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4.6 out of 5 stars18
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 21 November 1999
After 'Young Team', a superb album in its own right, Mogwai have again produced a deep mix of atmospherically brilliant music. One of the best albums I have bought, every song on 'Come on Die Young' is beautifully mixed and builds up from simple but exceptionally melodic guitar riffs to powerful distortion driven riffs, with some excellent drumming. 'Cody', 'Helps Both Ways' and 'Christmas Steps' are particularly worthy of note. You can't help but feel in a different world when you listen!
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on 15 March 2001
I took a risk on this and bought it on the day it was released, without having heard a track and only reading a piddly little review and its probably a good job i did cause this is definately an album. Threre arent any singles here begging for radio air play. I can honestly say that i had never heard anything like Mogwai but this is truelly breathtaking music, the kind of music a hundred bands would kill to make. They kind of come on like a dark Sonic youth or early Smashing Pumpkins only without the vocals. It is desite this strangly melodic with songs awash with hooks and net loike riffs that catch you and drag you along for the ride. A few of the songs feature samples e.g punk rock features an interview with Iggy Pop but only one feature vocals, this if any thing adds to the ambiance of CODY. Their mucic follows a definate pattern, slow-buildup-heavy-slow quiet but it never desends into repetitiveness, yeah sure some of thesongs blend into each other but you get the feeling they're supposed to. I havent regretted buying this for a moment so do like i did and take the risk you wont regret it.
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on 3 February 2016
thanks mogy
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on 23 October 2004
mogwai's greatest achievment. it may take a little while longer to appreciate than young team ot ten rapid but stick with it and it will reward you. this is a band at the peak of their powers before the slow decline into too polished blandness that culminated in this years happy songs for happy people. when mogwai released this album they were, for a short time, the best band in the world.
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on 2 November 1999
This starts out with Iggy Pop being interviewed about how great punk rock is - there follows an album of un-punkish sounding music. Instead we get Weird sounds, echoing guitars, whispered vocals, and generally a very laid back album. Brilliant for relaxing to, also for driving - you can't get road rage listening to this. Recommended.
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on 20 July 2004
Having seen Mogwai live (a great experience) I came searching Amazon for the best thing to buy. This was recommended. I spent 3 months listening trying to work out why I had liked them live as this was (mostly) very boring.
In desperation, I switched to their new album "Happy Songs..." and within days was captivated. Since then I have seen them live again and purchased "Young Team" - which is also excellent.
Barring "Xmas Steps" there's little here to delay you and it certainly pales in comparison with the likes of Explosions in the Sky.
If you like your post rock with a raw edge go to "Young Team", if with hypnotic layered tunes - then try "Happy Songs.." - but give this a miss.
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on 1 March 2000
If the geetar is the medium of avant-garde musical expression then muso historians would probably place the death knell of axe modernism circa late 60s early 70s.Thereafter plectrum strummers the world over are merely retreading the same old chords. Mogwai would suggest this is not so. Spartan use of cymbals,samples(The Igster on Punk Rock but also sinister loops/layers of fedback dialogue throughout) and more prominently piano pieces are but are backlog to alternate bass and lead guitar moments of quiet reflection followed by earsplitting,bowel loosening sound.Er almost literally. The reviewer came away with tinnitus and a spot of un-beer related nausea from his Mogwai live encounter. The innovation of Come On Die Young is that apart from Cody, the only track with lyrics,you have a set of pieces with no real start or finish ;essentially cadences of sound ,that on first hearing sound samey but given three or so spins rawk with individual charm.Chocky (10, if this was serialised like the aural abstract expressionism it is) lulls you with classical piano strains and slays you with white noise.The finale (Punk rock/puff daddy/antichrist ...could have been marmite spangles!)features pretty much the same (-lack of conventional) structure but eerily evokes a particularly bleak 50s British kitchen sink drama doc soundtrack.Choose your own images listener as product placement titles such as Kappa offer little guidance. Mogwai then:one trick ponies,possibly, in the same good kinda way that Portishead are one trick ponies.
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on 14 July 2000
This album is just pure brilliance. Most groups or bands today sing and play the odd instrument. I say how can you call them a band? Mogwai play all there own instruments and write there own lyrics, this album is excellent and is my favourite out of the whole lot of them. I would recommend this album to anyone. As long as they are into this type of music.
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