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4.0 out of 5 stars200
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 20 April 2009
We may as well get it out of the way, if you liked the first 2 movies and Crank, then you'll probably like this, at the same time knowing its not as good as the previous 2.

The plot is fairly simple and nothing more than throwaway fluff. He must Transport a package and accompanying him upon his travels is a girl, and if either of them stray to far from the car then the bracelets they're wearing explode. So they've tried to add a new ingredient to the formula but it doesnt really make that much of a difference. In truth its only really utilised in 2 scenes.

Many people find his companion in this one annoying, but I thought she was okay. Rumours are that Statham wasnt happy with a previous director calling the character the first gay action hero, and the girl was put added to expel that myth. At one point she even asks "are you the gay?".

The rest is most of what you've came to expect. Again his shirt comes off during a fight sequence, some cool car chases, and some suspension of disbelief.

A mention should go to the main bad guy in this movie who most people will know as T-bag from Prison Break. He showed so many aspects of his character during 4 seasons of the show that there is nothing new to see, but he is still very good as the charismatic and ruthless business man, and its good to see him getting more big screen time.

The main negative for this movie is the Director who seems incapable of filming anything without multiple angles and numerous camera cuts. As a result a lot of the action and quality fight sequences end up being missed as its just too hard to focus. Just as you struggle to come to terms with the new camera angle it changes again a second later. Case in point a scene were Statham is just walking down the middle of a train, and I mean just walking, had something like 20+ cuts, and that was in like 30 seconds. It really does ruin the movie to a degree as most of it is pointless.
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on 28 January 2009
In the first Transporter movie Jason Statham kicked six bad guys in the head whilst standing on bicycle pedals to avoid slipping on an oil-slick that had been disgorged around him, before chasing a light aircraft through 3 fields, and then skydiving from a another light aircraft onto the back of a moving articulated lorry. In the second movie he used a wooden door to shield himself from machine gun fire, vaulted through a window onto a conveniently waiting Jet-Ski, lifted the delighted female occupant over his shoulder before giving chase to a bunch of henchman in a van. He then jumped the Jet-Ski from the water through the back of the van before dismounting and punching the bad guys lights out! These thoroughly entertaining though completely ridiculous action sequences have been the series' trademark. And given the style in which this new movie has been marketed you could be forgiven for thinking that you will be getting exactly the same thing with this new instalment.

Surprisingly however, this is actually not the case. And while you're still presented with the requisite scenes of a bunch of thugs surrounding Frank Martin (Statham) and waiting patiently in turn to be booted in the face, there is a genuine attempt here to make an engaging action drama. Drama! Of all things!!

You could still write the plot on the back of a postage stamp: Frank Martin is forced to drive a package from one grid reference to another, disallowed from deviating from his course, opening the package or straying further than 50 feet from the vehicle. If he does, an explosive stashed in his car triggered by a signal from a wrist clamp will vapourize the vehicle and everything inside it. He is further burdened by the addition of a passenger (Ukrainian Babe Natalya Rudakova) as Valentina, the daughter of an East European Environmental Secretary working for the UN. The Diplomat, played by Jeroen Krabbe is being blackmailed by a Toxic Waste Transportation company to allow them to use certain shipping lanes. A selection of Eastern European criminal bastards are employed by the Toxic Waste Company to apply the thumb-screws and do their evil bidding!

The improvement in quality seems mainly due to the replacement of Director from Louis Letterier (having graduated to the direction of The Incredible Hulk) to newcomer director Oliver Megaton. Its also seems likely that Jason Statham's own decision to return may have been based on a desire to ditch the frenetic stupidity and make a decent movie. Oliver Megaton even contributes to the franchise's best moment, as Frank, having been thrown out of his car, desperately tries to remain within 50 feet by stealing a kid's BMX, thrashing it through the middle of a warehouse sweatshop, crashing it through the window, performing a flying kick through the passenger side window and kicking the thief out the other side - all to the tune of Iggy Pop's `Now I Wanna Be Your Dog'!

The fight scenes are also choreographed in a more realistic fashion, seeming more gritty and shot up-close-and-personal. Good support is provided by franchise regular Francois Berleand as French Inspector Tarconi, and Robert Knepper puts in a decent performance as the movie's snarling villain. There is one plot discrepancy however that keeps this picture rated at only 3 stars: Just exactly why does Jason Statham have to drive all the way to Bucharest? Maybe I missed something whilst gawping at Natalya Rudakova, but its appears there is no reason, other than to show-off his new Audi's 0-60 and snog his new girlfriend in some slightly dull Mid-European Countryside. The finale of the picture is suitably action-packed and ridiculous including a fine piece of Audi/moving train interfacing! Oliver Megaton does a very good job considering this is `Transporter 3' and shows genuine potential as to the movies he may make in future. Trust me; based on this evidence, the guy could direct Bond.

Another aspect of this picture that you notice is the running time: at 104 minutes it dwarves the 80 minutes of the first movie, and the 79 minutes of Transporter 2 - another sign that the franchise may be growing up a bit. From the DVD you can expect a brief `making-of' featurette, deleted scenes, possibly a commentary and very likely a car advert for that gorgeous new Audi. At the end of this movie you will also fancy bagging yourself a Ukrainian girlfriend of your own! Natalya Rudakova is a total cutie! That Transporter 3 is a good movie is also strangely uplifting!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 27 September 2015
More high octave often impossible seeming shirtless super action from the Transporter. Obviously it follows suit from Crank etc and the first two movies in its delivery and style and if you're watching number 3 and have seen the first 2 then you pretty much know what to expect. It does indeed have all the usual slick car chases, cool soundtrack and awesome but often ridiculous fight scenes, but more of a story is developed around the action in this third film and the fight scenes have a harder, grittier edge to them which again makes the film seem less cartoonist/silly/GTA and more like an actual film that happens to have lots of shirtless Statham being effortlessly agro and bad-ass.
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on 13 July 2014
Death Race...

Well it's no secret that Jason Statham has a pretty limited range - moody geezer who is good at driving fast and fighting. I actually think he's gone backwards from the days of Lock Stock and Snatch. They were clever, imaginative films but now he seems destined to churn out predicatable and increasingly boring action flicks. Sure they have great production values and he will do very well out of them, so long as fans don't mind eating the same meal over and over...

As you woud expect there is plenty of decent car chases and fights, and lots of Jason Statham taking his shirt off - so if you like all that you'll probably enjoy the film. It was all going great until the underwater scene at which point the film lost credibility - partly because they stole the idea for the first part from James Bond 'A View to a Kill' and then because the second part was so obviously unfeasible that even a James Bond film wouldn't consider it.

In another nod to the older Bond themes, the film also tries to reinforce some old-fashioned sterotypes by having the only female cast member as a weak and vulnerable girl, who is obviously then sexualised by seeing the hero (topless, of course) dispatching his enemies with his 'ninja skills'. I guess it works for the intended audience.

I know films are supposed to suspend disbelief and have crazy stunts, but when when they get this silly it just ruins what is otherwise a pretty good franchise. It would have been more entertaining and interesting for the film to shed light on the past of our shawdowy hero - how did obtain his impressive array of skills, etc... (I think they're doing this in Transporter 4) But instead you just see him doing another predictable mission.

Overall, good enough for a saturday night home-alone, but I won't need to watch it again.
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on 20 January 2010
I love the transporter films, but not for their plot. I love them because you can just stick them on the telly when your in the mood to watch something simple and watch it with little confusion and concentration. I never expected this film to have a serious plot, and to be honest it kinda does, but it seems to just overshadow all of the action in the film, just like the previous two.

However the major problem i had with this film was Jason Stratham's female co star. Now normally I love the idea of a damsel in distress being rescued by the fearless hero, but in this film the so called 'damsel in distress' was constantly changing her mind about who she was. One minute she was this scared, lonely girl; the next she was this sexy go getter without a care in the world. It just felt like the producers of the film just wanted a sexy girl in the film; similar to the previous villain in Transporter 2, but decided that she needed to be scared sometimes just to match the story a bit. This really got on my nerves.

However, the action sequences in this film are brilliant, and although they are unrealistic, you just don't care. It's like the matrix, almost anything is possible with these films and Frank of course. Jason Stratham played to his strengths of being the big time action hero with a nice car.

Just a word of advice, if you liked the previous two films then I definately recommend buying this film, cause it must be to your taste. But if you are looking for a good action film that you can just sit and watch with your mates I would buy it, as you can easily chat away to your mates and catch little snippets of the film but still you will probably have a good idea about what's going on. Oh and one more thing, if you are going to buy this but are thinking about buying the first two before this film, there really isn't any need as the films really don't connect at all.
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VINE VOICEon 12 February 2012
Jason Statham returns in his signature role as the indestructible transporter.

His 'mission' this time to drive a girl through Europe, in a bid to assist her kidknappers against his will, who wish to blackmail her goverment father.

The said kidknappers have made it difficult for him to escape this task, as he rigged to a bomb in the shape of a wrist bracelet that will detonate if he moves too far from his car.

He fights them, drives very fast, and gets up to the usual cartoon like action scenes with the typical Statham scowl and one liner.

Others may argue that the film is a little distant from the previous two, but it has it's merits.

The fights are shorter granted, the car chases slightly (only very slightly) more real (very, very well done by the stunt team, and less cheesey CGI than part 2), the film is very polished, it looks great, the music is excellent, and there is a sense of larger scale about the whole thing.

Whilst not original in story, the makers do attempt a good, fast paced if far fetched plot, that features a good villain, and as usual Statham shows why he's such a great action lead.

All in all, some of the same of the previous two, but slight tweeks to the format, some great, some not so great, but still a fun, silly and glossy action film to pass the time.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 13 June 2009
The 3rd instalment of the Transporter series follows on in the same style as the previous two. Outrageous fights and car chases, tongue firmly in cheek and Jason Statham showing that if not a great, or even good actor he has an undoubted talent for this sort of role. In this instalment he is unknowingly helping in the kidnapping of a politicians daughter to try and make the politician sign an agreement with a company that transports polluted waste to countries.

Robert Knepper as Johnson plays the main villian and is perhaps the pick of the rest of the cast. He's a ruthless man who doesn't take no for an answer and even kills his own men when they question him.

So once again this isn't a classy film, but for simple entertainment, which doesn't take itself very seriously its a perfectly fine way to spend 95 minutes. I still think two is the best of the three films.
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on 30 May 2010
You have to see the film with the aim of relaxing and accepting the impossible. Even the hero is closer to the average street guy so that, if you are silly enough, you can also start dreaming of doing the same things... including the girl.

Sometimes a film like this is needed when life is getting heavy and the last thing you want is a heavy film. Certainly a leftist gist in the film - the bad guy is American and large corporations - a lefty (extreme at that) view of what 'Global Economy' means. Also all the Europeans are 'good guys' including Ukrainians!

The plot . there isn't really any, and does not stand to scrutiny, is action, action, stunts, action, the girl, action, the end. Happy viewing!
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on 5 February 2010
As the name suggests, it's the third in the series and probably the best. Those unfamiliar with the series will be quickly drawn in to the action. One unique action sequence in particular is possibly the high spot of the entire series; Jason needs to remain close to the transporting vehicle otherwise his wrist bomb will detonate but it is highjacked by one of the bad guys. As it's driven away, he mounts a BMX bike and negotiates his way through a local street market to recapture the car and the woman's heart (as it turns out later). The martial arts combat is also very stylish with Jason especially adept at using his own clothing to foil the baddies. Very good fun.
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on 19 April 2009
Transporter 3 is not as good as T1 but then follow-on films rarely are as good as the first (look at the Jaws series as an example). Jason is super fit as usual, does all his own stunts and looks terrific in (and out of) a suit - what more could you want? Natalya, his co-star, is not the most animated of actresses but then the part didn't call for her to do much more than sit in the car, and walk about a bit. The french police inspector was his usual laid back self. The storyline is very simple and the stunts are fair but not fantastic. It's just a decent action film with a few good explosions and a bit of nice countryside to look at - and Jason, of course!
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