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4.5 out of 5 stars847
4.5 out of 5 stars
Colour Name: Black|Change
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on 26 March 2010
For quite a while I'd been using my old PS3 Microsoft Media keyboard with the different computers that came along. Then things started to go haywire and I had to change to the keyboard supplied with the computer. These worked fine of course, but every one was black and for some reason, I couldn't even type with 2 fingers any more and seemed to spend most of my time correcting mistakes.
After a long search I found this one and a 500(?) from Microsoft - what now seem to be the only white keyboards in the world!
It's dedicated USB with media controls along the top for when I want to play music etc. what's more, it was really cheap! About £10 or so if I remember?. also, it hasn't got that noisy clatter so many keyboards seem to have nowadays, instead a more muted tapping sound.

Things for the 600:
It looks the part,
Quiet in use,
All of the keys are clearly marked.

Things against the 600:
Not enough tilt forward for my liking,
The 'Delete' key should be twice as deep, to make easy finding.

A good, cheap, smart-looking keyboard. I'm glad I bought it.
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on 12 April 2010
having only ever used laptop keyboards and cheap and cheerful keyboards that come bundled with desktops, i have to say that this is a drastic improvement on those, the keys are nicely responsive and have a pleasant feel to them, as in they have just the right amount of resistance without feeling too stiff.

it doesn't require installation of separate software, just plug in and the drivers are installed automatically. the media keys are a nice touch, saving me having to flit between windows all the time, as is the inclusion of a numeric keypad (my laptop doesn't have one, making it a pain if i need to use the calculator, another useful feature is the inclusion of a calculator button which opens up the windows calculator)

the only real negative aspect of this board is the clack the keys make, not a big problem in itself, but does lend a certain cheap feel to it, but if you take your time typing and use a firm touch it does go away, but who want's to type slowly just to keep noise levels down?

i can't really comment on the waterproofing of this product as i don't tend to go around spilling fluids on electronics :D but its a nice idea and one that gives me the added security of knowing that if i do spill anything on it, it'll survive without any damage.

it has a really handsome finish and although it is utilitarian in its style, it will compliment any computer that it will be paired with.

the delivery was pretty good, not brilliant, but that was Royal snails (sorry, Royal Mails) fault as they didn't arrive at our house while 2:45pm, 3 days after the date upon which it was supposed to arrive, it came reasonably well packaged, not the best, but certainly not the worst (that award goes to certain sellers of hard drives)

if you want a decent quality keyboard for under 20 quid, you won't go far wrong with this one. i highly recommend this to anyone looking for a low cost yet good quality keyboard.
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on 29 September 2010
Very cheap and super quality and simple to set up...just put it in the usb slot and away you go. Very light and very easy to type plus its easy to clean.
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on 9 October 2010
I'm quite pleased with this keyboard. My reason for purchasing had nothing to do with it being white - though I must admit to being please with its appearance.

The keyboard is much quieter than most, which is a pleasant change, though it isn't as quiet as I'd like.

The layout is better than most. It has a nice wide shift key on the right-hand side, though the one on the left is small. Still, compared to most today, it's a step up.

The only function keys (beyond the Esc, F1 - F12, PrtScn, ScrLck, Pause keys) are sound control and the unique calculator keys. For me, this is perfect, as I've never had use for a host of extra keys on the keyboard. I find them extraneous, serving only to get in the way of finding the ones I really want.

The key throw (distance a key must move to make contact) is short. I'm a fast typist, so this is excellent for me. The touch is harder than I'd like, and also not as definitive, so there isn't a distinct feedback telling my fingers that a connection has been made. It isn't bad, but a lighter and more distinct touch would be better for high-speed typing. (At least, for me - this could vary for others.)

It looks like the symbols and text on the keys is deeply imprinted. Though I haven't had it long enough to be certain, most keyboards' printing starts to fade on the most commonly-hit keys by now.

This keyboard has a tail, but it's the longest one I've seen, so has not been inconvenient. Had I known this quality existed in a keyboard with an adequately-long tail, I wouldn't had purchased any of the boards I've had over the last five years - all of which either gradually went bad or didn't function well from the beginning (with one exception that was killed by a spill).

Not included in the description - and a reason that almost kept me from buying it - is that the keyboard has legs that flip out so it tilts nicely. It doesn't have to lie flat on the table.

For the price, this is an exceptional purchase. The quality is at least as good as most I've dealt with in the last few years - though I don't purchase top-of-the-line boards, that is, ones that cost more than £50. However, this one is much better than any of the £20-30 products I've gotten in several years. I'm quite happy with it - but can't give it a full five stars because it just doesn't have the feel that would make the keyboard an extension of my fingers. (I have, though, tried to describe it in a way that isn't prejudicial, since it might be the cat's meow for someone else.)
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on 12 September 2010
I needed a quieter keyboard for 2 reasons, my typing would wake my husband and whenever I was chatting through any audio function people complained that my keyboard was loud. Over the past 2 years I have purchased 5 keyboards looking for one that would meet that specific need. My complaint against the silicon keyboards is they required too much pressure per key which might be fine for a person who is not a touch-typist but since I am a touch typist they are entirely unacceptable. I had just about given up when I thought to try this one. After all, I have a microsoft wireless mouse that I just love. This keyboard meets my expectations and demands and even goes beyond that in that it drains any spill out through the channels at the lower edge of the keyboard frame. The only improvement I could request is that the spacebar key be made a little less flush with the frame so that it sets up a little higher. My husband has also used my keyboard and had the same complaint about the spacebar. Although I wasn't searching for any additional benefits I find I really do like the ability to manipulate my media player without opening and closing windows. The calculator button allows me to do the same. These are both handy when I am in a social situation but even more so when I am programming and coding.
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on 8 February 2011
I was just looking for a general cheap keyboard for my laptop to play games. I find it easier to play games on a seperate keyboard then the one on my laptop. This was perfect for me. Arrived very fast. The keys work great. Don't have to press to hard to get a reaction out of them. Overall very satisfied with the product.
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on 1 May 2012
I ordered this keyboard as my existing one which came with the computer was beginning to play up and was becoming unreliable. This keyboard really looks the business, having something of a quality look about it, and that's not just the colour which is a very pleasant shade, not a startling white but very easy on the eye. The spill-proof quality is an obvious advantage although I have not, as yet, spilt anything on a keyboard but you just never know. The quiet keys have a nice feel about them which I have not experienced on previous keyboards and are very positive. An extra bonus is the calculator key which gives instant access to the virtual calculator. I also find very useful the volume control buttons which I can find immediately if a Youtube video or anything else comes over with a little too much volume. Being plug-and-play with a USB input means it can be used on just about any computer even if there is no round type keyboard socket. Keyboards in anything other than the standard black are difficult to find nowadays, so I am very pleased to have found this one on Amazon at a very reasonable price for what it is. Highly recommended.
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on 27 November 2010
very smart, modern, tidy and robust keyboard. Excellent value - the best! All the necessary functions plus a bit more but without all the excessive and confusing extra features you get on many of the keyboards you can buy nowadays. In terms of usability all is good too .. although it would have been spot-on if the keys had a little less less travel - bit more like my HP and Thinkpad keyboard: a little less travel and less spongy would make it perfect - having said this though, it's pretty much there. Being an off-white keyboard, the keys visibility (and lettering) is excellent - especially in subdued lighting conditions.
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on 19 February 2011
I wanted a keyboard that was not black and one that was not noisy. This one fits the bill. Cheap, effective and simple to use, it also looks really cool. After years of black as standard for PCs and keyboards it's great to have a change. It arrived on time and overall could not be happier with it (I know it's only a keyboard!).
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on 18 September 2011
Cheap as chips keyboard but incredible value. It's hard to find a decent white keyboard, or it seemed to be at the time of purchase (Aug 11), so when I spotted this I couldn't believe it would be much good at the very low price. However, I took the stance of "nothing to lose" and bought it. I was more than pleasantly surprised. The buttons don't "click" when pushed which some like and some do not however, I find the keys positive and they feel nice and light.
The keyboard more than meets my needs; it has all the basic functions including simple things like Num Lock and Caps Lock lights, which irritatingly didn't feature on my old keyboard and I didn't need/want lots of superfluous keys as I don't play games. Clearly time will tell if it's reliable but as it stands I am delighted.
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