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4.6 out of 5 stars158
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 27 April 2012
It's probably both a sign of my childishness and the quality of 'Enema of the State' that it's an album I can listen to as joyfully in my mid 20s as I did as a young teenager upon its release. Blink-182 have been pidgeonholed by critics, on numerous occasions, as teenage band, and of being juvenile, but neither seems a particularly valid criticism. Blink-182's hilariously awkward tales of adolescent love and childish adulthood (most notably the brilliant 'What's My Age Again') are much of what gives 'Enema' its appeal. The band, whilst not particularly virtuoso, clearly have an ear for a catchy melody, and the album draws one in with its buzzing riffs, frantic drumming, and Tom Delonge's yearning vocals, which are just on the right side of the troubled/whiney divide. Blink-182 also possess some real heart on the album's best tracks, such as the tale of unrequited love of 'Wendy Clear', and the perfectly pitched love song 'Going Away to College'. There's barely a weak track on 'Enema', and when at their best, Blink were easily a match for contemporaries like Green Day and Sum 41, with the album's tunefully noisy pop-punk sound.

The one thing 'Enema' is lacking, I suppose, is variety. What Blink-182 do, they do extremely well; a fact evidenced by how fresh and relevant 'Enema' still sounds; but the album's 11 tracks are a pretty set format of ringing guitar, fast-paced drumming, yearning vocals; and, well, not much else. There are also one or two tracks which are more filler than killer; namely the rather inexplicable 'Aliens Exist'. Still, 'Enema' is a record which is lively, hugely enjoyable and contains some of Blink's best tunes and finest lyrics. "We started making out, and she took off my pants; but then I turned on the TV". Most of us have been there, and it's a line which causes me to smile and cringe at the same time; all set to a melody which sticks in the head for hours on end. And that, essentially, is what makes 'Enema of the State' such an enduring, relatable and fun album.
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on 22 August 2001
This has got to be Blink 182s best album, i have all the albums except cheshire cat, and so far nothing beats it! The clever lyrics are superb and the drumming from Travis Barker is out of this world!! the guitars aint to bad either!! If you've even heard of Blink 182 buy this album, this is what made me buy the rest of their albums!! Dont Miss Out!!
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on 25 February 2002
I bought this album after getting Dude Ranch and I was surprised, nearly every aspect of the album had been improved.
It started with Dumpweed, a classic song, preferred live, I thought the album was fairly decent at this point, and then I was blown away. Don't Leave Me was astounding, it blew me away. Then it passed into Aliens Exist, filled with clever lyrics, then Going Away To College played and I was surprised once again, Mark's seriousness kicks in and you are enchanted by this tale of 'Going Away To College', then my favourite track 'What's My Age Again' played, with the tale of a guy who still feels like a teenager, acting like life is a game, "my friends say i should act my age, whats my age again, whats my age again?", Dynsentery Gary then speaks of losing yer gal to some pitiful guy, followed by one of Blink's saddest songs, Adams Song was written when a teenager sent a letter to Blink182 before committing suicide, they wrote a song to commemorate 'Adam'. The next song 'All The Small Things' is a brilliant poke at boy bands and sell-outs, and the video helps this so well. Hilarious. The quick-paced 'Party Song' tells the tale of Mark going to a party which is full of stereotypical teenagers, and (coincidentally)the girl of his dreams.
'Mutt' looks at looking beneath the layers and cr*p piled up in a relationship.
Basically, the album is a great look at life, with sad songs like 'Adam's Song' and catchy fun anthems like 'What's My Age Again' it's a memorable buy.
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on 9 June 2000
I've had this album since October '99 and i have listened to it every day since. I decided to buy it when i heard 'Whats my age again?' last summer in the states. None of my mates were interessted when i mentioned Blink 182 because they didn't know who the hell they were. But that soon changed. When Blink released 'All the small things' this year i had people queing up to borrow the album for about 3 months, but i couldn't let it go. It is a class album definately my all time fave. All the songs get you in a great mood but the songs that stand out to me are definately, 'DUMPWEED','DON'T LEAVE ME','WHATS MY AGE AGAIN?','GOING AWAY TO COLLEGE','ADAM'S SONG' and 'MUTT'. Although i've mentioned virtually every song make no mistake the others are fantastic tunes. So go and buy it baby!
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on 26 December 2000
If you love Green Day, Offspring, Less Than Jake or any other kind of punk rock, this will blow you away. In fact, it will blow you away even if you don't like this kind of music! Gets the adrenaline running and is great to listen to when you need cheering up, the best tracks include the most famous, All The Small Things and Whats My Age Again?, as well as Aliens Exist, Dysentary Gary (the best in my opinion), Mutt and Dumpweed. You will not be disappointed with this album, it will your first choice CD for years to come!! Better than Dude Ranch I believe, because the songs are easier to differenciate (though still similar) and the tunes are more catchy. The likes of Voyeur and Apple Shampoo never really appealed to me, but the songs on this album are a whole lot better. 5 STARS, NOT A SINGLE POOR TRACK!!
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on 9 April 2000
Enema Of The State as a title says it all from Blink's point of view, they aren't afraid to be ironic, sarcastic (yes, an american band can be sarcastic!) and moronic, something we fans have become proud of over the years. But have they finally grown up? No way, and that's the way we like it..........Opening song "Dumpweed" is a popular live favourite and a great start to "Enema...." showing that the same cheeky spirit we all loved on "Cheshire Cat" & "Dude Ranch" is still ever present, secondly the lovely "Don't Leave Me" sees Mark Hoppus in fine voice as he sings about lack of luck with the if we could believe that! "Aliens Exist" comes next, with Tom's obsession with aliens spilling over into song, especially touching with the line "'nice to know ya, paranoia," 'cos we all feel that way from time to time. 4th song "Going Away To College" sees Mark in reflective mood again "I'll write you once a week, she said" he coos like he believed she ever would, nice sentiment, great track. Song 5 is the fabulous poke in the eye of society "What's My Age Again?" Mark does his best to grow old disgracefully, a song for those who'll grow up when they're 50, failing that 60! "Dysentery Gary" sees Tom in a player-hating mood, he's lost the girl to some diseased player and hates everything, and I mean eveything! "Adam's Song" is going to be the third single from this album, a really beautiful song about suicide, if there is such a thing, Mark sings from the heart and totally means every word, perfect. "All The Small Things" wakes you up again, perfect punk/rock/pop all in Mr DeLonge's finest tradition, one of my favourites. "The Party Song" has Mark at a party he shouldn't have bothered attending, everyone acts the same, looks the same, talks the same......sound like anyone you know? "Mutt" has a twisted romantic undertow somewhere, honest, look beneath the layers of shouting and screaming and you may just find it! "Wendy Clear" is a sad/happy song about life today, when Mark sings "I wish it didn't have to be so sad", he says it with real passion and meaning, despite life being that way. Final song "Anthem" is just that, you'll learn the words in two minutes and be singing along straight away, its powerful, annoyingly catchy and totally Blink 182's anthem for "Enema...." a brilliant way to end a brilliant album, where you learn you grow up when you want, not all girls are such a drag (well I'm not!) and don't take life so seriously, you've "many years ahead to fall in line, why would you wish that on me? I never want to act my age, what's my age again? what's my age again?"
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on 4 April 2006
I love this album, i really do.

Dumpweed- Love the chorus great song, catchy 10/10

Don't Leave Me- I agree with the guy earlier this is the weakest song on the album but I still like it. It is alright just not the best. 7/10

Aliens Exist- My favourite song, one of the best blink-182 songs, well in my opinion, catchy, and just has a great fell to it love it greatly. 10/10

Going Away To College- Very good, one of my favourites on the album feels great, fits in nicely with Aliens Exist. 10/10

What's My Age Again?- Well obviously one of the best,catchy, a very happy song that gets you in a happy mood. Amazing riff! 10/10

Dysentery Gary- good song catchy and has some funny lyrics, not the best on album but like all blink songs, great. 9/10

Adam's Song- My favourite blink song, i love it,great. Different but better than the others. It doesn't fell depressing even though that is it's subject. Wow! 10/10

All The Small Things- it's the most famous, but not the best but still a great song, again it is amazing 10/10

The Party Song- is a good song with a great chorus fast and slow really like the na na stuff 10/10

Mutt-really like this, sounds really good, Tom's voice sounds different but amazing. 10/10

Wendy Clear-This sounds different aswell but still provides a grwat outcome, enjoyable to listen to. 9/10

Anthem- Great song not as good as part 2 but still wonderful, really sounds bold. 10/10

Overall a wonderful album, you must buy it!!!
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on 10 September 2004
this is blink 182s fourth studio recorded album, this is a great album but very different to blinks previous albums. This album brought a whole new ere of music to blink fans. Assisted with a new drummer blink have moved away from that punk sound and have edged to a more pop sound and went more commercial. Saying that this album has got some of blinks best songs entering the charts. "whats my age again" is probably the best song on this album it a has a really catchy opening and a great chorus. "Adams song" a sad song with really good lyrics. The "party song" is a fast upbeat tune with mark singing very fast and then slowed down in the chorus. "Dysentery Gary" is probably the most punky song on the album which has tom hating everything. In this album unlike the ones previously Mark and Toms voices sound great and in are perfectly in tune and the new drummer is very talented. I think the band have just got it right with this album. if you like take off pants & jacket and self titled you will like this album if you like blinks older stuff you might find it harder to enjoy but saying that with songs like "all the small things" "dysentery gary" "goin away to college" "adams song" and "whats my age again" anyone can enjoy this album.
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on 23 April 2000
I really liked 'All The Small Things' as a single but I thought that Blink182 couldn't really do anything better on the album. In fact, the only reason why I bought it is because I found it cheap. I was pleasantly surprised though because, even though 'All The Small Things' is still probably the best song on the album, there are some mighty fine songs to acompany it. 'Dumpweed', 'Don't Leave Me', 'Aliens Exist', 'Going Away To College' and 'What's My Age Again?' all have brilliantly catchy tunes, in the vein of 'All The...' and, in the most part, showcase Blink182's infamous sense of humour. This, however, is not as prevelent as I thought it would be. Watching the video of 'All The...' on MTV cracked me up and led me into beleiving that the album would just be full of jokes. Actually, the majority of songs aren't that funny (it's not even that I don't find them funny, they just aren't supposed to be funny) and the brilliant 'Adam's Song' tackles the difficult subject of suicide, obviously something that isn't funny at all.
I would sum up this album and Blink182 as a whole as being a more lighthearted Offspring. However, just because they have a sense of humour, don't write them off as not being musically talented. A very accomplished album.
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on 23 November 2000
This album is highly recommended. It's the most wonderful thing I ever bought. IT combines the rock of 'Green-Day' with the lyrics of 'The Offspring' with it's own originality woven it. It's something to put on when you need to jump around, get angry, feel sad & laugh. It's great. I can listen to it day in and day out. I'll never get tired of it! Buy it. It's the best thing on the planet!
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