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4.6 out of 5 stars25
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 20 August 2012
I know this was released yonks ago, but I've only just had the chance to compare the DVD with the programme as it was broadcast. So, here's a list of the "certain edits" mentioned in the small print on the back of the box:

Episode 1: Blair and Cameron sing Bowie's "Changes" (1m00s)

Episode 2: Antony Worrall Thompson goes on fire (11s)
An overcrowded football match (7s)
Jamie Carragher blows bubbles from his nose (5s)

Episode 4: The BBC bee invasion affects Royal Ascot (14s)
"Hooverbag Sherlocks" and "The Story of Light Entertainment" (1m32s)
Andrew Marr's action stunt (40s)

Episode 5: George Lucas's funeral (23s)
"I've Pissed in a Celebrity's House" with Tony Blackburn (10s)
Saddam Hussein fishing with grenades (5s)
"Songs of Praise" stock photo title sequence (18s)
"University Challenge" sponsored by KP (13s)
George W Bush sings "Sunday Bloody Sunday" (five segments: 51s in total)

Episode 6: Uninspired ice skating (37s)

All of the above segments have been completely removed. It adds up to about six and a half minutes, which is almost 4% of the total running time (for all you statistics fans). It's understandable that this would happen with a programme that uses so much reconditioned footage, but it's still a shame. I'd have quite enjoyed it if there was an option to view the episodes with silent black-out slugs inserted at each edit, like an incomplete old movie or a KLF album.

Additionally, certain clips, mainly of celebrities walking and/or standing up, have been replaced with other similar clips (Charles and Camilla and the Beckhams in episode 1, Princess Michael of Kent's funeral and Helen Mirren in episode 4 - with Mirren's line "it's a bit intimidating really" removed as a result - and Robert Powell replaced by Eamonn Holmes in the audience watching George W Bush) or still images (Jamie Oliver, Guantanamo Bay, Vic Reeves, Henman and Murray in episode 3 - with the footage on the TV behind grown-up Henman in Tiger Timz also removed - Saddam Hussein in episode 5 and Catherine Tate in episode 6). These replacements are a better compromise than the completely removed items, but still aren't as good as they could be.

Another omission from this DVD is the 9 minute trailer that was aired two weeks before the series proper. Admittedly, this was mostly composed of clips from the series, but some of these included deleted lines that didn't appear in the series. Some of the talking head segments in the trailer didn't appear in the series either (Stewart Lee and Armando Iannucci saying "iron, wool, curtain, bush"; old Jamie Oliver shouting "Iraq!"; Richard Ayoade talking about "Deal or No Deal"), and we also got to see Presidents Serena and Venus Williams for about three seconds. Only one tiny segment of this trailer would have required contractual obliteration - the overcrowded football appears for a few seconds - so it seems a shame that the rest didn't make it to shiny disc.

Ah well, I can keep my VHS of the series in its complete form, and use this DVD to watch its five hidden minutes of Bacon Shopping Channel. I'll be siding with Tesco when the war breaks out.
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on 19 May 2009
I agree that this is a brilliant show - classic Armando Iannucci. The previous reviewer is incorrect when he says that there are no extras - there are several easter eggs hidden on the disc, you just have to find them!
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on 25 April 2009
When I received an email alert to say Time Trumpet could be pre-ordered I purchased it straight away. In my opinion Time Trumpet, ranks up there with The Day Today and Brass Eye in terms of humour, satire and presentation, however, this DVD disappoints a little.

Apart from the six episodes, there are no other special features and a couple of contractual edits have been made, so some of what was originally broadcast on TV sadly does not appear in this DVD, hence only the 4-star rating.

It's a shame that more time has not been taken to produce a DVD with more features, interviews and deleted scenes, but don't let this take away from the high quality of the programme itself!
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on 23 November 2009
Perhaps the most self consciously 'alternative' of the Iannucci oeuvre, the series only starts to work its magic after several episodes have been digested. It can make for unpleasant viewing in the meantime: there is frequent gore for example, and few easy laughs. Although we see older versions of many famous faces it would be simplistic to refer to the show as a satire, since there is no sense of any particular agenda . One of the formats that does appear to be being made fun of is the Channel 4 'best of' shows, in that we are shown a series of clips relating to events in the past from the perspective of 2031 which a set of leading alt-comedy lights are invited to pontificate.

The most impressive thing about Time Trumpet is the use of different uses of TV production styles to create the illusion of real events. The production standards seem quite high in fact, but its the masterful choice of a wider angle shot showing the back of the interviewer as well as the interviewee that makes the situation believable.
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on 30 January 2015
Another funny and original comedy from Armando Iannucci. I watched this when it was on TV and adored it; such a shame there was only one series.
It's rather surreal, taking the format of those 'I love 1972' type shows that were really popular a few years back, and set in the future. Celebrities (in their current form, in an odd version of their current form [e.g. the completely bald Stu Lee for Stewart Lee] and as actors playing older versions of celebrities [Bob Geldof is a particular favourite]) recall their memories of a year past with made-up events (like Tesco invading Denmark and Cilla Black's live autopsy) with 'footage' of said events.
Just trying to explain the concept of it here makes me wonder how the hell Armando Iannucci actually got the show made. The telly execs must have been sat there thinking 'you what now...?', but I'm glad he did.
As I say, it is utterly surreal, quite dark at times, and laugh-out-loud funny. If you like the cannon of work by people such as Iannucci (Saturday Night Armistice, The Thick of It, Veep), Stewart Lee (This Morning With Richard Not Judy, Jerry Springer The Opera, Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle) and Chris Morris (The Day Today, Brasseye, Four Lions), you will probably enjoy this, just don't show it to people whose sense of humour is questionable; they will think you have finally lost it.
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on 14 October 2013
Love Armando's work, and his political/sociological angles work here too. There were many big laughs in my household, and particular charactors and sequences have lodged themselves in my mind as new realities; I'll never look at Mr Beckham in the same light again, and Tescos are not now just a company I avoid for shopping, but can be seen as 'the enemy'.

My only gripe is that I expect, as standard, some bonus features to my DVDs. The series is strong enough not to need them, but I usually factor in a documentary or outtakes when it comes to price, and there's none of that here.
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"Time Trumpet" is to clip shows (of the "I Loved 1997" style) what "The Day Today" was to news, and in many ways the approach is the same. Staying straight-faced at all times, it totally undermines the whole genre, lampooning politics, celebrity culture and modern life in general. It's classic Iannucci and it's brilliant from start to finish.

Pretending to be a clip show from 2031, it looks back on 'the past' of 2007/2008/2009, which at the time of broadcast was the imminent future. 'Celebs' reminisce about what happened when the 2012 Olympics turned out just to be a big prank by The Friday Night Project and Seb Coe killed Justin Lee Collins. There's archive footage of the war between Tesco and Denmark in which Tesco Express stores have gained War Of The Worlds-style tripod legs and are rampaging over Copenhagen firing lasers.

There are 'present day' 2031 interviews with 'David Beckham' (really very convincing), 'Anne Robinson' and some of the then-prominent politicians such as Charles Clarke. It's only in Iannucci's deep interest in politics that "Time Trumpet" might already seem a bit dated- many of the gags relate to the Blair/Brown leadership swap-over.

Comics like Stewart Lee, Richard Ayoade, Matthew Holness, Mark Watson, Jo Enright and Adam Buxton (who also contributes some sketches) are all great stuff and if you're a fan of any of those people you'll enjoy their contributions. They're all willing to send themselves up. Stewart Lee asking why it was necessary for him to shave his head just to appear on a clip show is a must.

Unlike "The Day Today", "Time Trumpet" got largely overlooked at the time, which is a real shame as it's just as good and another essential piece of Iannucci TV.
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on 11 March 2016
Excellent as you would expect with the comedy genius that is armando iannucci
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on 28 June 2009
It's a shame that this was missed by alot of people as it was very good and perfect of what I like(clever humour) It is a real gem and full of now well established stars from comedy. Stuart Lee, Richard Ayoade, Matthew Holness, Adam Buxton, Jo Enright.
This comes from the thoroughbred comedy stables of Armando Iannucci, which means its a must see. It is based in the future and is full of now OAP celebrities like David Beckham, Seb Coe Bob Geldof And Anne Robinson, Who are interveiwed about how life used to be and how life and things are now.
I will say this its not for everyone but if you like clever comedy then this is probably for you.
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on 7 January 2013
Time Trumpet is one of those classics of British comedy that flew so far uner the radar that few people know it. Armando Annucci is on top form in this laugh out loud comdey.
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