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on 30 August 2010
awesome, amazing, superb, excellent product the sound quality is mind blowing, it is so user friendly, the possibilities are endless with this little gem, my favorite function is the phrase loop function, where you can create a riff to play along with then loop another on top and then a solo or whatever you like!, you don't need someone to jam with all the time, there is only one thing that i can think of to improve this pedal, which would be a drum machine, which some other pedals have built in, apart from that this is probably one of the best pieces of equipment i have ever bought from amazon.
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on 2 June 2010
When this first came out, I wasn't overly interested as I had an ME-50. This board has less overdrive/distortion sounds, and as I had a BOSS GP-20 Amp Modeler, I wasn't interested in the addition of amp modeling.

I recently decided to have an effects clear out, and took a risk selling the ME-50, GP-20 a Boss OC-3 Octave pedal and an EHX Metal Muff distortion, hoping that an ME-70 would be an adequate replacement, and hopefully make a bit of cash.

I'm really pleased with my purchase, and I ended up better off as a result.

The amp modeling on the ME-70 is far better and far easier to get an impressive sound than the GP-20 (no wonder Boss discontinued it!). While there are less built-in distortion/overdrive effects, they are superior to those on the ME-50, and the 'Metal' and 'Core' effects add more versatility than I had with the Metal Muff.

Compared with the old ME-50, I would say there are ups and downs, depending on what you're after. Some features are gone - the tone modify has gone, replaced by the preamp, so no acoustic emulator. There are less distortion effects, and the 'variation' button's gone. All of the non-Boss emulated distortions are gone - Ibanez Tube Screamer, MXR Distortion+, ProCo Rat, Marshall Guvnor, EHX Big Muff... However, there are plenty of features on the ME-70 that the ME-50 lacked. The preamp is a nice amp modeler and EQ, and you can switch it off completely if you don't need it. The extra compression/FX footswitch adds boost when you need it as well as other new effects. In addition, the ME-70 has the GP-8 style metal expression pedal, rather than the plastic ME-50 pedal. It also has the GP-8 feature where the values you have dialed in are shown on the digital display as you turn the dial, so you know if you have the gain set to 50% or 51%. There is also a looper built into the delay pedal.

Overall, I would say this is a worthwhile upgrade for anyone owning a Boss ME-50. The extra pedal is great for solo boost and other effects, the distortion sounds are improved, it's better built and it has a looper. For anyone looking for a multi effects unit, this is a no-brainer. A fantastic piece of kit, which is very easy to use, well made, produces professional effects and is reasonably priced.
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on 7 September 2013
I've been using a Digitech RP80 effects unit for about 3 million years now and finally decided it was time to buy something new. The Boss ME-70 is a step up in terms of what I've been used to (and price), but it seemed to be so much value for the effects that you get that I had to go for it.

I'm very glad that I did. It is an excellent unit!

First impressions are that it's built like a tank. It's heavy (and I don't just mean the tone) it's weighty and solid (made of metal) and the expression pedal which is metal, is more than a match for an angry pair of DocMartin's. With the weight and the big rubber feet it's not going to move around on stage either and it's well lit with very bright LED's.

In terms of what it does, you've got a whole slew of Boss effects pedals in there. And there is very little button pressing for a unit like this. My old Digitech RP80 is all buttons and scrolling through effects and levels. The Boss ME-70 however utilises the smooth knobs of the regular Boss pedals, for both level controls and selecting the various different effect options from within the relevant banks of effects. It is so much easier to use and more intuitive than any other unit of this type. Everything is positioned in its own little section that makes perfect sense. What it reminds me of is my old Boss ME-5 floor effects unit that I originally had some years ago at the dawn of time. I really think that it's the best way to do this sort of thing. Better even than a large digital display with pictures of pedal knobs on it.
In this way you can basically play around with, what is essentially, a whole load of Boss effects pedals; and experiment until you get a tone that you want, rather than the tone that an amp modelling processor will dictate to you. It's a tone playground, with so many options available to you, but none of that is obfuscated by "the machine" getting in the way, due to the intuitive use of the pedal layout and independent control knobs. I love this! ME-5 - ME-70, full circle plus killer options and loads more effects.

The preamp is good. Unsurprisingly it doesn't have as many amp options as a dedicated modelling unit, but it does have eq, gain and level controls for the 6 amps it does have, which make it very flexible. The Rectifyer is a great sound and the Stack, Marshallish.
The Reverb is room or hall with no additional parameter fiddling, but it's a good sound, better than a lot of basic amp reverbs.
The Noise Gate is kind of hidden away and accessed by buttons up or down, with no additional controls over attack, hold or range. But it's a damn good noise gate and used judiciously it will kill hiss and spurious inputs, without leaving you hammering on and pulling off to the sound of silence. It's probably the most important hidden item on the board.

The 4 footswitches are programmable, so you can use it in a basic mode, as just a preamp and collection of different stompboxes. Or in a programmed mode where each pedal can store a setup. You then get 9 banks of these 4 pedals to program. So that's 36 different tones that you can permanently store. In addition there are another 36 swatches that are presets that you can explore with, but cannot overwrite.

In summary. It's an amazing unit. Principally for 3 reasons. 1] Price. 2] Flexibility (total control). 3] Ease of use.
I bought this when it was £245. It's now £199 and I can't think of how anyone could get that many Boss effects for such a price. It seems to me to be the ideal unit for experimenting with finding new sounds and tones in the bedroom or garage, but it has the utterly brilliant advantage of being stage solid and ready as well.
Headphones output is perfect (you don't need an amp to use it.)

Things that I would improve on it:
1] For a unit that is so very ideal for practising and exploring in the bedroom (excuse me), it really would crush everything with the addition of a good drum machine for the aspiring musician.
2] It doesn't come with a power supply. I mean really. They do give you 6 batteries, which the manual states will last for 6 hours. That's no good to anyone. A unit like this really should come with an APU in the box.
3] USB out. It's 2013 already, we have computers now.

That's about it. Great unit. Love it. Buy it and be happy.
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on 27 January 2012
Excellent value for money. You can pay over £150 for one effects pedal. This one has loads of effects that can be used individually or used in different combinations.Instruction manual is easy to understand. I use it with a Roland GR-20 guitar synth. Well pleased.Boss ME-70 Guitar Multiple Effects
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on 28 April 2012
Excellent service from company and only downside was that they included batteries but did not offer adaptor with item so had to wait roughly a week because had to order adaptor from another company.
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on 21 August 2009
well, to start off, the ME-70 has 4 footswitches and an expression pedal. these are 'compression/fx, distortion, modulation and delay'.
the expression pedal has 'wah, +1 octave, -1 octave, voice, volume and modulation/delay rate'.
all the pedals can be set to different sounds/effects and then be tweaked till it's just right.

after youve got the settings that your after, you can then save them to one of nine user patches. this basically means that if you use it to gig, in between songs theres no need to stop and twiddle with the dials. you can just enter memory mode and call up wichever 'patch' you need.

it has solid build quality and it'd take quite some force to break it.
Everything is pretty straight forward to use and you will only find yourself calling on the manual todo some of the more complicated actions.

this is great value for money for any serious guitarist and will give you plenty to experiment with.
The only cons i can think off are that theres no power adapter in the box and on some rare occasions you can get a bit stuck trying to figure a few things out ie saving/recalling settings in memory mode
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on 8 August 2011
This is an amazing piece of hardware. No flaws at all. All the guitar tones you can think off. Highly recommended. Fantastic.
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on 18 March 2014
Just used this pedal for the first time at a gig, it beats carrying around a heavy case full of individual pedals, and has a lot of great new features that i didnt have before, even with a delay, chorus, distortion and reverb pedal, i wont be looking back. I like the digital display aspect of this too, changing the dials gives you an exact figure for things like tempo of delay etc. which is really useful, and being able to save presets is handy.
It also acts as an amp simulator, with several types modelled. This feature is useful to record with simply by plugging in directly to a sound card, and bypassing the need for amps and mics.
A usb feature would be the only thing i'd personally add, in case you want to move preset banks on to the computer for storage. Also there is a loop function, but with it activated you can't use any other delays. still worth the money for this slick design with tonnes of features, and it's very user friendly
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on 5 November 2013
Brilliant piece of kit and like the features on it which are easy to operate! The only downside is that it doesn't come with a power supply 230v AC which is pathetic of Rolland Boss and also you have to buy a Boss F6 dual switching pedal and patch lead to operate the up and down banks on the machine remotely.
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on 25 December 2013
Absolutely love it, give's me everything i need, good sound, good effects, a great pedal for all your needs.
would definitely recommend to any one who is looking for something to play around with too, a lot of things i am yet to figure out!
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