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4.5 out of 5 stars50
4.5 out of 5 stars
Platform: Xbox 360|Change
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on 25 May 2009
Beeing a huge fan of the hack and slash genre I missed a real good title. I've tried Afro Samurai which actually do the combat very well, but falls flat in about everything else.
I bought Wolvy with very low confidence that it would be, even, any good. I was wrong.
It is good. It is very good. It's a bit lighter than the previous iterations from Raven, like X-Men Legends or Marvel Ultimate Alliance. It ditched some of the deeper RPG stats, and loot-seeking in favour of a more mainstream, visually apealing aesthetics but it's still heads and shoulders above the competition - like Afro.
That said, I'm very glad I have this title on my collection, if only I knew it was such I fine product I'd given a look for a special edition. I should've trusted Raven, they surely know how to do hack and slashes. Good work, boys!
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on 14 August 2010
X-Men Origins: Wolverine takes you through the story of the movie and then beyond. But whilst other video game adaptations of movies often tend to be a bit pants, this one hits the ground running. And that's largely due to the infinately fun and easy-to-play control system that allows both newcomers and seasoned players of the game to take control of Wolverine and (literally) take a slice of the action. The moves that Wolverine can perform are quite varied - from general attacks, to environment-based attacks, to special all-out-claw-wielding-craziness attacks - you really do feel as though you possess quite the arsenal of weaponary; even though you're only ever using your claws. A special shout-out must go to Wolverine's 'Lunge' abiilty - that let's you pounce onto an enemy on the other side of the screen (and which also acts as a great get-out-of-jail quick manoeuvre when surrounded by enemies!)

From a story standpoint, the game covers all of the key points of the movie (naturally expanding them for gameplay purposes) and then goes beyond - further into the comic book universe (one example is Wolverine fights a Sentinal - which is a battle that is just awesome to play!). Graphically the game looks good and, from a sound point of view the music is suitably atmospheric and the voice cast performs well - and actually includes the voices of Hugh Jackman, Liev Schreiber and Will I Am - which is a great touch.

So, in an adamantium nutshell - this game is great fun to play and well worth a purchase!
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on 27 May 2009
This is a great slashing game. You end up leveling Wolverine, so you learn new moves and can switch in 'uppers' into your mutant genome.

Plot loosely follows the film, with flashbacks filling in the rest of the story. You'll have great fun hacking away at all of the enemies and figuring your way around obstacles.

Really really enjoyed this game :)
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on 6 July 2009
This game is totally fun...I love it.
Wolverine like he should be...great.
graphik and gameplay...sweet...I couldn't lay down my controller. It's a must have
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on 22 June 2009
Its one of the best games I own.
It is just brilliant, I couldn't put it down.
It really links in well with the movie as well.
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on 8 July 2009
As you may know by now this new Wolverine game is heavily in debt to a certain Sony offering, hence their is a lot of button bashing and quick time events going on.If you dont like that kind of thing then you will not like this game at all, whilst some bits of it are beautifully done its very much the same all the way through.

Unfortunately repetition is the game's biggest problem - not the combat itself but the enemies you fight, there are two mini bosses that you fight over and over again (either a rock monster thing or a wendigo prototype) to the point that it gets depressing since they both use the same tactics and have similarly large healthbars (not a bad gamesplayer complaining - just an indictment of Ravens tedious gamedesign. I swear you fight these guys about ten times in the game).

There is quite a lot here to be enjoyed but theres a bit too much padding throughout the entire game, for every bit showing high invention (an awesome airborne fight against a huge sentinel being one of the highlights) theres a bit thats borderline garbage (as mentioned above regarding overdone repetition of dull hard enemies). In a nutshell for all the games promise it cannot outdo the game it is so clearly inspired by, though in general I give Raven credit for trying as this is easily their best game in a long while.

The gameplay is a little bit unsatisfactory in a few places but theres no complaints about the graphics, courtesy of the Unreal engine this looks leagues ahead of most games and almost competes with Gears 2. The voice acting is good, the plot is passable and the gore is luvverly if you like that kind of thing (and I admit with any game like this a certain amount of its appeal comes from the bloodletting).

As a fan of a certain Sony offering I quite enjoyed Wolverine, but theres a little too much bad stuff for me to rave more about it. Its solid and worth a play through but only if you like the core gameplay, which is a button bashing beat-em up - if thats your thing then give this a try, its not perfect but I'm fairly certain you'll get a decent amount of satisfaction from the game. At around 12 hours long its a little short but there are more than a few epic moments to be had throughout.
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on 3 May 2009
Put It this way. this is Ninja Gaiden that is actually possible. I loved ninja gaiden, but for me some of it was bloody difficult. Wolverine is very similar. Blood, blood, body bits, gore, unnesseaary combos that killed the enemy way before you finished attacking them, and some more blood.

i think you would agrre movie tie in games are 99% crap. this is the 1%. absolutely outstanding graphics as well. relplay value is huge. i think the only thing it is missing like alot of beat up games is multiplayer. but thats a very small miss.
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VINE VOICEon 27 January 2010
I bought this game after downloading the demo from Xbox Live, and before buying it yourself, i would recommend that you do the same - it's free, and it could help you save money if you hate it!
I didn't hate it at all. I thought it was a solid, well-thought out game with much to praise in it. Firstly, it doesn't stick exactly to the plot of the film it is based on - it takes some more ideas from the Marvel universe and puts them into this storyline. This is a really nice touch and will appeal to fans of the X-Men and Marvel comics. It is based around the development of the much-feared Sentinels which can locate and terminate mutants. The final cut-scene when you have completed the game is very well done - but you are going to have to watch this yourself.
Gameplay is generally pretty good. Combat is well thought out and reflects the character of Wolverine very well - there is the customary lunge, and claw spins to unlock and plenty of fun moves to initiate against your enemies. The various 'quick kill' cinematics are very good. The fact you can upgrade his moves and powers is a nice touch too. It doesn't detract from the game and you don't have to spend ages dealing with it - you do it quickly and then jump back into the action.
Hugh Jackman's voice-over is very good too and he does a much better job than Brandon Routh did on Superman Returns, but he can't beat Mark Hamills turn as the Joker in Batman: Arkham Asylum.
The graphics are generally good, but sometimes they can look a little blocky when they are ingame cut-scenes, whereas the full fmv sequences are excellent (again, the final one is worth a watch).
There are some nice unlockables too. You can unlock three different costumes - the classic yellow and blue outfit, and the brown and tan outfit, and finally the X-Force costume which is the two tone blue outfit and gives Wolverine red eyes (very cool).When these unlock you get to see the new costumes in a lot of the cut scenes but not all the fmv sequences.
There are a couple of minuses though. Firstly, the jumping within the puzzles is not that great - it doesn't track very well, and you find you have to repeat a few areas more than is necessary. The game can get a bit repetitive too - there is not enough to keep you interested for the two full playthroughs you are going to need to get all the 360 achievements, so it does have quite a short lifespan. It is probably one of those games i won't come back to for quite a while. The final issue is that it does nothing really original - it is just a beat 'em up. As other reviewers have mentioned, it isn't in the same league as the God of War series. But in fairness to this game it has done a solid job throughout, especially when you take in to account that it is a film tie in, which is usually the kiss of death when it comes to games, with the odd exception!
All in all this is worth a look and will certainly keep you entertained between the bigger, and better games. It will also keep any God of War fans entertained until the third game in that series appears later in 2010. The one warning i would issue is to parents. This game is very violent in places - there is lots of blood, and there are some really nasty moves in here - decapitation, gutting and disembowelling, so i wouldn't recommend it to anyone below the age of the certificate the game carries. It is NOT comic book violence!

For those of you keen to get all the 1000 points on this game there is good news. Nearly all of the achievements are pretty easy to get. One of the achievements is collecting 95 dog tags throughout the game. I found them all by myself, and i am not really a hardcore gamer.
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on 22 October 2009
I am referring to this and batman Arkham asylum (BMAA from here on) of course. Now this did come first but I have only just played this, as i honestly thought it would be awful.
I downloaded the demo from xbox live and I am glad I did. Now to get the comparisons out of the way. BMAA is a more polished game, the presentation on both is superb but the depth of the story and use of the license goes beyond expectaion. however that does not mean that wolverines is poor. The voice acting is very good the cut scenes well done, there are loads of hidden extras and references to the comics. I think it stops where it does because of being tied to a specific film as opposed to the wolverine lore as a whole.
The graphics on both are superb although I think BMAA's are little more atmospheric, however wolverine is more of an all out action game so it is less about keeping a dark brooding tone.
Variety, well to be honest BMAA does have more variety of game styles, all of them done very well, wolverine is a more straight fotward byut the combat is better and the boss fights are more fluid, in fact the controls are more responsive all round. Wher batman tries to do something new with the combat (and does an admirabvle job) wolverine stays old school but does it supremely well.
Content, as I mentioned before wolverine is based very much on the movie, to be honest it is better than the movie, and limits the content to events based on the movie, however it does greatly expand on that. Also the game is very violent, blood sprays everywhere and as wolverine is injured you see missing chunks of flesh seal up on him.

So which game is better? depends really I have played through both and enjoyed them greatly, and while BMAA has a toch more spit and polish there is no denying the raw excitment from playing this game. Well worth picking up.
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on 14 February 2011
I have never really played as Wolverine in any of the X-Men games i have owned, usually i would be nightcrawler, magneto or storm so when this was announced i was excited although a little apprehensive. I sat and played the demo first and loved it, needless to say i pre ordered the game immediately. I sat and played for hours and thoroughly enjoyed every moment. It is gory and the environments are interactive, loved throwing enemies into spiked etc. Really gave you the feel of being an animalistic human with claws!
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