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3.6 out of 5 stars
3.6 out of 5 stars
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on 24 May 2010
Well, that's what the first impression of this film leaves me with: Bette Midler, Helen Hunt, and Colin Firth are actually allowed to look their own ages, and are not made up, botoxed, done up or corseted into movie mode. And they look fabulous.

Is THEN SHE FOUND ME a 'rom-com' ?? No. Has it ever claimed to be one ? I don't think so. Is it a 'chick-flick' ?? Nope. Why are we always so desperate to attach a quick and easy label to something ? Are we so obsessed by the 30-second 'elevator pitch' ? I can decide for myself what kind of film I'm watching - and this one is excellent for its witty and often touching screenplay (I haven't read the original book, and I'm not really likely to, so for me the film can speak for itself) and its sensitive direction of an ensemble cast that is never less than excellent.

The whole film has a lovely ring of truth about it. There are plenty of laughs, plenty of drama, and some tears - it's like life, with a plot that at first glance seems to be far-fetched, but turns out to be completely believable. You can share the dilemmas, feel the frustrations, and enjoy the beautifully observed performances from the whole cast in this bittersweet tale of a mature woman's reunion with her daughter.

Bette Midler shines (as usual) as Helen Hunt's birth-mother. Always a terrific actress, she is one of those institutions that the silver screen would be poorer without. She is in good robust company: Helen Hunt, tall and slightly gawky, as the estranged daughter - eminently watchable, and totally without that element of saccharine that can so often spoil a film like this and reduce it to the ranks of schmaltz - or 'rom-com'.

It's also heartening to see that Colin Firth has avoided the pitfall of pastiche that some hugely successful actors descend into - becoming caricatures of themselves in their earlier roles. Firth's characterisation here is rich and multi-dimensional, sympathetic, while being no pushover. He's middle-aged, slightly broad in the beam, untidy - he's real.

It's refreshing to be able to look at a cast and say 'yes, they really all can act.'

This is a good film on all sorts of levels: if you want a 'chickflick' or a 'rom-com' - or somesuch other genre aberration, don't bother. It won't please you. This film is not afraid to stand up on its own, and it's all the more rewarding and enjoyable because of it.
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on 9 February 2009
I found this film refreshing, as its not like the usual rom-com or chick-flicks of recent times. April (Helen Hunt), the main character, embarks on an emotional rollercoaster throughout the film, as she comes to terms with the rise and fall of her marriage, the death of her mother, the discovery of her biological birth mother, and her desire to experience motherhood for herself.

Characters come in and out of play and each bring something new to the storyline - Frank (Colin Firth) is an emotionally unstable and overfunctioning single father of two, with his own set of problems and his own odd way of dealing with things. The insight into Frank's relationship with his children, and the relationship of April, Frank and the kids is carefully analysed and well written. Sam (Matthew Broderick), April's soon-to-be-ex husband, flits in and out of the scenes, bringing with him a complex set of emotions which are so outlandishly childish you have to wonder where the line between adulthood and childhood are. Bernice (Bette Middler) is overbearing, borderline hysterical and highly strung character who has obviously missed out on April's life, but in her efforts to reconsile this she often confuses good and bad.

All in all, this film seemed to be quite philosophical and psychological in its analysis of relationships between different groups of people; parents with each other, parents with their children, and children with each other, across differing age ranges and stages of emotional progression. It's quite a deep film, not easy to grasp in the first instance and takes a few watches to be appreciated. The plotline moves very quickly, and the understanding of the delicate interrelationships between human beings is paramount to the films enjoyment.

Helen Hunt, Colin Firth, Bette Midler and Matthew Broderick carry this film exceptionally well, and take this film from a complicated flop into a superb study of life. Helen Hunt has also written and directed the film (though it is based on a book) and this is an excellent introduction to her skills. More please, more!!
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on 22 September 2008
School teacher April Epner (played by Helen Hunt)is a 39 year old woman who is desperate to have her own child. Her husband has left her (with the words "I don't want this life") and her adoptive Mother passes away. When April meets her 'birth' Mother (Bette Midler)she begins a new emotional journey - through a serious of events - she learns why she was put up for adoption. She also sees her adoptive Mother with new eyes.

April commences a new relationship with a parent at the school (Colin Firth) who has two young daughters. She finds out what it takes to be a parent and the sacrifices that you make and the love that you have to give to another person.

Over the course of the film these relationships teach April what it is to loved as a daughter, part of a family, to be "seen" as a Woman and to understand that a Mother's love for a much wanted child cannot be measured.

Helen Hunt also makes her debut as a Director, co-writer and producer. If this is her "style" then I hope to see many more films made by her. This is was a beautiful film as parenting is quite an emotional subject but there are some quite comical bits in it as well. Look out for April's OBGYN when she goes to the Doctor on two separate occasions. Quite funny moments.
(Colin Firth fans will not be disappointed. If you loved Blake Morrison's "When Did you Last See your Father?" then you will love this film also.)

If you, like April are not yet a parent but are desperate to have a baby then this film may be a bit heavy going.............bring the tissues, a box of maltesers and a good friend shoulder!
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on 23 May 2009
Such a good film-Bette Midler, delightful. Helen Hunt, believable and Colin Firth, lovely as ever. Good Saturday night in movie!!
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You've probably noticed that most of the reviews for the rather good "Then She Found Me" are for the 'DVD'. But if you want to upgrade to BLU RAY and live in the UK - there's a problem.

This American-only release on Image Entertainment is REGION A LOCKED - so it won't play on our machines unless they're chipped to be 'all regions' (which few are).

So until someone sees fit to release it in our Region B - this is yet another movie denied us by the silly restrictions of Region Coding...
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on 1 September 2015
I love this film - touching & funny.
Bought this at a very reasonable price as part of a friend's birthday present - not spent too much in case she doesn't like it but it's in excellent condition & if she doesn't like it, I'll gladly add it to my collection.
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on 6 April 2013
I was really looking forward to seeing this as I love Colin Firth and Helen Hunt.
I was so disappointed. There was zero chemistry or believability in a relationship between the two of them. The plot device of having a child with an ear infection who has to be taken to the emergency room seemed to have been lifted straight from "As Good as it Gets". Does Helen Hunt lack the imagination to come up with something original in this script?
This film just didn't work and I really wanted it to. What a missed opportunity.
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on 31 October 2009
I didn't enjoy watching Then She Found Me and I think this was because it was neither particularly humorous and nor did it have sufficient punch to pass itself off as a serious take on the ups and downs of real life.
I bought the dvd because it has colin firth in it and for the second time I have seen him in an americain film
he was portrayed as a wacky englishman who seems to be an excuse for a wacky script.Matthew Broderick seemed out of place and uninterested in the role he was acting.
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Awful , no atmosphere and dreadful acting by all the actors. That in itself is surprising as Colin Firth , Helen Hunt and Bette Midler are all good performers when directed by a decent director. Maybe Helen Hunt should stick to acting !!
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on 2 February 2014
I was very pleased with the prompt and efficient delivery of this DVD. I am delighted with my purchase and the great service provided. Thank you again. I will highly recommend you to all my friends and family. Jo
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