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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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This prequel completes an Underworld Trilogy which up to this point has been criticised for relying on style rather than substance. But this film which charts the start of the Lycan/Vampire war gives us some character development - along with the dark, violent, yet slick visuals delivered previously.

Our view of the Lycans so far has been one of savagery in comparison to the refined qualities of the Vampires, this is rebalanced in Rise of The Lycans. We see the Lycans as the slaves of the Vampire, forced to guard them during the day, and collared so that they cannot change form without fatal consequences. The Vampires still appear civilised, but it's clearly seen that their coven is built on a foundation of slavery, corruption, and exploitation.

Lucian - the first of the 'new' Lycans plans to escape and lead his own kind to freedom, only his plan is complicated by his love affair with Vampire daughter of ruling Elder, Viktor.

What ensues is an action / romance with Werewolves, Vampires, and lots medieval slashings and gore. Again a lot of effort has gone into marrying this film into the back-story already introduced during the other two films, and also into Vampire folklore itself. This means that the three films complement each other brilliantly. I've said before that the first two films certainly aren't bad - but they are best viewed together to give a true sense of the epic scope, and now with this film that sense is intensified.

The cast has been put together well and Bill Nighy seems to relish his role as Viktor. He hams it up but instead of feeling overacted, the flamboyancy adds to the Gothic theatrics of the film. Michael Sheen's welcome return as Lucian brings with it the vulnerability and bubbling undercurrent of revolution needed for the character's role. His scenes with lover Sonja are convincing and as an audience, you rally behind him and believe in his cause.

In a nutshell: This fills in some gaps, most of which we didn't know existed until this film. This stands alone as a pretty good film, again (and at the risking of repeating myself) when you view this as part of the trilogy it considerably increases the viewer experience. Sheen and Nighy impress, Sheen is a hero without being too heroic, and Nighy is superbly creepy. The blood spurting action is there, but there's a meaningful story too. We now have three films that create a story across an epic scale from the middle ages to present day.
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on 29 June 2009
This film is FANTASTIC, the special effects are great and the acting is first class. Even better than the first film in the series and happily received after the second film which I felt was disappointing. I have so looked forward to seeing this film and it is a must for blu-ray. I cannot fault it in any way.
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on 13 April 2009
This is the 3rd underworld movie and i loved it. Both the first and second underworld movies are good but this just concludes them all and lets you see into Lucians past. The love story is typical romeo and juliet but again i loved it and was almost in tears at the end. It gives it a human element instead of being ure over exaggerated action vamp movie that focuses on just bloodshed alone. Which im sure some people like but i enjoy a story behind the actions. If you liked the first movies then do watch this.
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on 13 February 2011
Well written, well directed, well acted, amazing action sequences, a tragic love story and amzing cgi!!! For those who love vampire/werewolf movies then this will satisfy your hunger. It really is the best of the underworld be honest Rhona Mitre completely outshone kate beckinsdale and michael sheen cannot put a foot wrong. Bill nighy was excellent and the supporting cast was also superb. Watch it and then watch it again.....i guarantee that by the second watch it will have become your fav vampire/werewolf film too.
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on 4 June 2013
A prequel to the first film and one that, as far as prequels are concerned, was begging to be made thanks to the brilliant back story created in the first two Underworld films. This film excitingly charts the rise of the Lycans hence the title Lucian and Viktor are the focus of this film which is nice especially as they were great characters who we all wanted to see again but who sadly died in the first film. This is part of the draw of this film, that we get to see these characters once more and that we get to see more meat on the bones of the flashbacks that are so familiar from the first two films, it is a pure joy for fans of the first two films.

Rise of the Lycans follows the first films pacing allowing more room for the story to breath and grow, rather than the constant action fest that was Evolution. So that while it lacks obvious punch it stands well for those who like a film to absorb you into its world rather than batter you with it.

A sometime problem with prequels is that you know what is going to happen, as long as you were paying even the slightest bit of attention to the first two films that is. As such there aren't many surprises as to how things turn out, but here the journey to that end is incredibly interesting to watch and is done in a way which keeps the story feeling fresh and compelling right to the very end, it works so well like this that it stands well as a self contained story in its own right.

While Evolution was an amazingly good film it did sacrifice a little for its ramped up action, which while not necessarily a bad thing did seem to lose itself a bit of the originals `edge' Rise of the Lycans recovers that edge and in fine form. Consider this another must watch Underworld film, just like all the others.
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on 11 October 2011
Oh I love it. Brilliant Prequel.
I'm glad all the original actors are in it, I dont think its quite the same when you are supposed to believe that thingy-ma-bob has had major surgery on their face completely changing their looks between films, so that was deffo a bonus for me.
The whole cast was impressive, I think sonja is brilliant, and they did a great job of fiding someone so similar to Kate Beckinsale (which is the whole point).
The story line is good, I thoroughly enjoyed the film, and despite having seen the other two films (so I know the fate of each of the charactors) I was still on the edge of my seat, totally caught up in the film, even cried at the end when something happened (im not going to give it away!) which I knew full well was going to happen!!!!
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on 5 November 2015
its a pretty nice origin story to the underworld....well world. it tells the story about how the war broke out between vampires and werewolf and lucian leading the rebellion. its a solid entry to this franchise
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 10 October 2015
Underworld: Rise of the Lycans is the prequel to the previous two Underworld films. It tells the story about what led to the werewolf/vampire feud, with bloody energetic results.

In core essence this is Braveheart/Spartacus, only in CGI laden horror/action form. Michael Sheen buffs up into Karl Urban, who as Lucian (bad ass Lycan) leads his species to a bloody revolt, and Kate Beckinsale has made way narratively for Rhona Mitra, who sexes things up. The action is pulse raising and the Gothic designs and atmospherics are first rate, while the battle royale finale is fit to crown any genre film of its type.

Problems are evident, though. The constant flow of CGI blood becomes irritating after a while, and Bill Nighy (in spite of being a franchise regular) is still looking miscast! But it has proved to be a series with hairy legs and fangs that refuses to die, a popcorn munchers dream. So enjoy the spectacle and the screenplay homages, and I'll have a bag of tortilla chips and a choc ice please. 6.5/10
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on 16 October 2012
This is the third instalment is the Underworld series and takes us back to before the first movie to the origin of the feud between Lycan and Vampire. This takes us to when the Lycan were slaves and used to protect the Vampires. It focuses on Lucian the leader of the Lycans and his love affair and ultimate heartbreaking ending with the Daughter of the lead Vampire Victor. When discovered this leads to drastic measures of revenge as Lucian leads the Lycan to freedom.
The combat in this movie is not high tec for obvious reasons. The battles are swords and arrows against claws and teeth. There is plenty of gore and some good set pieces and because this is a prequal the ground work is already there and because the franchise is not as big as some others it gets away with a little more.
The picture quality of the blu ray is excellent though the sound does not seem as good as the first two movies and the disc is a little lite on features.
In closing if you liked the first two then this is more of the same with a slighty different perspective watch this first then Underworld and you get a better feel for it all. A good little action horror flick and at a little over an hour and a half its not gonna take up your entire evening.
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on 31 May 2014
another fantastic underworld film that starts from Sonia and Lucian growing up,she a princess,he a slave.they are older and are having a secret love affair,her father finds out and after lucians escape ,Lucian gathers other wiling slave to become lycan (werewolves) .they are both caught and cahied 10 foot from each other she see s him whipped and he see s her slowly burning from the sun light of day and plots revenge,i wont spoil it a fantastic film
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