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4.3 out of 5 stars65
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 27 November 2002
Muse, in my opinion, are the best band in the world. I love listening to their albums and singles, but nothing compares to going to see them live. For those who are yet to witness the almighty Muse first hand, then this CD goes to show why you should. The opening, Deadstar, erupts with such a loud, ferocious riff that you start jumping up and down without even knowing it. Its that good. Thats enough of the live CD, the real shiner here are the B-sides. For those people who love Muse, but havent bought every single, this collection here is beautiful. Get a taste of the excellent, rocking 'Yes Please', and a bit of the alternative piano/synthesizer based 'The Gallery'. Star of the show is 'Hyper Chondriac Music'. A calmer, slower, but so much better version of hyper music, and hyper music was great in the first place.
If you cant buy the DVD, the least you could do is buy this.
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on 15 January 2005
Coupled with a DVD release, Hullabaloo is an odd record. The tracklisting for the CDs is haphazard, missing off some of the better B-sides and the standout live tracks from the Le Zenith performance. And even despite these problems, this is *still* an awesome album.
Disc 1 is a compilation of B-sides, which is pretty unusual considering that Muse only had two albums out at the time. Personally I think they would have been better waiting until now and then doing a chronological release. Even with some notable omissions (including Futurism, Coma and live favourite Agitated) the B-sides disc has some fantastic songs on it, not least Nature_1 (a bitter acoustic number twisting at the last moment into electric guitar heaven) and Hyper Chondriac Music (a stripped down, acoustic version of Hypermusic).
The live CD is where Hullabaloo truly excels. Before listening to this Muse were a band I liked who I'd probably see live if I got the chance. Afterwards, seeing them in concert became my Holy Grail. Some bands, however good on record, are a dull and uninspiring experience live as they merely play the songs as on the albums (except with dodgier vocals). Oasis spring to mind. But from this album it's clear that Muse pull out all the stops live, transforming even their slower songs into extended, ground-shaking behemoths (seeing people mosh to piano is a bizarre experience to say the least). Even the songs from Showbiz, which on record sound tinny and simplistic are beefed up into massive indie rock anthems. The ennui-laden Muscle Museum in particular has been turned into a howling plea for attention, and Cave is played at double speed for double the excitement.
See this album simply as a taster for seeing Muse live, because if you can listen to it and then decide not to go then you must have something in your ears. Muse are the best live band in Britain, something I hope is going to be confirmed at the Brit Awards in February. Until then, air-guitar your heart out to Hullabaloo.
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British band Muse broke into international fame with their third album "Absolution," and establishing them as a remarkable young rock band. They're epic, intense, dark, and majestic in a proggy-Pink-Floyd-meets-Led-Zeppelin kind of way, and so it's hardly a surprise that "Hullabaloo" is a remarkably strong collection.
No, it's not a new album. Rather, it's a collection of B-sides, rarities, and a 2001 live concert. Most bands don't sound too great in either case, but Muse does. The first disc is made up of their B-sides and rarities, which tend to be quite good actually.
It doesn't start off promising, with the schizophrenic prog-rocker "Forced In," which would be fine if it weren't for the endlessly cycling synth that obscures everything else. But things get stronger after that, with the explosive downward spiral that is "Shrinking Universe" ("There's nothing left to die for!"), the softer poppy "Recess," and the surprisingly gentle acoustic ballad "Map Of your Head."
Most of the other songs follow those examples, either being epic and bombastic or quieter and more intimate. With, of course, some eerier songs thrown in, like the rippling sweetness of "Shine Acoustic." Are they as good as Muse's proper albums, especially since a few B-sides sound like the lost soundtrack of the X-Files? Not really, but they are remarkably good, and still better than average.
Which brings us to the live performance, which took place in October of 2001, in Paris's "Le Zenith." Well, to put it simply, these guys rock. It opens with a cheering crowd, right before they kick off into a tornado of bass, drums and guitar. Unlike many rock bands, these guys lose none of their power or musical richness in live performances.
The inevitable flaw? Well, that would probably be Matt Bellamy -- he doesn't sound too different from in the albums, which is nice but it's sometimes hard to hear him above the drums, explosive synth and spiralling bass. However, the guys lose none of their intensity musically, and it's hard to find a single flaw in their playing. If Muse are known for their prowess in live performances, then it's easy to see why.
The B-sides are a minor treasure trove, while the live album is a gem in itself, bringing their concert to life as nothing -- except a DVD -- could. A must-have for Muse fans.
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on 29 September 2002
This was my very first Muse album purchase, having only heard their more famous songs, such as Plug In Baby, Showbiz and Hyper Music. Despite only one of these songs actually appearing on the album, I bought it, because i'm a fan of live music (however badly some of these replications are). Having began with CD2 - the live album - I was blown away by the scorching power and intensity that Matt Bellamy and co produce live. Since then, I have bought both studio releases AND the DVD version of Hullabaloo (which includes the more famous songs such as Plug in Baby and New-Born, and some of my favourites such as Feeling Good, Sunburn and Uno).
The first CD - the b-side collection - shows how good a songwriter Bellamy is. Take "Shine" - the accoustic version shown shows how great the song actually is, and the songs "YEs Please" and "Map of Your Head" show how diverse Muse are when creating songs, and just how structured EVERY song they write is. This is definitely a must-buy CD for anybody who has heard a Muse song - for the one highlight of the album - Citizen Erased.
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on 2 July 2002
its muse live. so obviously its good. but its not just a rehash of the studio recordings, which is what tends to happen when some bands with excellent musicianship (like bellamy's) go seems much more spontaneaous as if his riffs that evening (and any other) are played with genuine feeling--they become more interesting and the songs become more powerful. and he can really really sing.
buy it.
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on 25 July 2002
Having been a Muse fan ever since they released Showbiz, i was expecting great things from the Hullabaloo soundtrack...thankfully in my opinion they have fulfilled what i have come to expect from Muse. The first CD, which is a selection of B-sides, are all classic Muse and are not to be missed. The second CD I was slightly dubious about when i heard that it was a live track CD. For me live tracks have always equalled disaster when there has been the attempt to record a concert. However i was very pleasantly surprised when i found that the live track CD was BRILLIANT!!! As another person said they have missed out some of the slightly more famous songs like Plug in Baby and New Born, but they did include a few tracks from the showbiz album which I suppose made up for it!
If i were suggesting to a new fan of Muse what CD to buy i would recommend listening to the tracks on the Origin of Symmetry album before listening to the Hullabaloo soundtrack.
Overall i definitely think that this CD is worth buying for any Muse fan and the live recording is not to be missed!
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on 4 July 2002
Yet again Muse manage to deliver with this loud, electryfing but also in places beautiful Cd. The first disk has a selection of B-sides (unfortunately it does not contain there outstanding version of Can't Take My eyes Of You). Tracks such as 'Map Of Your Head'and 'Nature_1)are excelent guitar tracks with an almost Spanish sounding tone to them, 'Shine Acoustic' is very reminscent of Showbiz'z 'Unintended' while 'Ashamed' and 'The Gallery' have an eerie feel to them. The second CD is a selection of live tracks from one of their concerts, however the CD is dissapinting in the fact that it does not include Muse's greatest work, Uno, Unintended, Sunburn, New Born, Bliss, Plug In Baby, Hyper Music or Feeling Good. The rest of it however is outstanding including their new songs 'Dead Star' and 'In Your World'. The eerie 'Megalomania' is one of the stronger tracks while the quite brillient 'Muscle Museum' is again the highlight of the album. Matt Bellamy's vocals are at his definate best and this album is a must for die hard Muse fans, however for the neutrals, Hullabaloo does very little to convince them that Muse really are the most exciting versatile band in Britain. With the only flaw being lack of classic singles, I would rate 'Hullabaloo' 4/5
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on 13 July 2002
I am a huge Muse fan and I have been since last March, so after months of eager anticipation for the live album and DVD, I was very pleased on 1st July to get my hands on Hullabaloo Soundtrack. I was impressed with the selection of B-sides, but I feel that leaving out Can't Take My Eyes Off You and Futurism was a shame. The choices made are, however, excellent; beginning with the eerie Forced In and concluding with the equally depressing Hyper Chondriac Music after a rough-and-tumble rollercoaster of riffs and melodies and general genius. The second disc is fantastic quality considering it's a live recording, however being a critic I have to say that leaving out what I consider to be the best tracks live (Newborn, Bliss and Hyper Music) is disappointing. Meglomania is a superb track both on the album and especially live and this is one of the high points on the album. All in all, this is a brilliant album, but leaving out the tracks mentioned has brought what would otherwise be the perfect live album down from 5 stars to 4.
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on 8 July 2002
this album is brilliant! Disc one is wonderful as it contains some really good B- sides my fave being Hyper Condriac Music. i felt it wasn't as in your face, more like their first but it is real nice change of pace for the Devon three. Disc two contains the live concert @ Le Zenith in France. it makes you feel that your there in the crowd with all the noise. its a shame some really good tracks are missed off (e.g. feeling good and Sunburn (my fav!)) the whole atmosphere of the CD makes up for it. it is really for big fans of Muse but people interested in the general genre will still enjoy Matt's gymnastic vocals, Dom's pounding drum playing and Chris's awesome guituar playing. another awesome effort from Muse overall.
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on 10 July 2002
This album represents great value for money - two cds coming at the price of one. The b - sides are of consistently good quality and the experementation in them is good. They really show matt ballamys love of classical music! Shine and map of your head stand out for me.
The live cd just highlights what a ridiculuosly talented band they are, and the power of matt bellamys voice. Its nice to see the songs are varied slightly, not just churned out as carbon copiees of the studio versions.
If you are a muse fan, this is a must have, and a great way to fill the wait until album 3. If not, then start on one of their studio albums, but if you are a fan of good music you will like them and end up a fan anyway!!!
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