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4.9 out of 5 stars94
4.9 out of 5 stars
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on 13 February 2002
I bought it the week it was released back in '94 in my student days. I loved it right from the start and with each play it just sounded better. My favourite track is No Good (Start the Dance). How many nights did I spend on the dance floor in the Union sweating like a pig to that track?. I do like modern dance music but there's nothing like the power and agression of the Prodigy to give my speakers a good work-out and take me down memory lane to the days when I was so skint I had to make a pint last at least 2 hours.
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on 18 August 2008
When I first listened to Music for the Jilted Generation in 1994 it was unlike any album I had ever heard. 14 years later there is still nothing which comes close to the intensity, aggression and dark cinematic vision which is contained in every second of this record.

This edition has been remastered and and comes with a second CD of exclusive remixes and live tracks. For me the second CD is a bonus the real excitement came from realising the remastering was far from a gimmick. The album has a new polish which takes it to an even higher intensity of listening. Minor details now leap out with incredible clarity and sparkle with the overall sounds capes feeling even richer and more vibrant than before.

Additionally in the 1994 version of the album the intro to the song "The Heat the Energy" was tagged onto the back of the preceding song "speedway". This was an interesting idea but thankfully the track start point has been edited for this edition and the intro is now part of the main song.

This version of the album only compounds my love for it and seals it as the most original and compelling record I have ever heard.
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Music For the Jilted Generation shows a transition from the quirky all out dance sounds of their first album Experience (ie "Charly", "Wind It Up") to the deep angst big beats of Fat Of the Land. The last four tracks, starting with "One Love" seem to go back to the influences of their previous album. While "Voodoo People", "No Good" and especially "Poison" show where they were headed. So where are the weaknesses that usually occur when artists change their technique/style? There are none, this is a perfect and thoroughly enjoyable album made better all the better by the variation.
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on 13 September 2000
More brilliant than ever after four years. I came late to this album, unaware of its commercial success. It's now more than six years old, and easily outshines any dance album of today in its variety and depth. Unlike Experience and The Fat of the Land, every piece is a soundtrack to a distinct and moving theme. Aggressive and heavy, chill and spaced-out, and funky all at the same time and with catchy yet subtle samples to entertain further. I am frequently hooked on a particular track for the umpteenth time as a rhythm or melody leaps out to present a new angle to listening.
After so much exposure to 'Jilted', I now find virtually all club music dull, simplistic and repetitive. If it was all put together with such style and finesse, the world would be a more inspired and intelligent place.
If you only ever buy one 'dance' album , buy this one. It's probably all you'll ever need.
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on 28 August 2012
Almost 20 years old and still brilliant! Generaly the entire album is great and the track order is good, although there are some tracks that realy shine including 'Voodoo People', 'Poison' and 'No Good'. 'Full Throttle' and 'The Heat' I found were not realy that interesting but they aren't bad enough to stop me listening to this album and it shouldn't be for you either. If you are into dancing to electronic music then I strongly reccomend this CD as some of the tracks are truly incredible to move to and will have you on the dance floor in no time. The 'Narcotic Suite' section at the end of the album is actualy a great distraction from The Prodigy's normal music and like its name suggests is truly mesmerising with 'Skylined' that sounds a bit like some of Jean Michele Jarre's Oxygene. Altogether a great album that still sounds fresh and new even after 20 years.
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on 4 December 1999
OK, OK, describing the music of Prodigy as 'a modern classic' may not be the kind of image that most people expect. However, the tracks on this album are stunning. The music evolves and flows, you can tell there has been some real though behind the creation and development of each piece.
Fat of the land was a great album but nothing compared to this.
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VINE VOICEon 19 February 2004
The second Prodigy album, following on from the original Experience, showed that Liam Howlett had outgrown the crowd-pleasing rave that people previously associated with The Prodigy. Moving away from the toy-town simplicity of Charly was a brave move, but one that paid off. With such a varied collection of tracks on display here, it doesn't seem fair to generalise, so I won't.
1. Intro- As you'd expect, there is little point to it, but the Intro to Jilted contains a clear message- the Prodigy were going back underground.
2. Break & Enter- The last link to Experience, B&A sounds the closest to any of the early Prodigy records, but it's a much more sophisticated beast, slower and more refined, and without the cheesiness.
3. Their Law- Clearly forshadowing the direction the Prodigy were to go, Their Law is an anarchist anthem that puts a middle finger up to definition. Hard rock riffs, a cracking bassline and some excellent vocals: "F**k em, and their law". I'm not sure what genre of music this goes under, but I do know it's one hell of a tune.
4. Full Throttle- Filler, pure and simple. Howlett probably knocked this one out in five minutes, and it seems like an unhealthy throwback compared to the next track.
5. Voodoo People- The highlight of the entire album, and possibly of the entire Prodigy career. Imagine a hardcore record, but with heavy metal guitar riffs, strong acid sounds and the most killer beat you could imagine and you're almost there. The hardest Prodigy single, filled with aggression and rhythmn.
6. Speedway (Theme From Fastlane)- Prog house? Hardcore? Trance? Once again, its impossible to classify this one, but it sticks largely to 4/4 beats. One of my favourite Prodigy tracks, and I feel one of the most under-rated.
7. The Heat (The Energy)- Quite similar to Break & Enter, with another massive break-beat. Not the most stand-out track on the album.
8. Poison- One thing the Prodigy always do well is intros, and I'll not spoil this one for you, but take my advice and play it loud. This was the forerunner to the big-beat sound they started to adopt, and sounds the most like it could be on The Fat of The Land. Another great track with some warped vocals.
9. No Good (Start the Dance)- Easily the most straightforward record on the whole album, No Good is straight up hardcore, but hardcore that is fifty times better than your average hardcore track. A dance anthem that probably kept the Prodigy tied to the club scene more strongly than they otherwise would be.
10. One Love (Edit)- This one didn't make the American issue of the album, and Howlett was very unhappy with it, as he felt it didn't fit in with the album he was writing. While it's certainly true that it doesn't seem to fit in with the evolution of the Prodigy, its still a damn fine instrumental hardcore record.
11. 3 Kilos- The Narcotic Suite opening track certainly sounds like the soundtrack to a drug trip, with its slow, rolling piano melody, swirly synths and infectious flute. Very good chill-out music, but may dissapoint many Prodigy fans.
12. Skylined- A bit of a throw away track, but again, effective chill-out music.
13. Claustrophobic Sting- Scary acid-house that makes full use of that dance miracle- the 303. I love this one, as it is a damn hard record.
What does all this mean? I'd say the best Prodigy album to date, as it is more experimental and more dancey than FOTL, and nowhere near as dated as Experience. Newcomers to The Prodigy are recommended to start here, as it leaves the gateway open both to their new, more pop sound, and also their old-skool stuff.
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The Prodigy were a sure fire winner from their first album 'Experience' and the Music For The Jilted Generation captured the heart and minds of raveheads and the general pop music buying public when it exploded in the mid 90's.

It is littered with classics, Poison, No Good (Start The Dance) and Voodoo People. These three track alone are hugely well known and respected, Poison has a bassline that was allegedly created by a bass speaker being placed under a grand piano and the resultant seismic wave recorded and incorporated into the track.

This album is an absolute classic and has not aged at all. Looking back what is very interesting is that this album represents something of a crossroads in their style.

Poison is a nod to the future direction they took with The Fat of The Land album, a grungier, slightly more punky edge to their music. At the same time 'One Love' is a stone cold rave track form the early 90's and, had it appeared on the 'Experience' album would not have sounded out of place.

Then you have the tracks that fit comfortably on the crossroads, No Good is the absolute killer track and was utterly massive when released as a single. Break and Enter, Their Law and Full Throttle are also standouts that fit with the jilted generation theme very well.

The last three tracks are massively intriguing, known as the naroctic suite they are slow burning, come down tunes with hints of wind instrument and ambient pans and sweep that wash over you with a sense of euphoria. Who could forget the eerie female vocalist whispering 'My mind is glowing.'

There is so much going on here in such a few tracks it is easy to forget how much of a slamdunk this was in the popular music world.

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on 23 February 2001
This ablum takes the raw ingredients from the first and pushes into new territories. It smashes together the usual prodigy breaks/hardcore sound with punk-rock attitude. Whilst the album brought prodigy to the attention of the world, they still manage to retain their underground credentials - mostly due to their anti-CJB stance. Only last week I heard Voodoo People in a club and it sounded as fresh now as it did when it was first released. Get this album and 'Experience'. This album is also much better than the much over-rated-aimed-for-US 'Fat of the Land'
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on 10 November 2002
Music for the Jilted genoration is argueably the greatest of all the Prodigy's albums. Evey tune is of the highest quality and there is so much diversity in this album from full on break beat tunes like "Break and Enter" and "Their Law" to classic rave tunes like "No Good (Start The Dance)" and "One Love" and even elements of hip-hop for who could forget the fantastic song "Poison"? But the best thing about this great album is that it's timeless. Not one of the tunes sounds dated even after 8 years. If you like the music of the Prodigy then this album is essential and if you have no Prodigy albums then I strongly sugest that you make this your first.
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