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5.0 out of 5 stars Great film with some jaw dropping stunts.
Kurt Russell is Stuntman Mike, a guy with an eye for the ladies and a penchant for vehicular homicide. In fact, there's nothing that Stuntman Mike enjoys more than using his 'deathproof' car to wreak a little havoc and take a few lives.

The girls are sexy, the music is great and the stunts are fantastic.

About 45 minutes in everything ramps up for...
Published on 17 July 2012 by Mark G.

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3.0 out of 5 stars Death Proof - Not quite the thrill ride promised
Other reviewers have dealt with the fact that this film was originally released as a double feature with Robert Rodriguez's Planet Terror under the title Grindhouse, so I wont go into that again here.

This part of the feature is Quentin Tarantino's homage to the Grindhouse genre of cinema, those cheap, gory films that infested the flea pits of the seventies and...
Published on 9 Mar 2012 by Victor

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3.0 out of 5 stars Won't be a Tarantino classic, 1 Mar 2008
OEJ - See all my reviews
I understand what Tarantino tried to do with this film (all the homage stuff etc) but he probably failed to realise that very few people care about those old films, or stunt-people for that matter, and doesn't know that what we really want and expect from this writer/director is a film that we want to see again and again and is unlike anything we've seen before. Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction are films I can see 50 times and never grow tired of them, while Jackie Brown remains his best film to date thanks largely to some brilliant characterisation; Death Proof however I may not bother with again because it's message is so simple, it's utterly devoid of characters you could care about, and even the car chases are unfortunately not as brilliant as Tarantino hoped. This film is surely much, much too long, and let's not forget it was originally meant to be just ONE HALF of a set piece of which Robert Rodriguez' 'Planet Terror' was the second half (a disastrous bastardisation of the Dusk til Dawn concept). Then when everyone started telling QT how boring and meaningless all this Grindhouse stuff is, he dumped the Rodriquez second half and added about half-an-hour of very mundane material from Death Proof that until then had (very sensibly) been lying on the cutting room floor. The script, if you could call it that, is ultimately wasted once you understand what the main point of this film is. It's a pure indulgence on his part and if anything I fear that we may have seen the best of him. That would be a pity, because clearly he once had supreme talent. I suppose if you watched this film and didn't know that he wrote or directed it, you would still guess that he did (apart from the fact that he appears in it of course) because it still has that 'something' to its style that is, if only just, Tarantino flavoured, but the bottom line is that the high points of this film are the car chases and I doubt that the main one would make any car-chase-lovers' Top 10 once the dust has settled and this film has been forgotten about. Technically it was good, but IMHO the pursuit lacked the tension, drama or class of such memorabilia as Bullitt, Ronin or - most importantly - Vanishing Point. In the end it was just plain daft, and a waste of a good idea.

By the way, if you haven't seen it and you just want to know what it's about, I can explain in very few words: It's about an aging stuntman turned serial killer who uses his 'death proof' car as the murder weapon. As for the reason he does that, well, that's never explained. Kurt Russell took the part after several others turned it down, including Mickey Rourke who I would suggest would have been rather better suited to the role.

I've given it a 3-star rating mainly because I like the macho sound of a 1970s Dodge Challenger (and Charger). If I had turned the sound down I would have given it one star for the pleasant distraction of seeing Mary Elizabeth Winstead (as 'Lee') dressed as a cheerleader.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Dont buy the UK version it is CUTTTTTTTT!!!!, 2 Mar 2008
Firstly let me point out before I get into this, do not buy the UK versions of the Grindhouse double features, due to varied laws they will be cut to ribbons, my advice is buy a region free DVD player and buy the REgion 1 versions! They will be the extended versions (example: check out the running times of the UK extended cut of Ghost Rider to the UK extended cut of the same film and note the minutes are somewhat more in the US version!) Death Proof is a great film I enjoyed everything about it from the sassy dialogue to the "well worth it" build of of the semi climax right up until the ultra speed climax! Fan of Quintin or not this movie is smartly written and sinister in all the right places, as terrifying as such a movie can be involving a psycho and his weapon...his car! If you are expecting a blood soaked every minute thing you wont find it and if you love The Fast and the Furious you will likely love the 19 min chase scene and hate the rest...a typical flash dumb ass car movie this is not, pure grinhouse this is!
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5.0 out of 5 stars Where on earth do I begin?, 24 Feb 2009
G. Thomas (Canterbury UK) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Death Proof [Blu-ray] (Blu-ray)
I must say that it's rather sad that I believed the baying mob for so long and have only just watched this film two years after its initial release.
I was shocked and had to watch it again immediately to make sure I wasn't mistaken. Could this be Tarantino's greatest work to date?
I think it possibly is.

He has taken all the elements that made his other films so good and distilled the essence down into this perfect little number. There is so much that is noteworthy about "Death Proof" so where on earth do I begin?

This is such a loving homage to exploitation cinema that you can actually have difficulty separating the real-thing from the tribute. When one of the characters used a mobile phone I was momentarily thrown by the appearance of modern technology in such a convincingly 1970's film.
At times I also found myself thinking that certain images, moments, events, sounds, dialogue and perceived impressions could only be spooky coincidences because everything feels so very right. Then you realise this is actually the level of love and detailed effort that Tarantino has gone to in order to make this movie such an authentic experience.

Most of the negative points quoted in other reviews for this and other formats are precisely the effect he was trying to achieve but the nay-sayers just won't understand.

Unfortunately a certain (mistaken)percentage of Tarantino's inherited audience doesn't want him to do what he does so with cinematic form.
This is a modern version of an exploitation film yet it doesn't actually exploit the usual targets of such cinema but daringly empowers them. Misguided adolescent fanboys don't want to see strong female characters on screen and are equally disappointed when the body count isn't higher than the last film.
Wake up, he isn't that kind of lazy film maker and you do him a great disservice by expecting it.

Personally I am in awe. This is exactly how I remember this type of movie down to the smallest detail.

The much maligned character development stages are absolutely vital (I'm guessing it's mostly male viewers who find these sections tedious or pointless). Firstly to make us "know" the girls and thus be even more shocked by the brevity and brutality of what is to come....and secondly because the kind of film "Death Proof" is trying to be were quite often long on character development and short on action because of budgetary restrictions.
I also quite often see people complain about the "wasted" effort they had to put in to the first half of the film but then I believe Alfred Hitchcock once stunned the movie-going public with a similar device by making them waste all that effort on Marion Crane in "Psycho"!

As for the unnecessarily poisonous viewpoint stated here in another review about the wonderful Zoe Bell:
1) She's not an actress she's a stuntwoman (playing herself)
2) Shame on you sir.......seriously, you need to catch yourself on.

Anyway on to the Blu-ray itself.

Let's get the subtitle issue out of the way first:
English and Spanish subtitles only

Lovely reproduction, even in the grainier sections of the movie where the slightly washed out look of cheap 70s films is spot-on (every scratch lovingly reproduced) but the picture crystallises for the second half into the expected beautiful hi-def quality.

There's an amusing selection of mini-featurettes (none in full HD) and commentaries some with Quentin enthusing in his inimitable style about anything and everything. His excitement is, as always, contagious.
I particularly enjoyed the "say hello to Sally Menke" section but generally I've never really been a fan of extras.

This is an almost groundbreakingly intelligent film with the added bonus of many iconic moments (which, luckily, we have come to expect from Mr Tarantino) The amazing crash, the soundtrack, the final chase and not forgetting Vanessa Ferlito's sizzling lapdance all burned into memory and destined to be part of cinematic history for generations to come.
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2.0 out of 5 stars Hmmm.., 12 Mar 2008
I have to say most fo the 1 star reviews are abit over the top as it isnt that bad of a film..
But it is really bad compared to Quentins previous masterpieces, but this fails miserably to fit the bill. The screenplay is bad.. The script is OK.. But the reason this gets a 2 star instead of a 1 star is because of the brilliant car chases.
And if it wasnt bu Quentin this would probably get 3 or maybe 4.. I know that thats not exactly right, but its just he does give people high standards and this was very dissapointing. Its quite hard to explain EVERYTHING he did wrong but he did alot wrong and it seemed to me to be rushed and not fully thought through.
I have to say it is worth watching for the car chases though!
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3.0 out of 5 stars Hit and Miss Tribute to Grindhouse Cinema, 20 Jan 2008
R. Mullaney (Leeds, UK) - See all my reviews
A psychotic stuntman (Kurt Russell) gets his kicks terrorising young women in his death proof car but eventually he targets a group of girls who drive as well as he does.

The plot is simple in the eagerly awaited Tarantino tribute to the low budget, violent 'grindhouse' movies of the 70's which played in seedy cinemas before film censorship was an issue. Originally the plan was to release Death Proof as part of a double bill with Robert Rodriguez's Planet Terror complete with an interlude of grindhouse trailers for movies that don't actually exist courtesy of guest directors such as Rob Zombie and Eli Roth. The grindhouse project had me salivating like a true movie geek when I heard about it but when the double bill failed at the US box office, the distributors split the films and released them separately in Europe and the UK. I don't know if this was a good or bad idea because undoubtedly the whole concept was ruined but Death Proof is an overlong and dare I say it slightly tedious movie that would have made a double bill difficult to sit through. Tarantino lovingly creates the style of the old movies with scratched film and missing frames and of course delivers a great soundtrack as always. I never thought I would criticize a Quentin Tarantino screenplay but the dialogue in this film is very unnatural in parts and feels like a failed attempt to imitate the cool of Pulp Fiction. The second act is boring and overlong as we are introduced to the second group of girls and subjected to much boring chitter chatter between them. Kurt Russell turns in a good performance as the nut who gets into near fatal accidents for fun and there are some great action moments in the chase scenes. Tarantino makes his usual bit part cameo as a bar tender but unfortunately he still can't act all that well. Overall, the film is worth a watch but I suspect Planet Terror will be better after watching trailers and eventually there will be a double bill edition dvd no doubt so I think i'll wait for that.

Like this? Try: Planet Terror
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5.0 out of 5 stars MARMITE!!!!, 28 Jun 2008
sam's town (london,england) - See all my reviews
You'll either love or hate this film.i'm in the former most,i absolutely adore everything else tarantino has either written or written/directed(i can let him off the last ten minutes of kill bill vol.2!!!)and i would put this somewhere near jackie brown,which i love.the thing is i've recommended this to so many people and not many people agreed how cool it is,hence the marmite comparison...don't take too seriously and watch if only for some of the performances,more so in the second half.the grindhouse cut,although better,is like half hour shorter.although there's more dialogue in THIS version and the pace is obviously slowed because of it,the film doesn't suffer too much.thirty minutes of extra tarantino dialogue can't be a bad thing when it's this well written,this is two hours spent with gals who'd be cool to hang round the way,as much as i enjoyed planet terror,this film will be talked about in years to come and stand the test of niece and girlfriend both loved it so don't be afraid to watch with the girls cos come the finale they'll be cheering(maybe not literally but you'll know what i mean)!!!there's a lot of other stuff going on in this film.if you basically think of it as tarantino's interpretation of a slasher movie,which as i recall is how it was written,then you'll get my drift.anyway,remember not to take too seriously and enjoy!!!
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4.0 out of 5 stars Regarding the fake trailers.., 24 Mar 2008
As most of you will know, the original grindhouse concept was to have Death Proof and Planet Terror (the two films are connected), shown back to back in cinemas with fake trailers sandwiched in the middle.

Allegedly many U.S audiences didn't get that there were two movies and left after the first one(duh!).. so the movies were divided in two to make it easier for them

You'll (probably!) be pleased to know that the best trailer 'Machete' is still included at the start of the Planet Terror DVD. The other three trailers though ('Werewolf Women of the SS', 'Don't' and 'Thanksgiving') which came after PT and before DP at cinemas are not included on this Death Proof DVD

If you're holding out on a release with the trailers.. a Japanese boxset (region 2) was released a few days ago including a disc with the full back to back theatrical release with trailers, but you'll be paying a lot extra mostly just for 3 trailers which can be viewed easily on the internet anyway in a more appropriate low res format

It'll likely take ages before this kind of release happens here so if you're hanging on, my suggestion is to buy the PT and DP DVD's currently available

My 4 stars is for the concept as a whole which I think is brilliant, although Death Proof is the weaker of the two imo. For film fans though, getting these at a decent price is a no brainer
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4.0 out of 5 stars Death Proof, 17 Feb 2009
I really enjoyed watching this film, but can understand why some people wouldn't like it.
I thought that it was really clever and liked the way the film goes from looking very much like an old school film, set in the 60s-70s to modern times. In the first half of the film one may be inclined to think that it is meant to be set in 60's/70s America- through the setting, the music, the clothing etc. There are small signs cleverly inserted in the film that cause one to question this- the mention of CGI, the use of a nokia moblie phone, the use of an ipod- small things that some people possibly would not clock on to. Halfway through the film though, the deception of the first part is evident. It starts off in black and white then makes the transition to bright colour, blatently set in the noughties, as one can instantly tell from the magazines, the girls- pretty much everything. I thought that this was really clever.
I also liked the dialogue, typically tarantino.
Overall for me this fim was excellent, I had heard bad things about it and didnt really want to bother watching it, but im glad my boyfriend made me, as I loved it and would definately be watching it again! It may not be to everyones taste, and I can see why, but I reccomend giving it a try- you never know you might like it!
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3.0 out of 5 stars Crash Bang Wallop.... Excellent Stuff, 19 Sep 2014
Two names made me determined to watch this film, one being Tarantino, the other Kurt Russell himself. A weird, slightly 60s feel only added to the ambience throughout. Well worth a watch, the stunts are terrifyingly superb, the bonnet scene being all the more real because it is just that.... real! If you're looking for an intriguing plot then jog on, you're looking in the wrong place. This flick is just there to be enjoyed, and enjoyed it I certainly did.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Death Proof, 5 Jan 2009
Mr. J. Fraser (Kelso, Scotland) - See all my reviews
Death Proof is a criminally under rated movie. People have accused it of being boring but I disagree. Although most of it is people just hanging out in a bar, the characters and dialogue are fun and interesting (fans of Kurt Russell should love this movie), the dusty Austin setting is perfect and every scene is filled with the kind of detail that makes repeat viewings rewarding. The two main story arcs are capped off with some great car action. Kurts car for the first part of the film surely ranks as one of the coolest in film history. Both Planet Terror and Death Proof are excellent movies and make for a terrific double bill. As they're both now available at low prices you should buy both but if you buy only one of them i'd reccommend this.
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