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4.3 out of 5 stars187
4.3 out of 5 stars
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This prequel completes an Underworld Trilogy which up to this point has been criticised for relying on style rather than substance. But this film which charts the start of the Lycan/Vampire war gives us some character development - along with the dark, violent, yet slick visuals delivered previously.

Our view of the Lycans so far has been one of savagery in comparison to the refined qualities of the Vampires, this is rebalanced in Rise of The Lycans. We see the Lycans as the slaves of the Vampire, forced to guard them during the day, and collared so that they cannot change form without fatal consequences. The Vampires still appear civilised, but it's clearly seen that their coven is built on a foundation of slavery, corruption, and exploitation.

Lucian - the first of the 'new' Lycans plans to escape and lead his own kind to freedom, only his plan is complicated by his love affair with Vampire daughter of ruling Elder, Viktor.

What ensues is an action / romance with Werewolves, Vampires, and lots medieval slashings and gore. Again a lot of effort has gone into marrying this film into the back-story already introduced during the other two films, and also into Vampire folklore itself. This means that the three films complement each other brilliantly. I've said before that the first two films certainly aren't bad - but they are best viewed together to give a true sense of the epic scope, and now with this film that sense is intensified.

The cast has been put together well and Bill Nighy seems to relish his role as Viktor. He hams it up but instead of feeling overacted, the flamboyancy adds to the Gothic theatrics of the film. Michael Sheen's welcome return as Lucian brings with it the vulnerability and bubbling undercurrent of revolution needed for the character's role. His scenes with lover Sonja are convincing and as an audience, you rally behind him and believe in his cause.

In a nutshell: This fills in some gaps, most of which we didn't know existed until this film. This stands alone as a pretty good film, again (and at the risking of repeating myself) when you view this as part of the trilogy it considerably increases the viewer experience. Sheen and Nighy impress, Sheen is a hero without being too heroic, and Nighy is superbly creepy. The blood spurting action is there, but there's a meaningful story too. We now have three films that create a story across an epic scale from the middle ages to present day.
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on 29 June 2009
This film is FANTASTIC, the special effects are great and the acting is first class. Even better than the first film in the series and happily received after the second film which I felt was disappointing. I have so looked forward to seeing this film and it is a must for blu-ray. I cannot fault it in any way.
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on 13 February 2011
Well written, well directed, well acted, amazing action sequences, a tragic love story and amzing cgi!!! For those who love vampire/werewolf movies then this will satisfy your hunger. It really is the best of the underworld be honest Rhona Mitre completely outshone kate beckinsdale and michael sheen cannot put a foot wrong. Bill nighy was excellent and the supporting cast was also superb. Watch it and then watch it again.....i guarantee that by the second watch it will have become your fav vampire/werewolf film too.
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on 28 October 2009
This latest Underworld film continues the strengths of the first two films with a solid plot line, very well developed characters from very good actors/actresses, and achieves a balance between these elements and the excellent special effects.
Though it slightly lacks the impact of the first two films I watched with enjoyment and enthusiasm, only to find it ended too soon for me, I could have happily watched more. If you are an underworld fan, then I'm sure you will like it as much as I do.
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on 21 May 2009
Fantastic film, good action and Michael Sheen is great as Lucian. I think personally it is the best out of the three Underworld films. The story line remains good and the Bill Nighy is good as the our main Vampire, his ruthlesness is chilling and when he condems his daughter to death so coldly, you can see the man has no soul. I loved the film and can't wait to see Michael Sheen in the Twilight series. He looks a damn sight better in this one than he did as David Frost or Tony Blair.
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on 12 February 2012
This is brilliant, I have saw the first 2 underworld films several times as I really like the first 2, of course Kate Beckinsale isn't in this one.
I am aware they left the second one open for a follow up so there could be an underworld 4 as this one isn't a continuation after the 2nd one, and is set before the first story and history behind some flash backs thats seen in the 1st 2 underworlds.

In most cases by the time we get to a third one , it gets boreing after a while, and the reinact all the same thigns over and over, but good news, in this case its different, still very exicing and a wonderful storyline to follow through, actually I think it's very well done considering int he first one when we breifly see sonja its a different actrress to the one who plays her in uinderworld 3, but sttill quite close to the flash backs in the first 2, Sonja is played by Rhona Mitra, I have saw Rhon a mitra in doomsday and she did a great job in that as well, I wil be watching this one.

Again and again because its just so exciting and sush a great storyline, and of course so sqeamish bits as well, and lastly has to be said bill nighy just plays Viktor so briliantly as always, he really is an amazeing actor, and certainly looks the part too lol, he has always been such a good actor from shaun of the ead to the boat that rocked,,wonderfully diverse but him playing Viktor is my favourrite with philip ion shan of the dead as a second lol...brilliant cast of people in this too lucian is very good too, great actors and great storyline = a great flick...
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on 27 June 2009
Rise of the Lycans is one of those films that won't hold many surprises since the back story has been filled in pretty well with Underworld 1 & 2. However, the telling of the story is well done with the film keeping true to history of the blood feud whilst effectively fleshing out the details.

There are familiar faces, Lucien is played again by Michael Sheen and Bill Nighy appears as Viktor and we get to see how the big lycan Raze (played by Kevin Grevioux) comes to be.

The story revolves around Viktor's attempt to kill off the werewolves and the adoption into slavery of Lucien. Lucien is a lycan, able to transform freely from human to werewolf form and Viktor see's the potential to create an army of slave lycans that can watch over the clan in the daylight hours. Needless to say things don't go strictly according to plan.

The picture is decent - the bitrate calculator seems almost fixed on 25mbps on my PS3 regardless of what's happening on screen. The Dolby TruHD track also averages around 3.3 mbps. I can't comment on the full range of the surround effects as I only have basic stereo but the soundtrack is punchy with clear dialogue on my basic set-up.

Some of the visual effects within the film are not great, looking pretty low budget and every bit cgi. It's a bit variable as some scenes look pretty decent. The way the cgi has been woven in around the actions of the cast in certain scenes is again not always as good as it could have been making the scenes look a bit false.

This is not a 'great' film by any stretch but it's a watchable and worthy addition to the Underworld saga filling in the details well to the backstory alluded to in the previous films. I actually prefer this film over Underworld 2 as I thought the whole 'hybrid' character showed very little imagination and I prefer to be back in there with full blown 7-8ft tall werewolves and the vampires going at it rather than some lame green painted semi-human with a few facial distortions.

I've given the film a few negative comments and only three stars but it's a good solid 3 stars if you know what I mean. If you like the other films I think you'll like this. Despite a few visual problems the story is well realised and more than makes up for these shortcomings.
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`Underworld 3: Rise of the Lycans' is the prequel film in the Underworld trilogy that looks at how the Lycans came to be, how they were intertwined with the Vampires and how they gained their freedom. If you are familiar with the first two films then the style and basic premise will be familiar to you, but this film fleshes out some details and adds a whole new aspect to the story. This features Bill Nighy again as Viktor and Michael Sheen as Lucian and it is funny to see Sheen as a grizzly, werewolf hero when you have seen him as a clean cut politician or as David Frost in past films, but he manages to carry it off with aplomb. The actress who plays Viktor's daughter is a little wooden at times, as are some of the other supporting cast, but this doesn't really affect the story and this film races along at such a pace you don't really get time to be bothered by it. If you a fan of the Underworld films then this will be right up your street and it leads up to the beginning of the first film and if you are new to the series then it can't hurt to start here and then go back to the first film to see how the story develops. All in all this is a good (but not great) horror/monster film that manages to hold your attention for the duration and it is a decent enough way to spend an evening.

Feel free to check out my blog which can be found on my profile page.
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on 13 April 2009
This is the 3rd underworld movie and i loved it. Both the first and second underworld movies are good but this just concludes them all and lets you see into Lucians past. The love story is typical romeo and juliet but again i loved it and was almost in tears at the end. It gives it a human element instead of being ure over exaggerated action vamp movie that focuses on just bloodshed alone. Which im sure some people like but i enjoy a story behind the actions. If you liked the first movies then do watch this.
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on 31 July 2009
Don't know why so many ppl. are moaning about it? But then again to moan seems to be chic these days. Yes if you have seen the first two films you might allready know much about the plot since the key details have been allready revealed there, but nonetheless is it very nice to see how everything bilds up in a movie. There are some good fighting scenes too. Not all to gory but more than you'd see in most films these days. Picture and sound is as you would expect from a Blu-Ray. And yes it's dark most of the time - but hey it's a film about Vampires.
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