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3.2 out of 5 stars405
3.2 out of 5 stars
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on 11 May 2012
I have rencelty started using a kindle and thought it was great when I saw that you could have newspaper subscriptions sent straight to it. I don't tend to buy newspapers and often miss the news due to the shifts I work and have often found myself not knowing about things that everyone else is talking about.

I have read the reviews of this subscription and was rather disappointed and put off by some of the reviews about there being lots of mistakes is the text etc. so thought it best not to bother with the subscription. I did however see a review by someone that tried the subscription initially when it first started and thought it was bad but then gave it another go and thought it had been improved.

This in mind I decided to give it a go especially as the 14 day trial is free and though what have I got to lose. I was expecting to see lots of mistakes and for the articles to be all over the place however I was delighted to find that wasn't the case - the only exception being that sometimes the headline for a new article will be under the last article rather then starting a new page but this doesn't bother me as it's still quite clear that it is a new article.

From reading the previous reviews it seems that someone somewhere has definately been listening to the comments that people have made to improve the service. Granted today is my first day of my trial but I'm more than happy with what I have recieved.

If you are looking at these reviews and they're putting you off I'd suggest doing the free trial so see for yourself what you're actually getting, from what I've received today I'm happy to continue to pay for the service once my trial ends.

The headline on the page before the article may not be everyone's cup of tea but at the end of the day getting the paper in digital form is saving trees and whats more important?

Give it a go - what have you go to lose? The trial is free.
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on 6 November 2010
If you want to read the Mail on your Kindle that's what you get - personally, as I travel a lot, I really liked being able to get the articles and read them at breakfast.

By the end of my free trial, however, I felt really disappointed and didn't feel it worth the money. There are some terrible spelling mistakes, many many typos and text inserted into the middle of articles incorrectly. Photos/pictures seem to be randomly inserted - not inserted when the article mentions it, only one picture of two inserted (i.e. a before and after - and usually the 'before'). I'm not going to pay the subscription as it will only allow the Mail to keep charging the public for poor quality - shame on the Mail for not wanting to do better.

Until the above problems are sorted out I would recommend trying the other trials and then making a decision on which is best - quality on the Kindle Telegraph is good, but no pictures. I'm trying the Times next....
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on 19 September 2010
I have had a trial of the Daily Mail Kindle Edition for the past 6 days, I am not very impressed. Not a lot of care seems to have been taken with "typesetting" with many broken words, missing letters and numbers. There are a few photos but they seem to have been arbitrarily chosen and where a photo is refered to in the next it is not there! The Kindle is a great Platform as I can see from my books, it's a shame that not more care and thought was put into the newspaper's Kindle edition. I shall try some of the other papers, hopefully they will be better constructed.
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on 9 July 2011
I spend a great deal of time in Spain and find that the daily newspapers there are very expensive. Being able to download a newspaper daily on my kindle is a good way of saving money and still keeping up with the latest news. Via 3G a newspaper on Kindle is there in seconds and it never blows around in the wind and you don't get covered in newpaper print. It takes a while to get use to the format and after a while it is second nature finding your way around. Sometimes, there are bits of text missing but on the whole I think reading a newpaper on a Kindle is brilliant!
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on 24 September 2010
I have to agree with JohnB's comments, the overall presentation for me is not bad at all. I am a novice user of the Kindle, & after the usual book loading decided to take the trial Mail version. For the last three days I have been pleased with the content. A few pictures here & there & the odd text error, but that does not detract from the idea of downloading the 'paper content' each morning. Rather than print-on-fingers & finding enough air space to open the paper on the train, without upsetting someone has worked for me.
I also like the facility of 'clipping' articles, which is so much easier & convenient than keeping the paper to show elsewhere or keep for reference, which you never do because you can't remember where you put the damn thing.
I for one have not experienced the 'slow' page turning that was reported, & at nearly 30p a copy each day I will be subscribing.
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on 25 December 2010
No History idbaker you need to look at your kindle a little more closely, there is a folder called periodicals back issues, this where the back issues are stored.

Some people compare reading the newspaper inferior to such media rich devices such as ipad, pc, etc well this is obviously going to be the case.

The kindle is not a media rich device it is a reader for reading text foremost, yes okay some more images would be nice and perhaps tv listings would also be a worthwhile addition.

But as i am on holiday in Thailand at the moment i am quite happy with being able to keep up with events in the UK.

Automatic download is excellent

Storing of back issue's is great

Clipping articles is excellent as you can clip articles you find interesting as show them to your spouse without hunting through the whole paper.

You can sit at the breakfast table with quite a compact device and read the latest news, cant exactly take the pc to the breakfast table, kindle takes up lest room than and ipad as well.

I have not experienced the slow page turns, it seems just as fast as a book to me.

Sometimes the first line of text is a little jumbled but this is usually just the heading

All in all i quite like newspaper expeirence
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on 31 October 2010
Kindle needs to get its act together if they want the newspapers to succeed. I trialled the Mail along with the independent and have discontinued both of them, mainly because of the clunky way that the kindle handles newspapers. I still took the paper edition, [until today] because an advert appeared for the Ipod version. I own an I pod touch which I bought over a year ago and downloaded the aps. The result is a newspaper with lots of pictures and in colour for wait for it FREE.
I dropped the independent because they have shot themselves in the foot with the introduction of the 20 p mini paper

Good luck whichever choice you make
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on 5 December 2011
I tried the Free 14 day Trial of the Daily Mail as we were going on holiday and I must say I was very pleased with it.The paper was delivered early every morning when I had internet and I had no problems with the layout or formatting what so ever. It was easy to read and simple to navigate.Other Half kept borrowing my kindle to read the sport on it!!I dont usually let him touch it !!
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on 5 February 2012
Being temporarily housebound at the moment due to an operation, thought it would be great to try the Kindle version. Don't read a paper regularly but do like the Sunday edition - what a waste of money this was. Barely any news story, none of the magazines and no sports review for my husband to enjoy. Won't be bothering with this again.
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on 25 June 2012
After reading other reviews I was initially quite happy with the subscription. Magazine supliment content was there. Once you get used to the format of 1 page viewing instead of traditional newspaper format it's fine. I am not particulalry interested in typos unless they're funny, but I didn't notice or see anything wrong with the text as other reviewers did.

I was disapointed to find that you cant keep issues, even if you use the kindle device to set it to keep the issues.

Once a new edition is published it overwrites the previous.

I contacted Amazon live help about this and was told this particular subscription does not allow you to keep old editions.
In the manage your kindle page you can ask Amazon to send you earlier editions as long as you were subscribed (or on the free trial) when the issue was current, but that doesn't work.
My conversation with Amazon live help was cut short as the assistant "rang off" after saying he would see if the earlier edition could be sent to me again. That was a while ago and it hasn't appeared.

I won't be keeping this subscription as I wanted to read the articles etc at my leisure and not have to rush to read it before the next edition comes out and deletes the old one.
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