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3.2 out of 5 stars25
3.2 out of 5 stars
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on 10 March 2009
An excellent collection of nine short films (longer than the usual fare; the running time is 147 minutes) from Peccadillo pictures. A diverse grouping of humour, poignancy and eroticism. The films comprise:-

* Summer (UK, 9 mins): Two late-teen males, good friends, are in a London park. They find themselves talking about blow-jobs, and one of the friends is nervously trying to pluck up the courage to speak his mind...
Perhaps the weakest short of the collection: while a valiant attempt to portray unrequited feelings for a best friend, the stage-school dialogue, and the fact that the characters are far too old to be engaged in such nervous revelations, undermine the authenticity of this usually engaging theme. (3 out of 5)

* Gay Zombie (US, 20 minutes): An superb, original short film. A West Hollywood zombie, Miles, is convinced by his therapist ('How's the flesh-eating coming along, Miles?') to try to resolve his uncertain desires. He visits a gay bar, and is treated as a freak by the patrons. He does meet two nice guys, who try to give him a make-over. But will his blood-hunger prove too much of an obstacle to forming a relationship? Excellent, bitingly satirical, portrayal of a 'gay community' which desires conformism more than anything. (4/5)

* Serene Hunter (France, 13 mins): Set in Paris, the 'hunter' of the title is a 30-something gay male who has a string of one-night stands. Content being free and unfettered by relationships, he happily moves from encounter to encounter. He then surprises himself by becoming involved in a more substantial relationship...but can the hunter within him be tamed? An honest portrayal, with some explicit action. (4/5)

* Le Weekend (UK, 14 mins): A 22-year-old French film student, Terry, visits London to make a film for his class. He meets a handsome male in Soho; the language barrier proves problematic, but the two end up sightseeing and hitting the bars. When Terry needs somewhere to stay for the night his new friend offers to share his bed with him. Only one dilemma - Terry identifies as straight, but if he discloses this, will he loose the offered roof? A strong film, shot primarily through hand-held camera, with an understated poignancy. (4/5)

* Cowboy Forever (Brazil, 27 minutes): set in the stunning landscape of Brazil; beautifully shot with a background of water, open plains and sunsets. The narrator, Govinda, is a ruggedly-handsome 20-something 'campiro' (cattle-herder), who has an empathy with the natural world. He narrates this quasi-documentary of the change wrought in his life by the arrival of a new cattle-hand, Jones. After a night in town together, Govinda begins to wrestle with his unexpected desire for his new friend - but the latter seems only interested in females. Moreover, how can Govinda reconcile the machismo of his outdoor life with his feelings for Jones? A compelling, well-produced short film, with original characters and great performances. (4/5)

* Scarred (UK, 10 mins): Another unusual short. An early 20s male has a significant scar on his face from a knife wound - and is fed up of the unwanted attention that it attracts. Will he find someone who can see past the scar? The answer may lie with an older, middle-aged architect, who seems to be the one person to whom the scar is invisible. But what is the architect's real interest...? Atmospheric and original. (4/5)

* Packed Lunch (Australia, 24 mins): A fairly explicit documentary on the affinity between gay-identified males and the Speedo. Interviews with the first maker of Speedos, collectors, swimmers, and DNA magazine. Plenty of 'packed lunches' on view...a must-see for those with the Speedo fetish...or just for an eyeful of handsome males and, in some cases, what lies beneath that nylon. (3/5)

* Mirror Mirror (Australia, 11 mins): An intense short film; simple in execution, highly moving in its message. An ageing, overweight male sits in front of his mirror, trying to say goodbye to his alter-ego, a once-glamorous drag queen. As he reluctantly throws out the wigs and make-up, she appears in the mirror and argues against her banishment ('You're nothing without me'). Simple but poignant, filled with loss and the ephemerality of youth.

* VGL-Hung! (UK, 20 mins): Terry, an unattractive 30-something male, feels out of place and unloved among the muscled, topless denizens of London gay clubs. Searching for a guy to hook-up with online, his 'fairy godmother' appears on his screen, giving him the opportunity to transform his looks. Terry adopts various physiques (courtesy of some Eurocreme models), and meets up with different guys...but will he now find what he's looking for? A very entertaining short, with a decent amount of pathos mixed in with the humour, although a rather predictable finish. (3/5)

Viewers may have seen some of these before in other collections ('Summer' appeared in Boy Crush [DVD]; 'Serene Hunter' and 'Scarred' are both in S Is for Sexy [DVD], and Cowboy Forever was featured in Not Gay [DVD]); nevertheless, there are a few here not previously released on DVD. Overall: a highly-diverse collection of mostly strong films, and a great addition to any collection. Recommended.
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This is one of the better collections, looking back from no.7, in fact I would put it at no.3! The best film here is Cowboy Forever, a superb portrait of a friendship between two ranch hands in Brazil, one of whom fancies the other. It is very droll and affectionate, with the name 'Jones' acquiring more and more of a comic overtone as the main character and narrator waxes on about the object of his affection and lust! VGL-Hung! is also quite superb, again in the comic mode, and with a refreshingly non-pinup main character. The film has a very seductive surface and is very much about the computer world, with a touch of the supernatural thrown in - great bang-up-to-date use of film! Gay Zombie is also not bad, although I must confess to not going overboard for the zombie genre, and the yuck factor is unsurprisingly to the fore. I enjoyed Packed Lunch more, even though it is less original, for its wonderful peekaboo look at the speedo, one of the salient features of Australian life as I imagine it, and being appraised here in a delightful manner. I also liked the boys in Summer and enjoyed the erotic tension of this one ... The others didn't make a strong impression on me but I wouldn't have wanted to miss the ones I've singled out, and other reviewers seem to have been very taken with some of the others, so it's a fair bet that viewers will find something that takes their fancy!
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The ‘Boys on Film’ DVD series of short gay films has now reached double figures. This was the very first: nine short films ranging between nine and twenty-seven minutes in length, all professionally produced and featuring an age range from teens to hunks. There is no explicit nudity.

The selection of films hail from many corners of the gay world – UK, USA, France, Brazil, and Australia – although it’s fair to point out that four of the nine films feature London. It was interesting to see how different cultures deal with sex and nudity; whilst the American film ‘Gay Zombie’ had its participants wearing shorts in the Jacuzzi, there is no issue with nudity in the subsequent French film ‘Serene Hunter’.

There is a mix of genres too, from ‘straight’-forward drama to comedy to romance to something a little darker to documentary. The latter is an Australian film looking at the allure of Speedos! (How can you talk twenty-four minutes about Speedos?!) My favourite is the longest, a twenty-seven minute exploration of naïve and relaxed pure love in Brazil’s Mato Grosso.

Not all the films in this 150-minute collection are worth four stars, there are no duff entries, and the purchaser and viewer is bound to find more than one worthy of additional playbacks. And I was suitably impressed to explore others in the series.
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on 6 March 2010
I found this an unusual and interesting collection of mini -stories with a gay twist. Entertaining, intriguiging, fun, and for me perfectly watchable as art and a montage of film makers forays into film making. Some were poingnant, others cynical...some plain daft but all worthy of inclusion for different reasons. I will watch it again.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 15 February 2014
I'm new to the low budget, LGBT, short films (not sure what we call them) so have decided to start on the Boys On Film collection. I did enjoy all the films apart from 1. But 1 out of 9 short films isn't so bad. Scarred was one of the ones I really did enjoy and sort of wished it was a full film instead of 10mins.

Summer - Dir. Hong Khaou - 9mins long
Starring Peter Peralta, Jay Brown
It is said that if one succeeds in catching a falling leaf in mid-flight, then a wish will be granted. Leung and Will, two teenagers, venture into the woods to catch themselves a wish but Leung longs for something that Will isn't willing to give. A touching tale about the anxiety and excitement of a boy wanting to kiss his best friend.

Gay Zombie - Dir. Michael Simon - 20 mins long
Starring Ryan Carlberg, Brad Bilanin, Robin McDonald
A sexually confused zombie meets a boy and eats another in this hilarious yet touching tale about how much more the heart bleeds when undead love is not reciprocated.

Serene Hunter - Dir. Jason Bushman - 12mins long
Starring Eric Debets, Jonathan Stringat, Flannan Obé
Luc is more interested in sweaty hook ups than romance, cruising the busy streets of Paris for his next brief encounter. However, the cynical Luc can't avoid love entirely and eventually must decide between the thrill of the chase or settling into a solid relationship.

Le Weekend - Dir. Timothy Smith - 15mins long
Starring Omar, Fernando Peres
A young, cynical French film student armed with a Super 8 camera comes to London to experience the sights and sounds. He soon befriends a stranger who shows him a side of the city he never thought he would see.
Official Selection, London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival
Winner, Best Short Film, Milan Gay and Lesbian Film Festival
Winner, Jury Award, Calgary Gay and Lesbian Film Festival

Cowboy Forever - Dir. Jean Baptiste Erreca - 26mins long
Starring Jones de Araújo, Ronald Rosa
Fictionalized from a true story, this docu-drama takes us on a journey through Brazil's Mato Grosso do Sul and into the lives of a pair of Brazilian gauchos, one of whom, Govinda, has an irrepressible attraction to fellow cowboy John.

Scarred - Dir. Damien Rea - 10mins long
Starring Chris Anderson, David Durham
The once handsome Rafi has a recently disfigured face that makes it difficult for him to meet other men. When a close friend introduces him to Joe, Rafi feels strangely drawn to the stranger. Yet he isn't sure why Joe doesn't seem to mind his scars and as Rafi knows only too well, appearances are deceiving...
Winner of the PlanetOut Short Movie Awards

Packed Lunch - Dir. Tim Hunter - 23mins long
Many swimwear designers, Speedo fanatics and its creator Peter Travis discuss why it is that gay men can't seem to get enough of these tight fitting trunks.

Mirror, Mirror - Dir. John Winter - 10mins long
Starring Roy Billing
Joe's glory days as Jana, the glamorous drag queen, are well behind him. Sitting before his familiar vanity mirror, Joe faces the difficult decision of saying goodbye to his alter ego - but feisty Jana won't fade away without a fight.
Official Selection, Frameline International Film Festival

VGL Hung! Dir. Max Barber - 20mins long
Starring Marcus Proctor, Ashley Ryder
Bored and ignored, a magical website gives short and unattractive Terry the powers to transform himself into any hunk he desires. However, being handsome and hung doesn't make life any easier. Featuring many Eurocreme stars, this is a witty modern day fairytale about how ruthless the gay scene can be.
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on 22 August 2010
A good addition to the cannon of gay interest films that show the different worlds that gay people live in and are exposed to
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on 9 July 2009
I thought this was a good collection of short films. Some of them are very short it has to be said. The different styles of them is quite refreshing and the contents also vary and generally they are well told. There are some quite steamy moments but this is definitely not hot gay porn, more a gentle forray into being gay and some of the lifestyle that goes with it. Some of the shorts are in French with subtitles which was interesting and somewhat distracting, however, the stories were still well told even if you had to balance looking at the words and the pictures at the same time. Enjoyable.
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on 15 September 2011
Great service and a really nice present. Delilvery was as discibed and recieved in top comdition with no damage. I would recommend purchasing DVD's from them.
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on 27 November 2015
A collection of shorts where you will probably find at least one which appeals, but few are likely to appreciate all of them. As a older guy, I honestly loved "Mirror, Mirror" the most, as it was honest and touching. "Scarred" was an excellent mystery; over all too soon. "VGL Hung!" turned out to be a good comedy with some tantalising glimpses of eye candy.
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on 3 January 2014
Summer - Dull
Gay Zombie - terrible
Serene Hunter - Fine, but pointless
Le Weekend - good
Cowboy Forever - The best of the bunch
Scarred - Interesting
Packed Lunch - boring
Mirror Mirror - The worst of the bunch
VGL Hung! - Fun.

Four out of nine are watchable, but they are watchable on YouTube. Not worth it.
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