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4.5 out of 5 stars28
4.5 out of 5 stars
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As rock bands go Papa Roach possess a relatively rare quality.
The ability to bring power and melody together in a competent
and convincing way.
'Metamorphosis', their new album, manages to do just this.

Nothing terribly new here, truth-be told but the rickety bridge
between rock and power pop is solidly grounded at both ends
on the fourteen tracks embedded in this project.

The combination of economy of purpose, raw energy and strong
musicianship makes for more than a few memorable moments.
(For heaven's sake it's actually possible to sing along with some of these songs !)

'Lifeline' and 'Had Enough' are two splendid cases in point.
That they exploit just about every known convention taught
at The School of Rock is of no great concern. The formula works.
The cliches are robustly moulded into anthemic structures
with strong melodies and killer choruses.

Mr Shaddix has a good pair of lungs. That they are also able to carry
a tune gives us good reason to be grateful.
(Bring Me The Horizon's young Mr Sykes should listen and learn !)

Misters Horton (guitar), Esperance (bass) and Palermo (Drums)
keep everything firmly on the rails.
Tight, muscular arrangements with a refreshing absence
of unnecessary decoration and posturing. Egos kept well in check.

'March Out Of The Darkness' is another winning example.
The accoustic opening quickly builds into a powerfully satisfying confection.
Their innate understanding of light and shade is more than ably demonstrated here.

'Nights Of Love', a quaintly old-fashioned affair, brought a nostalgic smile to my lips.

A worthy little troupe of minstrels at the top of their game.
A equally fine little album.

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on 16 January 2010
I've been to see Papa Roach twice in 2009 and they were amazing to say the least!
This album you can sing along to from start to finish, it's hard not! It's also hard to name the best track as there's nothing on here that I would even think about skiping through. I've got all their albums and this is the best by far proving that they are just going from strength to strength. I've also converted some people on the strength of this album alone!

Just buy it and then go see them live next time they come to the UK.
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on 27 March 2009
You have to feel sorry for Papa Roach; fighting against current trends, and walking a fine line between the sack from the record label or having that hit song ala Nickelback to send them to the top.
Certainly they are unrecognisable from the Rap Metal outfit of the Millenium dawn & the teen angst lyrics that went with it. Now a fully fledged, Rock/Metal outfit that have a sound best described as a modern day, edgy Motley Crue. In all fairness, they fill the criteria that's needed, the songwriting (mainly from the bass player) is strong with good hooks & genuineley decent verses/choruses, the musicianship is strong but not overtly flashy, Shaddix can sing (despite the walking cliche Rock Star look) and the production is excellent - organic & still very modern.
It's not a revelationary album, and certainly not a revolutionary one but in an era of the extremes of Death Metal and the softer rock scenes and pop rubbish, there almost feels like there IS a market for this (would be) Stadium Metal!
AC/DC, Aerosmith, Motley Crue etc - none are getting any younger so why not room for this kind of act?
One thing, I have noticed is a lot more variety in the guitar work now. Ok, there is still the odd Iron Maiden style harmony, but there is progression and more genuine lead breaks. I still reckon perhaps even more lead guitar would be welcome for this style of material. I'm not suggesting the ott histrionics of Dragonforce by any means but perhaps something ala Guns N Roses - especially on the more melodic material?? I'm not convinced the guitarist is really a lead player as such so maybe a second guitarist is an option for the future...
Bass guitar is strong too - kind of locked in hard and holding it all down.
For those with an aversion to all things Nu Metal, then fear not - there are no Rap vocals at all here - anywhere. No DJ's scratching either - Just vox, guitar, bass and some pretty loud drumming, all to a good production job that doesn't go too overboard on FX & programming.
Best tracks; Hollywood Whore (lyrically in similiar waters to Metallica's Memory Remains), State Of Emergency, the anthemic & fast Change Or Die and Into The Light which reminds me almost of Paul Dianno era Maiden.
There are one or two soft tracks - not my bag but well enough written if yours. Lifeline does indeed have a touch of Keane about it but has an annoyingly hooky chorus.
At the end of the day, whether fashionable or not, and whether selling by bucketloads, it's a very honest ROCK album, totally different for example to Linkin Park's Minutes To Midnight with it's blatant leanings towards U2.
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on 17 April 2009
I love all of Papa Roach's past albums and in my opinion it is the diversity of their music that makes them so exciting. This album is fantastic. From the moment the first tune kicks in you can feel the metal vibe! I loved the two singles 'Hollywood Whore' and 'Lifeline', they are outstanding tracks and show that this band has real talent. I was pleasantly surprised by the rest of the album. I loved 'The Paramour Sessions' and I was eagerly anticipating this album hoping it would be of the same quality, and it is. For any band to follow a classic like that it's gonna be hard work, but they've pulled it off.
The lyrics on many of the songs show a maturity and reflect the current state of the world around us: 'State of Emergency', 'Lifeline', 'Change or Die'. The song 'Had Enough' sends out a positive message in these unstable times. This is much more of a typical rock album than their other albums. It's great. I love it!
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on 19 January 2011
I was eagerly anticipating listening to this album, for one reason or another i'v never got round to getting this album on its release and was looking forward to finally listening to it. Im a big Papa Roach fan and have loved all the previous albums, for me this album is just lacking a bit of effort, it feels like they have been a bit lazy and rushed it, the songwriting for me is just not there compared to previos efforts, the worst song being the aweful 'Hollywood Whore', it has however given me one of my favourite Roach songs to date the awesome 'I Almost Told You That I Loved You', which for me is just a pure rock and roll song about sex, drugs and you know the rest.
Standout tracks are: Change Or Die, I Almost Told You That I Loved You, Lifeline and the live version of Broken Home at the end of the album.
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on 9 April 2009
I'm an original Papa Roach fan and lets be honest, they weren't the sort to suddenly expand with "new" fans as the albums pile up such as Nickelback or Linkin Park. So in that respect I kinda think alot of Papa for "trying" to maintain their originality..with a few tweaks.
Now I remember when paramour Sessions came out and for me its their best material and it lived in my CD player for months on end.
They've been off the scene for a while and I've managed to grab tickets to one of their UK gigs this month so i'm looking forward to finally seeing them live.
Back to the album and yes its a mixed track by far is Lifeline and then maybe Change or Die.
Give it a try if you're a fan.
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on 17 April 2009
I can't help feeling a little disappointed with this album. After the superb Paramour Sessions, it was always going to be difficult to make an album that improves on that, and I think this misses the mark a little.

There are still some good tracks on here, Lifeline stands out, Had Enough, I Almost Told You..., and Hollywood Whore are all decent tracks, but overall, the album is just missing that special something that seemed to be in abundance on Paramour. Large parts of it all seem to similar.

Definitely one to buy for those who had an existing affinity with the band, but otherwise, but for those who want an introduction to the band, get Paramour first, then consider this one.
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on 26 September 2010
This is what Papa Roach needed i new fresh album with some pure gold tracks on this album. I thought were weren't gonna here another Papa Roach break up seemed possible but thank god the day all my mates had put bets on that they would break up. I went home and i switched on the TV and put on a random music channel until i heard a track i liked then i could recognize the voice and Papa Roach came up in bold letters and the song 'Almost Told you that I Loved You' and so a new album came out and the Roach are are on tour but i would like an album in 2011 please.
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on 1 November 2011
Didn't know much about Papa Roach until I got this album but they first grabbed my attention when I heard the amazing intro to "Into the Light". I promptly headed straight to Amazon and bought Metamorphsis. The rest of the album took a few listens to get into but I really started to enjoy it, but then I'm a sucker for this type of hard rock.
The song writing is polished with some great hooks and you can tell they're a band that know their trade. I'll be checking out their back catalogue soon.
Best album I've heard this year. Five stars!
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on 11 June 2009
Just when you thought that Nu Metal had gone away, Papa Roach come out with a great album. This is the best that they have done for a while and shows a lyrical and songwriting ability that has matured thru the years. Love them or hate them this has plenty of stand out tracks that will have you EDbanging to. They hav'nt forgotten thier Rock roots, this should give them a new generation of followers and satify the old skool of fans.
Listen, dance and enjoy!!! Krazy Ken
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