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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 26 June 2016
An aptly-titled album full of nicely-delivered covers. The tracks are either excellent, or just average.
1. The Rose – 9/10 – A very calm piano-led ballad.
2. Total Eclipse of the Heart – 10/10 – This is my second-favourite track on the album. It is essentially a duet between Mark and Shane, and the contrast between their voices is nice to hear. Mark’s explosiveness is really showcased here.
3. All out of Love – 10/10 – Another great track. Compliments to Delta Goodrem who sounds divine.
4. You Light Up My Life – 6/10 – Another Shane/Mark duet, although it is not my favourite – it feels rather repetitive.
5. Easy – 5/10 – An easy listen. Nothing special.
6. You Are So Beautiful (To Me) – 5/10 – This follows in the same vein as the preceding track. Too repetitive to me.
7. Have You Ever Been In Love – 9/10 – I absolutely love the chorus of this song. The verses sound nice as well. Shane’s raspy vocals and Mark’s clean and soaring tones work quite nicely in tandem.
8. Love Can Build A Bridge – 8/10 – This is another ballad, showcasing all of the men’s voices. Mark’s soaring voice ad-libbing over the predominantly Shane-led chorus is quite nice to hear.
9. The Dance – 10/10 – This is my favourite track. Understated greatness. The storytelling is brilliant, as is the verse-chorus transition. The key change at the end is reminiscent of the old-school Westlife.
10. All Or Nothing – 7/10 – A nice album track.
11. You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling – 9/10 – This is a very special duet between Shane and Mark, and is a brilliant closer to the album.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 28 February 2013
Ok so I am a man over 50 reviewing this album. I am not a Westlife expert but I do know an an album that delivers a great listening experience especially as a background sound track for a party.

This album has a great selection of songs and they are delivered very well. What more do you want.
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on 20 September 2008
This album is different to any of their others, as it seems to be a weird selection of solo performances by Shane and Mark (not complaining on the Mark point). Some of the tracks do mix the vocals, but in large part, the Cutie Blondes (their official names) are basically missing. Even when there are backing vocals by them, you can rarely even recognise their voices.

Having Mark singing, using more of his amazing potential (particularly on track 2) is fantastic to hear. His voice is effortless and has a sense of soul that I don't think Shane's does, however great. So again, not complaining here. It is odd though that the album is solo/duo/band/hint of 'boyband'. As a whole, it feels as though two seperate artists collaborated (and maybe brought a couple of mates - or were they on holiday somewhere?)... so yeah, kinda odd.

Now the choice of tracks is no suprise and it could have been truly awful, though Shane stretching his range and style in his vocals and as previously mentioned Mark being allowed to shine and not hold back as much as usual, saves this album for me.

Only 3 stars, (wish I could have given it 3 1/2) because it still is what it is - Westlife doing what people find irritating about them; singing predictable songs, which are covers and still not showing what they could really do and blast out of 'easy pop'. They could prove people wrong with one album - but they don't. Watch them live or on DVD on tour and you see so much more talent than on any recorded album. Shame.

Oh... and the irony of Westlife releasing a love song album?! Like Eminem releasing a rap album. I had a little chuckle... then bought it. Hmm...
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on 11 June 2007
I have to apologise first for being so late to buy this Album.I said it's better late than never.

Exactly what I ever want to listen to.These amazing vocals and especially Mark.How does he make that?I tell U if U fans fail to buy this Album and listen to ``The Total Eclipse, The Dance, and You have lost that Love feeling''to mention but a few,U don't know what you'll be missing.Whenever I play this CD I feel Marks'presence in the house and it brings another cool Atmosphere.You are so adorable Lads,not only the way you look but also the way you sing.Whatever song U choose to play or cover I will always listen coz listening to U brings me a feeling of hope,I don't know how to explain this!!!But it really gives me alot of strength in Life.BELEIVE IT OR NOT.

Another point.I read some negative reviews earlier and I'd wonder what some of these people do in Westlife sites.For me if I didn't like an Artist,I'd never go to his site!For which Interest!!I think they are either paid to do so, or Jealous of our attractive,disciplined,modern and styled Boys.

I love them Westlife.
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on 11 December 2006
At last my friends an album to rival all the greats, after listening to this album I decided to release a dove in my local park as a sign to mankind that love conquers all. I couldn't find a dove so I released my granny's budgie...she wasn't happy but the budgie was over the moon. I'd like to take you through a breakdown of what must be the most fantastic collection of musical notes ever to appear on one CD.

1) The Rose - I understand that to capture the full majesty of the original the guys decided to record this in the Amazon Basin, no not the one in Brazil but an MFI bathroom display with the same name. The result though is phenomenal.

2) Total Eclipse of the Heart - The guys from Westlife are such perfectionists that Kian had a bag of concrete poured down his throat in order to replicate Bonny Tyler's rasping voice. Though it didn't work his vocals have never sounded better.

3) All out of love - I'm all out of love myself after listening to this song, it's completely drained me and now I'll probably need a love transplant. Does anyone have Bono's phone number?

4) You light up my life - Accompanied by the Estonian philharmonic and the Gumbay dance band this piece is given a classical lilt and if Mozart were alive today he would probably cry into his porridge wishing that he was capable of producing such a masterpiece. They have truly rewritten the history books.

5) Easy - let's face it who liked the commodores anyway? Ok they made a good computer in the 80's and Lionel Richie was a member but what have they done since? The lads from the Emerald Isle made short work of this little number and re-vamped it into a modern disco classic. With a thumping bassline and some rapping over the guitar solo courtesy of Eminem this version is the one people will be singing for years to come.

6) You are so beautiful (to me) - I serenaded my wife with this very song when we were courting but I couldn't do it justice the way Westlife have. Those are the very words she said to me before she left the country with my uncle Frank. You would think that hearing this would now hold bitter memories but I can't help but smile and think that although I have lost the love of my life I will always have this song to remind me of the good times, fill your boots Frank.

7) Have you ever been in Love? - Apparently while singing Falsetto on this track Mark discovered some new musical notes which means every piece of sheet music will now have to be rewritten to incorporate them. A small price to pay I think you'll agree.

8) Love can build a bridge - If love did build a bridge then I would be listening to this track as I drove over it in my Nissan Micra with the windows open and the roof down. Ok the top doesn't come down but I could open the sunroof

9) The dance- This is a clever cover of the Bucks Fizz classic "making your mind up" that the guys have chosen to rename to keep us guessing. It has all the heart wrenching emotion of the original and with Cheryl Baker on backing vocals tips a hat to the original but still manages to sound fresh and exciting, how the hell do they do it!

10) All or nothing - The small Faces did this originally and made a right pigs ear of it, if only they had taken away all that noisy guitar and screaming vocals and just stripped it down to four lads dressed in cotton suits and sitting on barstools throwing forlorn looks into the camera and singing over an orchestral backing track then they too may have had a hit on their hands. Great work boys!

11) You've lost that loving feeling - A Reggae version of the old classic that tips you upside down until your money falls out of your pockets. When Kian takes the lead and starts skanking you'll feel like your sitting in bar in old Kingston town and toking on a fat one, pure genius.
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on 19 November 2006
I've always been a fan of westlife and I am proud of this album because The Love is mature and highlights their vocal talent.the songs reflect their emotion and musical world.

it's a real pleasure to listen to us because they are talented,professional and anxious to come up to their fans' expectations!!!

I advise you to buy it because the songs are of the hightest quality!!!
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on 6 June 2014
I have been looking for a cd by westlife singing the rose. I was really pleased to find this one and the other songs on the cd are great to. It is great to listen to it in the car. It arrived very quickly and was well packed. I would use this seller again for more cd's. Thanks.
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on 25 November 2006
I love this album and I'm very suprised about Westlife because they did very well. Almost songs in this album I've heard before but when I listened to this album I thought I was hearing completely new songs. I think they really have perfect covers. In my opinion, the greatest songs in this album are "The Rose", "Total Eclipse Of The Heart", "All Out Of Love", "You Light Up My Life", "The Dance", "All Or Nothing" and "You've Lost That Loving Feeling". And I think the success of this album is thanks to Shane. He has extremely warm and sweet voice. He sings even much more beautifully than he did before.

I'm sure that "The Love album" will be the next Number One album in the world. Therefore, this album's worth to buy!
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on 20 March 2015
I was shopping in Tesco when I heard someone singing "the Rose" (my favourite song) I managed to trace it to Westlife so I bought the album. I thoroughly enjoyed all of the songs on this album and their version of "The Rose" (my favourite song) is one the best I have ever heard( Bette Midler will always be the very best). My grandchildren are very impressed that I bought a Westlife album but it was worth it. Some lovely songs on the album, well sung.
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on 6 May 2013
What can I say?if you like Westlife you will love this album!It has all the ingredients for success.Easy listening ,enjoyable,well put together tracks.I think my neighbours will soon be fed up with hearing it through my open windows!!
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