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on 15 September 2009
This is a great piece of kit. It does so much with ease:

DAB radio - great tuner
FM radio - not used it yet
Media player - connected first time thru wireless to my aged Maxtor media server and plays tracks with no flaws.
Internet radio - use Pure's website (the lounge) to connect and configure your stations, podcasts and listen again programs, again plays flawlessly and easy to connect. My signal registers at about 50% but this plays everything with no problem.
iPod - stick it in and play it using the remote. Works just as it should.
Remote - controls everything, even through walls! NIce to control the box from the garden without having to leave the bbq! More useful than you might imagine.

What are the problems?
A couple of the remote commands are a bit odd... no real problem.
The 'lounge' may not provide all the radio stations possible - you have to request additions ... not a problem for 99% of users I would suspect.

Sound Quality?
Loudness - fine for a medium or smaller room. Fine in a big room unless you are wanting a loud party. Mine is in the kitchen and is plenty loud enough to listen to 10m away in the garden. I'd suspect that it is loud enough for anyone over 25.
The quality is good - but don't expect it to match your hi-fi seperates. Also if you really want volume and bass from your ipod get the posh docks that cost around £300, they are much better in terms of raw sound quality. On the other hand I've tried docks at about £200 that sound similar or worse than this...and all they do is dock your iPod. If you are concerned with sound quality go and listen in John Lewis and compare it to a range of devices.

An excellent product. Looks and sounds great. If you have broadband internet in your home get one. If you have wirless media server get one. If you have an ipod get one. If you have all three then this is the product for you - there is nothing else comparable. I love it.
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on 28 June 2009
Most of the reviews here have already lavished heavy praise on the Avanti Flow. So, I'll try to keep things as objective as possible...

Sound quality is top notch from all media - ipod and radio - although you tend to find yourself running at maximum volume...and although this limit is achieved distortion free, I would have liked the unit to be a little louder. My neighbors perhaps wouldn't agree, full volume is more than adequate for most. I just feel that the unit is capable of a little bit more, but like a speed limiter on a car, the clearsound technology is holding it back.

Minimal setup required, it was playing out of the box instantly, and took minutes to get the wi-fi sorted.

The internet radio side of things is controlled by Pure's "Lounge" portal which organizes and lists all the stations, podcasts, etc. Don't think that you will have the entire internet's radio to play with, but the 30,000 or so stations should keep you entertained whilst your recommendations for additions to the Pure play list are processed.

It works well, and is much more accessible than having to boot up a PC. Although its easier to manipulate the favourites from there as you can't delete single items from the unit. Only a blanket "delete all" option

DAB reception is fantastic, and far superior to another dab unit in the house.

The ipod dock? The supplied adaptors fit my new 4th Gen Nano perfectly and unlike all of my existing Ipod accessories, this DOES charge the thing. Everything else I own from previous Ipods other than the USB cable fails to do so.

The only (minor) niggle I have about the Ipod dock is that none of the track information is transferred to the unit's screen. I know the Ipod's screen is but a few inches away but unless I switch the backlight to "always on" it is invariably dark, so I can't see what the unit is playing. My car stereo shows track info, so why can't this?

One positive is that the remote control does give full access to the ipods controls so you don't have to physically move to the ipod to change playlists etc. Experiment with the "select" and "options" buttons on the remote if you don't believe me! You'll just need binoculars from any distance though as you will have to be able to see the Ipod screen!!

The unit is reassuringly heavy, and the fit and finish is impeccable. The only drawback is that it shows up every fingerprint and dirty mark, so I suggest keeping a dedicated duster nearby!

Yes it's pricey, but when only the best will do, this is it...the best alarm clock radio in the world.
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This product is outstanding.
I admit to being nervous about spending so much money on what is my bedside radio.
Let me give you a simple and concise summary of the good and any bad points.
1.Build quality superb.
2.Ease of use, i was seriously concerned about trying to set something like this up regarding the WiFi internet radio. I always seem to encounter hitches and glitches.
Not with the Avanti Flow, i do not exaggerate, i was listening to WiFi radio within 5 minutes and no stress. All you need know is your wireless password and another access code that is emailed from the "Lounge" (Pure). Flawless.
The quality of most WiFi radio services from around the world is as good as DAB reception.
3.The OLED display is pin sharp, and best of all, without a backlight there is no glow in my bedroom when you want darkness.
4.The sound quality, especially when cranked up is outstanding.
5.Functionality, what doesn't it do? Even the remote is radio signal operated which means you do not have to point it at the Flow to work it.
6.iPod functionality, easy, brilliant and so much choice, what to listen too?
7.Pure sounds, a selection of soothing sounds that really are very good.
8.I cannot think of a single negative point, and i have tried!

I have had this set for a month now and am still knocked out by how brilliant it is.
Buy it, buy the Avanti Flow now.
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on 6 November 2009
Lets start by saying I did'nt set out to buy this product but after reading all the reviews I took a trip to my local store to have a look. The first thing I asked was how easy is it to set up as I'm not to technicaly minded I was assured by the assistant that a it was easy. He was right straight out of the box plug it in switch it on and it virtualy does it its self.
The only thing I had a problem with was media streaming but after about an hour of head scratching I realised that there was'nt a problem It was just that it takes time for your music to transfer to Pure flow server that you download.
I would say the overall sound quality of the unit is very good to excellent and it does not distort as you turn up the volume and it goes loud.
DAB Radio has a crisp clear sound and when listening to Chris Evans my wife commented that "it sounds like he's sitting in room with us" and it is that clear.
Internet radio the choice is fantastic and the unit picks up on my wireless network with no issues and the sound is good as well
Ipod again I can find no problems with the way the unit plays the tunes and the sound is excellent. However trying to control your Ipod from the remote can be a little awkward and takes some getting used to.
FM radio the reception is very poor but I think thats a problem with where I live as I have always found it hard to get a good signal and I did'nt buy the unt for this function(so it does'nt matter to me)
The remote is easy to use (other than with the Ipod)and can even control the unit from another room.
In short I think this is one of the best things that I have purchased for years and would highly recomend it to anyone
I have had the avanti for a bit longer now and have found one very small niggle.If the unit has been left on stand by for a few days with no use it will not pick up my wieless net work,However it it is switched of at the mains then back on it picks it up straight away. Still a five star product.
Well I have had the avanti for alittle while longer now and have had a couple of updates installed over the internet system this has also been an easy and trouble free proceedure the device is still in daily use and still sounds fantastic.
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I am enchanted by internet radio and the variety of nearly 8000 stations that are on offer. I bought this radio after careful consideration - the quality of sound is superlative on both DAB and internet radio. The two mid-range/tweeter units and a sub-woofer combine to deliver an unsurpassed quality of sound. The internet reception is very easy to connect and Pure provide a website (The Lounge) through which you can access favourites etc. but you do not have to have your PC on to use the internet radio facility. The remote control works effectively although there are a number of functions that can only be controlled by the radio's own control panel. The OLED display offers high resolution and luminance even in bright light and scrolls to provide a huge range of detail in textual form.

Other features of note are; there is no external transformer - the power supply is integral to the radio; the Ipod dock is excellent and comes with a pack of adaptors to fit most models; you can control the level of the sub-woofer; and; in internet mode the radio can be searched by station name; genre; country etc. - take it from me you'll be spoiled for choice.

Overall, this radio reallly does justify its price tag both in terms of form and function - the appearance, ergonomics; versatility and sound are unsurpassed by any radio I have owned.
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on 17 September 2009
I was really excited about this product when I first got it. Since then it has been nothing but a source of frustration. It is beautiful looking machine and promises so much. It has great sound quality. These are the only good things I can say about it. Despite its premium price it is really frustrating to use and disappointing. After a few attempts I gave up with the streaming as it didn't allow me to move easily thru my music collection, accessing the play lists I had set up. Navigation around the unit was very confusing. Any time I wanted to listen to something I would sit for 3 or 4 minutes pressing back buttons and scrolling thru lists to get to the option I wanted. And I couldn't do this from across the room (so why give me a remote control?) as the display is so small is only possible to read when you are next to the unit. The remote control buttons have a delayed reaction as well so you don't feel a satisfying button press or even feel sure the unit has registered that you have pressed a button on the remote. I tried on a few occasions to give it the benifit of the doubt as there is nothing else out there offering the same functions, that looks so good and has good sound quality, but each time it let me down again. I dont know what I am going to replace it with but I find it too frustrating to keep struggling with it every time I switch it on, I end up stressed rather than relaxed. On top of that is the On Line management of your personalised internet radio account - and again navigation around the site is not very intuitive....Such a disappointment as I really wanted it to be all it seemed to promise.
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on 20 July 2009
First impression is that you have a piece of quality in your hand - and right you are. Second, after plugging it to the AC-outlet is that the sound is just marvelous. Considering its size excpecially the bass is breathtaking, with options to modulate the sound. I do listen to a lot of Podcast and the human voice is very vibrant and clear.

Just a few minor observations I made:
- the polished black finish adds to the excellent impression but is very dust prone. The shiny metal buttons are very sensitive - they show every finger print and start to change colour in a blueish-greenish tone. It is easily wiped off though.
- I expected to be able to tune to every podcast possibly available. That ain't quite right. It has to be available in their "Lounge" software. You can't do that - it has to be done for you. The guys from Pure take their business seriously, though. I asked them to add a few series to their "Lounge" podcast programm. And sure enough, a few days later they were readily available. (You do that through the Lounge software - PC and write them a message. There is an extra button for that.)
You are supposed to be able to add internet radio stations. I was to dumm to achieve that - haven't tried very hard so far.
- The wake up call can only be made by tunes, DAB or standard radio. Internet radio or Media player (PC streams) are not possible. I don't understand this philosophy. All right, there is the risk of not getting the WLAN access for the wake-up call. But they should leave that risk to me.
- The handling of the radio software and going through the different modes I found somewhat cumbersome at times. Certain features are only accessible through the Lounge software from your PC, like f.e. deleting a station from your favourits list.

All together an amazing little box. Great sound and loud enough to suffice a garage party. Lot's of options: DAB, RAdio, Tunes, Media, Lounge (InternetRadio, Podcast, ListenAgain, etc.).

Everything worked flawless, and did I mention the sound ... ?
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on 4 September 2009
Where can you listen to all those business podcasts, seminar CDs and audio files that come as bonuses with your online purchases of Internet marketing material? Normally at your computer, of course.

But with the brand new Avanti Flow unit from Pure, you can listen in any room of your house or even in the garden. When you use the Pure media server you can even listen anywhere where there is a Wi-Fi connection when armed with your username and password.

I love these devices that make use of the latest technology and that are totally useable.

The Pure Avanti Flow has a very powerful 75 watts (RMS) output (that's loud) for when you want to play your music through the system via DAB radio broadcasts or from your iPod. The iPod can simply be slotted onto the top connector in order to be played via the powerful amplifier and woofer built into the unit.

I have a large collection of audio files on my main PC and the Avanti Flow can play them via a media server, like Windows media player, for example. This is great news for me as it gets me away from being stuck in front of my computer all day. I can listen at my leisure anywhere I please, at last.

The lowest price offering is currently Amazon to purchase who always seem to manage a better deal than anyone else. It was delivered the next day.

I also ordered the Pure Evoke Flow to compliment the unit as, once you've input your favourites using your Wi-Fi connection (a wireless router in my case) it will become available to all your `Flow' devices where they're stored online.

The online system is called `The Lounge' and is a one-stop place to store all your favourites ... be it `Listen again', media servers in your home or office, DAB radio stations, sound effects, pod casts or latest updates. Pure have really gone to town to make it easy to use and very useful.

I managed to connect both units to the Internet via my wireless router without any problems. All you need to do is register first to get a special code to input into each unit. This only needs to be done the first time you use it.

You can set timers to wake you up each day, close it down so you can sleep or use the `kitchen timer' for anything else. The alarms aren't as comprehensive as the Pure `Bug' but it clearly wasn't meant as an alarm clock, so this is understandable. For example, on my Bug DAB radio I can set different alarms for different times of the week, while the Flow series simply switches on at the set time using the last station you were listening to at the same volume.

You can wake up to iPod or Internet radio, too. There are thousands of Internet radio channels to listen to, a station for every niche, in fact. These are all accessed via The Lounge.

The sound quality is truly amazing, you really do have to hear it to believe it. Output through my Bose headphones is fantastic and I don't think I've ever heard such a perfect quality sound from anything before, I'm most impressed.

There are two main speakers built in with a sub woofer at the bottom. All can be controlled from the supplied remote control which is clearly laid out. It uses radio waves too, so you don't need to point the remote control at the unit before it works.

You can pause, skip, search, rewind `Listen Again' radio shows from the BBC using the remote control which is very useful (subject to programme supporting it).

There isn't really a downside to the Pure Avanti Flow sound system that I can think of. I would like to be able to record programmes and pause, rewind anything (as with The Bug device) but you can't have it all, can you?

Connections include an input for external devices (so you can listen in wonderful stereo sound), an output to another amp or device, headphones and a USB socket for updating (if you don't have Wi-Fi handy) to the latest firmware to bring more and updated features as time goes by.

Presets can be set so that you can go to your favourite input or station at anytime at the press of a button.

Both units are a good nine out of ten for features, usability and sound quality. Recommended.
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on 5 June 2010
It took me time before I decided to go for this one. In fact, I was already going to John Lewis to purchase Roberts internet portable radio when a sales person let me listen to pure avanti radio. The sound was superb, and when I compared the sound with Roberts, pure was much superior.

Although Pure radio cost double than my original budget, on my return home I started to investigate it through published reviews. From others feedback I knew it was the radio I was looking for.

It's been almost 1 month since I receive this radio and I am not disappointed.
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on 9 January 2011
I bought this after auditioning and reading other reviews. I wanted a very good quality internet, digital radio and media player for the bedroom.

In most respects I am extremely happy with the Avanti Flow. The sound quality is good - almost Hi Fi with the built-in low frequency driver turned on; this more than met my expectations. The build quality is excellent and the heavy chassis no doubt contributes to the solid, integrated sound that the unit puts out. The DAB reciever is very good in both quality and sensitivity and reception is better than other digital radios in the house. The FM receiver is less sensitive. The internet radio feature (the lounge) works very well and allows a list of favourite stations to be kept for easy access. One you are used to the somewhat idiosyncratic method of choosing options and stations, using the internet radio is a doddle. WiFi reception sensistivity is excellent. The ipod player is fine if you need it.

What isn't to like? Well, I particularly wanted to use the unit as a media player to play my 50GB of stored music from the main home computer. I have four other media players in the home and I am an experienced IT and media user. I find the media player in the Avanti very limited in what it can do and really annoying to operate. I cannot create playlists from the unit itself and find the back buttons counter intuitive in selecting tracks and albums. I have since plugged an external Creative media player into the aux input on the Avanti and this works well for me but it's not really what I intended. Firmware upgrade plese Pure? Having said that, the sound quality with this setup is really great. Given the quality of everything else, I'll still give it 4 stars, losing one for the media player software, and I certainly have no regrets about buying it.

PURE AVANTI Flow Table-top Digital Music System
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