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4.1 out of 5 stars153
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 14 October 2010
Released in 1997 "Be Here Now" was the 3rd studio album by Oasis. After the high quality offerings of "Definitely Maybe" and "(What's The Story) Morning Glory?", it's fair to say that "Be Here Now" had its work cut out to match up to the ridiculously high standards of Gallagher Inc.'s first two albums. But how exactly does this 3rd one fare?

I think the easiest thing for me to do first is point out BHN's biggest flaw, that being the length of the songs. The impression I get is that the band forgot to check their stop watches while recording each track because most, if not all of them, can be a drag. D'YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN? And MAGIC PIE run on for over seven minutes, while ALL AROUND THE WORLD insists on making your ears run a marathon by going on for over a tiresome NINE...MINUTES.

In fact seven of the album's twelve tracks last over 5½ minutes, and while a lot of us do enjoy a few banging drums and some uplifting electric guitar strumming in a track, there are only so many minutes in a day. We wanna listen to as many tunes as we possibly can in those 24 little hours. Whether you're sitting in your chair, lying on your bed, or walking around the room, there's no escaping the frustration of the fact that Oasis got a little carried away while recording this stuff, leaving you saying through gnashed teeth "For crying out loud, will you just hurry up and finish so I can listen to the next piece of work?!"

It's a use-up-an-entire-box-of-tissues crying shame about the length of the songs, because what Oasis did record here is very entertaining. D'YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN? is a great start with its strong (and slightly angry I would say) drumbeat and the guitars releasing great dollops of adrenaline into your system. STAND BY ME is a lively piece with the violins, though only having a minor roll on the background, lifting your spirits and making you feel positive about the world around you.

THE GIRL IN THE DIRTY SHIRT is a nice song with a little bit of a country vibe to it. I know I said it was lame in my original writing of this review, but like everybody else I'm entitled to have a change of heart. Finally the appeal of ALL AROUND THE WORLD is its progressively increasing epicness as the chorus goes through the different chords, like a Ferrari shifting up through the gears as it speeds down a long open stretch of smooth tarmac. It's great.

If you can endure the length of most of the songs on "Be Here Now", then you'll find yourself listening to an album with a decent selection of themes, and is generally full of Britpop energy. I think it warrants a 4-Star score. Just...don't say I didn't warn you about length issues, OK? I mean I did mention it a couple of times!
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on 26 December 2014
Brilliant album, the best Oasis ever produced, and my all-time favourite album by any band. It's an album that is endlessly repeatable and I never bore of listening to. It's glorious 90's Britpop in it's heyday, captured and bottled in one long, epic, swaggeringly loud anthem-driven sound. No album that came before it has sounded this bold and brash, and no album since has dared to either. As legend has it, the album was written while the band were taking copious amounts of coke, and this is why the album sounds like it does.

Critics went crazy over it at the time, then quickly backtracked once Britpop died along with princess Di, but actually those early 5 star reviews were pretty much spot on! There were so many great tracks that Noel had written, the B sides from this period were even better than the songs that made it on to the album - The Fame, I got (the Fever), Going Nowhere, Stay Young, Sister Lover.

If you want to hear Oasis in their prime, moments before Britpop crashed and Oasis lost their `bigger-than-Beatles' status, then this is the album to listen to, and not the much vaunted `What's the Story, Morning Glory', which has lost much of its appeal over the years due to being overplayed to death, and now sounding more dated and predictable than a karaoke jukebox. Sure, it does also contain many classis, but if you want hear pure adrenalin rock at its finest (and loudest), then `Be Here Now' is where you need to be....
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on 6 February 2016
Hindsight is a wonderful thing.Yes,at the time this,the 3rd album was panned by all.Lets face it Maybe and Glory were going to be a hard act to follow.And yes,i agree,if Masterplan was THE 3rd album they would have really soared.
B H N looking at it retrospectavely is much much better than i remembered.Like fans at the time it seemed an overindulgence,a look what we can do,coz we can album.However,after having listened to this album after nearly 20yrs its actually a very good album and deserves reappraisal.
Probably now only thought of in terms of singles released from it,D,You Know,Stand By and All Around The World,but actually containing some crackers such as I Hope I Think I Know,The Girl In The Dirty Shirt,Fade In Fade Out Magic Pie(with jazzy false ending).
Go on,give this album another chance,its better than your memory may have you believe,and still sounds very fresh.D!You Know What I mean?
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on 28 September 2005
Well,well,well a 3rd Oasis album and a good one at that.Songs on there are just unforgettable classics though some are very overproduced but that shouldn't stop you from buying it.Songs such as D'you know what I mean,My big mouth and I hope, I think, I know show off that swagger and arrogance the awesome Gallagher brother have produced.But songs like All around the world and Magic pie show the classic Oasis acoustic songs.Though haven't I forgotten something?Oh yes the amazing lyrically and emotional Stand by me a true classic again I wish I had the writing powers of Noel buy the album on this but also take in other songs.But as always there's something wrong The girl in a dirty shirt and it's gettin' better man are weaker tracks though do not let me put off of the album.
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on 10 March 2016
I've never understood why critics and some oasis fans have an ill-feeling towards this album. I listen to it regularly and the only flaw I could pick out was that the song 'Magic Pie' was maybe a little longer than it should've been. It has such a swagger to it, cocky and loud as hell. Right up there with the first 2 albums for me, I love every single song on here. Stand out tracks are: D'you Know What I Mean?, Stand By Me, I Hope I Think I Know, Don't Go Away and All Around The World. Anyone who hasn't listened to this album in a while and is still unsure about it, I advise you give another listen because it's some of Oasis' best work. Yes its long but why not? The White Album by The Beatles was long, still a terrific album. 5 star album.
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on 20 January 2016
At the time it came out the word decadent could have described nearly everything by all the bands at the time labelled under the title "britpop".. This album was no different, although the songs are half decent, the production is overblown, still wondering how much coke was snorted over the mixing desk... Still, entertaining non the less. Getting Better Man is a stand out Good Rock n Roller for me. It's just ashame that they missed a step here, they could have easily made a far better album out of the B-sides off the Singles from this. Still, better than 90% of the s***e about at the time. For me it's their 4th best album behind Definitely, Morning Glory and Don't Believe the Truth..
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on 23 October 2000
Come on everyone, is morning glory that good an album? It had some very good songs on it, but in terms of an album as a whole, it wasn't very good. BHN is far more cohesive, if a little too long. There aren't as many stand out tracks as morning glory, but that's because the album is more consistant over 70 mins. The reason wonderwall, champagne supernova etc. stand out on album 2 is because they're amongst songs like hey now and hello. BHN is the better CD as all the songs are pretty good. What's the Story always had good songs, but it was never a good album.
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on 13 February 2013
It's great! A must have for all Oasis fans!

Probably one of the most highly criticised albums ever recorded by Oasis, but, I don't see why? This really is a good album! OK, it's no 'Definitely Maybe' or '(What's the Story) Morning Glory?' People nowadays slate this album because it succeeded two of the greatest albums ever written. If it hadn't, I think it would have been hailed as one of the best albums of the decade, and certainly the year.

Don't believe the critics! See for yourself! This really is a crackin' album!

Go madferit!
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on 8 February 2007
For most Oasis fans the first two albums are usually considered the undeniable "classics". Ask people for their opinions on the records that followed and you'll get a different answer for each album depending on personal taste. The most controversial of these is Be Here Now- which appears to divide opinion like the Red Sea. I agree with the reviewer who said that critics shot this album down weeks after hyping and praising it as the second coming. Alot of the panning of this record seems to stem from Noel's disowning of it. He made this point pretty clear by not putting a single song from Be Here Now on the recent "Best Of.." album. However, Noel changes his opinion on what Oasis albums he does and doesn't like frequently - what about hearing YOUR opinion? Here's mine...

The album is grandiose to the max and for alot of people this was a disappointment. The songs are also lengthy and heavily produced. I can understand why this would deter many a fan who are used to the punchy attitude of Definately Maybe. But on the other hand I rejoice at the majesty of it all, songs like D'Ya Know What I Mean and especially All Around The World (with it's gradual, epic build-up) sound massive. Stand By Me is another fantastic song, as is the lamenting Don't Go Away. The only poor song that I think of on here is It's Getting Better Man - it just doesn't go anywhere at all.

Be Here Now is alot different to any other album in the Oasis back catalogue and I think this is the reason why I love it so much. A one-off experiment, but a brilliant one at that.
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on 20 July 2005
Ok Ok, slow down - so this definately isn't the complete balls up that the critics (and most of the public) would have you beleive. But at the same time it isn't a classic (put those five stars away NOW!!!)
In short, to listen to this album all the way through is quite a tedious experience. But that is not to say there aren't some gems on there.

First up, D'Y Know What I Mean. This single is probably one of the subtlest things they have ever done. It builds gradually and has endured far better than some of their more praised early efforts.

Stand By Me is a hands down classic. And All Around the World is still fun to listen to (if a little overblown and certainly not deeply complex in either its lyric or melody)

So two classics and one near miss: these are things that cannot be said about any of two albums that followed.

The rest is a bit tiresome (well Magic Pie is tolerable), everything goes on for far too long and the melodic and lyrical content is about as slight as anything you'll ever hear. BUT.... if they'd put a couple of the contemporary B-Sides on this album (Stay Young and Going Nowhere) it would have been a half classic.
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