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4.2 out of 5 stars10
4.2 out of 5 stars
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since winning the x-factor in the uk..things went a bit silent for a while yet over the past few months we have had the debut album re-released and 2 storming singles!

when i saw this i had to check it was the same leona as i had heard nothing about it's release and think it is only available on import!

as she says on the sleeve notes " this is the real leona lewis, and embodies the true leona lewis"

however i think it is aimed many at the usa market.

no big power ballads, instead an album of dance tracks with a retro 70's and 80's feel! think chic, sister sledge!

although the songs are good, and vocally leona is on true vocal lacks the special sparkle we know and love!

its great to hear leona but its a bit mariah carey disco tempo and gets a bit lost along the way!

the album remains a bit of mystery as to its low key release, maybe the record company are not to happy with it with the uk market!

leona fans will enjoy it! but not a follow up to the debut..more an experiment!
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on 19 February 2013
I have to start by saying I'm glad there are little reviews because a lot of people who would read the reviews don't or would not believe this is Leona on this album WELL it IS!!!!

** YOU TUBE IT before you buy, then you'll know what i'm on about **

I believe she did this all at 14 or 15 years of age and LET ME TELL YOU THIS.... she makes people in the industry who've been singing for years look like a SILLY GIRL!! or girls in this case.... lol.. & pardon the PUN, read on and you'll understand.

This album I would say was sung in the vain of the Purists of Soul heads of the 80's and RnB vibes of the 90's and some Hip Hop/Rap with the exception of a POP song at the end called "Silly Girl" lol... hmmmm I'll say NO more on that!

What i'm feeling with reviews here are that people who are just into POP (the Commercial I get to see or hear it on TV) want to hear all that POP crap she sings because that's what Simon Cowell wants he to spit out for the major public.... this album is I'd say a definite trialing and I don't think anyone knew what route she would take.... BUT all i can say is I LOVE IT.... its got RARE GROOVE Soul song in the shape of "I Wanna Be That Girl" she sings effortlessly in this and sounds like a big woman....

Then you have some RnB funk in the way of "I Can't Say Hello" with the break beat of Benny Golson's "I'm Always dancing to the Music" (Rare Groove Soul) another killer track from Leona.... , "Dip Down" & "Ready To Get Down" nice uptempo RnB tracks with the feel on the early 90's RnB scene of the Jodeci's, Men At Large, Genuwine etc etc....

Anddddd then she for me really did an excellent version of "I'm So Into You" SWV's 90's RnB Classic and personally, Its BETTER... and i've DJ'ed with Leona's version and people come up to me and say what SWV version is that.... when I tell them its Leona they don't believe it.... BUT this is a BRILLIANT CD... worth getting and well titled.... "Best Kept Secret" indeed!!! ... If you love your 80's Funk Soul i definitely recommend and its better than anything else she puts out because its aimed at the Commercial end and rightly so because the record label need to make money!!!

As said with the exception of "Silly Girl" which is Poppy in my eyes this is aimed at Big People with Soul tastes, if you like POP and are a girl or boy band follower this review would be way tooo mature for you!!!

The words "Connoisseur Soul aficionados" is what this CD was aimed at!!!
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on 5 November 2009
the reason 2 of you gave it low reviews and are surprised the uk didnt make a fuss of it is that leona never wanted it released, she made an album of demos in her teens, most singers do when they tried to get famous, look up shania twain limelight collection. but she took it to the record lable who said they didnt want to release it, so it got shelved. then leona gave up on music they basically crushed her one dream, and went working as a receptionist, then when she got famous and released spirit the record company from years before decided to release it. they tried to fight it but as leona had given it to them there was nothing they could do, the record copany even went as far as making an advert saying new album from leona but ITV ofcom refused for it to be shown saying it was misleading as she was she recorded it years before so wasnt a new album, i think the album is pretty good considering they are just demos that leona worked to save up for to make on her own, she did part time jobs to fund studio time. in the end the company agreed to give 50% of the profits to leona but even so it is a bit like someone not wanting to be your friend in school until you beat up the school bully then your the most popular kid in school. i feel sorry for leona being used like that and hope this album doesnt put people of buying echo in a week or two. personally anyway i love this album it shows a young singer trying new things testing the waters, but its more for fans of leona, but just so people dont think im a hypocrite i didnt buy the album thats all im saying, im not supporting people whod do that just because seone got famous!!!
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on 3 December 2014
Completely useless ,for my dogs anyway
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on 18 August 2014
Item fine great value for the money
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on 4 January 2014
Bought this album and it's great! Agree with some comments made with 80s-90s feel very good would recommend 110% for any Leona Lewis fan I love it.....
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on 14 March 2009
" Best Kept Secret" features ten songs and some mixes of Leona Lewis. The tracks were recorded a few years before her rise to stardom. The CD is important for true blue Leona Lewis fans because several of the tracks showcase the blossoming of a great vocalist. You sense the emergence of a star. I also love Leona Lewis because she is truly a wonderful person off the stage. She loves God, her parents, people, animals and even her peers. Leona's an ethical vegan who abhors all forms of violence. The music industry needs more young, talented and kind souls.
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on 7 November 2015
excellent thanx
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on 19 December 2014
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on 3 September 2009
Having waited so long for her next album this came as a real disappointment. The songs are OK but not great and it fails to bring out the absolute beauty and range of her voice. Several tracks are pretty much the same, which makes it a bit monotonous really, probably because most were written by the same songwriter. If you really lap up everything Leona sings then buy it because it is still her and she is brilliant. But if you are hoping for anything near as good as her first album then save your money, this will probably leave you feeling like I do. I've played it once only and probably won't bother again. Sadly 'cause I'm a real fan of hers.
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