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4.6 out of 5 stars351
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 7 February 2009
Sorry 'Sera69' but I have to disagree. I've just come back from watching this film at the cinema with my 7 year old daughter and we thoroughly loved it. As we left the cinema there were families already telling their children they would buy it when it came out on dvd, and I would too.

If you go to watch it with the same over critical eye as 'Sera69' then I guess you too would be disappointed, but hey come on it's just a bit of fun. Lets not get all 'Barry Norman' and serious on what is just some light hearted entertainment, which lets face it, is aimed at kids. As for the laughs, I laughed out loud, as did so many others sat around me.

So, in summary, if you want to watch something with more of an adult theme then watch something aimed at an older audience, if not go and watch this film, you and your children won't be disappointed!!
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on 13 June 2009
The 1st time i went to see it with my mum i thought it was absolutly wicked! I cried twice where most people cry once. Oh its so cute! Then i went to see it with my friends and it was even better. I love Rhino the hamster, he's my favorite. Mylie C is brill as Penny even though i hate her singing and 'Hannah Montana' is the most awfull thing and not funny. But it really dousn't sound like her and she releases her inner self. My friend said it was a bit boring, but she does prefer old movies and she also suggested going to see 'The curious case of Benjamen Button'! The small but exiting adventure really shows that you should never give up on what you believe you can do. I'm 11 and thought it was awsome so i'm sure all ages and genders would love it. Disney Pixar do the most amazing job seeing as it takes 3-5 years to create a pixar movie, and they have to get the trend right seeing as trend is moving quickly through the ages, and they have to get it right other wise it looks really old.

So I think you should definitely buy this movie but if you haven't seen it, watch it on rental first. Thank you for reading this and hope it comes in useful. By Olivia May
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When 'Toy Story' & 'Shrek' came out, adults loved them as much as kids, but sadly an onslaught of CGI animated kids films failed to maintain the standard - until 'Bolt'...

OK, 'Finding Nemo' and 'Over the Hedge' were excellent too, but others such as 'Barnyard' were not. I'm happy to say 'Bolt' is a true return to form for the CGI kids animation genre. The voice talents are excellent, the jokes laugh out loud funny, and the Characters great. I can thoroughly recommend this to any one - with or without kids. I watched it with my mates (not a child in site!) and we were all in hysterics.

The story of Bolt is as follows: Bolt, is a Super-dog... or at least he thinks he is. He's the star of his own TV show and in each episode he rescues his owner ( a little girl) from the clutches of an evil villain, using his 'Sonic Bark' and various other super powers. The thing is he believes he really has these powers and one day becomes seperated from his owner and lost. Cue a rude awakening, a coming to terms with real life, and road trip across America to find his owner, and a whole bunch of new and hysterical friends (particularly a hamster called Rhino).

9/10... a classic. I watched 'UP' too the other week and in my opinion this was far, far superior on every level.

If you found this review helpful please give it the thumbs up and if not, comment on why so I can do a better job for you next time. Thanks :-)
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I have just returned from a packed-out cinema where the 3D version of this film was shown. At the end, nearly everybody applauded - myself included - because although it took a while to really appeal to me, my own personal conclusion was that it was very high in quality from a technical perspective. As entertainment fare it may not quite (and I mean quite) be up there with the very best of them but it would in all honesty seem churlish to knock it. After all, the primary audience will be children and there can be no doubt what they thought about it; I was accompanied by my two primary-school age daughters and two of their friends, and they gave it a unanimous thumbs-up. I asked them on the way home if they had ever seen a better film, and I was impressed with their comments! They shared my own view that it wasn't the funniest of all time (they mentioned Madagascar and Ice Age as examples of bigger laughs) but they nevertheless said that as a quality film Bolt was as good as anything they had seen.

There's little point in trying to place Bolt in the pecking-order of all-time greatest animated films - everyone will have their favourite. Some still say that Toy Story remains at the top. I still think Shrek could be the one. But what I remember thinking throughout this latest offering from John Lasseter was that the attention to detail in the animation across all four corners of the screen (all backgrounds etc) was awesome, the best I have ever seen. So it was clear that it wasn't put together cheaply or on a tight budget; this is superb animation at its cutting edge.

The story, while simple enough, takes a while to get going. It reminded me of the confusion Buzz Lightyear felt (in Toy Story) when he discovered he didn't have super-powers. Bolt is a dog who thinks he really is the 'superdog' he plays in his TV show because his TV-producer owners never let him off the studio set. He believes he actually has those powers that are of course created by special effects and so on. One thing he is right about, however, is that his make-believe owner in the show, a girl called Penny, really does love him both off set as well as on. So when he accidentally gets shipped from Hollywood to New York, his sole objective is to find his way back to her. The larger part of the running time therefore becomes something of a road movie, during which Bolt is accompanied by Mittens, a stray female cat, and later on a Hamster called Rhino. Rhino recognises Bolt and at first thinks he really is the superdog he has seen on TV; Mittens is far more sceptical and eventually assumes the responsibility of training Bolt how to be a normal dog - chasing sticks and burying bones for example. The chemistry between the three road-going friends is the highlight of the film, watching how they eventually bond together and generally look out for each other when danger appears. Although it's not a big deal, I suppose there are some positive underlying messages for children to learn here, about friendship, loyalty and teamwork.

The script is variable. Early on, during the shooting in Hollywood studios, I began to worry if this was up there with the best. Thankfully things improved when Bolt, Mittens and Rhino set out on their long trip across America and there were more than enough comedic moments and witty one-liners to make up for the uncertain opening. It isn't, therefore, a barrel of laughs from end to end but it does have its comic moments. On several occasions I found myself simply awe-struck by the animation standard; as for the 3D thing, well, I'm not sure that it was needed. I could have lived without it but on occasions I (along with everybody else in the cinema) jerked my head back because it looked as if something was about to actually hit me. Amusing, but not essential, and I doubt that the DVD will be any the worse for being standard 2D.

We were unanimous in our view that this was a much better film than Wall:E or Kung Fu Panda, two fairly recent films in this peer group, and on a par with Madagascar 2. Is it worth the trip to the cinema? Oh yes. Will we be buying it on DVD later on? Without a doubt. This is one for the permanent collection alongside the very best animated movies, and I recommend it strongly.
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on 14 June 2009
Just watched bolt for the first time (my children have already watched it 3 and are now on their 4th viewing - don't worry I will be moving them out into the garden in a moment!) I absolutely love it!!! Laugh out loud fun and suitable for all ages.
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I can only think that those that wrote negative reviews for 'Bolt' are not generally entertained by 'Disney' movies ?
For as long as i can remember 'Disney' have been producing family films that have and still entertain kids of all ages, from 'Snow White' to 'Peter Pan' -'Lady and the Tramp'- 'The Lion King' -'Monster's Inc'-'Wall-E' and so more recently 'Frozen'
For me the 'computer-animation' standards being produced are improving all the time.....and this production does not 'buck' the trend.
The film has all the usual charm that has kept 'Dsney' ahead of the game for more than '70' years.
'Bolt' believes he and his owner 'Penny' ( Hollywood stars ) are real hero's...until he is accidentally packed away to 'New York' ...when there still believing he has super-powers, 'Bolt' knows he has to get back to 'Hollywood' to rejoin his best friend 'Penny' and also save her from capture by the 'evil' 'One' Green-Eye 'villain'
Along the way he meets up with a street-wise cat 'Mittens' and the brilliantly funny 'Rhino' ( when i purchased this it came with a cute Rhino toy) 'Bolt' soon learns his 'powers' aren't real, but he still believes he must with the help of his new friends 'save' 'Penny'
This is a really nice, funny and charming 'Disney' movie and a must for the kids ( of all ages ) forget the critic's and enjoy the film.
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on 5 February 2011
This 3D Blu Ray of Bolt really pops...! The depth conveyed is staggeringly good. This is my first 3D blu-ray purchase and I am not disappointed by any aspect of the film. Also comes with 2D version as well. Excellent value and a fun (& funny) movie.
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A great family film, the animation is superb which is enhanced by the blu-ray format, sound blows your socks off, I always know when it`s good as our dog dives for cover.

Animated films pop up pretty much weekly these days and since the bench mark was set so high by Toy Story It is difficult not to be critical. I don't think Bolt deserves any criticisms.
Bolt tells a great story which reminded me of the Truman Show, but with Bolt a movie star dog playing the lead. The Hamster stole the show for me.

I like a film that I can sit down with my wife and five year old son, on the sofa, bag of sweets, Dolby Digital on and not have to worry about anything offensive.
Bolt delivered a great film with an amazing HD picture and sound, It`s as good a Wall.E and Madagascar, a great film for my boys collection.
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on 18 April 2012
Arrived ahead of scheduled delivery date and in good order. Brilliant animated film which should appeal to young and old alike. Prepare to be impressed by Rhino, the fabulous hamster with a mountainous ego and take an emotional roller coaster ride with Bolt, the loveable star of the movie. Don't wish to spoil the plot, so won't say too much. Not dissimilar in context to the Truman Show. Approx 92 mins of brilliant humour, laugh out loud gags and packed with fantastically choreographed high action scenes. Entertaining throughout, no negatives. Throughly enjoyable, can watch it again and again.
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on 29 October 2010
This Disney film is among my wife and my favorites. It has humor, intrigue, drama, action, and above all, that feel-goodness you can only get from Disney. We have watched it not less than five times since we bought it a few months ago. It is one of those films that you will love to own, because at some point you always seem to get the itch to watch it again. The scene with the two cats as they tease Bolt in his trailer always has me in stitches. Now, the real reson I love this movie so much...the Blu-Ray.

5/5 for a reference, high quality, nearly perfect transfer from Disney. While Disney may not always produce movies with great stories, the one thing you can always be sure of is a great blu-ray. The picture is razor sharp, colors are stunning, and though it is not the finest looking cartoon on blu, you really have to struggle to find any fault with it. A visual treat in every aspect, and one you can use to show off your shiny new TV.

5/5 for a hard-hitting, aggressive, yet subtle and refined DTS HD MA track. The dialogue is never lost in all the action, the surrounds are perfectly used, the bass is simply house shaking when needed, but never overpowering, or overused. The first five minutes of the film will have your system rocking and suck you right into the action. Even the non-action scenes are equally immersive in their own right. A very nice reference audio track again from Disney which will satisfy the bass enthusiasts as well as the audiophiles.

A big thumbs up on this blu. It is also eligible in the 2 for 17 deal that Disney has from time to time.
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