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4.6 out of 5 stars28
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 2 November 2010
Well, you probably heard a lot of things about the PSP and FF7: CC, so let's start off with the pros and cons:


- Not your standard RPG, which is good, since it differs a lot from the other generic ones.
- Really really fun once you get into it deeply.
- They really aren't joking and pulling your leg when they're saying it has the best graphics for the PSP.
- Cutscenes are just like the PS3 ones, if not better, and I'm not even joking, so much detail.
- Intriguing story if you like the FF7 Compilation (FF7 , Advent Children, the short anime series too)
- Lots of missions, they mostly get repetitive but combat is always fun.
- Lots of old characters from FF7, really makes you smile when you see some of them and you go like :"Hey, I remember that guy from FF7!"


- DMW is kinda random and dumb, but you get used to it like halfway through the game
- People that haven't played FF7 might not be that much into the story and everything being all "Oooh, can't wait what happens next, I heard something about it in FF7 but I don't know what happens next, can't wait!". They just don't share the feeling with the peoplet hat played FF7.
- Missions get a bit boring after a while
- Not really hard
- Sometimes annoying minigames you can't skip.
- Unreal minigames, I mean cutting bullets with your sword so they don't leave a trace on the ground and everything? Puh-lease, it has an impact on the story.
- Sometimes the non-animated cutscenes dialog is uninteresting when people just start saying stuff and saying stuff and saying....before they get to the point.

All in all, it's a great game, and for the price it has, you should take it, ignoring some of the cons that is.
Not a game for everyone, but I definitely recommend it.

Don't really take this review seriously, you may like FF7:CC, you may like it even less than I do, or maybe you'll love it and play it all day until you get everything 100%, tastes vary.
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on 9 June 2009
+Amazing storyline
+Impressive graphics and CGI
+Easy to learn combat system
+Plenty of side missions
+Remixed music sounds great


-Gameplay can be repetitive
-Not always the best voice acting

Whether you care to believe it or not, Final Fantasy VII became one of the most influential video games ever made. More than ten years later, the game is still a milestone in gaming, with fans playing it religiously, even to this day. Dirge of Cerberus didn't exactly make a big splash in the Final Fantasy VII fandom. However, Crisis Core not only succeeds in the places where Dirge of Cerberus did not, it also helps to fill in many gaps found in the original storyline.

Crisis Core is a prequel to the main game and centers on Zack Fair, a member of Shinra's SOLDIER Unit. He dreams of one day being a hero, and he gets his chance when a member of SOLDIER 1st Class suddenly goes missing in Wutai and Zack is sent to investigate. This sets the stage for the events leading up to Final Fantasy VII in an amazing, detailed story that helps to answer a few lingering questions from Final Fantasy VII, and helps us see Zack as much more than a mere plot device. The story is told through some CGI cutscenes that look as though they were ripped straight out of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. Needless to say, the story sequences look spectacular. Throughout the story you'll get to know some new faces and you'll see other characters pop up from Final Fantasy VII and even Dirge of Cerberus. Any devoted fan to the original Final Fantasy VII will be absorbed and enthralled by the storyline.

Crisis Core is, first and foremost, an action RPG. At first the combat can be slightly confusing. As you traverse through areas you'll enter Combat Mode where you'll fight many enemies at once. You'll mostly be mashing on the X button to land attacks but you can also block attacks and dodge attacks. The L and R buttons also let you cycle through your attack, items and materia. Battling is very similar to Kingdom Hearts. Including the button mashing experience. The game isn't too hard to get into, but some of its other mechanics concerning battling can be a little confusing at first.

Crisis Core utilizes what's called a Digital Mind Wave (DMW). The Digital Mind Wave is a slot machine in the corner of the screen that is constantly spinning. At first this may just seem like something to give you a little boost in battle. From time to time you'll find that in a battle you can use Magic without losing MP, or you'll get a bonus that keeps you from being knocked down by attacks, or even a moment of temporary invincibility among other things the DMW can do. However, as you'll soon discover, the DMW is also responsible for increasing levels, performing limit breaks, and leveling up your materia. You have no control over the slots, but much of the system actually works in your favor. You'll come to realize you get level ups and perform limit breaks quite often in battle. In short, the DMW in no way interferes with combat itself. The learning curve to Crisis Core is relatively simple.

Final Fantasy wouldn't be Final Fantasy without sidequest. When not going through the main story, Zack can undertake missions for Shinra. If there was anything that Crisis Core lacks, it's creativity in its side missions. While there are literally hundreds of them, they all simply send you off to dispatch more enemies. While some of them are fun (particularly boss battles) it can become repetitive rather fast. On the bright side, however, they yield some great rewards and they often go by quickly.

Graphically, it's needless to say that Crisis Core is arguably the best looking PSP game out there. You'll be amazed at how detailed everything is. You'll also revisit areas from Final Fantasy VII and they look almost exactly the same, only being given a huge face lift. Even some Playstation 2 games don't look as good as Crisis Core.

Musically, the game actually sounds pretty good. A lot of the battle themes grow on you and become catchy after a while. The music presented in many of the areas is also really good. There are also some tracks remixed from Final Fantasy VII that sound really good.

Does Crisis Core have any real problems? Yes, but they're not huge problems by any means. For starters, the voice acting isn't the greatest. There are some good voice talents, but there are also a couple of wooden voices here. In addition to that, you can't skip any cutscenes, which can serve as a major problem if you happen to lose a tough battle. You also can't control the camera in battle which would really help the player out when the enemy clouds your vision (you can, however, control the camera outside of battle).

The biggest problem with Crisis Core is that you spend much of your time just mashing on one button throughout the game. Even worse, the game's combat system is a little too easy to take advantage of. It's a great combat system, but it is also a combat system that doesn't really challenge the player enough.

At the very least, however, the story is more than enough to make up for the shortcomings. Fans of the original game will more than likely be overcome with nostalgia when they reimmerse themselves within the world of Final Fantasy VII. If you loved Final Fantasy VII, by all means pick up Crisis Core. It's a treat for any and all Final Fantasy VII fans. Needless to say, if Final Fantasy VII wasn't your cup of tea, then Crisis Core is most definitely not for you.
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I must be honest with all of you, I bought my PS2 (that can play PSOne games) in 2001 and a platinum copy of Final Fantasy VII and I still(as May 2014) haven't finish it ! Not because it's a bad game, but simply because I continued to buy new games and stupidly not finishing the older ones( I'm cured now, finally finishing games I bought more than 10 years). Because like it or not, Final Fantasy VII is still considered one of the best videogame and JRPG of all time, very influential of the "2D to 3D" age of videogames of the late 90's.
And this game, as a prequel for FFVII, is the place to begin the love for a classic and the reasons are below :
- Beautiful and detailed graphics, even for PS2 standards.
- Great real time action combat (its not turn based combat, as older Final Fantasys) with a slot-machine system that automatically spins as you get 10 or more "soldier points" by defeating foes, for great special moves (the famous Final Fantasy limit breaks), if you get same three numbers or pictures and even if you don't, you'll get temporary combat bonuses, like invincibility.
- Great emotional story(It begins seven years before the original FFVII and you play as Zach, a "SOLDIER"(an army for Shinra, the planet's biggest private company) member, tracking some missing companions.
- As a usual problem in some JRPGs, the combat that is a bit easy, can also get repetitive after a while, but the story will make you almost forget this problems.

In the "Final", this a game for Final Fantasy VII fans, as the classic characters, like Cloud, Sephiroth and Aerith, will make your heart pound and melt once again, and game for newcomers, as one of the most beautiful and engaging RPGs on the PSP !
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on 23 March 2014
Yes yes, I am well aware that FF7 elitists out there are completely averse to any game in existence that is not the original FF7. As someone who did indeed play FF7 I will agree, I've yet to play a game that quite offers me the same experience that the original did. After all, FF7 was revolutionary, and (for the time) a faultless game in my opinion, particularly in terms of plot.

That said, I adored Crisis Core. I'm pro-prequel anyway, but this answered a lot of questions I'd always wanted answering. Namely about Sephiroth and of course, the enigmatic Zack Fair.

Zack is anything but enigmatic.

I loved his character, and I'm fairly sure everyone, male and female, fell for his charisma and charm. He was a wonderful protagonist. Despite his lack of presence in the original game, Zack Fair was an incredibly influential character in regards to the storyline, and Cloud, who in case you worried, does indeed appear in this game.

We were provided with a deeper insight into Sephiroth's life, actually playing the majority of the game on his side because he had yet to fall off the wagon. This just developed the sympathy I already had for the character. Warning however, if you love Sephiroth because he's a completely evil and heartless perfect villain then you may shake your head at this game, which offers a much more tragic presentation of Sephiroth's madness. If however, like me, you love Sephiroth regardless, then you'll love it.

The gameplay is like most FF games these days, perhaps a bit repetitive, but delightfully unnoticeable in the midst of the plot which, as usual, was flawless.

If I had to say one bad thing about this game it would be this: despite going into the game knowing perfectly well what will unfold (prequel) nothing can prepare you emotionally for the events that occur.

Perfect game, perfect soundtrack, perfect characters, perfect graphics, perfect story.

A wonderful addition to the compilation of FF7. I would recommend to all RPG fans.
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on 14 April 2012
I've only ever played final fantasy 8,10,12 and 13, I enjoyed all of them except 12 where I found the combat style hard to get to grips with, but thats just me.

When I first borrowed it off a friend I was a little nervous as I hadn't played Final Fantasy 7, but in the end that made no difference.

My friend had already mentioned she didn't like the combat layout with trying to go through the materia whilst trying to fight, but then again she didn't like any of the final fantasy combat styles. I quite liked it as you could add a variety of attributes and you still had the good old generic attack option.

It was nice feature that gave you a helping hand during the boss battles but I found if I wanted it whilst trying to level up I never got the combinations I hoped for. But once you work out exactly what each thing does you can use it to your advantage.

This was a nice way of adding magic abilities to people without making them un-realisitically magical. The option for fusion to create better abilities was also nice, and also meant people can get hold of rarer abilities.

Story Line-
The story was great, though at the start I got confused about what exactly SOLDIER is, and I still don't now. But you soon pick up the general jist of the story. You can easily connect to the characters and the ending was amasing but after playing through the game with Zack only to get to the ending to find out what happens is definately a tear jerker. One thing I didn't like was the very last battle is designed so you cannot win, so you try so hard to win only to find you can't.

I've only ever played a few PSP games, but as normal square enix doesn't disapoint. The landscapes are amasing and so are the cut scene's.

Side Quests-
You have a option to do a bundle of side quests that are unlocked as you progress through the game and complete those avaliable to you. They get increasingly harder but I found it repeatly sent you to the same places to fight practically the same foes again and again. But if you decide to play it again when you've completed it, becuase you keep you final level, you can wizz though them, but bear in mind you start them all again, so you have to do all the easy ones again.

Overall I did really enjoy the game, even though I never layed the original final fantasy. So much so I have just bought it for myself. I would recomend it to those who haven't played Final Fantasy as I got on fine not knowing the future.

**This is my first reveiw so sorry if it's lacking/biased**
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on 3 August 2011
This review is difficult for me to write. I am one of the (many) diehard FFVII fans. So, i should love this game, right?

Not quite.

In terms of setting, recreations of, for example, the Shinra HQ building gave me a huge trip down memory lane. I was interested to see how the story would play out, as Zack and Aerith's relationship was only slightly mentioned in the original FFVII when you visit Zack's hometown.

There is the rub - in FFVII a lot of things were kept a mystery, or only minor details given, and it worked. In this game, yes, we see where Zack met Aerith and the role Zack played in Soldier. But somehow, the addition of so many extra characters and weird plots just messes it up (for me that is). I guess they needed to somehow have enough material to make a game of Zack's story. But i feel like FFVII has become over saturated with over the top characters, over the top situations... i just don't care much for this story anymore. It was nice to see sephiroth as a (sort of) normal person before he met his mother. (lol)

So, while playing this game, i was constantly reminded of FFVII, and how that story pulled you in, it made me feel a part of the story and the characters, and now, in this game, i just don't care at all for these characters anymore! i play this game, and the spirit of the original is just not there, instead it feels like this game is just a milk cow, for 'fans'like me :(

Gameplay wise... you play as Zack (obviously) but instead of a party you are solo. You equip materia which you use in battle. It plays a bit like Star Ocean where you move the character around the battle screen and press a button to attack. The attack is based on a chosen command accessed using the L1/R1 buttons to scroll through the list. The battle system was quite good, I dont have many complaints there. The DMV system is a slot machine that spins in the corner of your screen that randomly gives you battle bonuses and lets you execute limit breaks, and sometimes a summon (if you have found the relevent materia).

As well as story missions, there are also soldier missions that can be accessed from the main menu to complete at any time, and some are unlocked through events with NPCs or through story progression. To be honest, the missions are very boring. There are maybe 5 gameplay stages...recycled constantly for 300 missions, except maybe you start at a different position. And eventually you will get to the ultimate boss that drops the ultimate weapon (pointless to me). Thats about it really for minigames. There was some kind of 'fan club'emails as well, but although this had potential, it was largely wasted, as there seemed to be no point at all with regards to this.

From a subjective viewpoint, i really didn't enjoy this game, as the setting constantly reminded me of its far superior original at every twist and turn. And for some reason i found Aeris childish and annoying, not displaying the same charming innocence of the original. So that grated. Zack was just like any other overly cheerful anime hero, i was surprised he didn't enjoy eating enormous amounts of food as well :p

Would i recommend this game to a fan of FFVII? No, i would say, watch the FMVs on youtube or something, and skip this game. It doesnt really add anything at all, even the nostalgic element is massacred along with the story.

Would i recommend this game to someone who has never played FFVII? Yes, ok, try it out, the graphics are great, gameplay wise it is fine, if you leave the side missions alone you wont get tired of it before the end, although the story is quite shallow and (dare i say it?) lame.
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on 22 May 2012
This is what ff7 would have been for the ps2. Engaging story line with great graphics (check the summons) and a decent battle engine.this far exceeds any other psp ff games in how it plays going back to the ff7 of a good story well told and easy to play.Its not as free roaming as ff7 but you can roam within areas.loads of side missions so i'll probly play it again with a walk through.WELL DONE SQUARE ENIX FO A CLASSIC
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on 10 June 2014
This game is a lot of fun and the graphics are just amazing. There's a lot of hidden references hinting about small insignificant stuff from Final Fantasy VII. I would recommend this for people who like this franchise but beware. This does not contain the classical turn-based fighting system.
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on 11 May 2013
If you're a fan of the old FFVII you'll love this. My only gripe is that after a couple of days play you'd feel the battles became a little boring.
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on 28 January 2013
Haven't tried the game yet, was a little surprised at all the scratches on the cover but otherwise it was a great deal! :)
Fast and efficient!
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