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Customer Reviews

3.6 out of 5 stars73
3.6 out of 5 stars
Platform: Xbox 360|Change
Price:£37.61+ £1.91 shipping
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on 25 September 2013
Ok so after a friend lent me this i took the plunge and bought it.
for £13 its a great game and some of the comments saying how bad it is are totally out of proportion.
so i have mainly played instant action which is very very good


to start off the maps are pretty good realistic
and one thing i would note would be that the maps are bigger for conquest games.

now i read a review about not being able to break a block?
if you read the instruction manual you will realise a special heavy attack does the job nicely.
but to make use of the melee classes you need to learn one basic combo which is : X X X Y B
i think.

i havnt played alot of story mode but it looks good to me.

the only bad things i have found about this game is for starters it can be a tiny bit glitchy but not so bad
then the ways to kill orcs or humans they get a bit repetitive but its not so bad.

this game is pretty much star wars battlefront 2 for lord of the rings but a great feature is no hero timer,
now star wars battlefront 2 is a very good game but i think for me this is better simply because its newer and the features a bit more updated.

this is meant to be a star wars 2 based game and its done really well i would recomend it without hesitation,

but what annoys me is people who write reviews saying "oh you copied battlefront" when thats the point
if people read the booklet they would find this game more enjoyable
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on 13 October 2012
Conquest is a peculiar game. On one hand it is a spiritual successor to the massively popular Star Wars: Battlefront series; on the other it is a hack 'n' slash adventure through famous sites in Middle Earth.
The gameplay is mixed. Combos are made up of mindless button-mashing, involving barely any skill.
The story is a surprise hit - narrated by Elrond - and the adventure is set in two factions - Good and Evil. The actual combatants change depending on who is fighting.
If you play as the Forces of Good, the plot follows the trilogy of films nicely. Locations are visited and recreated satisfyingly.
However, alternatively, if you play as the Forces of Evil, the plot takes place after the films if Frodo decides to keep the ring instead of destroying it in the fires of Mordor. This sounds very cool, but the truth is they both play identically. It kind of defeats the point of having two teams, on the opposing sides of the moral spectrum, if they play exactly the same. It's practically an insult.
Instant Action is carried over from Battlefront, so you can hop in to any map you choose and play some different modes, like Capture the Ring/Flag, Conquest, where you need to capture all the command posts in the map to win, and Team Deathmatch. Considering the decent amount of maps, this feature is what should keep die-hard fans coming back.
Unfortunately, the online multiplayer was cut by EA because they felt no-one was playing it. So, if you're looking to play with friends who aren't sitting next to you, I'm afraid you're out of luck.
To conclude the review, I think Conquest is Battlefront with a LoTR license slapped on. Although this sounds bad, this will probably attract fans of the LoTR and Battlefront alike. So, if you want to relive the thrill of your PS2 days along with a dose of high fantasy, this game is worth a buy. Otherwise, rent it first or ignore completely.
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on 25 July 2010
Lord of the Rings : Conquest is an action/adventure game, released in 2009 the game allows you to play through the game as both the sides of evil and good, with the evil side letting you play as ogres and sauron, trying to stop the ring from being destroyed.

The campaign is in two sections comprising of eight levels in the "war of the ring campaign" and seven in the "rise of Sauron" campaign.
The war of the ring campaign is best described as you taking part in the big battles of the lord of the rings trilogy and some new ones which take an alternate path from the film. New battle examples are Gimili trying to take back the Dwarve city from the Orcs or fighting in the battle where Gondor and Rohan have decided to attack Minas Morgul. (Which in the film they decide against)
In the rise of Sauron campaign, it is a completely different story full of opposites. This follows the idea that Frodo has succombed to the power of the ring and doesn't destroy and so it falls into the hand of Sauron, following this you control the Orcs and sauron as you battle through Middle earth and conquer all.
Both the stories are good and interesting to see some of the alternate events play out, being based around Tolkien the narrative structure is of a high class and it fits in well with the story. The feeling of being involved in the battles you have read about and seen is atmospheric and engaging , however how it feels and how it plays is a different thing altogether.

The game is set around hack n' slash type battles, these are done through 4 classes as well as special characters from the 3 films.
The basic classes are warrior, ranger, mage and scout, but as well as these you get the chance to play as a Balrog, Sauron, Ent and a few more.
Warriors are great melee fighters, they are best in the thick of the action. They are effective with big attacks like flaming sword, which knocks down all sorrounding enemies, they are also great when defending as they can block and counter, as well as using secondary weapons like throwing axes for taking out enemies at distance.
Archers are for long range combat, using their skill with bow and arrows to kill enemies before they even reach the front line. Using poison arrows they can slow onslaughts and the ability to fire multiple arrows at a time allows for good crowd control.
Scouts are not to be seen and not to be heard, they use daggers and are masters of assassination and quick get aways. There isn't too much depth to them , they are mostly good for taking down enemies by surprise.
Finally there are the Mage, these guys use magic such as lightening bolt attacks to take down multiple enemies. There is also the firewall which will grow and set alight any attacker nearby, as well as their staff for melee and healing properties. A good allround character and one that survives a beating.
A cool addition is the ability to ride mounts, any character can jump on a horse for the good guys or a warg if your evil. These have their strengths and weaknesses, whislt they let you travel distances quickly they are vulnerable to attacks and one hit will knock you from it. You are equipped with a sword and sheild as you ride though , so you aren't completely defenseless.

With the game being so based around mass fights, the repetitive nature of it soon begins to shine through and although it is fun there is only so much you can take. When you think that God of War has a big fight section, it manages to balance it out in the game with puzzles and platforming but in conquest its battle , battle, travel , battle. I feel the game could have taken a better route and had a bit more variety.
As well as this the camera leaves a lot to be desired as it is a dreaded manual camera, this means you need to constantly re aim it to keep in the action and whilst this is a small movement it's not something I want to do when Orcs are trying to have me for tea.

A lack of midgame saving also riles me as there are so many opportunities for your character to be killed by a random hit or out of nowhere cliff face, having to start the whole level again soon becomes really annoying and tedious.

The game also has a offline quick play mode, this lets you play through mini battles with freinds. These lack the same feeling as the campaign as the scale isn't there although the ability to play it against or with freinds is a good add on to the game.
As well as offline there was online multiplayer, this let you play deathmatch group fights or capture the ring. Unfortunatley the online was discontinued earlier this year to latency issues and lack of service, the game did have a small community of willing players which lead to some great battles, but with the likes of CoD owning the multiplayer status, it never really stood a chance.

The controls are simple enough to pick up, but they are weightless and don't make you feel connected to the game. You can swing a great war axe with the tap of a button, taking nothing out of you or the warrior who is throwing it around.

AI doesn't chip in with any kills and some enemies are downright suicidal as they wander off the edge of cliffs, the rest of them may as well be picking daisys because there want for your death is considerably lower than what it is portayed to be.

Weta digital are the folks who helped create characters for lord of the rings , their models have been transferred into the game and so look both realistic and similar to the movie versions. Again this adds great continuity and makes it feel like you are part of the film.
But the sorrounding area's don't quite live up to the standard and neither do some of the special characters like the Ent. This lets it down a little as the gulf in class is evident and somewhat disheartening.

The game uses the movies soundtrack, so needless to say it feels really epic and has a great atmosphere sorrounding all the battles.
The narrations are also done by the man who played Elrond the Elven king in lord of the rings, so this brings some continuity in and makes it feel like a strongly supported product.

Average and has lost origional features. Whilst it isn't a bad game as such, it has a lot to live up to from the fans and their is no way the game can meet that, except Lord of the Rings online but that is a special exception.
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on 25 January 2009
I have played most of the LOTR games produced and this is up there with the best of them. The campaign can be played with 2 players which in my opinion is the best part of the game. The music is great and Hugo Weaving (Elrond) narates the story which is a nice touch and really adds to the game.

You can choose who to fight with - warrior, archer, mage or scout. There are a variety of nice moves and specials. Riding wargs and horses is quite good although a bit difficult to fight on. If you kill a number of people you get the option to fight as a hero until you die which is cool.

The multiplayer is fun and you can play a wide variety of maps in modes such as team deathmatch or capture the ring. The hardest difficulty setting is more of a challenge as the easier diffuclties seem a bit too easy.

The graphics are as good as you would expect, but there are a few glitches they need to sort out! It can get a bit juttery fighting next to things and the guy your fighting can end up stuck hovering over a wall and you cant kill him!

The only real downside to the game is the fighting can be frustrating sometimes, especially on the hardest setting! The computer blocks a lot and cannot be hurt, and when the computer does a combo on you it is impossible to block and kills you!

Overall, fun game with hours of playing with friends and online. Fighting with swords and firing arrows is cool, but it can just turn into button bashing at times! As much as a like this game I still prefer Gears of War 2. Shooting guns is way more satisfying and much less frustrating!
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on 15 January 2009
Lord of the rings conquest is a great game for fans and non fans alike. Two campaigns loads of battles and everything can be done in multiplayer; online with up to 16 people or coop with up to four people. The game modes are great: conquest is when you have to capture loads of territory to win (this mode is on the demo), death match is when you have to kill more people than the other team, Hero death match is the same as death match but everyone is a hero and capture the ring, this is a game when you have to capture a ring before the other team and bring it back to your base- bit like capture the flag, only it's a ring. These are all the modes I've yet played. Heroes are great fun to play as, they are extremely powerful and they've all got a unique way of playing. The classes are mage, warrior, archer and scout- again they are unique.
Huge multiplayer
Great game modes
gandalf vs saruman battle :-)
Graphics not the best
Campaign is too short
Want more heroes such as- Gothmog, shelob, glorfindel

It's a great game and hopefully some DLC will be on the networks for it. Like star wars battlefront it will last for hours.
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on 25 May 2014
Firstly, the seems to be no rhythm to the game no spawn points so you will literally appear in the middle of a war, enemies always target you even if you are not a hero or even if they are surrounded by your team. Secondly, one critical shot could will cause a death next time on the same troop type wont cause any damage. Thirdly, if you are an archer and are hit once by either a warrior or scout you are screwed as your character seems to have a fit on the floor refusing to get up and becoming completely unresponsive to you. If they had followed more of the structure to star wars battlefront 2 which the game shares makers and engine with they could have had a fantastic game, however as the are huge floors with the game I would not recommend buying as after only a few missions you get fed up of these issues and they ruin what should be a great game
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on 17 January 2009
I have played through both campaigns and done some multiplayer stuff and I have to say that this game is great. Gameplay is excellent and the battlefront experience for LOTR is as good as I hoped. There are a couple of drawbacks though which loses its fifth star. Going on a horse or warg is difficult and often frustating- but trolls and other big dudes are fine. The multipayer options- although xbox live is great and playing with your mates also brilliant there is no option for instant action same team play with only two players. Although this may not matter to a lot of folks. Also occasionally the graphics do go a bit- can't really explain that but you know when you see it. These are minor flaws though. The thing that just niggles at me is that it doesnt have the same feel as battlefront. I would have to put it down to the difference between lots of melee combat in LOTR and lots of ranged combat in Battlefront- it just feels better to be shooting rather than slashing. It still is a superb game though and I recommend it to everyone as an excellent buy. Just doesn't quite maek the five stars
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on 28 January 2009
Being a huge Lord of the Rings fan myself, I was really looking forward to this game. I remember the Two Towers and Return of the King on the PS2 which I both really enjoyed - ROTK more than Two Towers. I bought this in the hope that the game has been capitalized on (though I never owned BFME2) with online play and the fact you can play the campaign as evil. So, first, the negatives.

One thing the game seem to focus on a lot, is the introduction of a 'hero'. You'll be halfway between a campaign and then you're interrupted with 'Do you want to play as a hero?' Whatever thrill this is supposed to give the gamer is not there. The 'heroes' don't seem to be any different with their attacks - they're just more powerful. The only fun 'hero' the play with was Sauron because the attacks were different and varied. All the other heroes had attacks that related to their type of infantry e.g. Legolas - Archer, Aragorn - Warrior, Gandalf - Mage. Just nothing different.

While campaign does have some good parts, it generally does just feel very rushed and lacking like there is no challenge. I completed the game within a couple of days and I think I must of only died a few times when doing this. The fact you can kill a troll by climbing on their back and pressing a button is not very satisfying. The campaigns don't seem to have an 'epic' battle feel to them. For example, Helm's Deep, swarms of Urak Hai should be attacking you, instead you get about 2 or 3 come in little groups. This makes everything so much easier and boring. The end of the missions are awful too, you'd think there would be some difficult task to be, but there isn't. They just seem to end...

The characters you can play as are not that interesting either and seem a bit false. I haven't read the books so I can't be sure, but were mages able to create rings of fire/lighting? Could archers fire poison arrows? And could warriors turn their swords into flames? It all seems rather far fetched. The only fun character to play as was the mage, but only because you can heal yourself and fire lighting I found.

Online play is very average. There are only 3 game modes - conquest (like territories), Capture the Ring and Team Deathmatch. Multiplayer sounded good at first. 16 players, range of characters, maps and a few game modes but I just found the games to become very dull soon on. If you're a warrior, archer or scout, you'll find yourself on floor for the majority of the game due to being hit by arrows from the other side of the map or a mage hitting you with lightning. This can become very irritating. What makes things worse is when you can't fight back to a warrior when you're on the ground because you're continuously being struck and killed. Then of course throw in the people that activate trolls and ents and it makes thing even worse as you get killed in one shot or again, find yourself on the ground, or running away for a lot of the time.

I've noticed that there aren't actually many positives about game. The fact it can be fun to play as evil and the other 'heroes' can be quite good, though I only found Sauron any fun or different. I'm not really sure what other positives their are to be honest. It just seems so rushed and not well thought out from pandemic. Previous games have been fantastic with a huge amount of battle involved where you get experience and can learn new moves and combos - and with an epic feel to battle. Conquest fails to have this.

So overall, it can fun at times but generally feels very slow and not challenging at all. It's good for renting for a couple days just to play through campaign and then return, but not for full £40 which is why I am already selling mine. Hopefully any further Lord of the Rings games will differ from this and really be good, but I can't see it happening with the disappointment of this, the fact nothing will be new in terms of the story and as it will probably throw people off.

I had given the game 3/5 at the start of the review, now I find it hard to find many positives it'll have to be 2/5. Big disappointment i'm afraid, especially for Lord of the Rings fans.
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on 23 April 2014
Like most lord of the rings games, it is very hack n slash orcs everywhere and enemies galore, and I'm not usually a lover of melee games and a lot of fighting. However somehow this is different. The way in which the game is set out is really good.the Warrior is one damn good little fighter, and you get to play heroes including my fave, Gandalf! The battle between him and Saruman is fab!
Graphics even though a bit dated, are still pretty darn good and the characters are very alike to the film, which is my all time favourite! I am a complete and utter lord of the rings addict! I love everything about this film and the Hobbit as well.
I have played Battle For Midle Earth, War in the North, Third Age and Two Towers. All o.k but this is the best yet. I can't wait for the new Shadow Of Mordor game now :))
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on 3 December 2010
I bought this game hoping to play online with my friends, then when i finally got it i couldn't go online. EA have closed the multiplayer servers and will not be opening them back up. So do not buy if you want the multiplayer experience as its just a waste of money.
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