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4.0 out of 5 stars162
4.0 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 5 May 2009
`The Uninvited' is the US remake of Korean horror film A Tale of Two Sisters and tells the story of Anna, a young girl who has been in a mental institution for the past 10 months since her ill mother dies in a mysterious house fire. Her father now is living with his new girlfriend who was also Anna's mother's nurse before her death. Anna and her sister Alex believe that their father's new girlfriend may be the reason for the fire and also fear what plans she has in store for them too, especially after Anna begins to receive visits from the ghost of her dead mother.

I watched this film not expecting much as generally US remakes of J-Horror classics tend to be pretty rubbish - just look at the awful Ring, Grudge, Shutter and One Missed Call remakes. This however was surprisingly excellent. The story gripped me from the opening scene, combining psychological horror with mystery and suspense, this film really did make the most of a decent plotline and turned it into a genuinely scary and well thought out thriller. The acting was very good - I felt the relationship between the two sisters as well as the relationship with their love-blind father was very believable. The setting was very picturesque with some very impressive camerawork displaying the beautiful ocean view during the daytime scenes then turning it into a very dark and creepy haunted house feel to it during the night-time scenes. The story itself could have worked without the ghost elements of it too but this just made the film all the more scary. I also really didn't expect any of the surprises at all and was actually shocked by the ending which I found to be incredibly unpredictable and well done.

Overall this is definitely one of the best horror thrillers that I've seen for ages and is without a doubt the best J-Horror remake that I've ever seen. I can't recommend this film highly enough as there's next-to nothing about it that I can comment negatively about other than it not getting the spotlight as much as some of the other, inferior remakes like The Ring and The Grudge. Just don't expect an easy night's sleep afterwards as it will stick in your head long after it's finished...especially when lying in bed in the dark!
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on 19 October 2010
Fantasic film this film really suprised me it had brilliant acting throughout and a great story line and fantastic twist, i tend to like what i like and if a film is slow getting into it, it really puts me off watching it again but this had fantastic thrills all the way through it and jump out of your skin moments, then to top it off some really chilling ghost parts in it the twist is probably the best one I have ever seen. I am not kidding this film will stick in your mind for ages and believe me you will be sleeping with the light on for a few nights!! :)One to watch again and again! x
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on 10 November 2013
Anna returns home after being institutionalised and tries to adapt to her new life. Her father Steven is now living with her late mother's nurse, Rachel Summer and both Anna and her sister Alex believe Rachel was responsible for her mother's death in a boathouse fire the year before.

Soon after her arrival, Anna also begins to receive warnings from her late mothers spirit, and three children who are always silent but point her to a tragedy that occurred years before in a nearby county.

The evidence she and Alex gather all point to Rachel having a secret past and that she is now living under an assumed identity. Just as she believes she has all of the evidence needed against Rachel, new information comes to light that puts earlier events in a different light....

Its a remake of a J-horror, it was made in the late noughties, it was made for the teens, and guess what, if you've seen The Eye, Dark Water, Prom Night, or any remake in this time, you realise that its not very good, despite the richness of the cast.

The story is good, its a mystery, and there are lots of red herrings that point you in the wrong direction, but from the upstart, you know Elizabeth Banks has nothing to do with the main plot.

If you are wise to these so called movies, you can see the films finale a mile off, and what makes it worse is Straitherns face come the final reveal. Instead of a Sixth Sense type shock, the film commands guffaws, as it's just handled very clunkily.

The cast are fine, but the overall product is very processed.

Don't bother.
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on 13 October 2013
DON'T READ ANY OTHER REVIEWS as it may ruin the movie for you. This is a 5 star suspense/drama/horror/mystery. Just go watch it. Knowing about the movie will simply ruin the ending. Trust me. Just watch it, don't even read the box.
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on 13 March 2010
This is a fairly standard deceased parent/wicked step-parent type horror, complete with are-they-real-or-not dream sequences and messages from beyond the grave. The end is quite effective and I must admit I didn't see the twist coming so it deserves 3 stars for that much. Plus the performances are good and the SFX, though not ground-breaking, are decent. Is it scary? I didn't find it so, but will you?

How 'scared' you can be by a film largely depends on the number of horror/thriller films you've seen previously. If you're young and have seen relatively few such films you'd be likely to enjoy this much more than someone like me who has watched them for years. Since the main characters are teenage sisters, this is most likely the intended market.

Several years ago, Hollywood began to remake Asian (mainly Japanese or Korean) films, secure in the knowledge that few Americans would watch anything foreign and thereby able to copy elements from such highly original films as 'Ring'. This process is now so well known that re-making an Asian film has become a marketing device: if they bothered to re-make it, it must be good right? I've not seen 'A Tale of Two Sisters', the film on which this is supposedly based but can only assume that the end twist is the element copied, since the rest of the movie is similar to many others.
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on 5 February 2012
Very good film, totally unexpected ending, really good story. Some hide behind the sofa moments. I would highly recomend it.
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on 8 May 2010
The picture is pristine and beautiful, the sound is crisp, and the film is superb (and really makes you think)
It's really one of those movies you must watch twice, and the second time carefully to watch for, let's just say, mistakes
The way every scene can play out two different depending on what you're thinking, is brilliant!
And the casting is just perfectly done.
I wouldn't call it a horror, but more a psychological thriller.
And the extras are good (if a bit lacking)

But I'm gonna rate it on my movie experience and give it a 5/5
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on 14 July 2011
I am a huge fan of horror films, and my main passion is Asian horror.
I first saw the original KOREAN version, (No, it is NOT Japanese) and loved it to pieces. My sencond favourite film ever next to 'The Voice' (Whispering Corridors 4).
I really loved the cute sisters in the original, and the stylish house. The characters were excellent. This one? Maybe it's that I feel too attatched to the original, but no. I didn't like it. I didn't really feel the bond of the two sisters, like in the first. The sweet sitting on the pier was replaced with manically jumping into the lake.
I had no idea that it was actually remade from 'a Tale of Two Sisters' when I first heard of it, I thought that it was a remake of the film 'The Uninvited' (Another Korean horror)
I thought it was badly remade. I would probably like it better if they had said that it was 'inspired' by the original.

Now, IF you IGNORE the fact that they ripped off the original, then here you have your basic American ghost horror with nothing particularly special about it. It had it's moments, but after all these wonderful reviews I was expecting a lot more from it.

I suppose that if you decided to buy it, then you wouldn't have wasted much, but I implore you to watch the original first.

Of course, this is only my opinion. If you liked it, then you have a good film for a ridiculously low price.
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on 7 April 2016
As all the others not watch them yet but read about it i love a good horror. Anything that makes me jump is a good film thanks
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on 26 October 2009
The uninvited is a remake of the brilliant tale of two sisters and isnt as good so the point of making it is out the window for a start.
However,it isnt a bad film and moves along at a good pace and is directed well and the performances are all good,the fact remains that i knew how this would end and i knew all about the basic ideas.
My wee sort watched this and didnt know it was a remake and thought it was a super intelligent and original show and thats good enough for her,in my eyes it is good but unessential for sure.
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