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4.8 out of 5 stars58
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 14 March 2006
This would make a superb introduction to Marilyn Manson's work, and will surely send any newbie scrambling for the back catalogue. If you've already got all the studio albums, there are several reasons to buy this anyway...

1. "The Long Hard Road Out Of Hell" is on it (stupendous song only previously included on the soundtrack to Spawn I think)
2. The song ordering works very well indeed, it's as if Mister Manson has recorded a compilation of his stuff for you. Which is nice.
3. MOST IMPORTANTLY...make sure you get a copy that comes with the free DVD. This gem of a disc includes every promotional vid the band ever did, which is just fantastic. I hadn't seen any of the first album vids before. There's even one when Manson still had eyebrows...back in the days when he was a handsome devil indeed!

Oh, and the accompanying photos of Manson are excellent, but it would have been nice to have included some of Twiggy, surely? One even? And when did the name "Marilyn Manson" stop meaning the whole band and start just meaning the singer? Maybe you should ask Alice Cooper...
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on 20 April 2005
I have to admit this album sealed my love for Marilyn's music, having never bought any of his earlier albums, I was tempted to buy this one after hearing his version of "Tainted Love" and "Sweet Dreams" and seeing the videos on the music channel and boy was I bowled over!
This album is full of catchy lyrics and heavy beats, do not be put off by this guys scary image, his songs are pure class and you definately do not have to be a goth to appreciate his work!
Buy it and be very pleasantly suprised!
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on 28 September 2004
All of the greatest hits on one disc, featuring new single, the remake of "personal Jesus" which is even better then the remake of "tainted love" which also features on this album! Rip-roaring gothic music at its best! from "The Love Song" the album is set for more fantastic hits, each individually delicious and mOBSCENE.
If you are new to this genre and are looking for something to get you started, nothing is better than this, Nightwish is also advisable! The tracks have been carefully chosen and placed in perfect order. Marilyn Manson's music is so original and sinister and even if you are not a particular fan i think you could defintly appreciate what i am saying. He is a hugely successful artists and his band are so talented. So Many songs to choose from, listen to them all and begin to appreciate one of the best in its genre!
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on 30 July 2007
This album is a must for anyone interested in marilyn manson or who enjoyed his recent album but doesn't own any of his other music. This album contains all of manson's best tracks and none of his best songs are missed out. All of these tracks are very strong songs that have came out as singles and have, for a metal act, done reasonably well in the charts. Highlights include Mansons cover version of soft cell's "tainted loved", annie lennox's "Sweet dreams" as well as some of his own hits like "Disposable teens" and the "Dope show". There is not a bad track on this album and is a must for anyone who likes or ever liked Marilyn Manson or who is interested in metal as a whole. If you already like Manson this is his definitive greatest hits and if you are new to him this is the only place to start. For goths, rockers, metalheady or anyone who loves MM. Give it a go and serve loud!
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on 8 July 2007
If you are a Marilyn Manson fan and want most of his best songs in one then this is the one for you.It includes his greatest hits that are listed on the page. Although Antichrist Superstar, coma white,spade and Heart shaped Glasses aren't on there (those are some of my favourites) it includes all his old stuff and some songs I hadn't heard before. Apperantley the DVD is also good but get this.This is a must have.
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on 20 December 2004
This album is so, so good. I heard Personal Jesus cos a friend sent it to me, before that i had never heard any MM except disposable teens, which i loved.
Then i bought this album (cos of personal jesus) in october and realised what id been missing. The amazing guitar riffs of basically all the songs just make you feel so good and are such a release from everything. Put MM on and it really makes you feel better. His lyrics are provoking and honest, which is such a break. The mood of the tracks vary aswell. If you just feel like going psycho, there's mOBSCENE, Fight Song and Reflecting God, if you're looking for more tuneful and methodic tracks, then his covers of Personal Jesus and Tainted Love are the best, plus (s)Aint and disposable teens. In my view very few poor tracks on this album. Incredibly worth buying.
Buying this album totally opened me up to the world of Marilyn Manson. I now own 4 of his albums, and 4 months ago wldnt even listen 2 him.
Seriously, give him a try, it really is quality, quality music. Most people think you have to be a goth to listen 2 him, but you really don't. I'm not.
BUY IT!!!! If your into rock/metal/emo you'll love it!
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on 3 October 2004
This album is one of those true to the fans' desires, including some of the best tracks Manson has ever recorded. After years of following his music, listening to his "classics" for the first time on this Best of album is similar to the thrill of discovering him for the first time.
The range of songs selected for this album traces through several of his albums, with furious songs like "Get your Gunn" and "Irresponsible Hate Anthem", the dark hearted social comments within "The Fight Song", "The Love Song", "The Dope Show", "The Beautiful People" and "Disposable Teens" and through to the greedily received songs from last year's album "The Golden Age of Grotesque" with "mOBSCENE", "This is the New Sh*t" and "(s)AINT.
Including possibly the best covers for any songs I've ever heard for "Tainted Love", "Sweet Dreams" and his newest cover release of "Personal Jesus", there is barely room for anything else to blow your mind with such a unique interpretation of music, but with a few extras thrown in, the album itself takes on it's own persona despite it "simply" being a Best of album.
The Special Edition version of this album is incredible with 2 bonus tracks and an imagination-altering DVD of 21 of Manson's videos for the explosive songs he has given his morbid touch to. With videos of several of the songs on each of his 6 albums, including the controversial "Coma White" and the never seen before video for "(s)AINT (that needless to say will probably never show on any tv channel ever), it adds that dark magic shadow that all Manson fans will treasure to have within their grasp at all times.
This is one album for anyone who has ever even been remotely caught in the blacklight headlights of Manson's songs. For new fans, for old fans, and for the spooky kids yet to come.
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on 1 July 2006
Even though Marilyn Manson is not that good as an entertainer (his live shows are usually poor), he is a great songwriter and artist. I could say that he is close to perfect, as his subliminal songs are unique and special in every way. The thing I like the most about his work is that we, the listeners, have the opportunity to define the meaning of his songs in our own way, depending on our beliefs, ideas and experiences. Someone shallow and conservative would say that Manson is a Satanist and he would reject Marilyn's work immediately. However, someone more open minded would think much differently and would probably be amazed with Manson's songs and the way they are, so pure and original. I advise you to give Marilyn a chance first, before you assume he is the anti-christ, and this album is the best way to do it.
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VINE VOICEon 15 January 2009
I really love this Album. I bought it on the strength of his better known tracks over the years. As it is now available on mp3 one has a chance to listen to the tracks. Its definitely a grower as well. If you're not a big fan of scream singing don't be put off because this album is very well put together and the anger in some places makes sense when you hear the lyrics. I love 'personal jesus'. The whole album can be played over and over.
In a way its nice that Marilyn has not been thrashed on tv or radio. One can then just enjoy the freshness of this album. As this was my fist album I shall definitely check out some of the others.
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on 9 January 2006
This is a great place to start with an absolute icon of heavy music, he is a pioneer in the field, he has never conformed or backed down in his message of free speech and liberation for all.
Sure, you may think he has a few sacrificed virgins beneath his bed, but having met him, hes just an ordinary lovely chap.
That aside, he is the greatest rock icon this side of AD.
Its all here, the seedy covers given the Manson magic touch, from the nightmarish "Sweet Dreams" through to the hugely successful "Tanited Love" and finally a near revelatory cover of Depeche Modes "Personal Jesus".
The fist-pumping furious anthems are all here, Manson screaming like a demented, pissed off preacher holding sway over a generation of jaded and angry teens. His glammy, posturing, and highly artistic ventures into the bizarre continue with amazing songs such as "The Dope Show" and "Rock is Dead" however, Im slightly dissappointed that Coma White and I dont like the drugs... arent on this album.
A churlish point considering that this album is full to the brim with incredible, dark, brooding and intelligent rock; the biting, hateful lyrics underpinned by grinding, heavy brain smashing guitar work and a driving beat.
His finest moments are all here : The Dope Show, The Fight Song, Disposable Teens, Tourniquet, Rock is Dead, mObscene, and of course, it would be criminal not to mention the song, the anthem, the single that really got us listening to Manson, "The Beautiful People". If I were to sum up this album in one word..actually I cant..try this: absolutelyincrediblyundeniablybrilliantlyanthemicallyotherworldyGenius.
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