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3.6 out of 5 stars48
3.6 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 31 July 2007
The Chemical Brothers have had a remarkably consistent career for a dance act, singles wise at least. Indeed its difficult to imagine a time when there hasn't been at least one great Chemical Brothers single dominating the airwaves.

Do It Again may not have been the most outright catchy single they've ever done it was one of those that slowly but surely got under your skin, before lodging itself in your brain.

And in a sense, this consistency has applied to their albums; in an ever changing world you at least know exactly what you are going to get from a Chemical Brothers album, right down to the guest appearances.

This time around we get the likes of The Klaxons, Willy Mason and Midlake. Ironically it's the two collaborations that you would perhaps be the most wary of (Mason and Midlake) that really hit the spot and the one that everyone would have been excited about (Klaxons) that falls flat. Indeed All Rights Reserved merely sounds like the Klaxons, and not one of their better songs at that.

Mason on the other hand steps up to the plate with aplomb for Battle Scars, whilst The Pills Won't Help You Know is perhaps the perfect "come-down" track.

Ironically it's the more straightforward "dance" moments that fall most flat although the absolute nadir has to be The Salmon Dance which wouldn't sound out of place on some CBeebies under 5's show, (if one ignores the lyrics) and as such will probably be a number one hit for weeks.

So all in all it's exactly what you'd expect. Some decent songs, some dreadful ones and a couple of stormers.
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For a fair few years now the Chemical Brothers have been a dance act for people who don't like dance music. As I write this, Amazon says "customers who bought this item also bought: White Stripes ... Editors ... LCD Soundsystem ... Arctic Monkeys".

They've completely given up on the big-beat sound that they helped to make popular ten years ago, but unfortunately what they've mostly replaced it with is a thin-sounding electro-light that just doesn't do it in clubs. If this album is to be belived, then chord changes must be out of fashion, as there are very few here. This is strictly a home-listening album, particularly a listen-while-you-work album- you could argue the same about previous Chem Bros albums but for this one it's especially true.

Sometimes the new sound really does work- I really like "Burst Generator" and "Battle Scars". "The Salmon Dance" divides opinion- personally I really like it, it's essentially a novelty record but there's no harm in the occasional novelty record and it splits up the album nicely. However the sound gets tired and tracks like "Do It Again" and the title track "We Are The Night" just sound a bit limp.

The second half of the album works better than the first half but when in future you think "I'd like to listen to some Chemicals now", then this album isn't going to be the one you pick off the shelf.
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VINE VOICEon 24 July 2007
This is the Chemical Brothers' sixth studio album and in summary, represents both a return to minimalist house instrumentals of Dig Your Own Hole and continuation of vocalised tracks that sound more like the collaborating artist than the Chemical Brothers. By normal standards, it's definitely a must-have and there's enough clever catchy beats and hooks to keep you entertained. By Chem Brothers' standards, it's not as good as the early stuff but exceeds Push The Button.

The highlight of the album is "Battle Scars" where distinct male vocals revolve around an extremely infectious hook; it's one of the slow burnng tracks but probably the best written on the album. A "Modern Midnight Conversation" epitomises the Chemicals' story; they're at their best when their tracks are simple and effortless (remember Exit Planet Dust?). It's a breezy dance track with floaty female vocal samples.

I actually think "Salmon Dance" is a catchy little ditty with bouncing beats and humorous rap lyrics. Don't take this track seriously and you'll enjoy it more. "Saturate" is the best instrumental on the record and again, when the tracks sound simple and organic, the Chemical Brothers show why they're one of the finest dance bands ever. It''s a synth-powered tune that threatens to climax in the same way of Leftfield's Storm 3000 (but with real drums).

The Klaxon's collaboration has slowly grown on me but lyrics seem lazy compared to the their emotive Grace cover and the music... well, nothing special. "Das Spiegal" sounds like the Chemical Brothers been challenged to make a credible dance tune out of the cheesiest synth sound on their sampler... and they almost succeed. "Burst Generator" is a harder house track and sits comfortably on the record but you wouldn' miss it if it wasn't there. "Do It Again" as we all know, is a catchy house-flavoured tune though I'm not yet convinced it was one for commercial release.

"We Are The Night" sounds like part two of "Sunshine Underground" from Surrender and it needs to be played really loud to get anything from it. The final track on the album, the Midlake collaboration, is pleasant and mellow enough and soundtrack to a lazy, rainy Sunday afternoon or a night out at Fabric (depending on which side of 25 you're on).

There's some genuine modern classics on the album but there's a few "ok" tracks but that's "ok" compared to Chemical Brothers' standards, which in normal circumstances is still damn good!
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VINE VOICEon 6 August 2007
This is most definetly not the most instantly likeable output from the brothers - I wasn't at all taken when I first bought it. Now having listened to it a few more times it's really grown on me and I'm addicted. Push the button was great but short lived - this seems to be the opposite.
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on 23 December 2007
I was a little surprised by some of the more negative reviews that have graced this album and was left wondering if we were listening to the same record. It's certainly their best since Surrender, though is maybe not as immediate. Combining deep dark funk (Do It Again), Indie-rave mash up (All Rights Reserved), deep funky techno (Saturate) amongst others, it's certainly an album I've not gotten tired of this year and rewards repeated listens. Okay, the Salmon Dance may divide opinion but personally it brightens up my day every time I hear it
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on 18 June 2007
For some reason I knew this would be bad before I bought it... I mean bad as in crap, not bad as in 'cool' bad.

Anyway, track 8- Burst Generator, is the only decent track on this album. Do It Again is some anti-drug pop single. Sounds rubbish- you know how you can buy an album (say Heathen Chemistry by Oasis) and listen to it, and instantly know which tracks wee designed to be singles, and the ones which are just there to serve as filler, well, Do It Again is the only 'single' manufactured track on this album. The Salmon Dance is like... wtf?? -sounds more like a Fatboy Slim track than a Chem's one, and in terms of great sounding music, it is WELL below average. It also sounds nothing like what you'd expect from the Chem's, and is pants.

Usually when bands have a best of: out, it marks the end of decent records, and the phase of their careers where they're just putting out records (in which their creative burst has depleted) for something to do. Evidentally this is what has happened with the Chemical Bros.

Overall, this is one crap album with a cool cover- 3/10. Download Burst Generator if you liked the 1st 4 Chem's albums. Or if you haven't heard the Chemical Bros.
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on 1 August 2007
The menace and drive of the Chemical Brothers is intact on this album, but after initially finding Salmon Dance amusing it doesn't sit with the rest of the album after a few more listens. Maybe it should have been at the end. Maybe it should have been dropped. Anyway, it doesn't matter because you're going to drop this onto your MP3 player where you can delete the one sub-standard track and get on with enjoying the rest.
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on 3 October 2007
Fabulous albulm, very infectious. Great to blast out when getting ready for a night out. (Yes Salmon dance is a bit wierd, but the rest of the Cd is so fantastic it deserves 5 stars) Fabulous live too
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on 10 June 2007
If you like The Chemical Brothers then you are going to absolutely love this! A kind of tech-electro breaks riddled CD full of interesting and top quality tracks. The salmon dance being one of my fave tracks, i think Chemcal Bros have hit on something here with this track.
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on 3 June 2007
I was quite disappointed with the previous album - Push the Button. It somehow - lacked the "push the button" feel, somehow ;)

I enjoyed most of the tracks, which are as follow:

We are the Night does have the night element - I could see the star shining.

All Rights Reversed will be a techno hit for sure.

Saturate - A classic techno

Das Spiegel - it was a track - full of fun :-)

Burst Generator - somehow, it reminds me of U2 (?)

Harpoons - was a calming track that sounds as if to make you prepare for the last track on album - The Pills Won't Help You Know, which was one of their best closing track of their albums.(I loved Surface to Air from "Push the Button" very much)

By the way, did they put the title of the track on purpose? Is that a message? (which somehow related to the title of the album, eh?)

I didn't really like the 80's-retro-feel tracks like A Modern Midnight Conversation, Battle Scars.. but hey, I love majority of the tracks, and while R&B is the mainstream, I'm glad that I still have alternative choices like Chemical Brothers ;)
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