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4.8 out of 5 stars242
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 14 April 2011
Dixit is a game with the simplest rules that anyone can play, but to play well requires a certain kind of thinking. Everyone gets a hand of picture cards and on your turn you choose a card, describe it with a sound, word, sentence, quotation etc. and place it face down. The other players must select a card from their hand that matches your description, again placing it face down. The selected cards are all shuffled. The other players then vote on which card they think was the original, but here's the clever part - If they all get it, or if none of them get it, you get no points and everyone else gets points. You have to make your description a little vague to include one or two other cards, but not so vague that it no longer really describes anything. If you manage this, you get points, those who found your card get points, and those whose card fooled other people get points. The player with most points wins when all the cards have been drawn.

The art on the cards is very pretty in itself, and each card is fairly enigmatic. The board is part of the box - you get little wooden rabbits to run around a field for keeping score.

This game is very different to those our group usually plays, being about creativity rather than logical strategy. It is a nice break for between e.g. Eurogames, but would work equally well as a family game. It actually gets harder the more you play it as you have to think up new words for the cards you've seen, as using the same description again is going to give it away. Eventually the cards become a little familiar, but there are expansions out there to solve this, and simply not playing for a week or two helps with that.
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on 4 September 2015
This is an excellent game to play with the family (although best played with ages 12+ to adults), as younger children (less than 8yrs old) will struggle to play it. The best way to actually see what this game is all about is to search for the video review of it by Table Top by googling it - excellent online review of them showing you what the game is all about, much better than what you would be able to understand just from a textual review. The game itself is a bit like the concept of the board game Balderdash (or for those of who remember the TV programme, 'Call My Bluff') but with picture cards. I would summarise our family's findings with it as follows:


1. You can play with between 3 - 6 players (there is a different version of Dixit which is for more players - best to have a look at the Dixit website to see the difference between the versions, as there is one which is for about 12 players, but I think more than 6 players will get unwieldy);
2. Each player has 6 cards, and after each round they draw another one - I will briefly describe the gameplay here, but the online video I mentioned above does a much better job of showing you what this is all about;
3. Each round a player whose turn it is (the Story Teller) says something which describes their card (can be a single word, a sound, an expression, a song, anything) and puts it in the centre of the table face down. The other players then each put a card which they think best matches the description face down in the centre of the table from their hand. The Story Teller then shuffles the cards in the centre placed by all of the players and reveals them to everyone and asks everyone to vote for which card they think is the Story Teller's - the Story Teller obviously does not vote and the other players cannot vote for their own card;
4. The players (other than the Story Teller) then put numbered tiles down on the table face down, once they have seen everyone's card in the centre to try to guess the Story Teller's card - once the tiles are placed, they are revealed to see who voted for whose card;
5. The key is the Story Teller must use a clue such that at least 1 person guesses his/her card, but not so obvious that everyone guesses the card - if nobody guesses the card or everybody guesses the card, then the Story Teller gets no points but everyone else gets 2 points;
6. If at least 1 person guesses the card but not everyone, then the person guessing the card and the Story Teller each get 3 points;
7. If people guess one of the other players' cards instead of the Story Teller's, then the person whose card it was, gets a bonus point for everyone that voted for their card.
8. The Story Teller changes each turn with play being clockwise/anti-clockwise/age order (whatever players prefer). There is a board with small rabbits which you move around reflecting the number of points, and once you get to 30 you win - the game board and pieces could have been better (especially considering the quality of the cards), but it does the job.

1. If you play with your children (younger than 12yrs old), then you will have to keep the clues short - one word or a few word easy clues - it is still fun, especially if with the younger children the clues you use are to describe friends or family members !
2. Children under about 8yrs old will struggle with it - we found that anyone less than about 7yrs old would not like it, and children from about 7 or 8yrs old only like it to describe friends and family members taking into account the strange pictures on the cards ! - that can still be quite fun and sometimes hilarious !
3. You will need to buy the expansion packs to get the most out of it, as you will soon find (we felt this way after playing about 4 - 5 times) that the cards provided limitations without the expansion packs. I have purchased packs 2 and 3 in the set - '2' was not as good as '3', but it was still useful to have the additional cards. I will probably purchase pack '4' at some point, but it is best to review the expansion pack reviews, as some reviews show that some expansion packs are more suited to families than others;
4. The expansion packs allow you to simply mix all of the cards together so that you have more possibilities, and with 5 - 6 players, you will usually get through the whole deck in the standard board game and then have to re-deal the discarded cards to continue play;
5. The game itself is excellent to get people thinking, especially if you are playing with people aged over 12yrs old to adult age, which I think is the best age group for this game - as you can use more cryptic clues, such as 'It came as a surprise'; 'He wished he was somewhere else'; 'So much to think about, so little time' etc - whilst with younger children you will probably be using simper clues such as 'watch out' or 'too many choices', etc;
6. It is a game that you can play in about 30 minutes, irrespective of the number of players. It is also a game that you will probably come back to time and time again. We are board game fans (Monopoly, Scrabble, Talisman, Pictureka, Pictionary, you name it !), and this is one of the best games we have played, and has the most re-play value when bought with the expansion packs (I would say just buy the standard game first to see if you like it, and then buy at least 2 expansion packs if you do - I would have probably gone with packs '3' and '4' rather than '2' and '3' based on the reviews of them);
7. We've found it's much better playing this with some background music on at the same time, as then people don't mind waiting so much for the Story Teller to come up with their clue ! - otherwise, we have also sometimes imposed a 30seconds/1min timer if someone is taking too long to come up with a clue.
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on 11 May 2011
This was a fantastic find - an utterly addictive game that all my friends and family loved instantly and wanted to keep playing, and rushed out to buy. It can work on many levels - we played with young children and with adults, and the mechanisms work effectively for both. I've also played with different groups of adults - some where everyone knew each other extremely well, and some where there were strangers involved, some regular games players and others not - and it works each time. At first people tend to be cautious and go for "obvious" phrases, but they soon realise that doesn't work and they get creative. I've watched it being played where the players agreed to just use single words, and that also worked fine.
The cards are wonderful, and triggered lots of discussion during the game after they were played.
One thing we found was that it works far better with 6 players, as this means there are more cards to choose from and more chances of getting a vote for your card. Loved the wooden rabbit pieces, although the scoreboard is slightly awkward to use - we made our own to travel abroad with.
Although quite expensive, I think it is great value for money. Highly recommended.
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on 21 April 2010
Dreamlike, poetic, with a touch of the surreal... my children love this game. They are aged 7 and 4 and are always asking to play it. It reminds me a little bit of Djeco's "Blah blah blah" -another favourite- where you become a storyteller using a randomly drawn card in combination with a pick of your own hand of cards, or you choose which two may be linked by a common denominator, etc. But "Dixit" is even more about thinking outside the box and about letting your imagination be jump-started by abstract, evocative images and let's see what your unconscious mind regurgitates.

If you like precision in a game, clean-cut and neat ideas, maybe will be a bit exasperated by this game, because "Dixit" is about all that falls beyond those parameters.

There is also a possible danger area: as you're supposed to describe/reflect in any way that comes to your mind the picture on a card (using a sound, a song, a name, the title of a poem, a line from a poem, a riddle, a grimace, anything as long as it beats around the bush and is not literal), it easily triggered accusations such as "you made it too obvious" amongst kids. The very young will in fact find some degree of difficulty trying a more complex, lateral interpretation of images, therefore its 8+ age recommendation. But still worth playing with the younger children as they will be initiated into the art of the metaphor in all its forms (and they will have to make an effort thinking!).

It's also beautifully designed, with very high production values and illustrated in the style of European (mainly French) contemporary children's picture books illustrators. Actually, it does feel very European in concept and aesthetics. When someone dropped a cup of juice on our box it was quite upsetting that out of all the numerous games we have it was "Dixit"'s box the one that had got damaged as it is just like a box full of real or possible dreams that wants to be opened.

P.S. "Dixit 2" is also out full of more, new dreams...
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on 25 June 2011
I bought this game to play with the family. My daughter (aged 9) loves it and so do i to be honest. The more players the better but still fun with 3 or more. Awesome party game too. Its good quality and well made. Definately worth the money and shall be played for many years to come. Buy it, it's really good!!
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on 16 May 2012
I first played Dixit with some friends on New Years Eve, once I got over the name (it didn't give the rules of the game away, which made me suspicious) it was a great game and we were playing well into the early morning! The people who had played the game before assured me that the rules were really simple and that I would pick it up quickly. They were right - a very easy game to play, very engaging and best with the maximum number of players as the more choices you have the more difficult it gets.

The artwork on the cards is amazing, and the more you look, the more you see; there are subtle little things that you didn't pick up on when you first looked that change the story you thought of when you look at it.

A wonderful game for both children and adults that will be value for money because it's never the same twice.
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on 17 January 2011
Having been brought up with miserable games like Monopoly and Cluedo, I grew to dislike board games. Having discovered other great "Spiel des Jahres" winners like Carcassonne and Ticket to Ride, I thought I would give the latest winner Dixit a try.
This is a truly inspired game. It ticks all the boxes for a great game i.e. fun, ease of play, clear straightforward rules, everyone remains in the game until the end, strategic, caters for players of different age and ability, limited element of chance (no dice to roll), repeat play interest, no two game plays the same, simple scoring, game ends when all cards have been used (so no nightmare game without end such as Monopoly, Uno, Top Trumps, etc).

I won't bother explaining the rules, as the full details can be found on PDF at the manufacturer's website. However, I would like to mention the wonderful artistic cards that really make the game. As well as being great to look at, the cards are very cleverly done so that each one can have a multitude of meanings.

Although we love games like Carcassonne, Dixit rewards imagination as much as strategy and cunning. A wonderful family game.

In fact, we have played it so much that I have just bought the Dixit 2 extension to get double the cards.
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on 24 February 2011
I play a lot of boardgames, and this one is so beautifully unique. Everyone I've played this with has loved it!
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on 17 October 2015
We love this game! we are a small group of game players (females, age mid 40s). I bought this game as it was different from some of the games we have! Discovered it as I always look for the winner of the German game award it won (any of those will be good from my experience). any ways it was a HIT! Very different and very gentle game. We all play together and each players are involved all the time, making stories or listening and matching there cards. I would definitely recommend it for a change. My words to best described it are: good, different and gentle. Do discover it.
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on 23 June 2014
Dixit is an absolutely beautiful game from top to bottom, featuring a large deck of big cards, saturated with colour and charm. It's an easy game to learn, plays very quickly and manages to be non-confrontational whilst still remaining competitive. It can be played by 3 to 6 players, although I think it works best with 5 or 6.

Each turn, one person will play a card face down in the middle of the table and reveal some sort of cryptic clue about it. Everyone else around the table then picks a card from their hand that best matches the same clue. Once everyone has played their cards face down, they are shuffled and revealed face up. Players will then vote on which card they think was the original and score based on whether they get it right, or if if they manage to mislead the other voters to pick their own card.

This leads to some really interesting exchanges between players. The scoring system works in a way in which you want some people in the room to guess your clue right, but not everyone, meaning your clues have to not be too easy or too difficult, or target individuals in the room. Whilst this might sound like two people who know each other very well will give an unfair advantage, the amount of clues that I've seen backfire in hilarious fashion is much more than I would have imagined.

For example: I was playing with my girlfriend and a few friends. I played a card with a man full of post-it notes and said the clue "The Fridge" (referring to the fridge in our flat that's covered with notes). Thinking this was fairly obvious for my girlfriend to get, whilst unlikely for anyone else to guess, somebody revealed a card that ruined my whole plan: A cat looking into a fish bowl. The way that someone had interpreted my clue and flipped it on it's head due to some imaginative thinking was incredible.. and it happens quite a lot in this game.

This is again an easy recommendation from me. I play lots of different board games and this is a great social one that works well with any audience, even if they're not really into games. It plays quick, is easy to teach and is a really pretty package overall. Add it to your collection ASAP!
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