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4.6 out of 5 stars132
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 4 January 2009
What more can I say that has not been said in all the other review's,
I have already got all the Charles Dickens books in hardback and the DS has allowed me to take his great works with me on my travels Ect.
The 100 book collection has a lot to choose from as well as my all time classic favourite Charles Dickens so there is plenty for all to pick from.
I have already downloaded another 10 books making my collection a staggering 110 so ill never be without something to read.
As has been already said it is very easy to use and the downloading other books is also very easy with the NINTENDO WI-FI USB CONNECTOR that is sold sepratley see link.USB Access Point (Nintendo DS & Wii)
I agree with one of the reviewers I too would like to see a collection of Agatha Christie's work as well as a collection of Ghost storie's.
So once more I realy recomend this to all avid readers young and old.

I wrote to nintendo to ask if any more collections were going to be issued and below ive pasted their reply.

Dear Mr. Grant, thank you for your email.

Were glad you enjoyed the 100 Classic Book Collection. Unfortunately, we cannot confirm if any more book collections will be released in the near future, as we would need more concrete data on the game's sales figures. If it has sold well, then I am certain that we will be releasing further collections.

Kind regards,

Jackson Davies

Customer Service Team Leader

Your Nintendo Team

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on 31 December 2008
I was quite excited when I saw this concept had come to the DS. After browsing what seemed like largely over priced e-book readers for a while I couldn't wait to purchase this.

The design of the virtual bookshelves to the pages has a lovely fluid feel when browsing, as does reading the actual pages. What impressed me most was it also includes a section about the author when you open each book in the menu section. Turning the virtual pages is easy with a tap of the stylus and each page turns over like it would in real life.

It also has a book quiz which you can take to help you pick a book to suit your current mood. Other features include being able to wifi and download other titles (currently there were only 10) and also a book ranking system onto your console. Something I wasn't expecting!

I cannot recommend this enough, it has a wide appeal to just about any age group and actually exceeded my expectations with design, usability and extra features included.
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on 21 January 2009
When I first heard about this I had that gut reaction straight away about Nintendo releasing yet another non-game - nice enough for a bit of fun or for the very casual gamer, but I bought my DS on the strength of games like New Super Mario Brothers and Mario Kart DS - then I gave myself a minute to think about it and for once I could actually see the massive monetary and intellectual value of such an application, and when I received it from a friend a short while back I was as happy as a little kipper.

- Makes 100 books, that would usually cost you a pretty penny, instantly accessible for a relatively low price. Fair enough you have to own a DS but when compared to the cost of even the cheapest e-book reader it's still a bargain.
- Nice addition of optional background sounds such as forests, streams and summer day.
- Page can be turned using buttons, directional pad or by sweeping the screen in a page turning motion - extremely easy to get to grips with.
- Up to three bookmarks can be used - and they won't fall out when you pick up you DS!
- Great bookshelf feature which can be sorted and searched quickly and easily.
- Space saving and ecologically friendly, not that books where ever a waste of paper but every little helps.
- Downloadable books and ranking.
- Nice little quiz to help you pick a book - I did a few quizzes straight off to see what turned up, The Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon by Washington Irving turned up 3 times and very, very good it was too, and right up my street. So what would first appear to be a nice but flimsy little feature is yet another incentive to read.
- Each book features notes on the author, book and sometimes even a nice little piccy of said author.

- The optional background music (rather than the quite good atmospheric sounds) is hideously 'midi ringtone' sounding, but it is 'optional' so not much of a gripe really.
- The whole package could have been improved by the small addition of a dictionary function. if such a thing had been added the constrictive bounds of amazons five star rating would not have been adequate enough housing for the copious praise I would bestow upon this already brilliant product. No matter how vast your vocabulary many of the words used in the older writings are relatively unheard in modern language - so, yes, a dictionary or dictionary function would have been great - ho-hum.
- Books don't need recharging - again a small gripe but you'd better have charged up before a long flight, or any other lengthy journey, or you'll be left with nothing but clouds to look at.

Some people will take a little persuading as 'there is nothing like the feel of a good book,' but for me the pros far outweigh the cons as far as space saving, value, features, and paper saving goes. I truly can't recommend this little gem highly enough - the best gift I've been given for a long time and has given me portable, simple, access to some of the greatest writings the human race has to offer. Brilliant - can't wait for the next installment!
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on 31 December 2008
It's been a long time since I enjoyed reading; a childhood of forced reading made me very distainful towards reading books. However, thanks to this classic collection I'm being tempted back in to reading!

This little cartridge makes reading so easy; there is no chunky paperback to wield around in your bag, there is no chance of 'dropping' your bookmark and having to search for your last place.
The screen is back-lit (usually) on a DS, so you can read in the dark if you choose (But it's probably bad for your eyes).

Either way; I cannot express how easy and inviting this little game makes reading. It's become less of a chore and more of a pleasure.

Now if only they would release a classic horror collection!! (I'd love a bit of Marlowe's Faustus or Stokers Dracula!!)
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on 4 May 2009
An absolutely amazing library - you can browse the summaries - reprise the authors - have a little read - mark the place - come back later.
It even allows you to choose a book or books by using an amusing cross examination by an Owl!
And all contained in a DS card - Magic.
If you want to catch up on what classical books were all about, this is for you - and you can expand. A literary Pandoras Box.
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on 22 February 2009
A really good collection of stories which can be read at any time and in any order. Also, they will always be there - so even if it takes 10 years to get through the collection, they will be waiting for you.
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on 13 February 2009
This might not be all the books that any one individual wants to read, but the fact that there such a selection on a cartridge the size of a 10p coin is a credit to the age we live in. In all honesty, those who have not read any of these books, like myself, then it can only be a good thing amd like any library, one doesn't literally have to read all the books, but there are those there to suit the mood. There are a series of random questions available which can help narrow down a selection also.

Nintendo were very wise to do 100 Classic Book Collection, and by keeping up with what in hindsight is the competition, they have "beaten it" because the DS is not only a book reader, but a more functional machine because of the diversity of the available games.

The DS can be configured in many ways to ease page turning. In fact, if held in the right position with the shoulder buttons set up, only one hand is need to hold and turn pages. There is a profile for each author also which is a good history lesson.

As for the experience, I enjoy the fact that on the train one can pull out the DS from the coat pocket and continue the last book, or find one of the three bookmarks left in any previous book, rather than having to carry a paperback or hardback copy which are nice to own and collect, but not carry on a regular commute.

In many ways I hope this starts a fad, and that we get more book compilations in this format whether they are fact or fiction.

This module has further stretched the uses, viability and longevity of the DS and the DS has allowed us to a library in our pockets for a miminal investment.
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on 20 May 2009
I really like the idea of ebook reader on my DS Ninendo, but can we have some more modern fiction... An ebook reader is about £250.00 and this is just as good so cash in on this very great idea with more fiction. The concept is great and reading the 100 classic collection was okay ( I have not read them all yet) although not that inspiring as I think most people know the endings, so no big surprises, and a little heavy going, not really ones average holiday read. But a great concept and great to own. Fab price also.
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on 15 March 2009

This is a really awesome cartridge, similar to the e=reader devices that are on the market. This has a large library. I downloaded some more books in addition to the 100 on the cartridge. It is very easy to navigate, though I messed up the bookmark and found it harder to get to the page I wanted.

I bought this because many books are in public domain. The collections can be hard to find in a single volume. And they can be expensive. It exposes me to books I wouldn't have read otherwise.

Not all of us can afford to buy a e reader. But that said, the convenience of having text in a small package that is easy to carry around is a great way to read more and enjoy it.

I am hoping that more books for download become available like Edgar Rice Burroughs or Edith Wharton.
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on 29 December 2008
Great selection of books for dedicated classics readers. Though the "pages" are small, the turning of pages is simple, the weight of the ds makes it easy and comfortable to handle, and the search and bookmark facilities are ideal. Ideal for the traveller and holiday maker- no need to carry lots of bulky paperbacks. Cant wait for Nintendo to bring out more collections!
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