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4.4 out of 5 stars165
4.4 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 27 June 2008
Ok first off yes this can be seen as a con re-releasing an album but for me i had not bought the original album of Good Girl Gone Bad and im sure others have not either so im going to do a proper review on the album and not saying its a con etc

Ok so whats different about the album you ask? 3 new songs:

Take a bow
If i never see your face again

All amazing songs in my opinion! My fave being Disturbia out of them, great dance song and very catchy i was hooked to it from first listen!

You get 16 songs on this album:

Lets face it everyone has heard this song with it being number 1 for 10 weeks! Its still a great song but not the best on the album! 8/10

Push Up On Me:
I did not like this song at first, but it grew on me, it has a great 'boom boom' beat and a catchy chorus 8/10

Don't Stop The Music:
One of my fave songs on the album! Opens greatly with an awesome beat, and all together is catchy! Great dance song 9/10

Breakin Dishes:
This song has attitude!
Another song with a catchy chorus, has great synths (used mainly in chorus) and beats in it

Shut up and drive:
First off this should not have been released as the second single in my opinion
It is more of a rock song this, which i dont mind and has a catchy chorus but is not worthy for to be a single in my opinion

Hate That I Love You:
A duet with Neyo, and what a great one it is!
Very catchy and was worthy of being a single

Say it:
Worse song on the album!
its awful in my opinion i skip it always!

Sell Me Candy:
I do not personally like the verses of this song but the Chorus is very catchy and saves the song!
This is the shortest song on the album with it only being 2:46 long

Lemme Get That:
This song is another song i do not like, ill admit i like the beat and its slightly catchy but it does not compare to the rest of the album

One of the standout songs on the album, very R&B!
Awesome chorus! a proper R&B song!

Question Existing:
This song is kind of dull, its catchy but is boring at the same time, nothing changes barely through the whole song and the effect on Rihannas voice ruins the song, although the beat is good, sounds like it should be the last song on the album to be honest

Good Girl Gone Bad:
Another R&B song which is just nearly as good as Rehab but not quite

Cry (UK Bonus Track):
Another standout song!
Fantastic vocals!

Amazing song! My fave!
Awesome Beat and very catchy!

Take a bow:
Another great song, did not like this at all at first but it grew on me
great song

If i never see your face again:
Duet with Maroon 5 singer
Another great song! Catchy

As you can see i can not really vary much on what to say about the songs using the word 'Catchy' alot but they are! and i see an album that has so many catchy songs, to be a great album!

I'll admit her voice does sound like it has lots of effects on it on most songs, but thats not a problem to me, its still a great album even though were not really hearing her real voice.
Of course if you have the original album do not buy this even though the extra songs are great and are some of the standout songs on the album, but its just not worthy and just download them instead or something.

So here is a proper review on the Reloaded album for people that did not buy the original album like me.
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on 28 February 2009
This contains the same songs as good girl gone bad reloaded so if you have that, don't buy this. If your new to the album, buy it. Every single song on the album is amazing and the bonus dvd lasts 30 mins and contains 4 live songs which are very good to watch. For the price this album is a steal. Buy :D
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VINE VOICEon 13 September 2008
The original version of Good Girl Gone Bad is a great RnB album with some catchy pop hooks and great beats. The singles such as Umbrella and Don't Stop The Music are obviously standout tracks, and Rihanna's shown off a very soulful side on tracks such as Rehab and Cry.

The problem is that this re-release (as with most re-releases) is NOT worth owning if you already bought the original, as most of Rihanna's fans will have. Having to purchase an entire album again for the sake of three tracks - however good those three tracks are - is just a waste of money. You'd be much better off downloading the extra tracks from iTunes or somewhere for a couple of pounds instead of forking out for the entire album again. If you count it up, there have now been no less than 7 singles released from this album and it's being stretched to breaking point - which is a shame, because the original album was a great piece of work and doesn't deserve to be beaten to death for a cash in.

Thus my two star rating is based on the lack of value in this re-release rather than the music itself. If you've yet to succumb to the charms of Good Girl Gone Bad then this album IS worth a purchase and three extra tracks will actually be beneficial for you - but in the case of Rihanna's fans this feels like a bit of a rip off.
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on 25 September 2008
this was actually the first rihanna album that i bought, and im soo glad that i waited for the rloaded edition. its a totally developed sound that has some really good tracks, and each song brings something different. its a good listen!!!
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on 20 March 2012
This is the reloaded version of Rihanna's third studio album, Good Girl Gone Bad. She released the original version in May 2007, and this reloaded version a year later in June 2008. It is her best-selling album in the USA so far, and has achieved multi-platinum in many countries. This is the track listing:
1. Umbrella (feat Jay-Z)
2. Push Up On Me
3. Don't Stop The Music
4. Breakin' Dishes
5. Shut Up and Drive
6. Hate That I Love You (feat Ne-Yo)
7. Say It
8. Sell Me Candy
9. Lemme Get That
10. Rehab
11. Question Existing
12. Good Girl Gone Bad
13. Cry (UK bonus track)
14. Disturbia
15. Take A Bow
16. If I Never See Your Face Again - Maroon 5 feat Rihanna
Trakcs 14 - 16 are exclusive to the Reloaded version, and 'Cry' is a UK bonus track.
The first single released from the album was also its most successful. 'Umbrella' reached number one in the charts of 29 countries, including the Billboard Hot 100 and the UK singles chart. It remained at the top spot in the Billboard Hot 100 for seven weeks, while in the UK it was numebr one for a mammoth ten weeks. During these ten weeks, the UK experienced a lot more rainfall than usual, which caused people to say it was the curse of the 'Umbrella' song.
The other singles are listed here in chronological order:
Shut Up and Drive
Hate That I Love You (feat Ne-Yo)
Don't Stop The Music
Take A Bow
If I Never See Your Face Again
This is an outstanding album that has been awarded worldwide success for all the right reasons. Rihanna has amazing vocal capability, with a unique and beautiful voice that can be alluring one minute and heartbreaking the next. This album is very much one of her cleaner ones. The reloaded version does contain some very good tracks, my personal favourite being 'Disturbia'. Umbrella is a brilliant track, one of my favourite songs in existence, and helped make Rihanna an international superstar. This is a brilliant album with many well-known and successful singles, beautiful pictures of Rihanna and when I listen to it, it is one of the few albums where I don't want to skip a single song. I think it was 'Question Existing' that is quite suggestive, but generally it is a clean and fun album with plenty of variety in styles and sounds.
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on 26 June 2011
Rihanna's third album marks a change of style for the singer. Her first two albums had been well-recieved, with huge singles like 'S.O.S' and 'Pon De Replay' and reggae-influenced fillers, but it was this album that catapulted Rihanna from pop-star to superstar. It's sleaker and more polished than the previous two albums, with production by big names like Timbaland and Ne-Yo, and the songs are perfectly crafted pop-hits suited to Rihanna's vocal style.

01. Umbrella - ft Jay-Z. - The first and biggest single from the album, and quickly became Rihanna's signature song. It stayed at #1 for weeks and is Rihanna's biggest single to date. With a rap-intro by Jay-Z and a catchy chorus it kicks off the album with a bang.
02. Push Up On Me - An electronica inspired beat sampling a Lionel Richie song, a fast, club-hit song.
03. Don't Stop The Music - Another huge hit, sampling Michael Jackson's 'Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' chant. A great dance beat and sing-along chorus make it one of the most memorable songs on the album.
04. Breakin Dishes - A angry female-empowerment song with lyrics like 'I'm breakin' dishes over here all night, I ain't gon' stop til I see police lights' over a punchy, rock-tinged track.
05. Shut Up and Drive - A pop/rock song that samples New Order, a top #5 hit for Rihanna.
06. Hate That I Love You - ft Ne-Yo - A slick, RnB duet with singer Ne-Yo. One of the standout tracks on the album.
07. Say It - Midtempo old-school feel pop song in the style of Aaliyah or Ashanti - wouldn't sound out of place on one of her first two albums.
08. Sell Me Candy - Timbaland produced song, has a nice summer feel and good beat.
09. Lemme Get That - The second song on the album produced by Timbaland, with an eastern-influenced beat over a dancehall beat.
10. Rehab - A real standout track, an RnB beat with rock-tinged guitars and backing vocals by superstar Justin Timberlake.
11. Question Existing - Electronica trance-style track with Rihanna's vocals treated to give it a robotic-feeling.
12. Good Girl Gone Bad - Another RnB flavour song with a good chorus.
13. Cry
14. Disturbia - A dark but energetic pop-song and one of Rihanna's best vocals. A huge hit in 2008.
15. Take A Bow - A slow RnB ballad, another #1 single.
16. If I Never See Your Face Again - ft Maroon 5 - A rock/pop/electronica duet that was a sleeper hit. A very good but overlooked track.

A half-hour dvd that gives a behind the scenes glimpse of Rihanna's Good Girl Gone Bad World Tour, featuring four full length performances of 'Umbrella', 'Breakin Dishes', 'Hate That I Love You' and 'Push Up On Me'.

Some won't like the departure from the frothy-pop of Rihanna's first two albums, but this album showcases Rihanna at her most-creative and lets her display a variety of styles that will fit most people's tastes.
A really good buy.
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on 25 October 2008
This is a brillant album, but why did they need to release it with only three tracks.Anyway here is a review of each track:
Umbrella feat jay-z-10/10 This track doesn't really need an introduction, i wasn't sure about this song at first like everyone else but it grew on me and became her first number 1 and stayed at number 1 for 10 weeks
Push up on me-10/10 A brillant dance track,one of my favourite cuts on the album
Don't stop the music-10/10 I loved this song, but i feel it has got overplayed
Breaking dishes-10/10 Another great dance tune,again another of my favourites on the album
Shut up and drive-10/10 I think a lot of people weren't feeling this song when it came out but i loved it and still do,it's a great pop/rock tune
Hate that i love you feat ne-yo-10/10 A great cobralltion with ne-yo the rnb king, i just love this song to bits
Say it-10/10 Another favourite song of mine
Sell me candy-10/10 A great pop/rock tune,another of my favourite of mine, the song is a bit short for my liking
Lemme get that-10/10 Another great tune from rihanna
Rehab-10/10 This is a brillant ballad from rihanna,features background vocals from justin timberlake,another favourite cut of mine off the album
Question exsisting-6/10 My least favourite song on the album,rihanna talking about the pressures of fame
Good girl gone bad-10/10 I just love this tune so much another favourite of mine
Cry-10/10 Again i just love this song another favourite of mine.
Ne-yo write tracks hate that i love you,good girl gone bad,which is proberly why i like these songs so much, because i love ne-yo he is so talented and sexy.Ne-yo did write question exsisting which is the first song he has written that i don't like, but hey you can't like everything.
This album defo should be in your collection, i know she has gone in a new direction with her music being techno pop/dance,she has also said her new album will be more techno pop sheculed for release in 2009. I would recommend this album to rihanna fans or if you own any of her previous albums you will like this album
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on 8 October 2008
First off, i'm not commenting on this as a re-release - it is my first and only Rihanna cd. Second, I think it speaks tons for this album that I am not an RnB fan (tho one of my main passions, Hip Hop, is kinda related).

Ok, the album... I'd never delved into Rihanna (metaphorically or physically) until Umbrella caught my attention - it is an absolute cracker! (and i've heard some amazing acoustic guitar covers of it too, which help u appreciate the raw melodic and harmonic elements and invention even more) And hearing her namedropped a lot, i decided to invest when i found Good Girl... on sale. Well, it takes a while to grow on you! At first i gave it 3 stars and a caustic review on the "second" trax. Two trax had blown me away, Umbrella and Cry (whose piano part i have spent several lifetimes improvising upon), with Please Don't Stop The Music and Shut Up And Drive also having caught my attention. The rest i just didn't appreciate, and that included Disturbia. After a few weeks' listening, the album was put aside somewhere in my vast album collection until recently when, for one reason or another i found myself singing Please Dont Stop The Music. I got the album playing again and i must say it is a good high energy listen. I deleted my 3-star review and replaced with this one. I won't go into track detail - this has been done by other reviewers. Lemme just say it is a worthy addition to a music lover's collection (i'm also a creative musician, if that helps your bias in any way). Also, nice cover design and, off course, those eyes!
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on 26 December 2007
Rihanna has a great style for dance up-tempo styles as well as R&B bends. This newer version release includes the extra tracks "Disturbia", Take A Bow" and "If I Never See Your Face Again" Maroon 5 Featuring Rihanna. While the Japanese Import has the tracks, "Cry" and "Haunted" in addition to the above tracks, this one is still a great selection for its "hits" package. Every single track with maybe 1 or 2 stand as hits alone. The balance of dance, mid-tempo, and ballads is quite nicely done to bring a fresh style of popular up-tempos along softer styles definitely mind blowing and sensational.

Like her predecessor albums, Rihanna manages to not only land #1 spots in the radio, billboards, and videos but also capture a wider based audience from across globes thus furthering her influence as a Barbados originated music artist who has achieved super star status all over the map. She re-invents in this selection a more edgy, more "her" vibe as she personally has a say in the musical writing, image, and track selections vs. the not so in the past.The title is her way of stating as she mentions, that she is now in control!

The sensational smash hits like "Umbrella" Featuring Jay-Z, the ballad, "Hate That I Love You" Featuring Ne-Yo, and the dance infused, "Shut Up And Drive" and "Don't Stop The Music" are just a glimpse of the overall listening experience. Quite sensational in this particular release is the extras and their origins. The track, "Disturbia" is said to have been originally a Chris Brown song that he preferred Rihanna could use as he felt a girl's vocals was more appropriate --as read here: Rihanna (People in the News). It's got electronic a enhanced vibes, dance club vibes and a huge ambiance of party all over. "Take A Bow" quite remarkably puts Rihanna as a female music artist that stands for empowering lyrics rather than degradation of the woman/girl. It's being strong, affirmative, and "in control" vs. not assured, easily swayed or taken advantage by a guy/lover. The last track is "If I Never See Your Face Again" Maroon 5 Featuring Rihanna. This was offered to Rihanna by the rock artist Adam Levine of the Band Maroon 5. "Take A Bow" was written by Ne-Yo. The song debuted #1 on the Billboard Hot 100.
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on 8 May 2014
I bought this for my 6 year old son and he loves it. He wrote this review himself.
Brilliant! 8/10
Push Up On Me
Love It! 9/10
Don’t Stop The Music
All right, but could do better! 6/10
Breakin’ Dishes - My Favourite! 10/10
Shut Up And Drive
A Bit Better Than[ Don’t Stop The Music]! 6 and 3 ¼’s/10
Hate That I Love You
Don’t Like It!4/10
Say It
The worst song on the CD!1/10
Sell Me Candy
Again Love It! 8 and 3 ¼’s
Lemme Get That
Between[ Don’t Stop The Music and Shut Up And Drive]!6 and a 1/3/10
Excellent! 8/10
Question Existing
Wow! Excellent Music, Voice and Lyrics 10/10
Good Girl Gone Bad
Again Brilliant!9/10
Very Good!9/10
Take A Bow
If I Never See Your Face Again
Quite Like It!6/10
Not Full Song!1/10
Breakin’ Dishes
My Favourite10/10
Hate That I Love You
The Worst Song on the DVD! 1/10
Push Up On Me
This Must Be A Bonus, this song is from the Album[A Girl Like Me]!
This has a different shape of CD case! All Rihanna fans should buy this! The DVD is Live!
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