narrative gets a bit boring after a while but the action makes up for it. The fact that you can switch characters makes it more interesting, but if you like puzzles and strategy and the like then this is probably not for you - but, if you fancy some gun totin', rip roarin' action that doesn't tax the brain too much - you'll have hours of pleasure.
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on 21 July 2009
Great game...........But why the hell do people keep om comparing it with Call of Duty.???.....Differnt creators, Differnt game, Differnt yeah "lets call in an air strike, while I sniper bandits with my 50cal"........come on guys, propper reviews about this game.
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on 31 July 2015
This was unknown to me in the 5 and a half years of x boxing . I regret not knowing about it and playing it earlier .It may be banned though as you play as a confederate soldier at some stage .The western theme is very interesting and fun with superb graphics and less linear game play .There are various tasks to complete and sometimes it`s follow the leader , avoid being hit and point and shoot . I have just began and know this is something great !!!A western call of duty !!
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on 3 November 2009
Great game, love the western first person shooter theme, the maps and graphics are awesome and the new add-on maps from xbox are brilliant. Easy controls, no real problem. But no co-op mode so you and a friend could team up to play the two brothers in the game (big shame on that as I could have done with some help from time to time). Most everything is do-able, but being an old timer I have found the quick draw gun fights impossible to complete (seems to be at least one in each level - have to wait for my nephew to visit so he can do them for me! First time every time! LOL). This has taken the shine off the game for me as there is no alternative solution to taking down the bad guy except to complete the gun fight. That has stalled my progress on the single player missions. The multiplayer is good, great maps and many different characters/kits available. Just a pity that there seems to be so few players playing this on-line, often you go on and there are less than 3 games going on and as these are hosted outside the UK in many instances the connection isn't always good to the server. On the whole though I am enjoying this, despite the niggles - had I known I might have waited for it to come down in price. 8/10

Update: Red Dead Redemption, which came out a year later, is a better western game and easier to play in my view.
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on 5 September 2011
Call of Jaurez is a game that is sadly ignored, despite its brilliant graphics and gameplay, it failed to stand out against Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 which has buried all other FPS games of 2009. I think gamers should take their minds off murdering General Shepard and start playing a wider variation of xbox 360 games. This game has so much potential but it just wasn't enough to take on Call of Duty. Better luck next time, Ubisoft!
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on 10 January 2011
The first five minutes of the game are, admittedly a tad confusing. For the hours and hours of gameplay after this that is pretty much the only niggle. A great game with few, if any flaws. A straight-forward and simple formatwhich delivers a superb all round game. The gunfights are frustrating at first but there is a knack to getting them and when you do they are such a pleasure, especially when you get past the 'only being able to hit them in the balls' stage which, if you play the game through on hard difficulty or higher you will most probably be aware of.
It isnt CoD, but it doesnt pretend to be either, it provides a different type of gameplay and provides players with a much more immersive style of game than any of the Call of Duty franchise have so far managed, even Black Ops.
Overall a great game, with hours of entertainment value and a storyline which pulls you right into the story. A cracking buy and a great time to be had by any lover of first person shooters.
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