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4.6 out of 5 stars26
4.6 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 11 November 2003
What do you do when you've recorded new material, but not enough to make a new album with? Stick it on the old album, that's what!
Girls Aloud are re-releasing their #2 album "Sound Of The Underground" with three new songs, the new single from the Love Actually soundtrack "Jump", former B-side and Duran Duran cover "Girls On Film" and the all new track "You Freak Me Out" from the Freaky Friday remake. Plus there's the videos for all four singles ("Sound Of The Underground", "No Good Advice", "Life Got Cold" and "Jump") and new versions of two album tracks, "Some Kind Of Miracle" and "Forever And A Night".
All this should be more than enough for owners of the original version to buy this reissue, and there's all the hits to entice new buyers. It's one of the best albums of the year, and now it's even better!
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on 17 January 2004
I just can't get my head around this group.
I'm one of those people who loves to moan about how pop is bringing down the value of good music made by 'real' musicians. So by every right, this group should be at fulcrum of my complaints - they have a completely pop image and were put together on a TV show for god's sake!
This said, of the tracks I have listened to, I incredulously have to admit that some are actually very good. The tracks are generally well produced and, incredibly, these girls can actually sing! (To a respectable extent). I am especially pleased to hear a pop group having the courage to put out some tracks with a breakbeat/D&B vibe to them. A lot of D&B purists will be annoyed, but lets face it, the genre needs as much help as it can to get back on its feet.
I will gladly admit as a young single male that only reason the group first caught my attention was the obvious good looks of it members. I have subsequently been very pleasantly surprised with the quality of the tracks. It's a damn shame that the group won't be able to shake off the pop image for a long time, if ever though, because I think they could be worthy of a lot more respect than they get.
I won't quite be buying this for my personal use yet, but perhaps as a gift to a female friend who might just lend it to me for a few hours worth of satifaction...
PS. Cheryl's my favourite ;-)
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on 22 May 2004
Well I'd have to say that this album was one of the best of 2003! It was well crafted and a lot of the songs are very catchy!
1. Sound Of The Underground - Obviously the lead off single and very very good! 10/10
2. No Good Advice - The second single to be released and very good. Written with Lene from the group Aqua. 9/10
3. Life Got Cold (Radio Version) - The 3rd single that was released and pretty good. It does sound too much like Oasis and is quite drab and lifeless. 7.5/10
4. Jump - A cover of the 80's song for the "Love Actually" movie. Very good song. 9/10
5. Some Kind Of Miracle (Single Version) Was a fairly boring and lifeless song to begin with and still is. 5/10
6. All I Need (All I Don't) - Very dancy and funky track. I love this song! 9/10
7. Mars Attack - A much different track but very good to listen to. 8/10
8. You Freak Me Out - A little bit immature and kiddish, but then again it was for a Disney movie. 8/10
9. Stop - This is my favourite track on the album! It has great vocals and beats to it. A definate track to dance to! 10/10
10. Girls Allowed - Catchy and fun. 9/10
11. Forever and A Night - A good ballad that could have used a little more power and a bit different vocalization. 8/10
12. Love/ Hate - Sounds like a reject track. Not too pleased with it at all. 5/10
13. Boogie Down Love - Very catchy dance track filled with funky beats and sultry vocals. 9/10
14. White Lies - A very nice mid-tempo ballad. Very enjoyable. 8/10
15. Girls On Film (Non album track) - A great cover of the Duran Duran version. Good vocals and quite catchy. 9/10
Overall i thought this was a great album with the exception of a few tracks! I suggest this to anyone!
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on 17 November 2003
Nadine, Cheryl, Kimberley, Sarah and Nicola all return to bring us another slice of pop, Sound Of The Underground Version 2. If you liked the first version of the album, you're going to love this one. It has three brand new tracks added to it and the videos of the first three singles. If you are looking for a perfect Christmas present...this is definately for you!
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on 17 March 2007
Even though it was released in 2003 i just bought this album and it is great! dont be put off just because it was released a few years ago. Its a really great album and for 99p why not?! Some of my fave tracks on it are: 'some kind of miracle'- its catchy and got good lyrics,'All i need'- good beat and tune,'mars attack' etc.... Basically i love all the tracks!!!

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on 30 December 2003
It's pretty ironic for a reality television-based girl group to become popular and still acquire critical acclaim as well on their debut album. If someone was questioned of such a scenario, the last thing he or she would reply would be that they would produce such a sleek, stylish, classy, and interesting debut album. Girls Aloud did just that by enlisting the right producers to helm their "sound" (which is usually glossy pop that references the '80s and early '90s while still retaining a sense of contemporary appeal). While on their way to becomming the coolest new girl group in the UK, what else would they do but hire the producers that made Sugababes' (that other popular UK girl group that made girl group pop cool, edgy, and hip during the new millennium) music effortlessly engaging. With that came the basis for "Sound Of The Underground." Even though both groups' styles are extremely different, Brian Higgins, Xenomania, and company still do the Popstars winners justice by making music that's nostalgic as it is fresh: the album is sets itself apart by having a cohesive, gritty, edgy, '80s/early '90s dance feel that doesn't get too annoying. Production is ace all throughout this album. This makes Girls Aloud's music stand apart from the rest: it's so fresh and unique. The special re-release of the album is great because the new bonus tracks: "Jump," "You Freak Me Out," and "Girls On Film" fit well with the original tracklist. The bonus videos are great too! Also, the "newly polished" production of some of the album's original tracks don't hurt on the ears either. In my opinion, the best tracks on the album are "Sound Of The Underground," "No Good Advice," "Life Got Cold," "Jump," "Some Kind Of Miracle," "All I Need (All I Don't)," "Mars Attacks," "You Freak Me Out," "Forever And A Night," "Love/Hate," and "Boogie Down Love." Even thought the album's songs may seem monotonous at first, the album works amazingly well together and it truly deserves the praise as being one of the best pop albums of 2003.
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on 9 August 2013
With so many good tracks, it is hard to choose a favourite but I guess it has to be this, especially the playout.
CATCH A SNATCH  of it, and the rest of the album of the same name.

Wasn't sure about their cover of this at first, but it grew on me!
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on 18 December 2003
Lets be honest - for a 'Popstars' created band, they are doing ok. Their first single was no.1 (no suprise there) but they have just about kept this success going with their 3 follow up singles, all entering the top 3.
I did not buy the first version of the album (mainly due to lack of funds) but decided the new version would be a good investment, with polished songs and 3 of the promotional videos.
First up, Sound of the Underground. Very original, although I heard this played so much around Christmas last year, its wearing a little thing now. However, a much deserved win over one true voice, it must be said. A great start to the album.
Then on to No Good Advice, very catchy and packed with attitude! Again, probably a good choice for a second single, peaking at no.2 in the charts. Followed by Life Got Cold, rather bland, although a good idea to change the syle of the next single, after two upbeat, rockers, nice to hear a more 'ballady' song. Interesting lyrics.
Finally, out of the singles they have relased, Jump. In my opinion they really dont need to start doing covers in this stage of their careers (girls, leave that to Westlife) however it appeared popular with the general public, and has been their best selling song since Sound of the Underground, peaking at no.2 on the charts.
What else is noteworthy on this album? Well Some Kind of Miracle isnt bad, very catch, although slightly repetetive. Forever and a Night, most people seem to dislike this one, although I rather like it, and is very spice girls esq. (ok so maybe that isnt a good thing!) Again, makes a nice change from the uptempo songs, which this album mainly consits of.
One of my favourites, White Lies, is near the end of the album, which suprised me. This wont be everyones cup of tea, but struck a chord with me. The album finishes with Girls on Film, which I thought was a perfect way to finish the album.
Now obviously I dont think this album is amazing (otherwise it would have been given 5 stars). It has some poor, weak tracks on it, which sounded like they were written in about five minutes, and recorded in an even shorter time. 'All I need' and 'Love/Hate' fall into this category in my eyes.
However, lets not talk about the bad side of the album - Im trying to be positive. For a first album, its fine. They will have secured many fans (and critics alike).
Will they be a successfull girl group? Who knows. The pop world is a fickle place, one second you are here, the next you are not. They are seriously disadvantaged coming from a popstars reality show, in my opinion, and need to shake that image.
They need to take some time out, write some material, and come back with a strong second album, which will secure them into the pop world, which at the moment they are just holding onto with a piece of string.
Girls Aloud, your fate is in your hands....
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on 25 March 2014
If you can, I'd recommend you get the extended version of this album, which has GA's cover of Duran Duran's 'Girls On Film'. I thought it would be saccharined, dumbed-down but they surprised me by doing a really good cover, making it a girls' song - something I'd previously thought impossible. In fact, GA's cover version is so good, it should have been released as their 2nd single - it would certainly have given them some credibility.

Apart from Girls On Film, there's really only the single releases to recommend this album - the rest of it is so obviously just filler material.
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on 3 December 2003
What do you do when you are a successful girl group who have had a phenominally sucessful year..yet already have one good album and don't have time to make another? Well you do what Girls aloud have done, and repackage your existing set and make it even more saleable.
The original album was good, this is slightly better. With the addition of some new tracks two of which are covers (jump and girls on film) and one new track from the disney movie freaky friday(you freak me out) the album has a fresher and even edgier feel to it. With some tracks being remixed too..forthcoming single some kind of miracle being one of them, the whole album sounds good. The new track you freak me out sounds weak though. Also some tracks have been removed from the original edition to make way for new ones and girls take a hint here, no matter how much you polish forever and a night, it will still sound weak!
Apart from this though most of the tracks on this album could be released as singles in their own right, although having now released four singles from it, and a possible fifth one being mooted..maybe it would be time to let this stand on its own and produce some new material.
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