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3.6 out of 5 stars87
3.6 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 20 January 2009
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How can you not like Bruce Campbell! A man with hundreds of terrible b-movies under his belt.....and proud of it!
And that is basically what this is, a celebration of persona. Pure tacky trash is what this film is! And boy is it good!

The movie tells the story of a group of teenagers (it's always a group of teenagers) who are getting up to no good in a graveyard. One takes an amulet (again....always an amulet), and then hell unfolds. Well the ancient god of the dead....and bean curd....unfolds.
The plucky teen, who is a huge fan of Bruce, finds him and kidnaps him to help his town stop the ancient evil from destroying them all.

It's cheesy! It's cringe worthy! It's.....Bruce Campbell. He really shines in this movie, gladly mocking his life in cinema and attitude to fans.
The budget, although relatively low, is put to very good use with nice sets and inspired special effects.

I will say that if you are not a fan of Bruce Campbell, have never heard of him and have never seen any of his movies then this is not for you. There are too many nods to his career that a newbie might not pick up on. And that's important, because those are some of the funnier bits.
Good picture quality, with 2.0 & 5.1 sound and a commentary track with a few titters in it.

Hail to the King Baby!!!!!!
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Format: DVD|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
"The customer reviews on Amazon were great."
"Yeah, the ones YOU posted."

There are two kinds of moviegoers in the world: those who get Bruce Campbell, and those who sail through life blissfully unaware of his existence. My Name is Bruce is made purely for the former and the latter probably need not apply. Not that they might not find it amusing, but it's much funnier if you're aware of his extensive resume of straight-to-video schlocker horrors cashing in on his fading Evil Dead notoriety and can get the in-jokes both in script and casting. The gargantuan chinned Bob Hope of Z movies plays himself as an egomaniacal drunken washed up actor making sequels to unwatchable monster movies by day and stealing the Jack Daniels from his dog's bowl in his rundown trailer by night, making drunken phone calls to his ex-wife and bemoaning the loss of his 'muse' while TV shows rub salt in the wounds by running `whatever happened to?' features about his career. Salvation comes forward, however, when teenagers unwittingly unleash Guan-Di, the Chinese God of War, protector of the dead and patron saint of bean curd, on the unwitting population of dead-end mining town Gold Lick, and Campbell's greatest fan kidnaps him to vanquish the sword-wielding entity before it can decapitate all the blood relatives of the original townsfolk. Only Bruce thinks the whole thing is a put-on job arranged by his agent as a birthday present... But hey, he's made movies in Bulgaria, he's ready for anything.

It's pretty much Three Amigos for the straight-to-DVD era, albeit with only one amigo and an undead villain; it's certainly a one joke movie. But since the joke is Bruce Campbell and his entire career, and Campbell's in on the joke as he fires out the kind of self-deprecating one-liners Bob Hope made a career out of it works much better than it has any right to, filled with scathing jabs at the director/star's ego, the contempt he's held in by the industry (when he doesn't turn up on set they simply use a stuffed dummy) and his somewhat worrying fanbase of geeks, nerds and losers - the very people the movie is made for. While the film certainly doesn't have the depth of Campbell's finest hour, Bubba Ho-Tep, and it never really hits the heights, it's unpretentious and good-natured fun that goes down easily enough. Parts of it don't work - a comic dance sequence in the local bar is clumsily botched in all the wrong ways - but enough of it does to give it a free pass for the occasional stumbles. It may not be the future classic it wants to be, but it's a lovingly crafted love letter to the Chin
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on 22 September 2010
If you are a fan of Bruce Campbell, you are likely to really enjoy this film. If you not familiar with his work, you would probably find this movie complete rubbish.

The whole movie is basically a spoof of Bruce's film career, with x amount of references to his previous films. Some scenes are shot so badly it is delibrately forcing the fact upon you that this is a stereotypical b-movie. In this you will particularly enjoy the Cavealien extras on the disc.

All in all, a fun film not to be taken at all seriously, the fact that you are paying next to nothing for it should suggest that this is certainly no Hollywood blockbuster. Enjoy!
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on 4 June 2011
How big a fan of Bruce Campbell are you? I'm sure that will dictate how much you enjoy this. I happen to be a big fan and I really enjoyed this film. As much as I like it now, I didn't think much of it first time around. I'm not sure if it's because I just wasn't sure what to expect on first viewing, but it really has grown on me and I've found it more enjoyable with each viewing.

Bruce Campbell shows that he's certainly not afraid to make fun of himself, neither is Ted Raimi in three roles. Also on show are several actors that appeared in the Evil Dead series, Ellen Sandweiss from Evil Dead, Dan Hicks from Evil Dead 2 and Timothy Patrick Quill from Army Of Darkness. I won't go into the plot, as you can just read the synopsis, but I will talk about the quality of the Blu-ray. Listening to the commentary from Campbell I believe the film was shot digitally, and the picture looks very sharp and vibrant. Considering the Blu-ray is very cheap, it's definitely worth getting instead of the DVD. Audio is DTS-HD master audio 5.1 and sounds very good. There were enough extras to keep me happy, especially the commentary from Campbell and the producer, Mike Richardson. I thought this was definitely an improvement on Man With The Screaming Brain, so I can't wait for Campbell's next directed project.
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on 17 January 2012
I actually already own this on DVD, but have been picking up blu ray replacements for my collection bit by bit in the last year or two if I can find them relatively low priced.
This one I picked up used for £4, so it was certainly cheap, but the same seems to have been spent on the blu ray transfer.
I know this isnt a big budget movie, but I dont expect to see certain parts of the picture to look, for want of a better word, pixelated.
The actual main focus of the picture (the actors etc) actually looks really good for the most part, but when it comes to things like smoke, backgrounds and darker colours it becomes a joke.
In some ways its almost like watching an illegally downloaded version.

The only reason I gave this so many stars is because I like the film so much. What I would say though is that if you are expecting a true high def product, this is not it.
I'd have to dig the DVD out to see how the picture actually compares, but even if it is better, its still a poor show for a blu ray to look this bad.
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Presumably made for less than a fraction of the cost of a single episode of Midsomer Murders this is a passable horror pastiche. Bruce Campbell directs and stars as a washed up B movie star. His greatest fan kidnaps him to deal with a Chinese demon.

The film is far from perfect, the day for night shooting is murky, the pacing is patchy and the film is over long. On the other hand it is packed with in jokes, Campbell is an amiable butt of the jokes, there are plenty of amusing beheadings and a multitude of amusing lines. My marking was hovering around the three mark, but the pace picked up for the last half hour, nudging it up to a four. If you do not like Bruce Campbell, are offended by juvenile crude language or heads rolling around, then best to just avoid.

There are a lot of extras, some more amusing than others, for a few quid this is an entertaining watch, though the theme song does get a bit nippy after a while.
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VINE VOICEon 30 January 2009
Format: DVD|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Bruce Campbell is a fun actor, he manages to bring surreal life to his characters and turn the tide of B-movies. In this movie, he also shows that he's more than capable of parodying himself. The plot itself is thin, but that's not what this film is for. The special effects are in the same style as the Evil Dead films, and they start right from the opening scene.

The background characters are mostly stereotyped for the comedy, but there's the odd curve-ball thrown in there. The dialog exists simply to support the jokes and classic Bruce Campbell lines. So, really, if you find yourself laughing at B-movies, or B-movie parodies like Lost Skeleton of Cadavra, you'll probably laugh at this. It's not meant to be original or a classic, but just a fun movie with no strings attached.
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on 28 August 2010
This is great fun. Playing himself with surprising relish as a slightly dim, faintly amoral douchebag, Bruce Campbell is offered what he thinks is a quick role by the residents of a small backwoods town. However when he gets there it takes a while for the penny to drop that they actually believe he's his film characters, and have brought him here to slay a vicious oriental demon that's started offing townsfolk.
Campbell is brilliant at playing self-obsessed, cowardly, and vainglorious, and he wrings vast humour from his parody of himself at his own expense. The demon - the God of 'Bean curd' - is a bonkers-daft creation, and the townsfolk are all played with fun sweet conviction.
It's an enormously fun parody with a very evil but faintly shonky monster, dim locals and an ever dimmer and vainer Campbell. Very good fun and highly recommended for a fun night in with a daft film that doesn't take itself at all seriously.
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VINE VOICEon 13 February 2009
Excellent movie. Bruce Campbell has always been one to poke fun at himself and this is no exception. He still has the magic and the knack of delivering some killer lines such as "Kid, i've made a movie in Bulgaria so i'm ready for anything". The story is pretty straightforward as an ancient Chinese demon is released and goes on a killing spree. One of the locals is a huge Bruce Campbell fan thus they kidnap Campbell to aid them in their fight against the demon. Problem is, Bruce thinks this is all a movie/joke. The movie probably features the best use of a life size cardboard cut out ever! This movie provides plenty of laughs and it's good to see the man back to his best!
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on 4 May 2013
Bruce Campbell plays himself as he is kidnapped to fight the Guan-di, Chinese god of bean curd and protector of the dead. Bruce believes he is role playing until the god appears.

The film is a comedy spoof of Bruce Campbell, his films, and fans. He is an obnoxious unlikeable character who lives in a trailer and is hated by his own dog. The film jests that all of his "customer Amazon reviews are great", spoofing the reviewers of his film. Grace Thorsen, a Catherine Zeta-Jones clone, is the leading lady.

A silly film worth viewing for Bruce Campbell/ Evil Dead fans who don't take themselves seriously.

Parental Guide: f-bomb, no sex or nudity.
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