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4.7 out of 5 stars257
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 4 April 2005
When tomboy Mulan is presented to the local matchmaker as prospective bride her attempt to appear as a demure young lady is a dismal failure. Then an envoy arrives from the Emperor of China, the country is under attack from marauding Huns and every family is expected to send one man to fight in the army. Mulan doesn't want her frail father to have to go, so she steals his sword and armour, takes her horse Khan and goes in his place. The spirits of her ancestors send an somewhat undersized dragon Mushu(the voice of Eddie Murphy), to guard her. Mulan struggles through the army training, and eventually wins the respect of her comrades, and is finally triumphant in doing her bit to save China from doom.
This is an absolutely wonderful film, with spectacularly beautiful animation, great characters, a thrilling plot and a splendid score. Mulan is a very attractive heroine, brave and determined, and the supporting characters are all good too. Her parents (unusually for a Disney film, Mulan has a mother as well as a father), are portrayed very humanly and convincingly, and she has a feisty grandmother, who has one of the best lines in the film, when she claps eyes on gorgeous Captain Shang and says "Sign me up for the next war!". The heroine never loses your sympathy, I feel like cheering when, having been told to go home by Captain Shang because she's no use,she finally manages to climb to the top of the pole and throw down the arrow. And there is an almost unbearably dramatic moment when the Huns come sweeping down the snow-covered hill on the little company, and Mulan stops them with a brilliant piece of strategy. Sentimentality is kept to a minimum, this is a rousing tale of courage and triumph over adversity.
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on 28 November 2000
Mulan the story of a chinese girl disguising herself as a man an out to save china. this comic story which has been adapted from a true story is full of wit romance and action. 3 important ingredients which makes it a must watch film. its not just for the young but i promise that the adults will be raving about this film after watching it once. Its definatly worth watching more than once!
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on 18 January 2011
Mulan is a film that'll warm your heart. Set in 4th Century China, during the invasion of China by a Hun Army, the film explores the exploits of a young woman (Mulan) who secretly joins the army in her Fathers stead, at a time when it was forbidden for a woman to fight. If she were found out, it would bring the ultimate shame upon her family. As with the main character in mostly every Disney film, Mulan is confronted with a number of problems along the way and must overcome them to do her duty, and save not only her Father's honour but her country too.
When people think Disney, more often than not they immediately voice their praise for the likes of Toy Story and The Lion King. This isn't to say that they're bad films, quite the opposite, they're fantastic films and deserve the respect they get. However, their commercial success does overshadow other Disney works that were equally fantastic and Mulan is one of those films. Mulan is a film about overcoming the hardships and stereotypes associated with you and showing the World who you are. Thats why this film is an underrated Disney classic, and is a must see for anyone who can appreciate the beauty of Disney.
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VINE VOICEon 22 April 2010
I have always loved this film, its simply brilliant. It's a kid's film but there's a lot for adults to enjoy too. Based on a Chinese story about a young woman who pretends to be a man so she can join the army this Disney film is simply divine. The songs are of such a high standard they just couldn't be confined to a kids film. `Reflections', most notably, became a big hit. I also love `i'll make a man out of you'.
The script has got to be praised also; the sheer inventiveness of it is quite astonishing with Mulan talking to her long dead ancestors and befriending a tiny dragon. Eddie Murphy plays the dragon and makes this film in the same way that Ellen made `Finding Nemo' its quite simply a case of fantastic casting. Hats off to Ming Na, she has a lovely voice and does a great job of voicing Mulan.

Out of all the Disney films i think this one is probably the most feminist. Finally we have a good role model for girls, Mulan is a strong young woman who doesn't just clean the house and wait for a man, she's no Cinderalla or Sleeping Beauty. If i had a little girl i'd definitely want her to watch this film.
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on 9 September 2002
I'm 38 years old and have sat and watched this video at least a dozen times, each time I am totally engrossed. The film only has five songs, which for me is a plus, and I can sit through all of them without fast forwarding because they are so catchy. The story is compelling and moving, the jokes are funny and the scenery is the best I have ever seen in a Disney movie. I forced my partner to sit with me recently and watch the film in full. Normally a film is not enjoyable for him unless there are plenty of car chases and lots of shooting! After watching Mulan he, rather grudgingly, admitted it wasn't as bad as he had thought and I caught him humming a tune from the movie later! The next day he admitted that he might watch the film again - and that says a lot!! DO NOT MISS THIS MOVIE, I own it on Video and am now buying on DVD and I cannot recommend it enough!!!!
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on 26 June 2014
For anyone who's a Special Features geek like myself!


Deleted Scenes
- Keep `Em Guessing (Song)
- The Prologue Chronicle
- Shadow Puppets Prologue
- The Betrothal
- Shan-Yu Destroys the Village
- Mulan's Daydream
- The Emperor's Dream

Music & More
- "Honour to Us All" Sing-Along
- "I'll Make a Man Out of You" Sing-Along
- Music Video: Christina Aguilera - Reflection
- Music Video: Stevie Wonder & 98º - True to Your Heart

Games & Activities
- Mulan's World

Audio Commentary with Pam Coats, Tony Bancroft & Barry Cook

Mulan Fun Facts


Music Videos
- "I'll Make a Man Out of You" Performed by Jackie Chan in Cantonese
- "Reflection" Performed by CoCo Lee in Mandarin
- "Reflection" Performed by Lucero in Spanish
- "True to Your Heart" Performed by Christian in Spanish

Backstage Disney
- The Journey Begins
..........Discovering Mulan
..........The Ballad of Hua Mulan
..........1995 Presentation Reel
..........1996 Presentation Reel
- Story Artists' Journey
..........Finding Mulan
..........Storyboard to Film Comparison
- Design
..........Art Design
..........Character Design
..........Ballad of Colour
..........Still Art Galleries
- Production
..........Progression Demonstrations - Mushu Awakens & Matchmaker Meets Mulan
..........Digital Production - The Hun Charge & Digital Dim Sum
- Music Featurette
- International Mulan
..........Mulan's international Journey
..........Multi-Language Reel
..........Publicity Art
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on 12 November 2013
Mulan is a rare movie, combining the best of old and new styles to create a masterpiece. Based on an ancient Chinese story, Mulan tells of a girl who rose to inspire her people against an invading foe, a story pre-dating that of Joan of Arc by many centuries. In Disney's telling, the character animation, the music, and Eddie Murphy's voicing of Mushu the Dragon are "new" style elements; while animation of buildings and landscapes are "old" style, and very beautiful. Most importantly, the story development is also in the old style, with finely crafted characters you care about. This results in a film which is emotionally affecting for adults as well as children, though on differing levels.

Mulan expertly mixes cartoon slapstick, clever dialogue, magnificent sights and sounds, and eye-misting emotion, creating a powerful experience the memory of which is likely to last for a very long time. The films from Disney Studios have been hit-and-miss since the passing of Walt Disney, and Mulan is one of the hits. Perhaps the strangest example of the bull's eye scored by this film is Eddie Murphy as Mushu, with an accent that is seemingly so out of place, and yet so perfect.

The Blu-ray edition heightens the effect of the thunderous soundtrack and the beautiful animation, offering a grand evening's entertainment for the entire family. Re-visit this classic from 1998 to see how good later Disney films could be.
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Although highly formulaic, `Mulan' is one of the better Disney films of more recent years.

Like `Pocahontas' this film has a female protagonist and she is as independent and free spirited. When the Huns invade China Mulan's father is called to fight, but due to his ill health Mulan sneaks away, disguises herself as a boy and learns to fight in his place. She is assisted along the way by one of her family guardians, a tiny red dragon (voiced by Eddie Murphy, before he became better known as the voice of Donkey in `Shrek').

This film has some nice touches and is animated very well. The voice cast is very good and the music isn't too saccharine or cheesy either. You always know with a Disney film how the story will go, I.e. independent main character wants to find their own way in life, but family loyalty and immaturity holds them back, they go away and learn a lesson fighting an evil character of some description (usually assisted by a cute side-kick), find love and learn lessons and then they come home to a big happy ending family reunion. There may be slight deviations from this from film to film, but this is generally how they tend to go and it is a formula that works.

All in all I enjoyed this film, maybe more so than the previously mentioned `Pocahontas', and whilst it was relatively short, it was entertaining for the duration.

Feel free to check out my blog which can be found on my profile page.
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on 1 December 2000
Of all the great work produced by Disney, this has to be my favourite. Whereas most the previous films are clearly directed at a young audience, this one has just the right blend of 'twee' humour that disney is reknowned for as well as awesome set pieces and heart wrenching emotion - it appeals to everyone, young and old. Don't miss out on an amazing experience!
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on 1 June 2005
Mulan is undoubtably my favourite of the Disney heroines. She is feisty kicking, witty, but at the same time, she's a loyal, sweet, confused little girl. My favourite part of the film is the song "Reflection" - sung beautifully by Lea Salonga.
It's a brilliant film, and I would recommend it to everyone: young and old, male and female.
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